DX - Coda, Part 2

Jan 8th, 2016
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  1. [09:32] <Cherem> We return to the Kazenin to Ronin dive club slash bar, where a scene of violence has just taken place. Evacuated of placated, semi-sedated civillians, it was the scene of a meeting between disparate members of various organizations and aims, and the arms smuggler known as Heiwa. Panic at the disco has never been so relevant, as there is blood on the floor and one of the ruffians who burst in, guns blazing, is left.
  2. [09:33] <Cherem> Heiwa is examining his guards, most of whom have seen their end today, and his face is stony.
  3. [09:34] <Cherem> The remaining ruffian looks like a young man, maybe in his mid twenties? In fact, most of the dead bodies on the floor look painfully young.
  4. [09:35] <Cherem> He's wearing a black school jacket, unbuttoned, with sarashi over his chest. His leg was bleeding, but combined efforts have seen the bloodflow stopped. However, a combination of shock, blood-loss, and warding has his reactions sparse and spacy.
  5. [09:37] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian sheathes his blade, still coated in blood. At least his blush isn't noticeable as Shizuka comments. That and, he honestly didn't expect this to be so gorey. "Well, I doubt we have much before someone calls the police." Ian frowns as he steps away from the sliced bodies.
  6. [09:40] <Cherem> "Indeed." Heiwa rubs his chin, mechanical hand massaging his cheeks, "This is bad. Somebody else knew I was here, and now my men are dead."
  7. [09:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> "So what now, then?" Junko shoved her hands into her pockets.
  8. [09:44] <Cherem> "Now? I'm leaving." Heiwa's face looks set in stone, his other bodyguard shadowing him. "This is all the proof I need to know this is too much."
  9. [09:44] <Ian_Goddwill> "We can guarantee your safety for now, Heiwa. I know my people can. That's if Kirishima accepts, I'll let them take the decision since they're the locals." Ian takes out a tissue from his pocket and at least tries to clean his face.
  10. [09:46] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Very unfortunate, Heiwa-san. This is a good indicator that wherever you go someone dedicated enough will likely find you eventually. Don't you think it's dangerous to be a lone wolf under the circumstances?"
  11. [09:48] <Cherem> Heiwa scowls, "So I can continue risking this alone... or keep playing the stakes." He closes his eyes, taking a long, deep breath.
  12. [09:48] <Jamie_Knapp> "What's important *right now* is to get you out of here. Any other decision can come later."
  13. [09:50] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "You aren't without people who consider it in their best interests for you to be safe. But I agree." Shizuka nods to Jamie. "Waiting here is asking for trouble."
  14. [09:51] <Cherem> "Then where will I be taken?" Heiwa looks between them. "Tsuboki, I presume, has something?"
  15. [09:54] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian then offers a hand to the lone survivor of the opposite side, offering them a hand.
  16. [09:55] <Cherem> The man takes it, wincing as he stands, "Ah... Wait... something's off..." He doesn't seem to remember the past ten minutes very well.
  17. [09:56] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "He does. The family would be very pleased to regain ties with you."
  18. [09:57] <Cherem> Heiwa crosses his arms for a moment, looking around at the dead. His glance lingers over the dead bodies of his guards, before he closes his eyes and nods. "Alright. I will join you."
  19. [09:57] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I'm grateful for your cooperation." Shizuka bows.
  20. [09:58] <Cherem> ==== SCENE ====
  21. [10:00] <Cherem> It's not too long afterwards that the daughters of Torataka find themselves back at his home, where there is a suited man waiting at the door for him. On one of his lapels, he bears the four-petaled flower pin of the Kaneshima.
  22. [10:02] <Cherem> Heiwa has come along with you two, certain that appearing before Torataka himself is the best way to go. He doesn't look nervous at seeing your father, but the ride over he is silent, lost in his own thought.
  23. [10:03] <Cherem> Inside the house, Takatora is sitting at a table this time, sipping sake and talking business with one of his guards. The man outside shows you in, and Heiwa follows your lead, pffering proper respect to the house by trading in his shoes.
  24. [10:04] <Cherem> "Ah." Takatora looks up from his cup, "I have company." He waves off his guard and stands up, "My daughters, and... Heiwa-san. This is a pleasant surprise."
  25. [10:05] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka is similarly quiet but seems in pleasant disposition. She too changes shoes, giving her father her customary bow.
  26. [10:06] <Cherem> Takatora returns the bow, albeit slighly higher than hers, and keeps it as Heiwa gives a deep, nearly 80 angle bow.
  27. [10:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko has traded in her sneakers too, but she keeps quiet and off to the side in passive observation. Would they be satisfied with this?
  28. [10:08] <Cherem> "I have caused you trouble, Tsuboki. I offer my sincerest apologies." Heiwa keeps the bow until your father clears his throat.
  29. [10:08] <Cherem> "Ah. Yes. Well, no matter. All that matters is that you are back here, with your family. I am sorry to have doubted you, my friend." Takatora turns his attention to Shizuka and Junko, nodding again, "Well done. Did you run into any complications?"
  30. [10:12] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Er, something like that."
  31. [10:13] <Cherem> Heiwa nods a little, "We were attacked by... somebody. My guards were killed, and your daughters came to my defense. I owe them my life."
  32. [10:13] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Someone inconvenienced us along with Heiwa-san as we were speaking. It was dealt with."
  33. [10:14] <Cherem> Takatora looks a little surprised, but nods, "Very well. Then, I must congratulate you on a job well done." He takes his sake glass and hands it off to Shizuka. Knocking on the table, he turns to Heiwa, "I have one more proposition, for all of you. This is from above my head, and it carries... weight."
  34. [10:16] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka takes a sip from the glass, considers it for a moment, and then looks to Takatora attentively.
  35. [10:18] <Cherem> As he begins to speak, his houskeeper(?) Sakura brings out several more cups, as well as more sake.
  36. [10:20] <Cherem> "My superiors are pleased that my own family has stepped out to attend to this matter, but they request more of all of us. Heiwa, you trust your men?" Takatora fills himself another cup, offering it to the arms smugger. When the man takes it, Takatora fills another two cups, taking one for himself and leaving the other filled to the brim on the table.
  37. [10:20] <Cherem> Heiwa takes a careful sip of his drink, "I do." He looks at Takatora with a queer glance, clearly wondering what prompted the question.
  38. [10:22] <Cherem> "My employers want people they know, people I know, to aid you. They worry that such events will bring attention from people more foul than tonight." He looks at Junko and Shizuka, "I am sorry to burden you with this task, but I must ask you to aid Heiwa-san and his deliveries, at least for the next week."
  39. [10:24] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko, to her credit, doesn't say anything negative aloud. She crosses her arms and shifts her weight to one leg.
  40. [10:24] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Assisting one's family is hardly a burden. I'll be happy to."
  41. [10:37] <Cherem> Torataka breaks out into a rarely-seen smile, "ah, your mother did well. I'm blessed with such understanding daughters." He raises his glass to you, "I look forward to this next week."
  42. [10:42] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko picks up the last cup and after a moments hesitation takes a drink.
  43. [10:43] <Cherem> ==== SCENE ====
  44. [10:43] <Cherem> Alright, Ian, so I'm presuming you're getting into contact with Huo. Anything in particular?
  45. [10:46] <Ian_Goddwill> Well, unless anyone else picked up
  46. [10:46] <Ian_Goddwill> the 'prisoner'
  47. [10:46] <Ian_Goddwill> then not at all
  48. [10:47] <Cherem> As you are heading back, Ian, you recieve a call on your work phone. Recognizing the number at once, it's Huo calling. For a subordinate, he keeps you in the loop pretty well.
  49. [10:51] <Ian_Goddwill> He answers the phone while driving. Carefully keeping an eye on his prisoner. "Good, Huo. I was returning to you, actually. Get me a cleaner on the scene. Have anything for me?"
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  54. [11:30] <Cherem> "Ah, yes sir. No, just wondering if anything came out of that Heiwa guy: I heard there was a shooting at a disco or something, that you?"
  55. [11:33] <Ian_Goddwill> "Some guys came in for Heiwa. The Tsuboki's got him secured, though. Mutual interests for now." He sinks into his seat at a red light, looking at the ruined vehicle. Guns are much cleaner.
  56. [11:34] <Cherem> "Ah... that's that then." Huo clears his throat, "Well, better to know who's bringing in the big stuff, right boss?"
  57. [11:36] <Ian_Goddwill> "Speaking of which, got any clue on who might be moving around explosives? Anything in that regard?" He shifts gear as he enters a residential area. "I'll be there in a few moments."
  58. [11:39] <Cherem> "Explosives? Mining companies, demolitions, building crews maybe? I don't think Japan's had a bombing since... well, nothing crazy, really. Anyways, I'll have more for you when you get here: we're just tracking shipments."
  59. [11:40] <Ian_Goddwill> "I'm talking about other groups, Huo. Anyway, I'm pulling up now." He closes his phone as he drives into the alley of an isolated home, then makes his way inside.
  60. [11:43] <Cherem> Inside, Huo is waiting with several of your own men: armed to the teeth, they greet you with waves, standing and letting you in, closing the garage after you, etc.
  61. [11:45] <Ian_Goddwill> He's still drenched in blood, dragging with him the 'prisoner' he has. "Well, things didn't go exactly as planned. I'll need you to persuade this guy to talk while I clean myself up. I've still got a long night before me, I think."
  62. [11:45] <Ian_Goddwill> "Why he was after Heiwa, who he works for, whatever."
  63. [11:45] <Cherem> "So, Sir, the Chinese vessal is just taking it's sweet time, a storm made the captain a little antsy." Huo steps around the corner, realizing what's happened, and going quiet. "Alright, we'll get some plastic ready, and have a doctor here." He turns to some of your men, barking orders.
  64. [11:46] <Cherem> ==== SCENE ====
  65. [11:48] <Cherem> Once again, Jamie, Dragoon, you find yourselves in the coffee shop, waiting on Kuromizo. Looks like he paid well last time, left a tip even, as the service staff is all over you. Coffee, treats, anything, you've got it. And of course, Kuromizo is nowhere to be seen.
  66. [11:49] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie eats some, waiting patiently. "Let me do the talking, alright?"
  67. [11:49] <The_Espada_> "If you want sure."
  68. [11:52] <Cherem> And then, the bell over the door jingles. Kuromizo steps inside, and he's dressed radically different than before. Instead of his trademark maroon turtleneck and overcoat, he's in a hawaii shirt, sunglasses still on, but dressed in jeans. If you didn't know the way his face kept that cool, cold, calm expression, you wouldn't recognize him.
  69. [11:53] <Cherem> He makes his way over to you, ordering a coffee from one of the waiters on the way over, and waving, "Good afternoon, you two. Thank you for meeting on such a short notice."
  70. [11:53] <Jamie_Knapp> "Back from vacation?"
  71. [11:55] <Cherem> "If only." Kuromizo sits down, "Although, I think I will next month. Work around here is getting too convoluted." His fingers drum on the counter, "You were able to find them?"
  72. [11:57] <Jamie_Knapp> "We found them, but we had to out bid some other buyers. We'll have go to a new shop to get them."
  73. [11:59] <Cherem> Kuromizo's eyebrows narrow for a moment, and he nods a little, "I see. They're still... active though, yes? Shipping hasn't stopped?"
  74. [11:59] <Jamie_Knapp> "I doubt much can stop them from shipping now."
  75. [12:03] <Cherem> "Mm." Kuromizo reaches up to rub his chin, "That is... Worrying, but not our business, unfortunetely." He sits up, and takes off his glasses, and you see the bags under his eyes, both of which are steely gray and slightly misted. "Thank you for what you've done. If it comes up again, You'll be the first I'll call on."
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  78. [12:03] <Cherem> "This whole thing," he continues, "stinks like a charnal pit."
  79. [12:04] <Jamie_Knapp> "I can't agree more
  80. [12:06] <Cherem> ==== SCENE ====
  81. [12:07] <Cherem> Ian, over the past few weeks things have been... painfully smooth. Your shipping has been going nicely, nothing out of the ordinary. A few days after you turned in your captive, Huo called to tell you that the man was a member of a local biker gang, but, nothing else. He didn't know about Heiwa, didn't know about the guns or anything.
  82. [12:07] <Cherem> Other than that little setback, things were going well, and you were about to step out of your car before recieving a phone call. Huo, again.
  83. [12:08] <Cherem> "Sir-" You can't even say anything before he starts talking, "One of our ships ran aground. Remember the chinese one?"
  84. [12:08] <Ian_Goddwill> "What about it? Where?" Ian grumbles as he's just in front of his home, holding some groceries.
  85. [12:16] <Cherem> "Erm... the river, south of the water purification plant." Huo doesn't sound proud, "We had an all clear, no attention being paid, but... They aren't answering our calls. At all."
  86. [12:17] <Ian_Goddwill> "...." Ian sounds unimpressed. "I'll handle this personally." He shuts his phone and quickly begins dialing for support. Hopefully, they're not too busy.
  87. [12:21] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie picks up her work phone, "Playback."
  88. [12:23] <Ian_Goddwill> "Listen, Playback." Ian plays along with her. "It's Middleman. Are you free today? A shipment I was keeping an eye on went dark. No police, no nothing involved. All should've gone swell. I'm sure you know what that means, right?"
  89. [12:24] <Jamie_Knapp> "It means color me interested. Though I'm surprised to hear from you. This is the first I've ever been working with you for actual work."
  90. [12:25] <Ian_Goddwill> "Well, what can I say, we've been coworkers for a while now and we've never had the chance to just meet casually despite everything." There's a playful snicker. "Meet me by the water purification plant?"
  91. [12:26] <Jamie_Knapp> "No problem, want me to bring backup?"
  92. [12:27] <Ian_Goddwill> "People you trust only. Counting on you, Playback." Ian then suddenly hangs up.
  93. [12:28] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie shuts the phone softly mutterring, "Rude." Before calling up Dragoon.
  94. [12:28] <Ian_Goddwill> She gets a text suddenly. 'It's why you like me.'
  95. [12:29] <The_Espada_> Dragoon picks up the phone "Hello"
  96. [12:30] <Jamie_Knapp> "We got a job, meet me over at the water purification plant."
  97. [12:30] <The_Espada_> "Roger, anything else i should know?"
  98. [12:30] <Jamie_Knapp> "Be ready for anything."
  99. [12:32] <The_Espada_> "Okay will be on my way there shortly" you can repimandation in the background.
  100. [12:33] <Cherem> ~~~~
  101. [12:34] <Cherem> As you come to the boat, you see this is truely the backbone of an operation: a tugboat, a sizeable one, has run aground on the side of City N's riverbank. The lights are off, and there's an eerie silence. A flag of Japan flies at the top of the mast, but the ends seem a little worn and worse for the wear. The motor itself seems to be dead, and there's no gangplank or anything. Just the ladder on the side to climb up.
  102. [12:37] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian observes the scene, whistling a bit. "What the heck happened here anyway?" He then glances at his partners. "Glad I'm not alone on this, Dragoon, Playback." He points them to the ladder. "You'll get up from there, while I just... run up the water and climb up wherever I want, I suppose. We'll be in touch."
  103. [12:38] <Cherem> Up top, there's... the first body. The smell of iron and blood meets you first, but then the sight of the body is next. A crewman, with dark hair and empty eyes, lays half over a box, the lower half of him presumably the pair of legs a few feet away. This is mirrored by the second crewman you see, whose arm seems to have been vaporized from the elbow down.
  104. [12:38] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well damn."
  105. [12:38] <Cherem> This scene is repeated on the deck: there's guns occasionally, batons, but this looks like a one-sided slaughter.
  106. [12:40] <Cherem> From the highest point, Ian can see it all, his feet having carried him up the side and all the way to the top of the ship.
  107. [12:40] <Cherem> It really was one-sided: maybe ten, fifteen bodies, somebody went through here with a vengence.
  108. [12:40] <The_Espada_> "Well i suppose i should have been a bit more prepared"
  109. [12:40] <Ian_Goddwill> What kind of wounds do they have? Like, as if their lims were zapped?
  110. [12:40] <Ian_Goddwill> Limbs, even
  111. [12:41] <Cherem> Gunshots, mostly.
  112. [12:41] <Cherem> occasionally a deep, cleaving cut, but mostly gunshot wounds
  113. [12:43] <Jamie_Knapp> "Any ideas on what caused this?"
  114. [12:43] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian carefully scales down from his point after trying to figure if there's anything else odd, joining Jamie and Dragoon. "No clue. Maybe the captain kept logs?"
  115. [12:44] <Jamie_Knapp> "By all means, lets check."
  116. [12:44] <Cherem> The inside of the ship is silent, the lights are off: even the backup systems seem to have failed.
  117. [12:45] <Ian_Goddwill> "This isn't small, regardless of what happened. There should be something on." Ian has his nightvision goggles on as he ventures carefully.
  118. [12:45] <Jamie_Knapp> "Dragoon, got anything for lights?"
  119. [12:47] <The_Espada_> Hands over a flashlight
  120. [12:47] <The_Espada_> "Anything else?
  121. [12:47] * Jamie_Knapp chuckles. "I'll let you know."
  122. [12:49] <Cherem> As you step inside, the air has a cold, electric tension, like stepping into a spiderweb. You can almost feel the vibrations, and you hear it, Ian, a long, deep, lanquid breath escaping. The rasp of the end of a blade on metal, unmasked by the sound of water against the hull.
  123. [12:52] <Cherem> Ian, you manage to get a glimpse before they're on you: an androgynous creature, tall and spindly, carrying a blade at least a meter long. Dressed in black and sporting long, black hair, the demon-thing lets out a shrieking laugh as it twitches around the corner, maybe five meters away from you.
  124. [12:57] <Ian_Goddwill> Blade in hand, Ian rushes at it in an instant. Reaching a syringe, he stabs himself in the neck, activating the renegade in him before slashing wildly.
  125. [13:03] <Cherem> The blade cuts through the beast, crashing through the rapidly-spawning armor, through the meat of it's shoulder and bone, through to the beast's heart. Blood spits out on the floor.
  126. [13:03] <Ian_Goddwill> The swipe is instantaneous as he slashes into the creature, whatever it might be. Though it might have thick hide or anything, Ian is beyond these mere cares at this point. The slash is vicious, the blade cutting through the creature with purpose, the sheer force behind it causing the heart to simple explode within its chest cavity.
  127. [13:04] <Cherem> And it... smiles, blood leaking from it's mouth, and responds in kind.
  128. [13:12] <Cherem> The blade lashes out, long and sweeping, the blood of the man lashing out alongside it, punching and piercing. He steps back, adopting a high guard, "Is this what goes for criminals in Japan? what a shame, kekeke." His laugh is high and piercing, his pink tongue licking up the blood leaking fomr his own mouth.
  129. [13:15] <Cherem> As he talks, his wound starts to close, but he's staggering a little, his stance unsteady and uneven.
  130. [13:17] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian drops... and he's not getting up.
  131. [13:20] <Cherem> He steps forward, "I could've stayed in China if this was what we would face!" he brings his blade down as part of a lunge, the blade cutting into the doorway and missing Jamie.
  132. [13:22] <Jamie_Knapp> "You should have stayed in China anyways." Jamie lays hands on Ian, a glowing light closing some of his wounds.
  133. [13:23] <Ian_Goddwill> Suddenly, Ian regains conciousness, and he reaches for a needle once more, stabbing himself in the neck. He then thrusts his sword upward, into the groin of the demon.
  134. [13:25] <Cherem> The blade punches up through the man, and he lets out a shrieking gasp, "What the, but I just-"
  135. [13:26] <Ian_Goddwill> "Y-Y'think you can keep me down this easy?" With a painful effort, he drags the blade out of the demon, panting.
  136. [13:35] <Cherem> The gun materializes form the dust and air, and the bullet blasts through the thing's head, blowing the face to the back of the cabin. The body slumps, collapsing to the side, blade falling and crumbling into dust and crystalized blood.
  137. [13:36] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian uses his own sword to help himself stand up, spitting some blood. "No good." He shifts to the desk of the office, huffing and catching his breath. "...I'm glad I had backup."
  138. [13:36] <Cherem> The subsequent gunshots echo in the cabin, but the body doesn't even do as much as twitch of it's own accord. Dead, dead, dead.
  139. [13:38] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian reaches into a small pack, taking out a few medical supplies, bandaging his wounds.
  140. [13:38] <The_Espada_> "DAMNIT. THAT HURT" Dragoon announciates his hate of the demon thing.
  141. [13:39] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie takes the time to heal her comrades and herself. "That was unexpected."
  142. [13:40] <The_Espada_> "Everyone still ok?" materliazing some peroxide and bandages to wipe himself down.
  143. [13:41] <Cherem> Inside, the cabin is an echo of what you saw outside. Blood on the equipment, blood on the floor, the windows splattered. This thing enjyed itself a little too much.
  144. [13:41] <Ian_Goddwill> "I don't know." Ian seems a bit upset, never having felt the renegade take so much of him before.
  145. [13:42] <Jamie_Knapp> "Maybe relax a bit. We'll handle the heavy lifting for now."
  146. [13:44] <Ian_Goddwill> "Thanks, Jamie." Ian slumps slightly against the wall now, taking a closer look at whatever the thing was. "It said 'we', right?"
  147. [13:44] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie inspects the cabin, looking for captain logs. "Good point, Dragoon keep a lookout."
  148. [13:45] <The_Espada_> "Alright then you want me to go look out on top of the deck then?"
  149. [13:46] <Cherem> It's not too hard to find the backup systems: it looks like they were just disconnected. There's enough lines and arrows pointing you to them.
  150. [13:47] <Jamie_Knapp> "Stick with us, no need to get sepparated. Just make sure the search isn't interrupted."
  151. [13:47] <The_Espada_> "Alright"
  152. [13:48] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie reconnects the power. "Here goes nothing. Be ready."
  153. [13:49] <The_Espada_> "I can see now 2 demons come out now that the powers on like those damned horror games and movies."
  154. [13:49] <Cherem> And... click. Turns on. Some of the computers flicker and come to life, and the emergency lighting kicks on. No explosions, no sirens, no monsters.
  155. [13:50] <Jamie_Knapp> Yet. Jamie starts the computer search for the captain's logs.
  156. [13:51] <Cherem> Boop: no fuss, no trouble. And checking the date, there's the current log.
  157. [13:52] <Jamie_Knapp> "Got it, let's see what he had to say."
  158. [13:52] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian follows closely, taking his blade away, but keeping a firearm handy. "Right, get what you need then I'll get my cleanup crew on scene."
  159. [13:52] <Cherem> "Our visitor is getting anxious as we grow closer to our destination. For a bodyguard, he is mighty jumpy, and he's been nothing but trouble, picking fights and claiming that whole section of the hold as his. Keeps talking about 'know not what we do' and how important it is we are on time, but who am I to control the weather? As soon as we hand this shipment off, he's out of our hair, and I'll breath a sign of relief." Dated the previous morning.
  160. [13:53] <Jamie_Knapp> "New bodyguard?"
  161. [13:55] <The_Espada_> "Suppose thats our bullet filled friend over there?"
  162. [13:55] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie show's Ian the log.
  163. [13:56] <Ian_Goddwill> "That only mentions the one, though. What's in that haul section he claimed, though?"
  164. [13:58] <Cherem> Glancing through the log, it looks like it was a space that was used to hold spare supplies that this "bodyguard" claimed as his room. The darkest, deepest part of the vessal. Typical, really.
  165. [13:59] <Ian_Goddwill> "Let's investigate that, then." Ian gives Jamie a grateful squeeze on her shoulder, before turning around.
  166. [14:01] <Jamie_Knapp> "Time to explore." Jamie nods. "Ready, Dragoon?"
  167. [14:01] <The_Espada_> "Yup"|
  168. [14:02] <Cherem> And it's deeper into the ship you go. In the below-decks, there's no bodies or anything: looks like whatever confrontation happened was all upstairs.
  169. [14:02] <Cherem> It's not a long trip at all: the door to the room opens, and the smell of blood hits you again, a wave of warm air.
  170. [14:03] <Cherem> Inside, the emergency lights paint the body of the captain, or what looks like the captain, in a deep red: the rest of the room is just a cot and some books written in chinese, as well as a tray of half-eaten food.
  171. [14:04] <Cherem> And then, the silence is broken by the sound of a phone ringing: Jamie, that's you.
  172. [14:04] <Jamie_Knapp> "Ah shit sorry." Jamie answers. "Talk to me."
  173. [14:04] <Cherem> "Kuromizo. Remember that lead I was having you check up on?"
  174. [14:07] <Jamie_Knapp> "One moment, swiching sides." Jamie changes the phone to her left ear. "I recall."
  175. [14:09] <Cherem> "Ah. Well, there's a special shipment of... tea, coming in, I found. Kaneshima guarded. They want extra security. Are you up for it?"
  176. [14:11] <Jamie_Knapp> "I see. I can do security, but I'm working a job right now. When do you need me?"
  177. [14:14] <Cherem> "Five minutes ago. It's very important."
  178. [14:16] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie looks at Ian, "I'll see what I can do."
  179. [14:17] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian nods and starts smoking to calm himself down. "I think the ship's clear. You can go, I'll handle -this- mess. We need to get a drink later. Stay safe." He seems rather solemn out of the blue
  180. [14:19] <Jamie_Knapp> "Text me the address." Jamie hangs up. "I'll be fine. Make sure you stay safe too alright? Drinks as soon as possible, I'm holding you to it."
  181. [14:21] <Cherem> ==== SCENE ====
  182. [14:22] <Cherem> Junko, Shizuka, you've been here for about a week now, every evening to around three in the morning, watching trucks loaded up with lord knows what come in and leave empty, followed by different trucks going in the opposite direction loaded up to the brim with boxes.
  183. [14:23] <Cherem> It's pretty cold, as your breath catches and clouds in the air, but you've only seen frost start appearing on the windowpanes and the like, no snow yet.
  184. [14:23] <Cherem> You've not been alone either: your father's men and laborers, a surly sort to be sure, have been with you, helping you guard the shipments, and taking care of the paperwork.
  185. [14:24] <Cherem> Day in, day out, for about a week, and that's all you've seen. However, tonight, the supervisor, a squat, stocky man with a clean-shaven face and beady eyes, calls you into the office, "Got a call from the boss for you two. Big stuff."
  186. [14:25] <Kirishima_Shizuka> And with that Shizuka is quick to head on into the office. "This must be it."
  187. [14:26] <Cherem> "Sounds like it." The boss steps out after handing you the phone, "We got a big shipment commin' in today. Everybody gonna be on their toes."
  188. [14:27] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko rubbed out her lit cigarette on the bottom of her shoe before following Shizuka into the man's office. "Expecting a problem?"
  189. [14:27] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka takes the phone. "Moshi moshi."
  190. [14:30] <Cherem> "Not so much problem, but, you'll hear." The boss waves over his shoulder and closes the door behind the two of you.
  191. [14:31] <Cherem> And there's Takatora on the line, "Ah, Shizuka? Junko? It's your father. This is the big thing. The big one."
  192. [14:33] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "We're here. What do we need to know?" Shizuka gets in close to Junko, letting her hear too.
  193. [14:34] <Cherem> "The final part of this job is coming up. An important guest to the family is going to be coming through today, and while I trust my men, they aren't fighters like you. I need you two to escort him to his next pickup." Takatora sounds a tad nervous, "This will put our family in good graces, and my superiors have said the surveillance will cease."
  194. [14:37] <Tsuboki_Junko> "We'll take care of it."
  195. [14:39] <Cherem> "Good. Be careful tonight. This is a serious issue." And then the line goes dead.
  196. [14:39] <Cherem> Outside, you can hear the sound of a truck being unloaded, and... more men than normal.
  197. [14:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I've got a bad feeling."
  198. [14:42] <Cherem> Outside, you can see... a lot of armed guards. At least ten, walking in a large delivery truck. There's already a black sedan (of course), and it looks like the boss of the place is already into a heated discussion with one of the guards.
  199. [14:45] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Ominous. What do you make of this?"
  200. [14:46] <Cherem> And in the center of it all, there's a small, short man, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. He's got black hair cut very short and a trimmed beard. He's wearing a tactical vest over his shirt, and he's blatantly open-carrying. One of his arms seems to be completely black, as if colored in with marker.
  201. [14:46] <Cherem> Meanwhile, the boss is turning around and heading back up to the office.
  202. [14:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'm really not sure." She sighs and waits for the boss to return to the office. Best to confirm with him on the VIP.
  203. [14:50] <Cherem> And then he's in, "Alright, you heard from the boss, right? That there is your man. They want him at a warehouse in the industrial zone in an hour, but we're waiting on more security to show up. Apparantly the higher ups need even more eyes on this than you two." The boss doesn't look pleased at all, "But they should be here any minute."
  204. [14:51] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Guess we'd better go introduce ourselves."
  205. [14:53] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka takes a look out the window for a few long moments before she nods. "Yes, let's go." And then she goes on down.
  206. [14:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> A parting wave to the boss and Junko follows. "They must be expecting trouble, but what kind?"
  207. [14:54] <Cherem> As you descend, the man catches onto you immediatelly. His eyes are sharp, like a hunting animal's.
  208. [14:57] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka stops, making her customary bow.
  209. [14:58] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko bows as well, if only because it's to be expected.
  210. [14:59] <Cherem> "You are my guards," He comments as they approach. He nods his head in return, turning to them, hands on his waist. Upon more inspection, his right arm isn't just black, but it's covered in tattooed words in some foreign tongue. He offers his hand, before realizing what they're trying to do and bows back. "I am called Master Conflagration."
  211. [15:01] <Kirishima_Shizuka> A quick glance at the tattoos later and Shizuka smiles, a bit starry eyed. "Kirishima Shizuka. That name makes me joyful."
  212. [15:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Tsuboki Junko, at your service."
  213. [15:03] <Cherem> "Ah?" Master Conflagration raises an eyebrow, "Good to hear, I guess. One of you will be driving, correct?"
  214. [15:05] <Jamie_Knapp> "That'll be me." Jamie approaches from behind the girls, Dragoon in tow. "I go by Playback. The pleasure is all mine."
  215. [15:07] <Cherem> Master Conflagration looks up, "Ah, the rest of the guards."
  216. [15:07] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "It will be a pleasure to work with you. As always."
  217. [15:07] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie smiles. "Nice to see you girls again."
  218. [15:09] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Won't your sigificant other worry about you, spending so much time around two younger, attractive girls?" Junko mutters to Jamie.
  219. [15:10] <Cherem> "You are all acquainted?" Master Conflagration's eyebrow raises, "I am Master Conflagration. A pleasure."
  220. [15:10] <Jamie_Knapp> "I don't think she'll worry too much, not much competition." Jamie winks. "Yes, Master Conflagration, nice to meet you."
  221. [15:11] <The_Espada_> "Nice to meet you. I'm Dragoon." Dragoon nods.
  222. [15:11] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Isn't love wonderful, onee-chan?" Shizuka asks, getting her crazy look on.
  223. [15:11] <Cherem> Master Conflagration nods, before turning to the boss, "They're here, and time is of the essence."
  224. [15:12] <Cherem> At that, the boss gives Jamie and Dragoon a glance, "Alright... Four of you, one driving the car, one shotgun, one in the back, and... You came on a bike, didn't you Tsuboki?"
  225. [15:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "That's right."
  226. [15:14] <Cherem> Before the boss can talk, Conflagration is getting into the passenger's seat, "No luggage. Sorry, but we are on a schedule."
  227. [15:15] <The_Espada_> "luggage?"
  228. [15:16] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Right. Take care in that car you three." Junko's off to grab her bike.
  229. [15:16] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka gets into the back seat.
  230. [15:17] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie gets ready to drive. "Odd to be on the other side of the convoy this time, eh Dragoon, Blossom?" She grins.
  231. [15:18] <The_Espada_> "Sigh i can only hope an attack chopper with a mini-gun doesnt appear
  232. [15:18] <The_Espada_> Dragoon gets back in the remaining seat.
  233. [15:19] <Cherem> "Other side?" Conflagration has his gun drawn, checking the safety. "So it's like back in Xianjiang, huh?"
  234. [15:23] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka makes a slight bow to Dragoon. "I respectfully ask that you behave yourself while we share the back seat or my family will make you take responsibility for your actions." Sounds like she's kidding. At least mostly.
  235. [15:23] <Jamie_Knapp> "Maybe once, but hopefully we won't have too much trouble."
  236. [15:24] <The_Espada_> "What?" Dragoon asks shizuka in confusion.
  237. [15:24] <Tsuboki_Junko> The sound of a smaller engine comes to life behind the larger vehicle. Junko must be ready.
  238. [15:25] <Cherem> "Mm... That's for the best, in the end." Conflagration holsters his gun, seemingly pleased with how it's working. "I'm going to try and catch up on sleep, don't mind me. No Helicopter will wake me up if I don't want it to," he jokes, before slumping against the side of the car.
  239. [15:25] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Yes. It's for the best that way." Shizuka says in response to Dragoon.
  240. [15:27] <The_Espada_> "I don't understand what your trying to say but whatever"
  241. [15:27] <Cherem> And with that, the car kicks to life. Your route is painfully simple: they really aren't expecting to lose anybody chasing them, rather just get him there fast.
  242. [15:33] <Cherem> As you're driving, it's a peaceful, uneventful ride.
  243. [15:33] <Cherem> However, Dragoon, you occasionally feel a chill up your spine, and so often you see figures watching the car. However, your ride is unmolested.
  244. [15:35] <The_Espada_> "Well those are a bunch of strange looks" Dragoon muses
  245. [15:36] <Jamie_Knapp> "Spot something?" Jamie asks, eyes on the road.
  246. [15:36] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka perks up.
  247. [15:38] <The_Espada_> "Too many people watching the car."
  248. [15:41] <Cherem> Conflagration snorts a little, "What? We're being watched?"
  249. [15:44] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "How rude."
  250. [15:45] <Cherem> "Ah..." Conflagration sits up, rubbing his eyes, "It's weird to not hear gunfire and the like as much. Japan was the right choice."
  251. [15:47] <Cherem> The warehouse comes into sight: looks like two guard, one giant brute of a man and a rail-thin one in a hoodie. As the car pulls up, the thin one holds up his hand, "Oi, hold up there." He's got a thin, gaunt face, and a cigarette is hanging from his lips.
  252. [15:49] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko slows her speed to a crawl, pulling up next to the car. "There a problem?"
  253. [15:49] <Cherem> The other one comes around the other side, tapping on the window, "Package in there?" His voice is gravelly, but there's something about him that's strikingly familiar.
  254. [15:51] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka looks to the more familiar voice.
  255. [15:51] <Jamie_Knapp> "I don't like this." Jamie's voice is almost a whisper and her mouth barely moves.
  256. [15:51] <Cherem> The thin one gives him a look, "Oi, Aka, no need for that." He sniffs, 'It's the car." He glances at Jamie, "Pull in, get out. Pickup's inside."
  257. [15:51] <Cherem> The bigger man, Aka, stands up, "Arrite." He steps back, arms crossing.
  258. [15:51] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka promptly makes a -.- face.
  259. [15:51] <Cherem> The two of them open the doors for you, struggling a little with the metal.
  260. [15:52] <The_Espada_> "Welp there goes my hope of this going off without anything going wrong" dragoon sighs.
  261. [15:53] <Cherem> Conflagration looks around, "Is... what's the matter?"
  262. [15:54] <Jamie_Knapp> "Nothing, calm down Dragoon, we're fine."
  263. [15:54] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie follows instructions, pulling up and getting out.
  264. [15:54] <The_Espada_> "Alright."
  265. [15:55] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko follows in after them with her bike.
  266. [15:55] <Cherem> Inside, there's something pacing on the walkway. As you step out, a... metal canine jumps down.
  267. [15:57] <Cherem> It hits the ground with a thud, turning it's attention to you. It's face is mostly just a single camera and rows of razor-sharp teeth, and it has a whipping tail with razor-sharp edges near the end. It watches you intently, before the speaker under it's face crackles to life. "Oh good, I was just waiting for my limbs to rust up."
  268. [15:57] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka steps out after Jamie, still displaying a lack of enthusiasm.
  269. [15:59] <Cherem> The other two guards step inside, the thin one tossing his parter his cigarette. "If you can't have the decency to be here in person, don't complain." The thin one glares at the dog.
  270. [16:01] <Cherem> Conflagration steps out of the car, "Alright. I guess your job is done here, you four." He glances at the bike, "Although, what, they have to walk back?"
  271. [16:02] <The_Espada_> Dragoon steps out"What now?"
  272. [16:02] <Cherem> The robot dog moves closer, "That's not our Concern, Conflagration. Get back in the car: we've got work to do."
  273. [16:03] <Cherem> And just like that, two phones, Shizuka AND Junko's, go off.
  274. [16:04] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka goes for her phone. "Moshi moshi?"
  275. [16:04] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko rolls her eyes as she digs out her phone, looking away as she answers. "Yeah?"
  276. [16:06] <Cherem> Shizuka hears Greyhound, Junko hears Hanase, but both of them hear, "Alright, this is big. We need you back at HQ, now."
  277. [16:06] <Cherem> Greyhound clears his throat, "And if you can, Shizuka, bring those two who worked with you last time."
  278. [16:06] <Cherem> While Hanase continues, "We've already called Middleman. As soon as possible, get here."
  279. [16:07] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Right away."
  280. [16:08] <Cherem> "See?" The dog laughs metallically, "They're being taken care of."
  281. [16:09] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie's eyes narrow at the dog.
  282. [16:09] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'll be there soon."
  283. [16:10] <Cherem> Conflagration looks at the rest of you, "Well, nothing from them, but, thanks from me. Looking forward to working with you soon."
  284. [16:10] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka hangs up, looking to Jamie and Dragoon. She makes a bow. "My presence is demanded elsewhere. The two of you would find it interesting as well, I think."
  285. [16:10] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well, it's just one thing after another today eh Dragoon?"
  286. [16:11] <The_Espada_> "One thing after another today it seems."
  287. [16:12] <Cherem> As you talk, the thin one gets into the driver's seat, the huge one gets into the side, and the car drives off. As it goes, the dog trots after them, pausing at the entrance. "Huh. Haven't I seen you four before?"
  288. [16:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko offers a nod to Conflagration before looking to Jamie. "Only room for one more. Can Dragoon there make his own--"
  289. [16:14] <The_Espada_> "Yes. Anyone else need a way there?"
  290. [16:15] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I'll go on the bike."
  291. [16:17] <Jamie_Knapp> "We'll meet you there Dragoon."
  292. [16:18] <The_Espada_> "Later than" Dragoon walks towards nearest wall, opens it and walks through closing it behind him.
  293. [16:18] <Cherem> ==== SCENE ====
  294. [16:21] <Cherem> When you arrive, the headquarters is aflurry with activity. It's enough that even the students can be heard murmuring about the men in suits.
  295. [16:22] <Cherem> Inside, there's people going to and fro, and it's not without some difficulty that you find Greyhound's office. You meet up with Ian, who's been waiting, and together procede to the office.
  296. [16:22] <Cherem> Outside the door, you can hear... very angry sounding chinese. Multiple sets of voices.
  297. [16:23] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian simply knocks and enters the office, interrupting whatever commotion there is.
  298. [16:25] <Cherem> Inside, there's four people. Firstly is a tall man, dressed in a fine black suit and bright red tie. His hair is cut very cleanly and his face clean shaven, while a pair of black glasses perch on his nose.
  299. [16:27] <Cherem> He dominates the left side of the room. On the right side, he is directly opposed by two children, maybe fourteen and fifteen tops. One boy, with his hair pulled back into a topknot, one girl, her hair manipulated into two dumpling buns on her head. They're both dominated by red and black, with black pants and leggings, a baggy red jacket and a vivid red and silver cheongsam. They are very, very agitatedly arguing with the other man.
  300. [16:27] <Cherem> Behind both of them, Greyhound is sitting at his desk, nursing a cup of what you hope is water. "Ah, Middleman." He stands up, and the arguing slows down for a second.
  301. [16:29] <Ian_Goddwill> He nods to Hanasa, allowing the others to pour into the room. "Greyhound, pleasure to see you. What are they saying? I don't speak mandarin, unfortunately."
  302. [16:31] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko slips in, greeting Hanase with a can of coffee to match her own from the vending machine before eyeballing the others in the room.
  303. [16:31] <Cherem> Jamie is able to understand them: they are arguing over "overstepping your bounds, our department trumps yours here, revenge", you know, the usual.
  304. [16:32] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka bows on entering.She still looks a bit sour.
  305. [16:32] <Cherem> "Everything, apparantly." Greyhound rubs his temple, clearing his throat, "Honored guests, please. Japanese."
  306. [16:32] <Cherem> Hanase gives Junko a nod, "Good to see you in one piece." He takes the coffee with thanks.
  307. [16:34] <The_Espada_> Dragoon somehow slips into the back observing.
  308. [16:34] <Cherem> The man clears his throat, and speaks with a heavily accented voice, "Ah, Hello. Mine name would be Peacebond. It is of great joy to make your meeting." His Japanese isn't flawless, but it's enough.
  309. [16:35] <Cherem> The boy, on the other hand, returns Shizuka's bow. "Name is Bao. Good to meet." The Girl is silent, instead glowering at Peacebond.
  310. [16:35] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Shadow Blossom. A pleasure to meet you all."
  311. [16:35] <Ian_Goddwill> "I am Middleman. Pleasure to meet you." Ian gives a respectful bow.
  312. [16:36] <Cherem> Peacebond resonds with a sort of salaryman's bow, hands to his side, almost perfect.
  313. [16:36] <Cherem> Meanwhile, Bao punches one fist into his palm and makes a messy bow. Two different worlds.
  314. [16:36] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko points a thumb at herself, "Beast King."
  315. [16:36] <Jamie_Knapp> "I am Playback, this is my partner Dragoon."
  316. [16:37] <The_Espada_> "I can introduce myself sometimes....."
  317. [16:37] <Cherem> At Junko, the girl gives her the stink eye, sizing her up. For the record, Junko could probably pick her up and throw her with one arm.
  318. [16:37] <Cherem> Greyhound nods, "Now, as you may be aware, China is currently-"
  319. [16:38] <Cherem> "Ah, I am very sorry. But we are the People's Republic of-" Peacebond begins.
  320. [16:38] <Cherem> "People's Republic- not now, too important to fight over name," the boy fires back.
  321. [16:39] <Ian_Goddwill> "...So, are they UGN People's Republic of China?" Ian seems to take a bit of a sadistic pleasure.
  322. [16:39] <Cherem> Greyhound looks like he's been dealing with this all day, "... The region of Eastern Asia has two branches of UGN, UGNPRC, and a UGN ofice in Hong Kong. Both have sent representatives in pursuit of..."
  323. [16:40] <Ian_Goddwill> "Oh, so, we're dealing with Hong Kong AND the PRC. What can go wrong?" He rolls his eyes a bit playfully.
  324. [16:40] <Cherem> "A murderer." "An escaped prisoner." Both at the same time.
  325. [16:41] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "What can you tell us about our target?"
  326. [16:41] <Cherem> Hanase clears his throat, "Please, no fuel, he's been in here all day with them."
  327. [16:41] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko loudly sips her coffee.
  328. [16:41] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie elbows Ian playfully.
  329. [16:42] <Ian_Goddwill> "Right, right, no coal into the fire, I can already feel the smog in this room is unbelievable." After Jamie's elbow, he gives an apologetic look. "The boat that crashed on the coast, was it related to you?"
  330. [16:43] <Cherem> "His birthname was... Forgotten. But he has been identified in several conflicts in the PRC's western provinces, fighting against government forces on behalf of several recidivists."
  331. [16:44] <Cherem> Bao frowns, "I take boat fine. What you mean?"
  332. [16:44] <Cherem> Greyhound frowns, "If you are familiar with how False Hearts operates, there is a naming system they use for operatives of special import. When one distinguishes themselves, they gain the title 'Master'."
  333. [16:46] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie translates for Ian. "There was a boat attacked recently by an overed. The shipment was from The People's Republic of China."
  334. [16:46] <Jamie_Knapp> She switches back to Japanese. "What was this Master's full name?"
  335. [16:46] <Cherem> "Oh." Bao frowns, shrugging, "Not me or sis."
  336. [16:46] <Cherem> "Conflagration." Two voices, Peacebond and the girl.
  337. [16:46] <Ian_Goddwill> "...Yeah, I investigated the boat. Some creepy asshole got the jump on me, but I've handled him. What about that boat?"
  338. [16:47] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka twitches.
  339. [16:47] <Tsuboki_Junko> At the mention of the title 'Master' thr delinquent girl's gaze moves to Shizuka.
  340. [16:47] <Cherem> Greyhound frowns, "You two, this is important. Bao, Middleman."
  341. [16:48] <Jamie_Knapp> "It wasn't either of them." Jamie says aside to Ian. At least for her part she's able to mask her surprise at her accidental betrayal.
  342. [16:50] <Cherem> He continues, " This man, Master Conflagration, is known for his expertise with explosives and demolitions work. Several years ago, there was a serious explosion that destroyed the Provincial Governorship Building in Xinjiang."
  343. [16:50] <Cherem> Peacebond stands up proudly, "We managed to surpress the media coverage, it was a building defect in the papers."
  344. [16:50] <Cherem> The two twins look considerably less impressed.
  345. [16:51] <Cherem> "And Conflagration achieved his 'Master' Ranking a year later, with the destruction of UGN training faculity 'Stele'," Greyhound continues, and a pained look crosses the girl's face.
  346. [16:52] <Cherem> "And now, we follow him, for two year," Bao speaks up, "We find come to Japan."
  347. [16:52] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian still looks pretty unimpressed somehow, humming softly. "So, at least I know who's my culprit."
  348. [16:55] <Cherem> Greyhound frowns a little, "Culprit?"
  349. [16:56] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie looks towards Dragoon, asking a silent question.
  350. [16:57] <Ian_Goddwill> "Well, a ship containing smuggled explosives beached against the shore earlier. All crewmembers are dead, of course, we've found a Chinese renegade inside of it."
  351. [16:57] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko's giving Jamie a rather meaningful look of her own.
  352. [16:57] <Jamie_Knapp> "That would be the ship I mentioned earlier, Jamie says once in Japanese then again in the other's languages."
  353. [16:58] <Cherem> "Oh. That not our ship," Bao hurriedly explains.
  354. [16:58] <The_Espada_> Dragoon looks back at jamie giving a slight shrug.
  355. [16:58] <Cherem> "Ah... So that was how he got into the country." Peacebond frowns.
  356. [16:58] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie raises an eyebrow at Junko and then looks back at UGN officials. She keeps her mouth shut.
  357. [16:59] <Cherem> Greyhound inhales, and sighs, "I see. We need to find where he's gone, and quickly. That kind of person in Japan is no good, but better to have them behind bars."
  358. [17:00] <Cherem> "We no arrest him," Bao comments hotly, "We chase for two years after he kill Stele. He killer, will kill many even when caught."
  359. [17:00] <Jamie_Knapp> "You want him dead?"
  360. [17:01] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Splatted?"
  361. [17:01] <Cherem> Peacebond glares at the boy, "Master conflagration's capture is vital to our efforts in Xinjiang. If he dies, we will not be able to contain the violence."
  362. [17:01] <Cherem> "You just want him for own purpose," Bao retorts hotly, and it devolves into yelling again.
  363. [17:02] <Cherem> Hanase takes this chance and slips out the door.
  364. [17:02] <Ian_Goddwill> "Oh boy, violence in China, we can't risk that!" Ian says that in the most monotone look as possible. "Listen, PRC boy. My jurisdiction, my rules, and you'll do as I say, capiche?"
  365. [17:03] <Cherem> "You are risking countless lives, nihonjin," Peacebond fires back hotly, "You may not be aware, but Japanese intervention in our lands has caused enough death."
  366. [17:04] <Cherem> That's a bulging vein in Greyhound's forehead.
  367. [17:04] <The_Espada_> "Can we go back to the matter at hand?"
  368. [17:04] <Ian_Goddwill> "Greyhound, say the word, dead or alive?" Ian couldn't care less.
  369. [17:04] <Cherem> Greyhound grits his teeth, "Find him first."
  370. [17:04] <Cherem> Bao turns on him, aghast.
  371. [17:05] <Ian_Goddwill> "I'm sure I'll have the time to peacefully phone you as hell detonates around us." Ian steps out of the office, rolling his eyes.
  372. [17:05] <Cherem> "The matter in which you find him will define our treatment."
  373. [17:06] <Cherem> Before you're able to step out, Junko, you found yourself caught, your sleeve between two small fingers.
  374. [17:06] <Cherem> The girl is looking you dead in the eyes, and writes on your hand with her finger the kanji for "Red" "Park" "One Hour".
  375. [17:07] <Cherem> Meanwhile, behind her, the boy and Peacebond are already getting into another fight, and you can smell the renegade starting to build up.
  376. [17:08] <Tsuboki_Junko> Once it sinks in Junko pulls her arm away, "Sorry kid, we aren't much for shaking hands in this country." She sticks her hands in her pockets and leaves the office.
  377. [17:09] <Ian_Goddwill> "They can't blame me for their own incompetence, I'm even cleaning up their mess now. What matters to me is the safety of the people here first." Ian glares back for a moment before looking at Jamie and Junko, as if expecting their opinion on the matter.
  378. [17:09] <Cherem> The girl watches her go with a glare, before returning to her sibling and joining in.
  379. [17:10] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie steps out with him. "We still on for drinks?"
  380. [17:10] <Tsuboki_Junko> "They may not say it, Ian, but the UGN does appreciate your help."
  381. [17:11] <Ian_Goddwill> "Not on the job, unfortunately." He smiles to Jamie and shakes his head. "Hey, we're a team, right? Middleman, Beast King and her creepy sister, Playback and her silent associate. It's all us, in the end."
  382. [17:12] <The_Espada_> "I refuse to be called silent associate"
  383. [17:13] <Jamie_Knapp> "Then talk more." Jamie sticks out her tongue. "We always have been a team and we always will be."
  384. [17:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Better start speaking up before Jamie can, then. She seems comfortable talking for you. Next she'll be coordinating your outfits."
  385. [17:14] <The_Espada_> "Why would i have my outfits coordinated?"
  386. [17:14] <Jamie_Knapp> "So we can look super cool while we kick ass, duh."
  387. [17:14] <The_Espada_> "What reason do i have to look super cool?"
  388. [17:14] <Jamie_Knapp> "That's why you need me."
  389. [17:15] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'm not wearing a suit." Junko checks her phone. "I got some stuff to do. Should we meet up later to discuss strategy?"
  390. [17:15] <Ian_Goddwill> "We don't even have a coordinate super sentai outfit. Look at me, in a black suit, Junko dressed like a delinquant and Jamie dressed as... Jamie..."
  391. [17:15] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Yes, we should."
  392. [17:16] <The_Espada_> "I will dress the way i want thats the end of it"
  393. [17:16] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie nods, giving Junko a knowing look. "We'll talk soon." SHe turns to Ian. "And so you know, this is combat gear. Just because it makes my butt look nice doesn't mean I'm dressing weird."
  394. [17:17] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Need a ride anywhere, Shizuka?"
  395. [17:18] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "No, I'm good. I'm just going to lay low and collect my thoughts until we all meet up again."
  396. [17:21] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian rolls his eyes. "You can try punching through my outfit if you want, it won't go through the steel plates I can promise. Unless you're secrelty Junko."
  397. [17:22] <The_Espada_> "Can we shoot through it then?" Dragoon asks inquisitively
  398. [17:22] <The_Espada_> "Or can i cut through it as well?"
  399. [17:23] <Ian_Goddwill> "You, Dragoon? You can try if you want, I guess."
  400. [17:23] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie pats Ian's face. "Don't need to hit through the outfit. Dragoon, you coming or are you gonna have a dick measuring contest with him?"
  401. [17:23] <The_Espada_> "Why on earth would i do that?"
  402. [17:24] <Ian_Goddwill> Ian rolls his eyes slowly, shaking his head.
  403. [17:24] <The_Espada_> "Where to next on our day of mayhem?"
  404. [17:24] <Jamie_Knapp> "Good question."
  405. [17:25] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'll see you guys later." Off Junko goes.
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