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  2. BYOND Key: Acexmercy
  3. Character Name: Motosaki
  4. Character Age:17
  5. Rank: Genin
  6. Current Progress Points: 184
  8. (IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Motosaki has been oblivious to what he was for his whole life (5 tails Jinchuriki) until recently he has come to the discovery of what he is, and he has been meditating and bonding with his bijuu. He has learned it’s was and in turn, it has shared its element with him and through that, he is making new moves.
  9. Jutsu Name: Idaina jōki deshimēshon'ōbu | Great Steam Decimation Orbs
  11. Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu/Supplementary
  12. Intended Rank: B
  13. Jutsu Description: The user performs the necessary hand seals creating multiple Orbs of highly condensed steam that float around the users back in a circular motion. The steam orbs are deadly enough to melt metals, while also retaining frightening mobility, Which the user can use for all sorts of attacks. The orb can also be created with no cost if used with a pre-User created Existing steam source. As a condensed gaseous toxic fog, The Orbs explode on impact breaking through the opponent’s defenses and corroding their figure but ultimately disperses in the end.
  14. Damage/Defense: Damage: Users Control [Caps at B] Defense: N/A
  15. Chakra/Stamina: B Cost
  16. Speed: See Notes [Caps at B] [Turn Duration: 1]
  17. Effect: The steam is emitted from the user and rest floating around their figure in a total number of 6 orbs, but they can be controlled at will upon cast. The user is rooted for the duration of the orbs Creation and does not suffer from their own steam. This technique ignores one step of endurance in damage.
  18. Rest: The Orbs rest around the user’s figure, following them and remaining idle until used
  19. (Follows with users Speed)
  20. Level 1: At orb level 1 the user can create a total of 6 orbs that on impact explodes in a 3x3 radius together a 1 tile by themselves.
  21. (Users control: [Speed Cap is B+] [Damage cap is C-, Each orb/every two sets of orbs are B- damage Max])
  23. Level 2: For an Extra D Cost the user uses the Pre-existing or (two) Orbs morphing them together into a Moderately Bigger Orb of devastation that on impact explode in 5x5 radius together and 3x3 by themselves [Max 3]
  24. (User Control: [Speed Cap is B-] [Damage Cap is C+, Each orb/every two set of orbs are B damage])
  26. Level 3: For an Extra C Cost the user uses Pre-existing or (three) Orbs morphing them together in a twin devastating pair of Steam Orbs that explode in a 7x7 Radius together and 5x5 by themselves [Max Two] (if hit the enemy endurance is reduced by 2 steps for 1 turn)
  27. (Users Control: [Speed Cap is C+] [Damage Cap is B-, Each orb/ Two set counts as B+ damage and Dazes the enemy])
  29. Level 4 (Steam Nuke): For an Extra B Cost the user combines all the steam orbs into a goliath of a creation that on impact explodes in a 9x9 Impact (If hit the enemy endurance is reduced by 3 steps for one turn Note: This requires Boil Prof III
  30. (Users Control: [Speed Cap is C] [Damage cap is A, this technique has a turn duration of 2])
  32. Reference Material/Wikia Link (If Applicable):  
  33. Jutsu Requirements: Boil proficiency II, B- control, B- Stamina
  34. Jutsu Icon: This needs to be 32x32. (Optional)
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