Pirates IRC November '19 Changelog

mruno Dec 1st, 2019 17 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. November 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Rewrote investments. Read about it at
  6. Retired pirates who rejoin and has played at least one season and retired from the ship on a previous season will receive a level boost.
  7. Added !P Supporters
  8. Added ship battle stats to !P Ship Stats
  9. !P Ship Info is fuzzy for crew count when own ship is in a ship vs ship battle
  10. Ship vs Ship Battles - After a ship (Ship1) spots another (Ship2), Ship2 will spot Ship1
  11. Added achievements based on time of day players use commands. These achievements can only be received once per day
  12. Supporters (Donators) can choose a custom nickname with !P Nickname Custom
  13. Added !P Game Pots
  14. If player being robbed or chest is being lockpicked AND they are awake, there is now a decreased chance of success
  15. Added !P Ship Awake <ship name>
  16. Added cooldown time for !P Mutiny
  17. If a ship raids an English port, chance for HMS Interceptor (bot ship) to hunt the ship
  18. Battle-Royale - Added Looting! Players can loot weapons from those they beat. If loser is not marked as out, they can get a new one with !P BR Roll
  19. Bot ship will not be able to sail from a port during a Capn vs Capn duel and less than 15min after arriving at a port (unless commanded by the admin for testing purposes  ;))
  20. Bot ships' "assault" on a player ship while moored at the same port (robs, insults, duels, sabotage) will be more spaced out
  21. Mental States - All onboard pirates mental states will increase when: winning a port raid, winning a battle against a monster, winning ship battle
  22. Mental States - All onboard pirates mental states will decrease when: loading a port raid, encountering a monster, abandoning a ship battle, surrendering in a ship battle, losing a ship battle, ship battle times out
  23. Ship vs Ship Battles - Decreased chance bot ships starting a battle to 50%
  24. Ship vs Ship Battles - In chase phase, ships that are 10 or more leagues apart will end the encounter
  25. Ship vs Ship Battles - Bot ships have a chance to attack player ships if they encounter them sailing
  26. Ship vs Ship Battles - Pirates on Bot ships will now perform commands when attacking or being attacked
  27. Ship vs Ship Battles - Increased doubloon payout (but is based on the loser or winner whomever has the least amount of doubloons as not to upset the winning ship's local economy)
  28. Ship vs Ship Battles - Losing ship is debited doubloons that was taken
  29. Ship vs Ship Battles - More cooldown adjustments
  30. Ship vs Ship Battles - Decreased some cooldowns
  31. Ship vs Ship Battles - Added !P Battle Power <blank for yourself or pirate name on other ship>
  32. Ship vs Ship Battles - Added !P Battle Insult and !P Battle Message
  33. Ship vs Ship Battles - Bot ships will have substantially less pirates to duel in the boarding phase
  34. Ship vs Ship Battles - All phases now 'timeout' at 15mins
  35. Ship vs Ship Battles - Adjusted damages for all ammo types on hull and sails
  36. Ship vs Ship Battles - Removed stamina usage during ship battles
  37. Ship vs Ship Battles are now live!
  38. Disabled the following during ship events (monster attacks, fires, port raids, ship battles): duels, robs, fish, dive, dig, lockpick, charver, troll, work
  39. Disabled ability to play games during monster attacks, fires, port raids, and ship battles
  40. Stamina is no longer used when performing actions in port raids, ship battles, or !P Defend
  41. Rum Store cooldown reduced to 1min
  42. Players learning marksmanship will learn the skill when using the SHOOT command during an epic monster event, interactive port raid, or ship vs ship battle (and not in a learning cooldown)
  43. Players learning swordsmanship will learn the skill when using the STAB command during an epic monster event, interactive port raid, or ship vs ship battle (and not in a learning cooldown)
  44. Added !P Save to some messages when player goes overboard
  47. Fixes:
  48. Error when trying to sail to ports that start with "St."
  49. Port control not being instant after raiding and winning a port
  50. Ship Battle messages
  51. Fixed issue where Ship vs Ship Battles were not being started
  52. 1st round of Battle-Royale doing 2 battles at the same time with only one battle being messaged
  53. Battle-Royale winner message
  54. Ship vs Ship battles starting when ships are too far apart
  55. Inability to teleport to a treasure located at a port when using the item: Corsairs Desire
  56. Battle Royale showing incorrect players will will battle 1st
  57. Battle Royale not announcing and rewarding winner in rare instances
  58. Chat daily goal will no take into account # of lines players have already spoken
  59. incorrect colors and missing former factions in !P Ports
  60. Ship vs Ship Battles - Ship vs Ship Battles will be stopped when all ship moor at the same port
  61. Ship vs Ship Battles - Losing ship getting rewarded
  62. Ship vs Ship Battles - Sail damage going below 0%
  63. Bot ships taking over ports while player ships are moored at the same port
  64. Negative stamina giving power in Battle Royale
  65. Inability to load cannons simultaneously during port raids
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