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Apr 14th, 2019
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  1. Campaign: Trinity Continuum
  2. GM: Cherem
  4. Table of Contents
  6. ## 1. Setting
  7. ## 2. Gin Batam
  8. ## 3. Company: Solutions on Demand
  9. ## 4. Key NPCS
  10. ## 5. Key Organizations
  12. ## 6. Player Notes
  14. ## 1. Setting: Southeast Asia, Specifically the lanes between Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.
  16. Flashpoints:
  17. With an increased presence of militia groups and terrorists, public order is threatened all throughout the South China Sea. Governments are turning to Private Military Companies and hiring militias to combat the increasing violence.
  19. The United Nations is busy trying to keep a lid on Africa and the Middle East, as recent famine and civil strife have shot the demand for food and weapons through the roof.
  21. War is brewing in Central/South America as nations, overwhelmed with humanitarian crisis, hold each other accountable as cartels and revolutionaries multiply in the dark.
  23. ## 2. Gin Batam
  24. The "Hub" of the game is the Free City of Gin-Batam, City/island amidst the Indonesian Islands. Officially the state doesn't exist, but in the early 10's it managed to buy a "writ of charter" from the Indonesian government when the Chinese called in outstanding loans. Gin-Batam is one of several small island-states that have purchased their "freedom". The Free City is a breeding ground for various mafias and a hub of illegal activity, located at a key point to disrupt trade. However, this is mostly kept in check by the Chinese Triads and various criminal groups, including organized crime lords from Vietnam and Singapore. The government itself, relying on private police forces, does not take kindly to attempts to "rock the boat".
  26. The island itself is almost 2,000 square miles, curving like a lazy, ink-blot question mark with a volcano marking the "dot". The North-east side is where the city of Gin-Batam makes it's home along the curve, a vivid blue lagoon dotted with harbors and marinas punching into it like silver needles. The north-most end is home to a water "airstrip", for a minuscule airport to carry VIPs to and from the island. The other side of the island is covered in thick jungle home to an untold number of "swamp folk", outlaws who have forsaken even Gin-Batam's rule of law. The volcanic island itself is home to a geothermal power plant that provides most of the power to the free city. It is also home to the "Nineth Circle", the high-class mansions and micro-villages of Gin-Batam's ultra-wealthy elite.
  28. The Free city is home to remarkable range of cultures and religions, all of them for the most part careful to avoid stepping on one another's toes, at least not without having weapons in arm's distance. Religious conflicts have been increasing as of late, as the wars surrounding Gin-Batam have not missed the island entirely.
  30. ## 3. Company: Solutions on Demand
  31. Objective: Solving Problems with flair.
  33. Owner/Manager: Julianna "Anna" Romero. An Ex-mercenary with roots in black-back work around the world, hung up her spurs after a double cross left her in a wheelchair. Still working out and managing the company she had always dreamed of, embittered that she has to do paperwork for it. Wears her dark hair short, dying out the grey whenever it shows up. Always carries a firearm, usually a compact handgun.
  35. History: Founded several years before the beginning of our story, SoD was Romero's continuation of her career as a "Troubleshooter" and blockade runner. With an increased presence of the Chinese Military, as well as religious insurgents, in the Java and South China Sea, she has taken it upon herself to facilitate the smuggling of various goods to people who need them. This has ranged from guns to various paramilitary groups to medical supplies for beleaguered NGOs. Amidst the rising tensions, SoD has enforced a strict "say nothing" policy, as one wrong move could see the company "liquidated". That is not to say that the company itself is helpless, far from it, hiring talent from around the world to protect their shipments and also act as muscle for more dangerous, less legal jobs.
  37. Location: SoD is operating out of the near-port district of Gin-Batam, out of a small three-story building. The third floor is Anna's home, accessed by a private elevator from the second floor, which are offices and an armory. The first, ground floor is a space currently "for rent", currently home to a noodle shop. Anna is beginning to regret allowing the lowest level to be rented out, as it is causing no shortage of work stoppage around lunchtime.
  40. ## 4. Key NPCS
  42. Julianna "Anna" Romero: CEO of Solutions on Demand/Female/Late 40's/Italian-Filipino. See Solutions on Demand Entry.
  44. John Buyani: "Governor" of Gin-Batam/Male/Filipino. A businessman and entrepreneur accused to buying the election for Gin-Batam by opponents. A man whose rule of the Free City has been riddled with accusations of corruption, extra-judicial murder and voter intimidation. Despite a rap sheet a mile long, he is favored by most criminal enterprises as their "ruler".
  46. Liu Chao: Head of the Emerald "On Sing" Tong/Male/Mid 60's/Chinese. Headman of the On Sing, a Chinese mafia running operations in Gin-Batam. Renowned swordsman in his youth, and still feared by gamblers and drug-runners in the Free City.
  48. Esau Cortez: Vaqueros Cartel Representative/Male/Early 30's/Columbian. A gangster with a mean streak cutting through South America, Cortez was sent to force the Cartel's foot into the Southeast Asian market's door. Currently trying to facilitate shipments of guns stolen from the middle east/africa to South America.
  50. ## 5. Key Organizations
  52. The Gin-Batam Government: To call the government of Gin-Batam organized is inviting confusion. The city is, for the most part, ruled by the gangs and whoever has enough firepower to enforce their rule. However, there is an official police department and army, both of whom are primarily composed of mercenaries and thugs with a desire for a "stable" job. Their leadership operates from an American WW2-era Light Cruiser that was purchased and retrofitted to launch helicopters, and the FCS "Harmony" sits menacingly in the bay overlooking the city. The guns have only been fired once.
  54. Emerald "On Sing" Tong: A Chinese mafia founded by Chinese shop owners and businessmen to combat racial exclusion and promote internal harmony, it is now a drug-running and extortion racket that has a solid chunk of the city paying protection money. It's members are easily identifiable by the shimmering green sashes that they wear while on "patrol", as well as their obvious ethnic makeup. Attacking the On Sing is inviting trouble, as a fine web of information and favors mean that whoever tried to surprise the Emerald Tong, won't be hidden for long.
  56. The Vaqueros Cartel: Forcing their way in from Columbia, the "cowboys" cartel is made up of criminals, hardened in American Prisons, who were sent back to Columbia. Brutal and vindictive, they are making hard moves in the Free City, as they see the most convenient route of smuggling weapons from foreign parts passing through the South Chinese and Java Sea. They are usually identifiable by their hats, cowboy hats with wide brims, although these are usually favored by leaders and the fashion-impaired.
  58. The Chinese Navy: Having called the United States bluff, the Chinese Navy moved into the lower South China Sea in the late 10's and have been active ever since. While they do not have an official presence in Gin-Batam, there are often occasions where Chinese secret police come to the city, seeking fugitives and political dissidents.
  61. ## 6. Player Notes
  63. "Solutions on Demand can loan you something extra, something Wealth 2 or equivalent, but it incurs an obligation just like using/overusing a Path."
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