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  1. [19:20:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ANYWAY
  3. [19:20:51] <Steve> (I'm listening to train roll all session now by the way)
  4. [19:20:56] <@Lorelei> Were we climbing up the stairs or were we preparing to open the door to the stairwell to the stairs leading up to the 4th floor?
  5. [19:21:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (>implying I'm not either)
  6. [19:21:17] <~Aori_Radidjiu> I guess you were about to open it?  I forget
  7. [19:21:26] <Larissa> (i tihnk we were just walking to it)
  8. [19:21:34] <Steve> (I think we voided our warranty)
  10. [19:22:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, COME O GREAT MAID OF THE DICE, OF WHAT % IS THE DOOR OPEN AND THE STAIRWELL CLIMBED?: 85 [1d100=85]
  11. [19:22:05] <@Lorelei> Oh yeah we're there.
  12. [19:22:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Failed your Speed check.
  13. [19:22:37] * Larissa takes 50 on initiative
  14. [19:22:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> That means Larissa is climbing ahead of you '-'
  15. [19:23:09] * @Lorelei never lets go of the meatshi- I mean fine young human boy anyway. Hmph.
  16. [19:23:46] <Larissa> 1d100 mage sight because always mage sight forever
  17. [19:23:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, mage sight because always mage sight forever: 93 [1d100=93]
  18. [19:23:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The stairs seem relatively normal!
  19. [19:23:58] * Steve is pretty fine and human.
  20. [19:24:09] <@Lorelei> Fine, you bet.  Rrowr.
  21. [19:24:36] * Larissa leads the way to the black void separating them from the fourth floor, then?
  22. [19:24:45] * Larissa or did they take a different set of stairs to get there?
  23. [19:24:50] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Different set
  24. [19:24:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's
  25. [19:24:56] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Three sets of stairs
  26. [19:24:57] <@Lorelei> ^, we're taking SE stairs
  27. [19:25:13] * DJ is trailing behind, still seeming pretty irritated and preoccupied.
  28. [19:25:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> *there're
  29. [19:25:15] <Larissa> (so we're taking the one we converged at then?)
  30. [19:25:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> CORRECT!
  31. [19:25:34] <Larissa> (oh. ok)
  32. [19:26:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's no door to the 2nd or 3rd floor on these stairs, like it was in reality, and it seems pretty normal!  The 4th floor double doors are unlocked!
  33. [19:26:56] <DJ> "Something crazy is gonna happen once we go in there...  Been too long of a stretch of normal."
  34. [19:27:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> BTW a quick note, Steve and Lorelei noticed that the bugs were thinning out on the 1st floor, compared to how they were when they got there, when they met with Don and Larissa.
  35. [19:27:24] <@Lorelei> Didn't save most of them from getting stomped on.
  36. [19:27:59] <DJ> (Also have phat demon beets )
  37. [19:29:23] <@Lorelei> "You really think so...?"  Lorelei seems a bit absent, preoccupied with making sure Steve's poor arm is snuggled as close can be snuggled.  Unfortunate for him it's like being snuggled by a table or something.
  38. [19:29:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (That is pretty rad and phat)
  39. [19:29:43] <Steve> (But not trains)
  40. [19:32:42] <Steve> "I bet it turns out the whole building is a giant demon train or something stupid like that and we have to fight it."
  41. [19:32:54] <DJ> "Don't give it ideas."
  42. [19:33:12] * Larissa pats Lorelei on the head. "Don't worry."
  43. [19:33:36] <Larissa> "If it turns into a giant demonic train, I'll burn it to ash for trying to scare my sister."
  44. [19:34:04] <Larissa> 1d100 by the way did i mention this larissa is a fake and was replaced a long time ago, and the real larissa is a ghost rolling against her ghost skill?
  45. [19:34:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, by the way did i mention this larissa is a fake and was replaced a long time ago, and the real larissa is a ghost rolling against her ghost skill?: 54 [1d100=54]
  46. [19:34:28] * @Lorelei sniffles a bit and looks up at 'Rissa, starting to grin a bit. Hooo yeah that's more like it. "'Kay."
  47. [19:36:08] <@Lorelei> 1d100 meanwhile I wonder what's being concealed
  48. [19:36:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, meanwhile I wonder what's being concealed: 32 [1d100=32]
  49. [19:36:52] <@Lorelei> Her hair does that thing it does where it sticks up, before gently settling down.  Kinda like bizarro impossible static electricity.
  50. [19:38:24] <Larissa> 1d100 check the door for traps (notice)
  51. [19:38:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, check the door for traps (notice): 50 [1d100=50]
  52. [19:38:28] <Larissa> 1d100 check the door for spells (mage sight)
  53. [19:38:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, check the door for spells (mage sight): 29 [1d100=29]
  54. [19:38:37] <Larissa> (holy shit that was a success)
  55. [19:38:51] <@Lorelei> (>succeeding on mage sight)
  56. [19:39:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's no traps or spells on the door, feel a slight draft from under the doors, and your mage sight sees little bits of heavily concentrated energy going through the little gaps inbetween the doors, and also from under and over it.
  57. [19:39:54] <Steve> 1d100 While we're doing it, gogo bullshit protag sight
  58. [19:39:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, While we're doing it, gogo bullshit protag sight: 58 [1d100=58]
  59. [19:40:46] <Steve> (Presumably the weak success for Aura Sight is "I have a bad feeling")
  60. [19:40:46] <Larissa> "There's something behind there, though..."
  61. [19:41:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Aww dammit, the music I was gonna' give isn't on 'tube, sec while I think of something else)
  62. [19:41:22] <@Lorelei> (donkey)
  63. [19:41:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You have a feeling there's SOMETHING behind that door, Steve, and it might be dangerous.
  64. [19:41:54] <@Lorelei> "'Something?'"  You'd think she'd be clinging tight enough to crush bone by now.
  65. [19:41:58] <Steve> "Last boss time? Hopefully..."
  66. [19:42:07] <Larissa> "Something powerful."
  67. [19:42:16] <Steve> Steve drinks his milk and eats his veggies, he can take a loli constrictor.
  68. [19:42:25] <@Lorelei> Good, 'cause she doesn't work out!
  69. [19:42:30] <@Lorelei> ... Yet.
  70. [19:42:40] <Larissa> "Probably more powerful than a stray ghost..."
  71. [19:43:09] * DJ sighs. "Not like we have a ton of choice. Really wish i had a good weapon, though..."
  72. [19:43:20] * @Lorelei struggles to keep a straight face, slinking behind Steve in the process. And shivers a little just to be putting on the 'scared' act.
  73. [19:44:08] <Larissa> "Not that a weapon'd be very useful against it."
  74. [19:44:16] <Steve> "How about fists?"
  75. [19:45:21] <Larissa> "Hands are useful. Most rituals require hands."
  76. [19:45:34] <@Lorelei> "What if... there's... actually nothing there?"  Her messyhair curls upward a little.
  77. [19:46:12] <DJ> (I did this earlier, but never actually put it back up. )
  78. [19:46:15] <Steve> "Then it's...really anticlimactic."
  79. [19:46:32] <DJ> (woo EXP spending)
  80. [19:46:34] <@Lorelei> "Ohh yeah..."
  81. [19:46:50] <DJ> "I could use some anticlimax."
  82. [19:47:06] * @Lorelei just gets in position to stare at the door when it opens.
  83. [19:47:11] <Steve> "Suppose it would be for the better...just doesn't go very far toward avenging Biff..."
  84. [19:47:45] * Larissa just gets in position to initiative 50 and blast anything that tries to attack them with demonic sorcery.
  85. [19:48:03] <Steve> "I suppose I'm taking point, then?"
  86. [19:48:24] <DJ> "Reminds me...  We still need to find him once the way out's cleared.  He had something of mine, that I couldn't go without."
  87. [19:49:38] <Larissa> "In all honesty, we probably should just outright bring him with us. It's better than letting his ghost rot here for eternity."
  88. [19:49:51] <@Lorelei> ".. Huh?  But he's..."  The loli shakes her head.
  89. [19:50:05] * Steve grabs the door handle. "Good to hear, we'll do it after we've secured our exit then. Anything else before I open this puppy?"
  90. [19:50:20] * @Lorelei reluctantly lets go of his arm and returns to doorstare.
  91. [19:50:32] <DJ> "Just one thing."
  92. [19:51:43] * DJ scratches his head. "...Thanks."
  93. [19:52:47] <Steve> "Well, whatever's on the other side, let's give it hell." Open says a Steve!
  94. [19:53:13] <@Lorelei> Oh man it is SO hard not to laugh.
  95. [19:53:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You open the door to feel a WHOOOSH of wind.  You see before you cliffs, leading up a small mountain with a giant, fantastic windmill on top.  It is almost painfully windy, but it's not actually damaging or anything, don't worry.
  96. [19:54:24] * @Lorelei steps back a bit from the others and mutterwhispers a small "Really?" to nobody in particular. Nobody in particular.
  97. [19:54:42] <Larissa> 1d100 that's an illusion or something isnt it (mage sight)
  98. [19:54:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, that's an illusion or something isnt it (mage sight): 64 [1d100=64]
  99. [19:54:53] <Larissa> (outright fail :( )
  100. [19:55:17] <Larissa> (success only on minor :< )
  101. [19:55:22] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Besides the little mountain, you see grass fields stretching out in every direction, and can't see anything else.  The sky is dark, the full moon being the only light in the area, basking it all in a pale glow.
  102. [19:55:23] <DJ> 1d100 step aside larissa, time for a new mage to fail sight checks
  103. [19:55:24] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, step aside larissa, time for a new mage to fail sight checks: 21 [1d100=21]
  104. [19:56:17] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Seems pretty real to you!
  105. [19:56:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's magic afoot, but this isn't really an ILLUSION, per se.  It's more like...a dimensional layer?  On top of what would normally be here.
  106. [19:56:47] <Steve> (Pale glow? Is it not a blood moon anymore/)
  107. [19:57:03] <~Aori_Radidjiu> This one is simply white, yes.
  108. [19:57:31] <@Lorelei> Anything that would prevent just hopping straight to the climb?  Like falling boulders or octoroks or something?
  109. [19:57:38] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a winding path up the mountain.  Looks...a...little safe?
  110. [19:58:18] <DJ> "Seems ominous enough to me.  If a place like this was gonna give its final challenge a good look, this would certainly be it."
  111. [19:58:20] <@Lorelei> 1d100 that sounds like bullshit let's have a safety notice
  112. [19:58:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, that sounds like bullshit let's have a safety notice: 21 [1d100=21]
  113. [19:58:25] <@Lorelei> YEP
  114. [19:58:54] <Larissa> (holy shit double blackjacks)
  115. [19:58:58] * @Lorelei indeed stares ahead as planned... looking for anything that could obviously be a trick or somesuch.
  116. [19:59:28] <@Lorelei> Like maybe a conveniently placed rope or wire meant to trip anyone who braves the trek!  Or a miniboss fight at the dungeon entrance.
  117. [19:59:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The path looks pretty good to you!  There's occasional handholds along it, although you think it's quite possible to fall off from the path if you're not careful.  Don't seem to be any ropes or wires or anything that moves besides you guys and the windmill.
  118. [20:00:45] <@Lorelei> Ponder ponder... nah, truth won't hurt for once.  "It seems okay.  I guess we're supposed to get up there..."
  119. [20:01:20] <Steve> "No use waiting." Begin march to the pinnacle.
  120. [20:01:30] <Larissa> "That looks less of a way out than usual."
  121. [20:02:07] * @Lorelei trails directly behind Steviepoo. To stare at dat ass? Who knows!
  122. [20:02:17] <@Lorelei> ... Probably not.  Hopefully not.
  123. [20:02:21] <@Lorelei> .. okay, maybe
  124. [20:02:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The biggest problem with climbing up that path simply seems to be the REALLY STRONG WIND, really.
  125. [20:02:43] <@Lorelei> .... Any trees to hide behind?
  126. [20:02:50] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Nope.
  127. [20:02:58] * Larissa follows along. She probably avoids looking at Steve. 1,1She's kind of hungry, after all.
  128. [20:03:03] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The mountain is completely bare, made of rock.
  129. [20:03:14] * DJ follows a bit behind. "You know we won't dissuade them. Don't want to fall behind."
  130. [20:03:17] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Anyway, I need body checks from ALL Y'ALLS
  131. [20:03:31] <@Lorelei> Good, fuck that place, I actually couldn't finish a playthrough at age 10 due to thinking you were supposed to wait BELOW the trees' sprites, not ABOVE them.  Dumb.
  132. [20:03:47] <@Lorelei> 1d100 my body is ready
  133. [20:03:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, my body is ready: 58 [1d100=58]
  134. [20:03:52] <@Lorelei> wasn't ready
  135. [20:04:06] <DJ> 1d100 my body is f(r)ail
  136. [20:04:07] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, my body is f(r)ail: 14 [1d100=14]
  137. [20:04:11] <DJ> or not.
  138. [20:04:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You go tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down~
  139. [20:04:22] <@Lorelei> Uau!
  140. [20:04:50] <Larissa> 1d100 catch Lorelei, sister-like reflexes (what would this check even be against, fuck if i know. clearly initiative)
  141. [20:04:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, catch Lorelei, sister-like reflexes (what would this check even be against, fuck if i know. clearly initiative): 18 [1d100=18]
  142. [20:04:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Actually I'm not going to hurt you unless you get paired fails, you fall over before even getting to the path, uuuuu.
  143. [20:05:04] <~Aori_Radidjiu> But Larissa catches you~
  144. [20:05:08] <@Lorelei> Hnnnngh.
  145. [20:05:13] <Steve> 1d100 go body go
  146. [20:05:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, go body go: 15 [1d100=15]
  147. [20:05:24] * @Lorelei curls up like a scared goron okay these zelda references are actually getting old
  148. [20:05:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> DJ and Steve don't have any problems climbing up!
  149. [20:05:38] <Larissa> "The wind's pretty... crazy."
  150. [20:05:57] <@Lorelei> Lore takes a second to make sure the other two are already on their way up before chucklesnorting a little.  "Whoops~"
  151. [20:06:41] <Larissa> "If only I memorized any of the weather charms... and, also, if only they weren't arcane as fuck. I think one of them actually required a live goat."
  152. [20:07:55] <Larissa> "We could totally wait down here for them, but..."
  153. [20:07:58] <@Lorelei> "Wanna just wait for them to finish?  They looks like they're doing okay."
  154. [20:08:00] <DJ> (Can I still do inspirations that aren't magic demon mind control?)
  155. [20:08:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Yes)
  156. [20:08:50] <Steve> (Can we double up on being inspirational?)
  157. [20:08:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Yes)
  158. [20:09:14] <Larissa> 1d100 nat 100 GO
  159. [20:09:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, nat 100 GO: 70 [1d100=70]
  160. [20:09:18] <DJ> 1d100 inspire the ladies
  161. [20:09:18] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, inspire the ladies: 38 [1d100=38]
  162. [20:09:39] <DJ> "Come on, Larissa.  We're not leaving you two behind."
  163. [20:10:03] <Larissa> 1d100 nat 100 GO
  164. [20:10:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, nat 100 GO: 39 [1d100=39]
  165. [20:10:39] <@Lorelei> 1d100 ooh am I trying again too?
  166. [20:10:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, ooh am I trying again too?: 80 [1d100=80]
  167. [20:10:45] <@Lorelei> lol
  168. [20:11:11] <Steve> 1d100 Be the manliest of cheerleaders
  169. [20:11:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Be the manliest of cheerleaders: 64 [1d100=64]
  170. [20:11:46] <Steve> (I forget, did we decide weakfail is fail for inspiration or just smaller bonus?)
  171. [20:12:48] * Larissa checks her backpack for climbing tools. she also puts her bag of endless marbles away.
  172. [20:12:55] * @Lorelei just trails behind Larissa until she starts climbing, and doesn't even care to bother climbing herself. Just a glance up to make sure the other two are out of earshot.
  173. [20:13:10] * Larissa has no fucking clue where her bag of endless marbles came from, so there's an entirely sensible reason to check for climbing gear. there could even suddenly be rope!
  174. [20:13:14] <@Lorelei> "So, you like it?"
  175. [20:14:00] <Larissa> "Like what?"
  176. [20:14:09] * @Lorelei brings an index finger to her lips.
  177. [20:14:24] <@Lorelei> "Nothing~"
  178. [20:14:34] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Smaller bonus
  179. [20:14:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 8%~
  180. [20:15:49] <Larissa> "Right?~" searchbag rummagerummage
  181. [20:16:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You two reach the top of the mountain and are at the foot of the windmill.  It's CONSTANTLY spewing out wind, especially harsh here, but you manage to get inside the little door in the windmill without TOO much more effort, or at least not enough to justify rolling again.
  182. [20:16:10] <Steve> " like you've never clomb...climbed...before." It was technically inspiring. Somehow.
  183. [20:19:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Inside the windmill is a switch.   Might wnat to look around a bit, first, though.
  184. [20:19:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> By which I mean notice!
  185. [20:19:28] * DJ checks how he's doing. And might be the only person do ever do that.
  186. [20:19:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You're pretty tired, and achey, but you feel a bit better than when you woke up!  Lucky.
  187. [20:20:17] * Larissa checks her wound penalty.
  188. [20:20:29] * Larissa gives no fucks about actual pain. too busy enduring pain.
  189. [20:20:30] * @Lorelei is totally content just staying down and letting the other two do the work, since that's presumably what happened and is totally fitting.
  190. [20:21:21] <DJ> 1d100 also notice
  191. [20:21:21] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, also notice: 73 [1d100=73]
  192. [20:21:25] <DJ> WOO
  193. [20:21:53] <Steve> 1d100 Note ice
  194. [20:21:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Note ice: 47 [1d100=47]
  195. [20:23:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Well Steve rolled under stat, SO!  Some of the tiles in this are offcolor, or slightly raised or lowered, from most of them.
  196. [20:24:33] <Steve> "Odds that the conspicuous tiles aren't some sort of puzzle or trap?"
  197. [20:24:41] <@Lorelei> "Anyway," Lorelei clears her throat and plops down somewhere at the mountainfoot, taking on the tone she takes at home.  Which sounds ridiculously less fake-timid.  "Whaddaya think?  Isn't he just so... so... so..."
  198. [20:25:22] <Steve> (Tasty?)
  199. [20:25:27] <Steve> (Replete with blood?)
  200. [20:25:32] <@Lorelei> "So hot~ ♥"  Maximum swoonmode initiated.
  201. [20:26:42] <@Lorelei> "Kyaaaaaa he's like my knight!"  Her cheeks flush happy red.  "Always watching out, protecting me from traps, this place isn't even scary at all with him around!  Nope nope nope!"
  202. [20:26:43] <DJ> "...What are the odds we're in some crazy dimension between hell and earth?  There's your answer."
  203. [20:28:04] <Larissa> "Steve?" Larissa asks at first, busy giving up on finding climbing gear, and putting her backpack back to her back. Finding a place nearby to sit - not about to climb up a dangerous mountain and leave her sister down in a strange pocket dimension all by herself. Tree's a jerk and doesn't give me time to Shukers it up, but Larissa confirms that it's Steve probably even before the word
  204. [20:28:04] <Larissa> "hot" is mentioned.
  205. [20:28:43] <@Lorelei> No Lorelei just talks that fast and goes into squealy fangirl mode right away.
  206. [20:28:58] <@Lorelei> "Uh-huh!"
  207. [20:29:12] <Larissa> "Just a thought..."
  208. [20:29:20] <Larissa> "Do fake humans age?"
  209. [20:29:36] <Steve> (Wouldn't that suck if you ahd that whole age-locked shit vampires get)
  210. [20:29:40] <@Lorelei> "... Maybe?"
  211. [20:30:43] <DJ> "...Say Steve."
  212. [20:31:22] <Steve> "Yep?"
  213. [20:32:31] <DJ> "Do you think there's a bigger reason why we're in here?  I'm standing by the logical conclusion that it was some coincidental interference with Larissa's curse thingy or whatever, but..."
  214. [20:33:03] <DJ> "Doesn't it just seem a bit too perfect?"
  215. [20:33:04] <Larissa> "That's probably something you should think about."
  216. [20:33:54] <Steve> "...What, how is this perfect? This is the opposite of perfect. Pretty sure we just got screwed on the odds, though we were basically poking the bear to begin..."
  217. [20:34:12] * @Lorelei droops like whoa. "I... hope... so. Oohhh I really don't wanna think about that."
  218. [20:34:47] <DJ> "Do you think the rest of us will make it?"
  219. [20:35:45] <Steve> " of us?" Steve looks at DJ in confusion. "I mean...I'm pretty sure Biff's dead and not coming back...but I don't see any reason we four shouldn't be able to get out now that we're united again."
  220. [20:36:04] * Morty is now known as Kain
  221. [20:36:53] <Larissa> "What'll he think when he's twenty, twenty-five, thirty, or whatever else, and you're still twelve?"
  222. [20:37:08] <Larissa> "There's someone that could give us an answer, though."
  223. [20:38:00] * Larissa tries to side-magesight-glance into Furfur's domain. She doesn't try very hard, but having accidentally seen it twice so far, why the hell not find a way to stare at him; it's only physically impossible!
  224. [20:38:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Rooooollll~
  225. [20:40:48] <@Lorelei> "Well not getting old wouldn't be THAT bad."  She scratches the side of her head... then the other side.  Her hair promptly sticks back up.  "And I don't think he'd be a different person just because he does... right?  I mean he might not stay as tough as he is and stuff but..."
  226. [20:41:23] * DJ glances at Steve. "I'm glad you think we can make it." DJ tries channeling his magic at Steve without making any physical gestures.
  227. [20:41:23] <DJ> 1d100 'inspiration'
  228. [20:41:24] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, 'inspiration': 44 [1d100=44]
  229. [20:43:37] <Larissa> (wait am i supposed to roll? what am i supposed to roll?)
  230. [20:43:41] <Larissa> 1d100 i assume mage sight
  231. [20:43:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, i assume mage sight: 1 [1d100=1]
  232. [20:43:45] <@Lorelei> dear god
  233. [20:43:45] <Larissa> (welp)
  234. [20:43:48] <DJ> (lmao)
  235. [20:43:55] <Larissa> (we could've used that for something more useful than a conversation piece but ok)
  236. [20:43:58] <Steve> (First rule of martial artists: strength scales exponentially with age)
  237. [20:44:01] <Larissa> (i guess i get to see the true form of furfur or something)
  238. [20:44:11] <@Lorelei> (incoming SAN check)
  239. [20:44:25] <Larissa> (i just keep making san checks until they're either all hardened or all failed)
  240. [20:44:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Double success, but 1,1you don't have enough energy for offensive action.  Steve instead looks a bit...distracted, he's staring at you, at least.  You've captivated him, but he doesn't seem completely lost like Larissa was before.
  241. [20:46:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ANYWAY, LARISSA
  242. [20:47:11] <Steve> (She turns into a pillar of salt)
  243. [20:47:25] <DJ> (OH WAIT, THAT WAS DOUBLES~)
  244. [20:47:36] <DJ> (Sweet)
  245. [20:48:12] <@Lorelei> (gj getting dubs while oom)
  246. [20:48:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You see right through the fabric of everything and find  Grinning, his red eyes glowing softly.  He appears for Lorelei too, and the moon suddenly becomes blood red again.  "I guess there's no more point to hiding from you, girlie.  What do you want?"
  247. [20:49:22] <DJ> "Anyway, since the girls haven't made it up here yet, they probably could use some help.  Makes sense that the switch over there might turn off the wind, right?"
  248. [20:50:27] * @Lorelei sticks a tongue out, then. In that 'whoopsies~' kind of way.
  249. [20:52:19] <Larissa> "Yo, oh great dark lord whose footsteps cause terror in the bravest souls," she greets the demon in her best emotionless voice. When she responds to his question with "As usual, knowledge," there's considerably more emotion - it is her passion, after all!
  250. [20:52:28] * Steve tears away from DJ with some effort to look at the switch. "I suppose it would..." He looks back to the tiles to get a better idea of the layout of the room.
  251. [20:52:51] <Larissa> Mocking her demonic overlord and her overall contract with him is probably her means of coping with it. Or maybe it's what she does instead of punching him in the face.
  252. [20:53:06] <Larissa> After all, the desire to punch him in the face has yet to go away. at all.
  253. [20:53:42] * @Lorelei eyerolls. "Someone's having lots of fun."
  254. [20:54:36] <DJ> <Dammit, he's not controlled?  Did it fail, or am I just that out of it already?  Damn.>  DJ goes back to feigning interest in the tiles.
  255. [20:54:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He cracks his knuckles and pulls at the air to his right, pulling out his assistant from before out of an almost perfectly black void, save for the countless glowing red eyes behind it.  The void then dissolves.  "On what?  Your nature?"
  256. [20:55:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> <You run out of magic pretty quick.  Magic is gained back by doing things related to your specialty.  Like inspiring people, or convincing them to do things, or changing their lives, whatever.>
  257. [20:55:54] <DJ> "You said some of them seem different, right?  yeah, I can see that, now...  They're raised slightly."
  258. [20:56:54] <@Lorelei> "Ungggh, just ask it already!"  Her foot starts impatiently tapping.  The one on the leg that's not as injured as the other one.
  259. [20:57:06] <Larissa> "You've told me that already."
  260. [20:57:29] <Larissa> "My little sister here wants to know if we can age, because she likes a boy who's older than her, and if she can't ever age, he'll start getting a lot older than her."
  261. [20:57:46] <@Lorelei> "Thanks."
  262. [20:58:36] * @Lorelei foottaps at double-speed, giving the demon a death glare. "Welllllll?"
  263. [20:58:50] <Steve> "And some are off-colored as well."
  264. [20:59:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He looks over his nails, which are a little unnaturally sharp, now that you look at them.  "You don't normally age, no.  Consuming enough DNA from certain kinds of people will make you look more like them, so if you were to, say, eat a bunch of high school girls, you'd start looking like one.  It's a gradual process, though."
  265. [20:59:24] <DJ> "I wonder which ones truly are supposed to be the 'normal' ones."
  266. [21:00:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Per what we talked about earlier, though, Lorelei, I could help you with that."  Back to facing Lorelei, grinning.
  267. [21:00:03] <Larissa> "Huh. Thought so. That has so many creepy connotations though."
  268. [21:00:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "You are what you eat, after all."
  269. [21:00:29] <Larissa> (fuck you aori, i was about to have larissa say that, and then culled it for being too corny)
  270. [21:00:30] <Steve> 1d100 Specific notice to find a path that does not require stepping on raised, lowered, or off-colored tiles.
  271. [21:00:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Specific notice to find a path that does not require stepping on raised, lowered, or off-colored tiles.: 20 [1d100=20]
  272. [21:00:35] <@Lorelei> (lel)
  273. [21:00:35] <Steve> (Sweet)
  274. [21:01:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You find it!  It's not easy though, not all the tiles are directly next to each other, and they're also a little small, so it'll take some good balance and coordination to get over there!
  275. [21:01:47] <@Lorelei> "Rrrrrrrreally now.  So that's why old people get left alone in vampire movies, huh?"
  276. [21:02:25] <Steve> 1d100 Hardcore Parkour my martial arts to victory. Also the switch. The victory switch.
  277. [21:02:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Hardcore Parkour my martial arts to victory. Also the switch. The victory switch.: 17 [1d100=17]
  278. [21:02:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "There DNA in general is pretty degraded to begin with.  Better to get people in their prime, y'know?"
  279. [21:02:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> *their
  280. [21:02:42] <@Lorelei> "But about the other thing... don't worry, I'll save it!  I have an idea."
  281. [21:03:40] <@Lorelei> "For later~"
  282. [21:03:58] <Larissa> "What other thing?~"
  283. [21:04:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "If you say so, girlie~."
  284. [21:04:03] <@Lorelei> "Oh, nothing."
  285. [21:04:10] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "You want to know?"
  286. [21:04:24] <Larissa> "Of course~ My sister doesn't tell me anything!"
  287. [21:04:26] <@Lorelei> "Don't you dare."
  288. [21:04:30] * @Lorelei returns to death glaring.
  289. [21:05:14] <@Lorelei> "You answered the question so that's all we needed.  Thaa~aanks!"
  290. [21:07:08] <DJ> "Are you sure you have this?  Looks pretty, ah...  Tight."
  291. [21:07:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "She's the one who called me, girlie.  You wish to know about Lorelei's contract, Larissa?"
  292. [21:08:00] <Steve> Of course he has it, you saw him roll the 17, right? RIGHT AORI?
  293. [21:08:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> RIGHT
  294. [21:08:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Just typing up things and reading things and getting distracted.  You AWESOMELY hop hop hop over to the switch.  Flip it?
  295. [21:08:41] <@Lorelei> (*multiscening*)
  296. [21:08:47] <DJ> I was just more tactfully reminding him by adding more IC characterization!
  297. [21:08:51] <Larissa> "Sure. I'd like a copy of my own sometime too, to read over - preferably when I'm someplace home and not trying to escape a death trap, though."
  298. [21:09:00] <Steve> Who wouldn't?
  299. [21:09:21] <Larissa> (as someone who ran a paranoia game, doing it in multiple windows makes it 3 times easier)
  300. [21:09:33] <Larissa> ((of course, you have to do that in multiple windows so people can keep ~secrets~)
  301. [21:09:38] <Steve> (As someone capable of supreme multi-tasking, be better!)
  302. [21:09:49] * @Lorelei loosens up the death glare and quirks an eyebrow, giving her sister the 'I don't know what he's taking about' look. She knows the look.
  303. [21:10:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Lorelei made a deal with me.  If she could sacrifice 3 souls to me and manage to get out of the prison she made for herself alive, she'd get that boy's eternal love."  Grin.
  304. [21:10:46] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Otherwise, she's mine."
  305. [21:11:09] <Larissa> "Huh. Yours?"
  306. [21:11:17] <Larissa> "Like, how I am, or something else?"
  307. [21:11:28] * @Lorelei has her arms folded, foot a-tapping. "Are you done yet?"
  308. [21:12:50] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "She'll be one of my personal attendants, of course~.  Like madam here."  He gives a dramatic gesture to the silent scantily clad woman next to him.
  309. [21:13:29] <@Lorelei> Tappatappatappa.  "Sis, do you actually believe all this?"
  310. [21:14:08] * Steve Dr. Frankensteins the fuck out of the lever in case a simple Pokemon quote doesn't suffice.
  311. [21:14:19] <Larissa> "If Furfur just told me that out of nowhere, maybe not, but..." grin to Lorelei "Thanks for confirming it!"
  312. [21:14:45] <Larissa> "So, she's the one who brought us all here?"
  313. [21:15:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He shrugs to Lorelei, then nods to Larissa, before addressing Lorelei again.  "Larissa's gotta' learn the secrets, girlie, it's her thing.  Anyway, this mini-dimension is gonna' collapse, so I've gotta' go!  Tata~!"
  314. [21:16:03] <Larissa> "Collapse?"
  315. [21:16:10] <Larissa> 1d100 mage sight why is it going to collapse
  316. [21:16:17] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Vwoop.  Him and the attendent disappear, just as Steve throws the switch.
  317. [21:16:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, mage sight why is it going to collapse: 21 [1d100=21]
  318. [21:16:55] <Larissa> (that was a very laggy blackjack)
  319. [21:17:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> After you throw the switch, the windmill makes a loud creaky noise and slowly grinds to a halt.
  320. [21:17:36] <Larissa> (brb)
  321. [21:19:57] <Steve> 1d100 Mimicry my way back across the tiles. Even if you were going to freebie it. I just want to use it.
  322. [21:19:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Mimicry my way back across the tiles. Even if you were going to freebie it. I just want to use it.: 36 [1d100=36]
  323. [21:20:03] <Steve> And it succeeds!\
  324. [21:20:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> notbad
  325. [21:20:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> At first, there's no wind
  326. [21:20:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And then
  327. [21:20:27] * @Lorelei stops tapping and wears a grin befitting of a devil. "Ohh, I get what he's doing. He's trying to make you not trust me!"
  328. [21:20:29] <Larissa> (back)
  329. [21:20:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The air around you starts corroding, filling with black swirls that are gradually growing bigger
  330. [21:20:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Don and Steve, Speed to GTFO
  331. [21:21:15] <Larissa> "Did he get Biff's soul?"
  332. [21:21:15] <Larissa> "If so, then... haven't you already succeeded?"
  333. [21:21:18] <Steve> 1d100
  334. [21:21:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, 1d100: 13 [1d100=13]
  335. [21:21:25] <Steve> (My lucky number)
  336. [21:21:27] <DJ> 1d100 ffffffffffffff
  337. [21:21:27] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, ffffffffffffff: 99 [1d100=99]
  338. [21:21:27] <Larissa> "He has DJ and my souls, after all - and only as a direct consequence to this ritual."
  339. [21:21:31] <Steve> (GG)
  340. [21:21:36] <DJ> by fear of being left behind, reroll!
  341. [21:21:37] <Steve> (Matched fail too)
  342. [21:21:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> legit use of his fear
  343. [21:21:50] <~Aori_Radidjiu> GO FOR IT DONNY BOY
  344. [21:21:51] * Steve continues his parkour shenanigans right back out of the windhell.
  345. [21:21:52] <DJ> 1d100
  346. [21:21:52] <DiceMaid-9001> DJ, 1d100: 49 [1d100=49]
  347. [21:21:57] <DJ> YEAH
  348. [21:22:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> AW YEAH
  349. [21:22:31] * @Lorelei starts to say some snarky lie, evident by a few "We-" and "Ah-" sentence-starters, before she throws her hands up and sighs. "Actually I already asked that one."
  350. [21:22:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You two vamoose down that mountain, running down.  Lari and Lore can just walk back ot the doors, they're right next to them.
  351. [21:22:58] <DJ> "RUN!  NOW!"
  352. [21:23:05] <Larissa> "If we don't count now, then- huh?"
  353. [21:23:26] * Larissa looks up what's, oh, the mini-dimension is gonna collapse
  354. [21:23:28] * Larissa oh
  355. [21:23:31] * Larissa grabs Lorelei, runs
  356. [21:23:33] <@Lorelei> "Of all times-"  She sighs and then puts on a fake scared face, pretending to be a timid girl.  Again.  "Ah- O-Okay!"
  357. [21:24:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You all get behind the doors and they shut behind you, as you hear some kind of IMPLOSION from behind the door.
  358. [21:24:45] <Larissa> 1d100 secret roll while running
  359. [21:24:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Larissa, secret roll while running: 42 [1d100=42]
  360. [21:25:38] <Steve> "Well that switch...did not do what I thought it'd do."
  361. [21:25:54] <DJ> "It did stop the windmill."
  362. [21:26:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> After the loud crashing implosion, the doors open again, revealing...
  363. [21:26:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The 4th floor!
  364. [21:27:12] <Larissa> oh god who are those dorky looking people, i mean i'm no biff vanderhuge but something about them makes me just want to scream NEERRRRDDSSSS
  365. [21:27:15] * @Lorelei looks up at her sister's face and grins a wicked grin, breaking free of the grip.
  366. [21:27:47] <Larissa> oh that's floor not wall
  367. [21:28:38] <Larissa> same thing D:
  368. [21:29:47] <~Aori_Radidjiu> oh u
  369. [21:29:47] <DJ> And then Larissa gets arbitrarily crushed by something and dies.
  370. [21:29:56] <@Lorelei> Ahem.  "Ah... I think it worked, though, right?"
  371. [21:33:35] <Larissa> "Are we actually free?"
  372. [21:33:35] <DJ> "Probably not.  Just closer."
  373. [21:33:36] <Steve> "Yeah, we definitely didn't fight anything yet."
  374. [21:33:36] <Aori_Radidjiu> There aren't any blockades or funny business on this floor, it looks like.
  375. [21:33:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> All the doors from before, you could walk straight to the ritual room if you want.
  376. [21:33:15] <Larissa> 1d100 mage sight
  377. [21:33:15] <Jessie> Larissa, mage sight: 90 [1d100=90]
  378. [21:33:17] <DJ> 1d100 noob mage sight
  379. [21:33:18] <Jessie> DJ, noob mage sight: 31 [1d100=31]
  380. [21:33:33] * DJ failed less than the witch :|
  381. [21:34:30] <Steve> 1d100 aura sight
  382. [21:34:30] <Jessie> Steve, aura sight: 63 [1d100=63]
  383. [21:34:43] * Steve derps.
  384. [21:34:57] <Larissa> "Maybe we should go back for Biff now, while, well... while we still can."
  385. [21:35:47] <DJ> "True.  This is our last chance, if that's really freedom.  Someone should stay here and keep this door open though.""
  386. [21:36:13] <DJ> "Who knows if it'll be another crazy random place again next time we open it."
  387. [21:36:25] * Lorelei absent-mindedly stares into space during this, grabbing onto Larissa's hand instead of Steve's and claping tight~
  388. [21:38:57] <DJ> "Steve, why don't you stay and watch the door?  You've been way beyond the call of duty today already."
  389. [21:39:33] <Larissa> "That... might actually be a good idea."
  390. [21:39:48] <Larissa> "Lorelei can lead us, and I can protect her."
  391. [21:40:01] <DJ> "And we can."
  392. [21:40:19] * Lorelei perks up. "Well... it doesn't really seem dangerous here, so I guess it'd be okay..."
  393. [21:40:20] <Steve> "I suppose...I am quite tired..."
  394. [21:40:21] <Larissa> She says this last part as someone who's nearly died in multiple ways, and literally killed a ghost, would say it.
  395. [21:41:06] <Lorelei> "O-Okay.... I guess let's go."
  396. [21:41:17] * Lorelei flinches a bit and squeezes Rissa's hand tighter.
  397. [21:41:30] <Steve> "But...suppose something happens to you guys and I don't hear about it?
  398. [21:41:31] <Steve> "
  399. [21:41:48] <Steve> "Maybe I should go with you guys just in case"
  400. [21:42:14] <DJ> "Nah, it would be better this way.  If we're not back in...  Say, two hours, just go on without us."
  401. [21:42:37] <Lorelei> "Nono... we'll be okay as long as we all go together.  I-I really think so."
  402. [21:42:56] <Lorelei> Her hair flicks up and down like a lightswitch.
  403. [21:43:09] <DJ> "But we can't guarantee the door will stay this way; that's the main concern."
  404. [21:43:48] <Steve> "If you say so, Lorelei..."
  405. [21:44:17] * Lorelei sniffles. "Trust me..."
  406. [21:44:26] <DJ> "You know us.  We're not gonna be taken out that easily."
  407. [21:44:35] <Steve> "Hey, don't cry, kid, it'll be alright!" Patented Steve grin.
  408. [21:44:52] <Lorelei> "Alright, let's go."
  409. [21:46:08] * Larissa waits for DJ to lead the way. You're not exactly going to let a pair of girls go in front, are you?!
  410. [21:46:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Annnd on that note I unfortunately have class in the morning, so I'll have to close soon.  If there's anything you guys want to do REALLY QUICK that's pressing, you can still do that, though.
  411. [21:46:22] <DJ> (Are we allowed to do a "we go to Biff's corpse" card?)
  412. [21:46:28] <Larissa> (what)
  413. [21:46:32] <Lorelei> (^)
  414. [21:46:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Sure.)
  415. [21:47:03] <DJ> (because backtracking through half the place with the safe way fully open would be boooring)
  416. [21:47:45] <DJ> "Alright.  Just lemme know the way."  Le lead
  417. [21:48:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You VWOOP over to Biff's corpse, noticing that the bugs on the first floor are almost completely gone now.  Huh.
  418. [21:48:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> But you get to the big trees from before otherwise fine.  now the tough part is squeeeezing through them.
  419. [21:49:01] <Lorelei> "Oh, these are..."
  420. [21:49:22] * Lorelei looks at Larissa, then at DJ, a bit embarrassed. "Uhh..."
  421. [21:49:59] <DJ> "We aren't seriously gonna bring him back with us, are we?  Just take a drumstick and call it a day?"
  422. [21:50:10] <DJ> "i mean, that's why we didn't bring Steve, right?"
  423. [21:50:18] * Botherer is now known as Saryx
  424. [21:50:30] <Larissa> "It also gives us a chance to talk more openly."
  425. [21:50:58] <DJ> "Yeah, speaking of, what'd your sister do?"
  426. [21:51:33] <Larissa> "Why would it be any different than what I did?"
  427. [21:51:36] <Lorelei> "My sister?"
  428. [21:51:45] <Lorelei> "Or my sister's sister?"
  429. [21:52:07] <Larissa> (or her sister's sister's sister?)
  430. [21:52:08] * Lorelei stares up 'innocently' at Don's eyes.
  431. [21:52:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (You guys DO have another sister, although she's even younger than Lorelei and went with Mom.  You also have two brothers who went with Mom.)
  432. [21:52:36] <DJ> "I dunno.  Haven't met her without humans around, so I dunno how taunted or not tainted she is."
  433. [21:52:47] <Lorelei> (Whoa WHAT when did we decide on this?)
  434. [21:52:59] <Larissa> (i figured they were mostly half siblings D: )
  435. [21:53:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  436. [21:53:24] <Lorelei> (Huhhh.  Well I guess that doesn't change anything!)
  437. [21:53:26] <DJ> *tainted
  438. [21:53:40] <Larissa> "Hey, DJ. If you're going to be a magical creature, you should learn something before you leave."
  439. [21:53:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (I didn't specify how direct they are, in fact, both of your brothers don't share any blood with Larissa. :/)
  440. [21:53:52] <Lorelei> "Oh... I don't think I know what you mean by that~"
  441. [21:54:11] * Lorelei widens her eyes in the stare.
  442. [21:54:26] <Lorelei> 1d100 1,1out to lunch~
  443. [21:54:26] <Jessie> Lorelei, 1,1out to lunch~: 44 [1d100=44]
  444. [21:54:45] <DJ> "You know, signing a contract with fur guy, becoming a living demon, needing to eat people, and so on."
  445. [21:55:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Don, you suddenly forget what you were talking about
  446. [21:55:55] * Lorelei winks.
  447. [21:56:04] <~Aori_Radidjiu> What's going on?  Who were these people again?  What's this place again?
  448. [21:56:51] <DJ> "...Anyway, we should probably get back home soon.  The dance is only a couple hours away.  Damn I'm already tired, though."
  449. [21:57:13] <DJ> "Gonna be hard to concentrate on my set..."
  450. [21:57:41] <Larissa> hey aori
  451. [21:57:45] <Larissa> remember that pocket knife larissa had
  452. [21:57:49] <Larissa> way back
  453. [21:57:50] <Larissa> in her pocket
  454. [21:57:51] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Hyup.
  455. [21:58:15] <Larissa> she's taking that out and burying it in DJ's back while he's murmering
  456. [21:58:32] <Larissa> in the back of the neck if he's not movign too much
  457. [21:58:42] <Steve> (Did not see that one coming)
  458. [21:58:50] * Lorelei doesn't break eye contact of the death stare all the while~
  459. [21:59:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Poor Don, Out to Lunch is really good for this thing ;_;)
  460. [21:59:16] <DJ> "Anyone know where a fast food joint is around here?  Pretty hungry..."
  461. [21:59:40] <Lorelei> (Yeah, for quick clarification here it's basically 'you go totally loopy and don't pay attention to anything for ~so many seconds')
  462. [21:59:48] <Lorelei> (This interpretation is MEGA CUTE though)
  463. [22:00:25] <Lorelei> "So are we!"  Lorelei smiles a big smile as soon as her sister finishes doing the deed.
  464. [22:01:05] <DJ> "Wait a sec.  God dammit, there's holes in my best pan--grk"
  465. [22:01:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> As Larissa plants her knife in you (doing it from behind gives a bonus, and declaring full focus gives you a -30% to being hit but a +30% to hitting, and...yeah, OTL...) it all suddenly rushes back, as your vision starts clouding
  466. [22:01:52] * Lorelei licks her lips.
  467. [22:02:01] <Larissa> "This is a two part lesson. First, the best way to protect yourself from a spellcaster's spells is by killing them."
  468. [22:02:12] <Larissa> "Second, just die so I don't have to blast your soul into oblivion with you."
  469. [22:02:54] <Lorelei> "Hehe, we really ARE sisters," Lore muses to herself, waving at their new victim with a smile on her face.  "Buh-bye!"
  470. [22:04:32] * DJ falls forward, clarity rushing back and fading slowly all at once. The weakness hits him too quickly to be able to really react. With blood-filling throat he attempts to enunciate. "Wha--... Why..." He collapses.
  471. [22:05:28] * Lorelei bends down and goes straight for an arm without a second thought, gnawing.
  472. [22:05:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The blood rushes out of Don's neck.  Oh man, what a beautiful blood bag~
  473. [22:05:46] <Lorelei> Even a complete brat knows when somebody earned the juiciest part!
  474. [22:06:07] * Steve remains blissfully ignorant, whistling to himself, sprawled out on the ground, attempting to nap.
  475. [22:06:26] <Lorelei> "Mmm.  I was sooooo hungry I forgot how hungry I even was..."
  476. [22:06:29] <Lorelei> Chewchewchew.
  477. [22:06:45] * Larissa is more hesitant. Unlike Lorelei, who's gotten all sorts of meals, this is actually her first meal. She removes her handy knife, and tries licking the blood, reminding herself that the person she just killed wasn't even really human anymore.
  478. [22:07:03] <Larissa> And that, even though she was a monster, she probably just saved a lot of lives.
  479. [22:07:08] <Lorelei> Yeah her sister just dove straight for it without even a second to ponder, like a real monster.
  480. [22:07:45] * Lorelei pulls her fangs - oh huh, she forgot to check if she even had fangs this whole time, oh well - out and stands up, wiping the juicy dripping blood off her mouth.
  481. [22:07:50] <Lorelei> "... Okay."
  482. [22:07:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It tastes delicious~!  Like one of htose really good fruit juices.  Kind of like grape juice in the...I dunno', deepness of it, but hey, good!
  483. [22:08:00] <Lorelei> Cough.
  484. [22:08:04] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Self checks for both of ya'
  485. [22:08:17] <Lorelei> 1d100 THIS WILL MAKE OR BREAK THE ENDING
  486. [22:08:19] <Jessie> Lorelei, THIS WILL MAKE OR BREAK THE ENDING: 79 [1d100=79]
  487. [22:08:23] <Larissa> 1d100 self check
  488. [22:08:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Violence too.
  489. [22:08:24] <Jessie> Larissa, self check: 11 [1d100=11]
  490. [22:08:35] <Larissa> 1d100 violence check
  491. [22:08:36] <Jessie> Larissa, violence check: 77 [1d100=77]
  492. [22:08:51] <Lorelei> Hmm... one quick check-in!
  493. [22:09:10] <Larissa> (hey aori)
  494. [22:09:18] <Larissa> (does being forced to be a cannibal count as unrealistic expectations)
  495. [22:09:24] <Larissa> (can i rage-succeed my sanity checks here)
  496. [22:09:25] <Lorelei> 'Losing things' was never meant to apply to objects- in this case 'sanity' would probably work too, right?  Lorelei HATES losing something she could've kept.
  497. [22:09:28] <Lorelei> So can that be a rage~?
  498. [22:10:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ...
  499. [22:10:09] <Larissa> (gotta keep our sanity with pure unbridled rage)
  500. [22:10:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> SURE I GUESS
  501. [22:10:23] <Lorelei> (Oh, is rage not rerolls?  I could've sworn rage was rerolls)
  502. [22:10:32] <Larissa> (huh?)
  503. [22:10:36] <Larissa> (all passions are either flipflop or reroll)
  504. [22:10:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ^
  505. [22:10:45] <Larissa> (it's just, you can't do it on anything meticulous or careful)
  506. [22:10:45] <Lorelei> (okay that was what I thought, I'm rerolling then)
  507. [22:10:47] <Larissa> (it's gotta be primal)
  508. [22:10:49] <Lorelei> 1d100 HERE WE GO
  509. [22:10:51] <Jessie> Lorelei, HERE WE GO: 66 [1d100=66]
  510. [22:10:53] <Larissa> 1d100 reroll
  511. [22:10:54] <Jessie> Larissa, reroll: 80 [1d100=80]
  512. [22:10:57] <Lorelei> bad end confirmed
  513. [22:11:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> FAILURE
  514. [22:11:07] <Steve> (D:)
  515. [22:11:10] <Steve> (I don't like that)
  516. [22:11:11] <Larissa> (hey aori)
  517. [22:11:14] <Steve> (Can you confirm a good end instead?)
  518. [22:11:14] <Larissa> (is getting a good end now impossible)
  519. [22:11:20] <Larissa> (i have that as a noble)
  520. [22:11:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (But it's not your roll.)
  521. [22:11:44] <Larissa> (no but i have bond 20%)
  522. [22:11:47] * DJ , while feeling them dig into him, but perhaps not yet dead (slight rewind because I'm slow,) wonders in his mind, <Why have I been betrayed? Are we not all together under his hand? I could have been the one...> Then consciousness escapes him.
  523. [22:11:54] <Lorelei> (Larissa probably isn't AS bad off as I am, the only reason it's bad end is because that's 5 failed boxes)
  524. [22:12:06] <Lorelei> (which means I'm sacchin sup)
  525. [22:12:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (And also this is more just what Tree had planned as Lorelei's personal bad end)
  526. [22:12:20] <Larissa> (but i have bond 20% D: )
  527. [22:12:21] <Steve> (Holy fuck you have rolled way more checks than I)
  528. [22:12:24] <Lorelei> (But I would totally be up for greenlighting is Rissa wants to try to pervent it)
  529. [22:12:29] <Lorelei> (... prevent)
  530. [22:12:33] <Lorelei> (.... if)
  531. [22:12:37] <Steve> (Pervertent)
  532. [22:12:55] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Lorelei has rolled so many checks because she has a self check everytime she eats people
  533. [22:13:19] <Larissa> and she's failed all of them apparently
  534. [22:13:26] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She has done
  535. [22:13:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> An
  536. [22:13:27] <Lorelei> yeah she failed every self check
  537. [22:13:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> amazing
  538. [22:13:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> job at failing them
  539. [22:13:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Yeah
  540. [22:13:38] <Larissa> so can i bond check? D:
  541. [22:13:40] <Lorelei> ^
  542. [22:13:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Yes!
  543. [22:13:50] <Larissa> ok
  544. [22:13:55] <Larissa> 1d100 this is basically impossible
  545. [22:13:56] <Jessie> Larissa, this is basically impossible: 3 [1d100=3]
  546. [22:13:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> +10 shift due to being SISTERS
  547. [22:14:03] <Lorelei> ... G o o d e n d
  548. [22:14:03] <Larissa> and i dont even have to fucking reroll
  549. [22:14:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> hahahaha shit man
  550. [22:14:17] <Steve> (Holy fuck)
  551. [22:14:25] <Larissa> so
  552. [22:14:27] <Larissa> should i roleplay this
  553. [22:14:31] <Lorelei> plz
  554. [22:14:34] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Duh
  555. [22:14:44] <Larissa> "Fuck..." she did still fail a violence check so
  556. [22:14:47] * Larissa throws her knife.
  557. [22:14:51] <Larissa> "Fuck, Lorelei, fucking stop it!"
  558. [22:14:54] * Lorelei starts chuckling while gnawing.
  559. [22:15:07] <Lorelei> "Hehe... stop what?"  By the way she didn't stand up yet, retconbeamu.
  560. [22:15:39] <Lorelei> "It's just food~  I didn't even think he'd be so GOOD since he's not a human anymore, but he's totally delicious!"
  561. [22:15:40] <Larissa> "We're not fucking monsters!"
  562. [22:15:51] <Steve> (For a second I thoughti t was a rochambeau reference and I was really confused)
  563. [22:16:02] <Larissa> "Have you seriously given up already?!"
  564. [22:16:04] * Lorelei pauses and looks up. "What...?"
  565. [22:16:17] <Lorelei> "But Siiiiis, don't you love this?"
  566. [22:16:24] <Lorelei> "It tastes good, it feels good!"
  567. [22:16:33] <Lorelei> "And we even have real magic!  You're not a fake anymore, right?"
  568. [22:17:26] <Larissa> "Magic comes at a price."
  569. [22:17:26] <Lorelei> "Ahah... heheh.... I feel a little less hungry though."
  570. [22:17:38] <Larissa> "You don't just throw your fucking sanity away to get more."
  571. [22:18:02] * Lorelei sniffles a little. For the first time since probably toddlerhood it might be genuine and not forced.
  572. [22:18:11] <Larissa> "Besides, what fucking good is Steve - or anybody's - eternal love at this point?!"
  573. [22:18:40] <Lorelei> "I dunno... I thought it'd be fun to try."
  574. [22:18:45] <Larissa> "If, day fucking one, you've already lost control, you're just going to fucking eat him. And, thanks to your spell, he'll let you."
  575. [22:18:54] <Lorelei> "And wasn't it?  Real magic, real demons..."
  576. [22:19:05] * Lorelei droops, shuffling away from the corpse.
  577. [22:19:14] <Lorelei> "I was stupid, huh..."
  578. [22:19:49] <Larissa> "So was I."
  579. [22:20:08] <Lorelei> "I thought I was doing you a favor, Sis... the people who called you a freak and all that would die to real magic.  It seemed really cool!"
  580. [22:20:24] <Larissa> "Huh?"
  581. [22:20:47] * Lorelei shakily stands up and kicks the body over. "I'm not hungry anymore."
  582. [22:20:48] <Larissa> "So what if they call me a freak? It's true."
  583. [22:21:09] <DJ> Especially now.
  584. [22:21:15] <Lorelei> "Hehe... but... I think I called you a freak more than any of them did."
  585. [22:21:28] <Lorelei> "Even if you didn't hear it~"
  586. [22:21:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Especially now.
  587. [22:21:50] * Jessie is now known as DiceMaid-9001
  588. [22:21:55] <Lorelei> "But look," she flicks a hand covered in blood... at a wall of something.  "I'm even more of a freak than you ever were."
  589. [22:22:13] <Larissa> "No, I wish you were..."
  590. [22:22:21] <Larissa> "Why do you think I killed DJ?"
  591. [22:22:31] <Lorelei> "Because I told you to!"
  592. [22:22:52] <Larissa> "Because he was going to lose control - just like you have. Just like most people would."
  593. [22:23:04] * Lorelei sniffs again.
  594. [22:23:11] <Lorelei> "Okay..."
  595. [22:23:24] <Lorelei> "Hold on for just a sec, I know what to do."
  596. [22:23:52] * Lorelei gets the tears out and steps further away from the corpse, closing her eyes and opening them while facing straight up. "Furfuuuur!"
  597. [22:24:03] <Lorelei> "I finally decided what I want my 'bonus' to be..."
  598. [22:24:18] <~Aori_Radidjiu> <Oh?>
  599. [22:24:27] <~Aori_Radidjiu> AND FROM THERE, END SESSION
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