custom dragon

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  1.  [color=yellow][size=14]Daku's Custom Summoning[/size][/color]
  4. [color=orange][glow]Information about the Summoning[/glow][/color] - This summoning is a yellow dragon (Yellow so it can match my character you understand?) and his types are: Shadow, Poison and Fire and if you draw out Daku's custom katana from his slit it will also have an type Electric. This dragon is a quite powerfull dragon that if he mixes Poison gas with Fire he will make Acid. (I searched on google and this is possible, just take a look too yourself.) Since it's his own Acid he won't get affected.
  6. [color=orange][glow] About the Dragon it's skin[/glow][/color] - The skin of this dragon is an very hard strong skin. No steel would be able to press or get inside. I would say.. The steel will just break. Also next of all, the dragon it's skin is poisoned !If an human been touches the skin they will get poisoned and die over 15 minutes. For people like otsutsuki this will not have any effect.. [color=yellow][/glow]Now the special moment.. If Daku draws out his custom katana from his slit and Daku activates Thunder Mode on the dragon. Then the dragon his skin will also be turned in Electric.. This is an nice decoration but this gives the possibility too spread the poison over things.. Because of the small electronic cells they move over like an katana that an person is holding.. While the small electronic cells go to the katana with poison their katana will start getting purple and you will have to say that too.
  7. If this character then still holds the katana the small electronic cells will reach the person and infect him with the poison.
  9. [color=red][/glow] Let op: Deze draak kan ik bij keuze mensen erop laten zonder dat ze vergiftigd worden het zal oneerlijk zijn als ik een nep vriend was en iemand op de draak laat springen en hem niet whitelist voor de draak en hij word gepoisoned.. Zodra dit gebeurt void ik het zelf officieel, omdat ik het wel leuk wil houden.[/glow][/color]
  12. [color=yellow][glow] Leren aan Student [/glow][/color] Dit kan zeker alleen ik zal moeten dood gaan en de katana aan mijn student geven zodat de draak mijn student accepteert.
  14. [color=orange][/glow] Final stage.. [/glow][/color] As I said this dragon is an shadow type too.. This dragon can fly too by the way!
  15. This dragon is an shadow type because it can change in an shadow of something else. Example I am in an shadow or like an tree.. He will go into that shadow what makes him a shadow too. With this shadow he can move around the ground with me and the people on it. This shadow is possible to see with the eye and if this shadow gets hit it will get hitted.
  19. [IMG][/IMG]
  21. [color=yellow][glow]Kan niet wachten op mijn draakie! :P
  23. Made by Daku Uchiha [glow][/color]
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