They Kain't Suddenly Make Out In Public- Oh, They Didn't

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  1. [17:35:50] <@Myrina> It's slightly later in the day after the whole incident where you almost glassed Natalie into ruby juice.
  2. [17:39:40] <@Myrina> You're still wearing that cloak you apparently woke up with this morning, a thick green material with a clasp depicting the sword of Alexandria.
  3. [17:39:57] * Lenore , after taking a long, steamy bath, and getting into clean clothes, 1,1and trying to brush her teeth but finding her toothbrush missing :<, goes off to the inn where Rymes and Myrina were staying, cloak in hand. She's made sure to clean up the cloak, too, because it'd be awful to give a cloak back with it reeking of alleyway and little girl tears.
  4. [17:40:33] <castfromhp> (>implying little girl tears aren't the nectar of the gods)
  5. [17:41:39] <Giantree> (I-I said it got put back)
  6. [17:42:02] <Lenore> (>implying she put it back in the same spot in the hat)
  7. [17:42:19] <@Myrina> When you get to the inn, Rymes is nowhere in sight, but Myrina is sitting in a chair close to a roaring fireplace on one side of the room, hunched over. ...It's not THAT cold, at noon at least...
  8. [17:45:20] * Lenore cautiously walks over to the fireplace, next to Myrina's chair. "Hi! Um, I found this yesterday, and I was wondering if it belonged to you or Brigadier General Rymes?"
  9. [17:46:24] <@Myrina> Myrina jumps in her chair, a bit surprised. "O-oh! You're... yeah, that's my cloak. I saw you last night and... well, I couldn't just leave you like that..." she mumbles, sort of embarassed.
  10. [17:47:44] <@Myrina> "I thought about bringing you to the inn, but I figured you'd be scared if you woke up in some strange room... so... I just made sure you were warm. It's okay, you didn't have to return it..  "
  11. [17:48:20] <@Myrina> "..are you okay?" she asks after a moment. "I would have given you my room if you didn't have a place to sleep."
  12. [17:49:24] <Lenore> "Um, I'm a bit better now, yeah, don't worry!  It's was one of those nights, y'know?"  She sets the cloak down on the armrest of Myrina's seat and sits down in a different chair~
  13. [17:51:24] <@Myrina> " don't really know me, so I guess you'd feel weird talking about it..." she gives an uneasy laugh. "But... glad to see you're feeling better." she smiles. "..."
  14. [17:52:13] <@Myrina> "Still, if there's anything I can do... a girl as pretty as you doesn't deserve to have a night that bad, you know?"
  15. [17:54:03] <@Myrina> (Shit, I have to brb.)
  16. [17:54:11] <Lenore> "Actually, I kind of did."  She frowns.  "I was freaking out over something I did."
  17. [18:05:22] <@Myrina> (Back)
  18. [18:06:50] <@Myrina> "Oh, well..."
  19. [18:07:13] <@Myrina> "Everyone has their bad days... right? It'll get better, won't it?"
  20. [18:11:59] * Lenore nods. "Yeah, I hope so...Um. Hm. So why'd you become a soldier, anyway?"
  21. [18:16:59] <@Myrina> "Me?" She thinks on it, a bit, and leans back, taking her cloak and pulling it over here like a blanket. "Well... For a lot of little girls in Alexandria, our queen's army represents something incredible to us. An ideal of beauty and strength, in service of a wise ruler. I admired the soldiers ever since I was little, and I pretty much always knew I'd be counted among their ranks one day. I
  22. [18:16:59] <@Myrina> kinda had a natural aptitude for it, too, since every soldier needs both a disciplined body and skill with magic, and I've always been sort of a firebug." she smiles. "...I get the feeling a lot of the other soldiers don't like me, though. ...I don't really get it, I just... I just want to be liked by someone."
  23. [18:17:25] <@Myrina> "And... I can't really help it that bad things happen when I get angry..."
  24. [18:21:47] <@Myrina> She thinks a bit more though.
  25. [18:22:03] <Lenore> "Hm, I thought the soldiers were cool too when I was little, although I never thought of joining them.  I wanted to see the world, it's hard to do that when you're stuck in an army and always told what to do!"
  26. [18:22:09] <@Myrina> "If I really had to say what got me to join the army, though... General Beatrix was probably my best inspiration."
  27. [18:23:55] <@Myrina> "Well, not really! I mean... sometimes we're given missions to exotic places... like this! Brigadier Rymes got to bring me here in pursuit of an Alexandrian criminal, and we're still trying to verify that the one in custody was responsible, so... hey, we're traveling."
  28. [18:24:40] <@Myrina> "Some of the troops have been wondering why we haven't been deployed to Durandal yet, too."
  29. [18:25:30] * Lenore blinks a few times at this. "Still haven't? Why do you think that is, hm? That's been bugging me."
  30. [18:27:30] <@Myrina> "Welllll, the rumor mill is that Quar is holding something over the Queen's head. We think maybe she's hesitant about confronting him because of it. But gosh if I know what that is, Queen Garnet has been one of Alexandria's strongest rulers, what could she possibly be worried about?"
  31. [18:31:22] <Lenore> "Hmmm...I see.  That's unfortunate, because Durandal's in a bad spot right now!  Although I heard  that things got a bit different there recently!"
  32. [18:31:33] <@Myrina> "Really?"
  33. [18:32:48] <Lenore> "Yeah, well, not like, politically or anything, but more environmentally.  That entire continent is covered in a weird sort of forest now!"
  34. [18:33:14] <@Myrina> "...Wha? Did a bunch of mages get drunk?"
  35. [18:33:35] <Lenore> "Who knows!"
  36. [18:34:27] <@Myrina> "I'll have to bring this intel back to the kingdom... maybe it'll be important, somehow!"
  37. [18:35:14] <@Myrina> "Thanks for telling me... Oh, you know, did I even get your name? I'm sorry, last night is kind of a blur around the time you all showed up, because I got mad again over something stupid, and..."
  38. [18:35:42] <Lenore> "Lenore Denagere~!  Um...let's see...Brigadier Rymes said your name was Myrina, right?"
  39. [18:37:39] <@Myrina> She nods, and grins, saluting. "Lieutenant Myrina, no last name. Our family's just one of those. The people who don't like me call me "Firedyke"." :<
  40. [18:38:13] <Lenore> (chortled)
  41. [18:39:42] <Giantree> (Misread as 'Firedrake' and almost took that line seriously for a second)
  42. [18:41:31] <@Myrina> "Why's the world gotta be such a hard place to love in, Lenore?" ;-; "You try and you try and you try and just when you think you found the right one it all blows up in your face. It's... it's just so frustrating!" Her hair flares up a moment like the strands were made of fire themselves. "Y-you know? And they make fun of me because of it!"
  43. [18:43:51] <@Myrina> "I mean it's not like everyone doesn't know the army is half lesbians or bisexuals anyway... and they still find time to talk about me behind my back..."
  44. [18:44:44] <Lenore> She brings a finger to her lips.  "Huh...maybe it's because you flare up so much?  I dunno' if it's because you girls, it might just be because you talk about it so much?  Hmmmm..."
  45. [18:45:37] <@Myrina> She deflates a bit.
  46. [18:45:42] <@Myrina> "I... I guess you're right."\
  47. [18:45:50] <@Myrina> "I'm sorry, this is probably putting you off, too."
  48. [18:51:20] <Lenore> "Maybe you should get some discipline training or something?  Like get trained at a monastary or something!  Meditation and the like? It was never really my thing, but for someone like you it might work wonders!"
  49. [18:51:43] <@Myrina> "Y-you think so?" she looks up.
  50. [18:51:54] <Lenore> "And being able to focus and control yourself a bit better might make you stronger~! ☆"
  51. [18:52:03] <@Myrina> "Welll...."
  52. [18:52:16] <@Myrina> " this point I don't really care much about being stronger..."
  53. [18:53:03] <@Myrina> "I just want someone to genuinely like me, even if it's not romantically. I... I don't even really have friends, you know?"
  54. [18:53:32] <@Myrina> "Brigadier Rymes is the only one who's wanted anything to do with me in ages, but even then it's not in that kind of way."
  55. [18:56:33] <@Myrina> "I almost did leave the army for a bit, you know? There was a group of adventurers around looking for new members. ...I thought maybe if I tried somewhere else I could finally find the kind of companionship I've always wanted. But when I went to join them..."
  56. [18:56:46] * Lenore brings the finger back to her lips. Hmmmmm. "Maybe it's that you're trying too hard to find a partner? You should focus on just getting friends first, I hear there's a lot of people who have trouble getting relationships with the opposite sex because they have trouble being 'just friends' with them, and not seeing them romantically, you know?"
  57. [18:56:54] <@Myrina> "They just kind of laughed in my face! The group leader pretended like he'd consider letting me join, and that he'd get back to me..."
  58. [18:57:17] <@Myrina> "But everyone knows he just quickly recruited a bunch of others and left as fast as he could."
  59. [18:57:36] <@Myrina> ""
  60. [18:58:12] <Lenore> "And I imagine that'd be way, way worse if you had that problem and you were into the same gender!"
  61. [18:59:17] <@Myrina> "Where do I start looking for friends, though? ...After this we're just heading back to Alexandria, and... well, no one likes me there anyway."
  62. [19:03:08] <Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  63. [19:05:01] <Lenore> "I'm not really sure, so this might not help terribly, should work on like, proving yourself, I guess?  Like, show that you can be reliable, do your best to work well with others, do your best to not get angry when it's not necessary, use your anger constructively, maybe~?  It's hard to think about that, I guess I'm lucky because I didn't have many friends my whole life and now all
  64. [19:05:01] <Lenore> of a sudden I have a whole bunch of them!"
  65. [19:06:52] <@Myrina> Sniff. ;-; "Y-yeah, you are lucky... I wish I could be your friend, too. But let's get real, I probably won't ever see you again after we leave. ...and it's just kind of awkward keeping in touch through mail."
  66. [19:07:05] <@Myrina> "I want to master my rage, I really do..."
  67. [19:07:55] <Lenore> "I have a friend who's all about training to control themself, and my brother is really big on discipline, maybe they could help?  Although my brother isn't here, he's over in Treno..."
  68. [19:09:22] <@Myrina> "Hm..." she rocks back and forth, considering her options.
  69. [19:14:31] <@Myrina> "Thanks for the advice... I don't know when I'll have time to try this, but..."
  70. [19:14:37] <@Myrina> "I'll keep it in mind, okay?"
  71. [19:15:39] * Lenore nods. "All right! My brother's name is Blade Renegade, just so you know, if you tell him you're a freind of Lena Renegade - that's my real name, long story - he might help you. He's got almost as bad of a temper as you, though, so careful not to set him off, okay?
  72. [19:15:44] <Lenore> "
  73. [19:16:01] <@Myrina> She nods, a bit.
  74. [19:17:37] <@Myrina> "Maybe I can turn my life around..."
  75. [19:19:38] <@Myrina> "Wait."
  76. [19:19:47] <@Myrina> "You just said..."
  77. [19:20:01] <@Myrina> "You -do- want to be my friend?"
  78. [19:20:19] <@Myrina> She looks up.
  79. [19:23:56] * Lenore nods. "Why not~? ☆"
  80. [19:24:11] <@Myrina> "..."
  81. [19:24:16] <@Myrina> Myrina just bursts into tears.
  82. [19:24:28] <@Myrina> sniff. "Thank you." ;-;
  83. [19:25:10] <Lenore> "You're welcome!"
  84. [19:27:02] <@Myrina> "I... I think I need to be alone for a bit. If Rymes saw me like this I'd never live it down." ;-; "T-thank you, Lenore..." The dark-skinned woman stands up, walks over and BEAR HUGS you. ...Oh fuck she's super-warm to the touch, what is even up with her body temperature?
  85. [19:27:33] * Lenore hugs back, patting her on the back. "Wow, you're really warm~"
  86. [19:30:17] * Lenore blink. "You're...really hot...1,1do you have a fever or something?"
  87. [19:30:34] <@Myrina> "Y-yeah... I don't know..." she lets you go after a moment. "I'm good with fire, I always stay toasty to the touch, and I get cold so easily, I don't know why, but it's not unusual, I've just always been that way."
  88. [19:31:28] <@Myrina> She shivers a bit as she pulls her cloak around herself. "It's better in Alexandria, it's not as cold there, but... Here, the bikini armor just isn't cutting it."
  89. [19:32:40] * Lenore leans in a little to look at the armor. "Is that actually comfortable? It kind of bugs me when I see it..."
  90. [19:34:16] <@Myrina> "Oh, it's -very- comfortable, actually! That's the point of its design."
  91. [19:34:50] <@Myrina> "It's not like heavy armor that chafes and reduces your mobility. Our training emphasizes moving around a lot and dodging blows. But thanks to magic, it's just as protective as plate..."
  92. [19:35:17] <@Myrina> She turns, moving the cloak so you can see better.
  93. [19:35:19] <Lenore> Blinkblink.  "Really?  Huh, I figured having your butt hanging out of it like that would be a bit uncomfortable..."
  94. [19:36:23] <@Myrina> "Well, nnnah, you get used to it."
  95. [19:37:36] <@Myrina> "Especially when everyone else is dressed that way, you know? You just stop noticing."
  96. [19:38:10] <@Myrina> She seems to be getting over her tears now.
  97. [19:38:24] * Lenore nods. "Ah, I see! It's just something like that...maybe I'll try dressing up that way sometime to see how it is, but I prefer dressier things~! ☆"
  98. [19:38:49] <@Myrina> "What I don't get is that armor the people in Lindblum wear. It's just sort of..."
  99. [19:39:22] <@Myrina> "They wear super heavy plate, then they cover themselves in thick robes, then they put pauldrons on top."
  100. [19:39:46] <@Myrina> "It's modest but it's not doing them any favor in mobility. I don't see how they move at all. I guess that's why they use spears."
  101. [19:40:57] <Lenore> "It probably makes them really sweaty, too..."
  102. [19:41:41] <@Myrina> "Yeah, no kidding."
  103. [19:43:21] <Lenore> "Well!  Anyway, I guess we can't spend all day talking here!  Good luck, Myrina~!"
  104. [19:43:49] * Lenore stands up, skirt twirling as she starts to spin toward the inn door~
  105. [19:43:55] <@Myrina> "Y-yeah.. uhm.."
  106. [19:44:10] <Lenore> "Hm?"  She stops.  "Is there something else?
  107. [19:44:22] <Lenore> *+that you want to talk about"  herp
  108. [19:44:46] <@Myrina> She starts to think of something to say, but she shakes her head. "Nah, it's nothing...seeya, Lenore... And... ᵗʰᵃᶰᵏˢ."
  109. [19:45:07] <Lenore> (whoa what fucking wizardry is that)
  110. [19:45:09] <@Myrina> She sort of scampers back upstairs.
  111. [19:45:25] <Lenore> "Okay, bye!"  She waves Myrina off and heads out~
  112. [19:46:12] <@Myrina> Your face
  113. [19:46:13] <@Myrina> when Lenore
  114. [19:46:17] <@Myrina> never actually thanked her
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