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  1. Magnus woke up to the sound of his alarm bell. Not the regular one on his nightstand, but rather the special one mounted near the door.
  2. This particular alarm did not have an internal battery, instead it was activated by the current that flowed through his wife's foot when she stepped on the pressure pad it was connected to.
  3. Waking up to it meant only one thing, so Magnus smield to himself and rolled over onto his back, his gaze greeted by the smiling face of Linda, his energetic thunderbird wife, and the breakfast tray she was holding.
  4. There was a slight skip in her gait as she moved up to the bed. ”Good morning dear!”
  5. She waited for him to sit up with his back to the wall, then put the tray down on it's small legs so that it was placed right over his pelvis. Magnus grinned when he saw it's contents. He recognized several demon realm produce, amongst them prisoner fruit, alraune nectar and a glass of undine spring water. Today was a work day after all, this stuff would come in handy.
  6. He turned his head towards Linda. ”Have you eaten already?”
  7. She nodded. ”Good, then head downstairs and use the vibe while I finish up here.”
  8. Smiling from ear to ear, his petite wife almost floated out of the room. Shortly afterwards he could hear faint moans from the bathroom next door, signaling that she was getting ready.
  9. Magnus turned his attention back to his meal. ”Well then, lets get started.”
  11. About 40 minutes later the two of them met up in the room that served as their workspace. At first glance it looked like a typical bedroom, but once you opened up a few panels in the wall next to the bed a number of electrical cables revealed themselves. The cables were connected to a bondage harness that was specifically made to fit snugly around Linda's torso.
  12. The parts that touched her skin were padded with weresheep wool to make absolutely sure they wouldn't leave marks or feel uncomfortable, and it left her cute breasts fully exposed.
  13. The usually so energetic thunderbird blushed like a virgin when her husband's big, warm hands carefully fitted the harness around her and fastened it securely.
  14. Magnus felt his heart flutter, he loved seeing her like this. It just made him want to hug her all day. Which was more or less what they were planning to do.
  16. Once everything was ready, Magnus sat down in the ”snuggle chair” next to the bed and motioned for Linda to come over to him. She happily obliged and quickly seated herself in his lap. Her legs  wrapped around him and his already erect dick pressed against her smooth belly, he gently grabbed her face and pulled her in for a kiss.
  17. Her tiny, warm lips were already moist doe to her heavy breathing, and her whole body was in a restless state due to the fact that she had deliberatly avoided cumming during her earlier masturbation session.
  18. When she caressed his head and back with her wings, he could already feel the current flowing through her beautiful, shimmering feathers.
  20. Magnus briefly pulled away from the kiss to stroke his face against the feathers. He loved the way they felt against his skin, their stunning colors that seemed to shift now that the current was flowing, and the blue sparks that jumped across their surface and entered him.
  21. In the beginning of their relationship just one or two of those sparks had been enough to floor him and turn him into a drooling mess (that Linda had been all to happy to ride to her hearts content), now they acted as boosters that only served to egg on his lust and affection for his cute wife more and more.
  23. Just as he was thinking that, Linda leaned in and whispered in his ear with hot breath. ”Ha, ha, please, I cant wait any longer.”
  24. When she followed it up by extending her tongue and tracing it along the circles in his ear, that pushed him into action.
  25. Magnus let out a loud grunt as he grabbed the petite harpy's body, lifted her up and, after lining her up properly, brought her down hard on his fully erect dick. He could feel it pierce all the way into her stomach and hear her pleasurable shriek as the her pent up release came crashing through her body. Energized by the sudden flow of current that came with it, Magnus didn't let up for a second. He stood up with Linda in his arms and started mercilessly pounding her pussy. She held on to his body with all her might, face nuzzled against his neck and alternating between panting and scream-moaning.
  26. The current was flowing freely through both of them now, Empowering Magnus who was already loaded up on demon realm food, and reducing Linda to a quivering mess that relished every second that she was being completely dominated and utterly ravished by her belover husband. It wasn't long before he released a torrent of sticky semen into her eager, thirsty pussy.
  27. He made sure to hold on to her tighly as the pleasure robbed her body of all it's strenght, making it hard for her to maintain her grip on him.
  29. As soon as the flow of cum subsided, he moved over tot he bed, placing Linda on her back. He then lifted her legs up so that her feet pointed towards the cieling, held them closely towards his chest and resumed his uinrelenting pounding of her.
  30. Linda squealed in delight as she pleasure and current kept flowing through her. She loved the feeling of loosing all her strenght to the point of being unable to do much more then squirm, and the resulting feeling of being completely helpless and fully at the mercy of her beloved husband who was supercharged by her electricity. She closed her eyes as yet another torrent of pleasure flowed though her, relishing the thought of all the positions they had yet to use today.
  32. As this little escapade continued, large amounts of thunerbird electricity flowed through the cables that connected to Linda's harness. Said cables lead to other rooms in the facility, where they connected to similar harnesses that was strapped onto the custumers who visited this particular parlor.
  33. They all had private rooms with their husbands, and they had all booked a session in advance so that they could have their harnesses fitted and prepped beforehand.
  34. The clientele? Various mamano who were normally the dominant partner, both in the relationship and in the bedroom, who wanted to try the ”mind-numbing experience of being shocked into complete submission before your loved one”, as the service was advertised.
  35. In one room was an Ogre who's husband had decided he wanted some payback, and had thus brought a feather duster with which to mercilessly tickle her armpits, feet and stomach while she squiremd, unable to stop him despite her being noticably taller then him.
  36. Laughing uncontrollably, she could bearely plead with only her eyes. He answered with a smirk.
  37. ”Don't think we are going to just leave it at that, my dear. We are far from done.”
  38. He straddled one of her legs while holding the other one srtraight up, lined up his dick with her entrance and pushed it straight in.
  39. Enjoying she hoarse moan that got out of his wife, he started pounding her while twirling the feather duster around her breast and tracing his tongue along her leg. Combined with a particularly strong surge of electricity, it made her wet walls convulse so much that it quickly coaxed a massive ejaculation out of him.
  40. They both shivered and panted hard as their orgasms wracked their bodies, before the current energized his dick again and made him smile at his quivering wife. ”Lets move on to the next round, shall we?”.
  42. Another room was used by an ushi-oni and her husband of several years. They had enough experience together for her to be able to hold her ferocity back during sex, at least for a while. It usually ended with it surfacing though. Her husband didn't mind this so much, but his wife had felt a little bad at not being able to let him lead all the way to the end, so that's why they had eventually found this place.
  43. Now though, She was experiencing for probably the first time the feeling of being powerless as the strong currents of blue lightning wracked her body. Her husband had already had a lot of fun playing with her breasts and limp tongue.
  44. She was now lieing down on her side and masturbating with what little strenght she could muster, one hand on her clit and one on her boobs, while her husband held her horns and gave her throat a good dicking.
  45. He had been at it for a while and she could see the signs that his delisious ejaculation was on the way. With a light blush on her face and an almost dreamlike bliss in her eyes, she took him deep into her throat and greedily gulped down all the creamy white goodness he gave her.
  46. After he finished feeding her and pulled out, he smiled at her.
  47. He circled around her large abdomen until he was right behind her, where it was difficult for her to see what he was doing since she could bearely move her head as more pleasurable currents flowed through her body.
  48. She didn't have to ponder the question for long though, as an unfamiliar sensation started spreading from the tip of ehr abdomen. It didn't take long to realize what it was, her husband was inserting his dick into her spinnerette.
  49. Since it was covered in drool and cum, it slid in rather easily. She could feel the internal bumps of her organ rubbing against the dick she loved so much. She managed to turn her head just enough to look at his smiling face and give him a weak nod. He returned the nod and started fucking her spinnerette to his hearts content.
  50. As his wife howled new pleasurable moans, he could feel webbing threads leaking from the internal bumps. They were not sticky though, so it created a mixed feeling of silk and soft flesh wrapping around his dick. It fealt absolutely heavenly and it didn't ake long until he came right into it all, creating even more of a delicious mess accompanied by his wife's large body spasming in joy with her tongue hanging out. Slowly patting the fur on her back, he felt the electricity reviving his boner, soon to be aready for more.
  52. In another room a minotaur was being straddled and titty fucked by her husband, in another a demon was bent over the bed and pounded with the end of her tail in her husbands mouth, in another a redcap was pushed up against a wall and pounded.
  53. And such went another day at the ”Blue Thunder Salon”, who's owners loved their work and customers never went unsatisfied.
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