DF Game Club: The Raven Chapter 1 (part 1 plus dev chat)

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  1. (06:53:15 AM) MarcoRosenberg [] entered the room.
  2. (06:53:15 AM) Cheeseness: Hey medacris
  3. (06:53:19 AM) Cheeseness: Hey MarcoRosenberg!
  4. (06:53:23 AM) medacris: Hiya cheese
  5. (06:53:24 AM) Syd: Hey!
  6. (06:53:28 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Hi Cheese :)
  7. (06:53:33 AM) Permafry_42: Hi!
  8. (06:53:53 AM) Syd: We'll be starting in a few minutes. :)
  9. (06:53:54 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Hi Syd
  10. (06:54:00 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Hi medacris
  11. (06:54:05 AM) Permafry_42: I'm planning to start in about 5 min
  12. (06:54:07 AM) MarcoRosenberg: hi Permafry
  13. (06:54:18 AM) Syd: Permafry_42 will be the streamer.
  14. (06:54:27 AM) Permafry_42: Hi; thanks for being able to join us!
  15. (06:54:39 AM) MarcoRosenberg: you're welcome
  16. (06:55:03 AM) medacris: @MarcoRosenberg: Hi! I think I saw the game's Twitter a couple weeks back.
  17. (06:55:30 AM) Sirslade: Hello everyone. This is my first time at a DFGC event, and I'm looking forward to it!
  18. (06:55:39 AM) Cheeseness: Welcome, Sirslade!
  19. (06:55:55 AM) Permafry_42: Hi Sirslade; glad you could join us =D
  20. (06:56:06 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Hi Sirslade! It's my first time too. ^^
  21. (06:56:26 AM) Sirslade: Thank you! Somehow I missed out on all the backer stuff by being an internet hermit for the last year, but I'm glad to get in on this while it's still going on
  22. (06:56:54 AM) Permafry_42: You chose a great game to see; the music is fantastic
  23. (06:56:57 AM) Cheeseness: For anybody who's not aware, MarcoRosenberg is executive producer for The Raven
  24. (06:57:04 AM) Cheeseness: (hope I got the title right :D )
  25. (06:57:11 AM) medacris: @Sirslade: Welcome!
  26. (06:57:29 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, the music is fantastic
  27. (06:57:31 AM) flesk [] entered the room.
  28. (06:57:35 AM) Cheeseness: Hey flesk
  29. (06:57:39 AM) flesk: Hi there.
  30. (06:57:46 AM) Sirslade: It looks like an awesome one, I love the theif/stealth and story driven games. I guess i'll have to keep a listen out for the music too :D There will be audio streamed via Twitch, right?
  31. (06:57:52 AM) Syd: Yeah
  32. (06:57:53 AM) Sirslade: And Thank you, medacris
  33. (06:57:56 AM) Permafry_42: yup
  34. (06:58:09 AM) MarcoRosenberg: jepp, you got the title right, Cheese :)
  35. (06:58:35 AM) Cheeseness: Sirslade: Just the game audio - we prefer to have chat in IRC so that everybody's voice is equal
  36. (06:58:44 AM) Permafry_42: btw since I'm streaming i might now be always able to keep track of the chat
  37. (06:58:49 AM) Danaroth [] entered the room.
  38. (06:58:54 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Danaroth
  39. (06:59:00 AM) Permafry_42: Hi!
  40. (06:59:00 AM) Danaroth: hi there
  41. (06:59:03 AM) medacris: @Sirslade: No problem!
  42. (06:59:18 AM) Cheeseness: Maybe give it till 5 past before starting, Permafry_42. Just to give people more time to join
  43. (06:59:23 AM) Sirslade: Cheeseness Good idea! The game audio is what's important for me right now though, wanna make sure I hear the well touted score
  44. (06:59:29 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  45. (06:59:52 AM) Bales [] entered the room.
  46. (07:00:06 AM) Syd: We've on occasion done skype interviews before streams, but generally it's just the game being streamed, no one talking over it. Easier to focus on the game itself that way.
  47. (07:00:19 AM) Bales: hey guys
  48. (07:00:20 AM) Permafry_42: if the sound quality needs to be turned up during the stream let me know and I'll be able to adjust it
  49. (07:00:25 AM) Syd: Hey Bales
  50. (07:00:28 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Bales, you made it
  51. (07:00:28 AM) Permafry_42: Hey
  52. (07:00:34 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Hi flesk, Danaroth and Bales
  53. (07:00:36 AM) Danaroth: I like how this session is synced with the last ep release
  54. Babar Bales
  55. (07:00:40 AM) Cheeseness: Bales: Also, nice :D pyramid
  56. (07:00:54 AM) Bales: haha that got out of conntrol
  57. (07:01:00 AM) Cheeseness: Danaroth: A happy coincidence :D
  58. (07:01:35 AM) medacris: Bales!
  59. (07:01:47 AM) Bales: medacris :D
  60. (07:01:51 AM) Bales: hi
  61. (07:01:51 AM) Bales: !
  62. (07:01:59 AM) MarcoRosenberg: so, what countries do all of you come from?
  63. (07:02:01 AM) Permafry_42: k i think I'm going to get started in a sec
  64. (07:02:02 AM) flesk: That pyramid isn't particularly mobile friendly. :/
  65. (07:02:13 AM) flesk: @Marco: Norway here.
  66. (07:02:32 AM) Cheeseness: Myself and Mimness (who's about to join as soon as I can convince her to get up) are from Australia.
  67. (07:02:37 AM) Bales: did you see the gif of the pyramid? so awesome!
  68. (07:02:40 AM) Syd: I'm from the US
  69. (07:02:41 AM) MarcoRosenberg: nice country! I've been to Bergen once. :)
  70. (07:02:46 AM) Cheeseness: Bales: I didn't see a gif! :O
  71. (07:02:46 AM) Bales: I'm from aus too
  72. (07:02:48 AM) Permafry_42: Canada =D
  73. (07:02:50 AM) medacris: I'm from the US too.
  74. (07:02:51 AM) flesk: Right. It's pretty early in Australia now?
  75. (07:02:55 AM) Cheeseness: jfrisby, yama: You about?
  76. (07:02:57 AM) Bales: 7 AM
  77. (07:02:58 AM) Sirslade: That gif is pretty awesome
  78. (07:02:58 AM) Danaroth: Italian here
  79. (07:03:23 AM) Permafry_42: ok stream will be starting in
  80. (07:03:24 AM) Permafry_42: 3
  81. (07:03:25 AM) Permafry_42: 2
  82. (07:03:26 AM) Permafry_42: 1
  83. (07:03:27 AM) MarcoRosenberg: g'day mates! :) I
  84. (07:03:31 AM) Cheeseness: 7am is way late for a Sunday :D (I run other community gaming events that start at 6am on Sundays >_<)
  85. (07:03:34 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  86. (07:03:40 AM) MarcoRosenberg: I've always wanted to visit Australia
  87. (07:03:51 AM) Sirslade: Wow, that's crazy early. I'm glad I'm in PST and it's 2pm here...
  88. (07:03:55 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: It's nice here :D
  89. (07:04:09 AM) Syd: 5PM where I'm at. :P
  90. (07:04:12 AM) Bales: Who'd hosting the stream?
  91. (07:04:20 AM) Syd: Permafry_42 is streaming
  92. (07:04:27 AM) MarcoRosenberg: nice voice :)
  93. (07:04:28 AM) Sirslade: East coaster Syd?
  94. (07:04:38 AM) Syd: Yeah, east coast.
  95. (07:04:48 AM) Syd: Mim did the intro recording. :)
  96. (07:04:52 AM) MarcoRosenberg: hey, that logo looks familiar ;)
  97. (07:05:00 AM) Permafry_42: let's take a moment to enjoy the amazing music
  98. (07:05:02 AM) Sirslade left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  99. (07:05:04 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Yeah, I was losing my voice yesterday
  100. (07:05:15 AM) Sirslade [] entered the room.
  101. (07:05:29 AM) Bales: so what type of game is this anyway?
  102. (07:05:35 AM) Cheeseness: Bales: Point and click adventure
  103. (07:05:37 AM) Syd: Point-and-click adventure
  104. (07:06:00 AM) Cheeseness: We also have a couple of Steam keys for the game if anybody doesn't have it yet
  105. (07:06:14 AM) Bales: sweet!
  106. (07:06:23 AM) Bales: i love p-a-c
  107. (07:06:27 AM) medacris: I don't, but I have a Mac, so I dunno if I can run it.
  108. (07:06:37 AM) Sirslade: I think it's PC/Mac/Linux
  109. (07:06:39 AM) ion: What game are we talking about?
  110. (07:06:42 AM) Syd: Yeah, it is
  111. (07:06:48 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Can you tell us about the game's composer? Were there any inspirations for the game's score that you know were drawn upon?
  112. (07:06:49 AM) MarcoRosenberg: yes, PC/Mac/Linux
  113. (07:06:50 AM) Bales: this game
  114. (07:06:51 AM) Syd: It's Unity based and runs on all 3
  115. (07:07:01 AM) Cheeseness: ion: The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief.
  116. (07:07:04 AM) MarcoRosenberg: the composer is Benny Oschmann
  117. (07:07:17 AM) Danaroth: this intro really impressed me when I played it
  118. (07:07:30 AM) Sirslade: Also if there's any left at the end I'd appreciate a key. I'm still very backlogged with games (like XCOM right now), so if someone is very into the game please let them have first go at it.
  119. (07:07:39 AM) ion: Ah, /me forgot about the time and starts the stream
  120. (07:07:59 AM) medacris: Oooh awesome. Really loving/appreciating Unity of late
  121. (07:08:00 AM) Cheeseness: I'll pass them out at the end of the session, so hang around afterward
  122. (07:08:06 AM) MarcoRosenberg: he looked at old crime movie composers for inspiration, but I can't remember their names ^^
  123. (07:08:12 AM) Cheeseness: ^_^
  124. (07:08:21 AM) ion: I wouldn’t mind having the game if you have extra keys.
  125. (07:08:24 AM) Permafry_42: the stream quality is good right?
  126. (07:08:28 AM) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Seems good, yeah
  127. (07:08:33 AM) jfrisby: Woo :D The Raven!
  128. (07:08:34 AM) medacris: Will do! I love the noir feel of the game already, and the art style is cool
  129. (07:08:38 AM) Syd: It looks good, Permafry_42
  130. (07:08:59 AM) Sirslade: Yeah. Loving this story line and setting!
  131. (07:09:10 AM) Bales: I love the animation!
  132. (07:09:12 AM) jfrisby: The soundtrack to this game is amazing
  133. (07:09:24 AM) Danaroth: facial animation kinda stands out, at least for a pac
  134. (07:09:26 AM) medacris: Oh man, loving the music too!
  135. (07:09:32 AM) medacris: PAC?
  136. (07:09:35 AM) Sirslade: I'm all ears to that, jfrisby!
  137. (07:09:40 AM) Danaroth: a point and click =p
  138. (07:09:40 AM) ion: Ah, i remember seeing this intro sequence in a trailer video.
  139. (07:09:57 AM) medacris: Anyone else getting a Tintin feel?
  140. (07:10:00 AM) MarcoRosenberg: yes, I always get goosebumps when we get sent a new finished track from the composer
  141. (07:10:07 AM) Bales: Is the soundtrack avalable>
  142. (07:10:08 AM) Bales: ?
  143. (07:10:15 AM) Permafry_42: oh yeah is there an official soundtrack for the game that's available for purchase?
  144. (07:10:35 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Has Benny Oschmann worked on other King Art Games titles?
  145. (07:10:39 AM) MarcoRosenberg: the soundtrack is available in the special edition on steam
  146. (07:10:48 AM) Permafry_42: awesome =D
  147. (07:10:59 AM) MarcoRosenberg: yes, Benny Oschmann also worked on Book of Unwritten Tales and The Critter Chronicles
  148. (07:11:05 AM) flesk: Old trains are always a cool setting in games.
  149. (07:11:14 AM) Cheeseness: They're both still on my to-play list :D
  150. (07:11:35 AM) Cheeseness: Battle Worlds is all I've played so far - so much Battle Isle nostalgia there for me :D
  151. (07:11:51 AM) MarcoRosenberg: ^^
  152. (07:12:01 AM) Danaroth left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  153. (07:12:15 AM) Danaroth [] entered the room.
  154. (07:12:22 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Benny Oschmann is doing the soundtrack for Battle Worlds Kronos too
  155. (07:12:29 AM) jfrisby: inb4 Zellner is the Raven.
  156. (07:12:40 AM) Bales: I've always wondered how they loop the animations outside the train windows smoothly
  157. (07:12:43 AM) ion: Sigh, twitch seems unable to play anything for me these days. The video is a slideshow and the audio is choppy. Is there an alternative stream, or is it possible to have a lower-quality stream on twitch?
  158. (07:12:46 AM) Cheeseness: BWK has a really cool feel to it
  159. (07:12:47 AM) Danaroth: I always rooted for the inspector to be
  160. (07:12:49 AM) flesk: I just finished playing The Critter Chronicles a few days ago. Both BoUT games are good, but the first one is particularly good.
  161. (07:13:06 AM) medacris: I've heard a lot of iffy child voice acting, but the boy actually sounds pretty good. I'm pleased.
  162. (07:13:37 AM) MarcoRosenberg: yes, the boy did a really good job
  163. (07:14:03 AM) MarcoRosenberg: he's the only voice actor we recorded in the USA. All the others were recorded in London.
  164. (07:14:08 AM) jfrisby: That kid is wayyy too good at shuffleboard
  165. (07:14:14 AM) MarcoRosenberg: LOL
  166. (07:14:24 AM) medacris: I like the atmosphere. And ahhh, I see.
  167. (07:14:25 AM) Cheeseness: I love the way that this conversation sets up Zelner's character - as somebody who's well meaning and passionate about helping, but still happy to bend the truth a little
  168. (07:14:27 AM) GameClubFan_541048 [] entered the room.
  169. (07:14:58 AM) MarcoRosenberg: btw, will there be a transcript of this chat?
  170. (07:15:03 AM) Syd: It's a trap!
  171. (07:15:18 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Yeah, we normally pop a chat log up in the forum thread
  172. (07:15:26 AM) MarcoRosenberg: cool
  173. (07:15:26 AM) Cheeseness: And an archive of the video stream will be available too
  174. (07:15:27 AM) Aoko [] entered the room.
  175. (07:15:32 AM) flesk: So be careful about what you say.
  176. (07:15:44 AM) MarcoRosenberg: haha, I will ;)
  177. (07:15:44 AM) Sirslade: @MarcoRosenberg Where do you get voice actors from? is it an agency that you just request recordings from? or do you do the records at a studio from actors hired by the company?
  178. (07:16:21 AM) jfrisby: Is the English or the German voice-acting considered the *definitive* version?  Really impressed with the English VA
  179. (07:16:36 AM) MarcoRosenberg: the English voices are recorded at OMUK, a London studio, who also do the casting
  180. (07:16:48 AM) GameClubFan_719007 [] entered the room.
  181. (07:17:06 AM) MarcoRosenberg: we start with the German voice-acting first and later record the English
  182. (07:17:20 AM) Sirslade: Interesting, I've always wondered how that worked. Thank you
  183. (07:17:20 AM) GameClubFan_719007 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  184. (07:17:40 AM) Cheeseness: I'm sort of interested to play it in German now
  185. (07:17:40 AM) MarcoRosenberg: but personally I prefer the English ones better. I'm an anglophile ^^
  186. (07:17:45 AM) Bales: Is there an in-game dev commentary? Love those. :D
  187. (07:18:11 AM) MarcoRosenberg: I'd love to do one, but we didn't include any
  188. (07:18:22 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Do you know if there's a way to change the language? I hear there's a launcher on the Windows version, but we don't see that on Linux
  189. (07:18:44 AM) jfrisby: Yeah, I get the sense that there's not the usual drop in quality between the first and second language here... maybe because the English understand mystery stories :D
  190. (07:18:53 AM) MarcoRosenberg: As far as I know you can change the language in the menu
  191. (07:19:03 AM) Cheeseness: I'll check it out :)
  192. (07:19:05 AM) Danaroth: can I ask why it was decided to make this episodic? ^^
  193. (07:19:11 AM) MarcoRosenberg: you can even have English audio and German subtitles, or vice versa
  194. (07:19:19 AM) Cheeseness: Oh, nice
  195. (07:20:48 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @jfrisby: yes, OMUK is a really great studio and we've even improved some of the lines during recording
  196. (07:21:37 AM) MarcoRosenberg: I was in London to direct the voice recordings together with a director of the studio
  197. (07:22:30 AM) Bales: This game actually looks really awesome! I'm kinda hesitant to watch the whole stream because I think I want to play it!
  198. (07:22:31 AM) Cheeseness: That would have been fun
  199. (07:22:52 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Danaroth: we wanted to create that TV-miniseries mood with cliffhangers, and give people the opportunity to speculate what's going to happen next
  200. (07:23:35 AM) Cheeseness: Bales: We'll be playing a portion of the first chapter today. There are three chapters, with the third being released within the next few days
  201. (07:23:43 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: Yes, it's an amazing experience to hear the written lines being brought to life by excellent voice actors
  202. (07:24:13 AM) Bales: Cheeseness ah okay, sounds fine then :)
  203. (07:24:20 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  204. (07:24:29 AM) Sirslade: No major spoilers today then, eh?
  205. (07:24:37 AM) jfrisby: Love the ultra-realistic puzzle logic in Episode 1
  206. (07:24:43 AM) medacris: Getting into point and click adventure games is making me really interested in the German gaming industry, a lot of high quality German games coming out.
  207. (07:25:14 AM) medacris: So true.
  208. (07:25:15 AM) Cheeseness: Sirslade: Not really - it's mostly establishing stuff at this point, IMO. You'll probably notice additional stuff when playing through anyway :)
  209. (07:25:21 AM) MarcoRosenberg: yes, the games industry is booming right now
  210. (07:25:52 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Was there any uncertainty in how The Raven would be received following BoUT's less realistic tone?
  211. (07:26:07 AM) medacris: @MarcoRosenberg: I've heard good things about Edna & Harvey and Deponia as well.
  212. (07:26:25 AM) Danaroth: I also played Memoria recently and was impressed
  213. (07:26:31 AM) Cheeseness: I didn't return the purse on my first playthrough
  214. (07:26:39 AM) Danaroth: same cheese
  215. (07:26:39 AM) Bales: Deponia had a CoMI vibe
  216. (07:26:42 AM) jfrisby: I actually started marathon watching Poirot episodes after I played this..
  217. (07:27:11 AM) Syd: I've been looking into getting Memoria. I've heard good things about it.
  218. (07:27:13 AM) Sirslade: I definitely get that vibe, jfrisby. It's a good thing
  219. (07:27:31 AM) Danaroth: I appreciated the amount of optional puzzles in ep1
  220. (07:28:03 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheesness we were aware that some people kinda expect adventures to be funny, but for The Raven we were hoping that the story would still grab them and maybe even attract crime fans who havn't played point-and-click adventures before
  221. (07:28:30 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Do you think you achieved that (attracting new audiences)?
  222. (07:29:02 AM) GameClubFan_168644 [] entered the room.
  223. GameClubFan_168644 GameClubFan_541048
  224. (07:29:23 AM) Cheeseness: Hi GameClubFan_168644
  225. (07:29:33 AM) MarcoRosenberg: I don't have any numbers yet, and the boxed version of the game, containing all 3 episodes, is still to come, so I can't say
  226. (07:29:49 AM) Bales: MarcoRosenberg: How did you go about breaking into the industry?
  227. (07:30:13 AM) jfrisby: Will you be smoothing the chapter transitions, into one big game, for the full release?
  228. (07:30:16 AM) Cheeseness: As somebody who likes a lot of funny adventure games, I'm enjoying it so far :D
  229. (07:31:00 AM) MarcoRosenberg: I started as an editor for Adventure-Treff, a website focussing on point-and-click adventures
  230. (07:31:06 AM) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  231. (07:31:17 AM) Sirslade left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  232. (07:31:18 AM) Aoko left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  233. (07:31:26 AM) Sirslade [] entered the room.
  234. (07:31:34 AM) Cheeseness: Anybody else having stream problems there?
  235. (07:31:38 AM) Syd [] entered the room.
  236. (07:31:40 AM) Aoko [] entered the room.
  237. (07:31:41 AM) Sirslade: I am
  238. (07:31:43 AM) Cheeseness: Hmm
  239. (07:31:48 AM) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Everything OK at your end?
  240. (07:31:56 AM) Danaroth: I like both parts of the spectrum; I think funny adventures are better suited for harder puzzles, but I enjoy a very plot-driven type too
  241. (07:32:00 AM) Danaroth: nope stuck here
  242. (07:32:02 AM) MarcoRosenberg: the stream froze
  243. (07:32:13 AM) Bales: oops
  244. (07:32:20 AM) Syd: Perma's gone offline on Steam. I think he might have lost his internet.
  245. (07:32:32 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah. Give it a few minutes
  246. (07:32:59 AM) medacris left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  247. (07:33:09 AM) Syd: It's so frustrating to have the internet go out when you're trying to stream. I know that from personal experience. :P
  248. (07:33:23 AM) Permafry_42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  249. (07:33:29 AM) medacris [] entered the room.
  250. (07:33:39 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Can you talk a little about what your role as executive producer entails?
  251. (07:33:47 AM) Syd: Or perhaps Perma's computer crashed
  252. (07:34:27 AM) Bales: Didn't he get a new computer recently? It shouldn't crash
  253. (07:34:37 AM) Bales: i may be mistaken
  254. (07:34:46 AM) Syd: Could be software/drivers causing a crash
  255. (07:34:53 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, he got a new machine last week, I think
  256. (07:35:54 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: I've mainly been involved with co-writing the story, proofreading the German and English text (yes, all of it) and directing the English and German voice-recordings
  257. (07:36:17 AM) Permafry_42 [] entered the room.
  258. (07:36:26 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Permafry_42!
  259. (07:36:28 AM) jfrisby: wb :D
  260. (07:36:30 AM) Syd: Welcome back, Permafry_42
  261. (07:36:33 AM) Permafry_42: hi sorry everyone for the stream suddenly ending like that
  262. (07:36:41 AM) Permafry_42: someone tried to use netflix XC
  263. (07:36:45 AM) Syd: Haha
  264. (07:36:47 AM) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: It's OK. Are you able to continue?
  265. (07:36:48 AM) Aoko left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  266. (07:36:50 AM) Bales: it's all good :)
  267. (07:36:59 AM) Permafry_42: k is it working now?
  268. (07:37:00 AM) Sirslade: Netflix, killer of all other video mediums.
  269. (07:37:06 AM) Bales: yep
  270. (07:37:13 AM) Aoko [] entered the room.
  271. (07:37:23 AM) Cheeseness: There we go, looking good, Permafry_42
  272. (07:37:55 AM) Syd: Netflix, devourer of bandwidth.
  273. (07:38:12 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Are there any particular story inspirations or influences you tried to draw upon when co-writing?
  274. (07:38:23 AM) MarcoRosenberg: The voice actor of Lady Westmacott was brilliant. I would have even listened to her read the phone book to me :D
  275. (07:38:24 AM) Bales left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  276. (07:38:33 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  277. (07:38:54 AM) Cheeseness: I wonder how the game would have felt if it were bookended with narration from her
  278. (07:39:06 AM) Mimness [] entered the room.
  279. (07:39:20 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Mimness!
  280. (07:39:53 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: The main influences were of course all the Agatha Christie classics, like "Murder on the Orient Express", "Murder on the Nile", the Poirot novels etc.
  281. (07:40:15 AM) medacris: @MarcoRosenberg: I like quite a bit her too!
  282. (07:40:19 AM) Syd: I think Permafry might be having some issues again. :P
  283. (07:40:25 AM) medacris: @Mimness: Hi!
  284. (07:40:36 AM) Mimness: Hi ^_^
  285. (07:40:52 AM) Permafry_42: ... not again.
  286. (07:40:56 AM) Cheeseness: >_<
  287. (07:40:57 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Hi Mimness! You have a nice voice. ^^
  288. (07:41:01 AM) Permafry_42: 1 moment
  289. (07:41:34 AM) Syd: Tell them to not even think about Netflix. Simply acknowledge its existence and it already starts eating away at available bandwidth.
  290. (07:41:34 AM) Mimness: Aw, thanks. How embarrassing #^w^#
  291. (07:41:38 AM) ion: I wonder if there are any coop multiplayer point&click adventures?
  292. (07:42:11 AM) Mimness: MarcoRosenberg: You have a nice game ^^
  293. (07:42:28 AM) MarcoRosenberg: thanks! ^
  294. (07:42:36 AM) MarcoRosenberg: oops ^^
  295. (07:42:39 AM) Permafry_42: alright i think i know what it is 1 moment
  296. (07:42:46 AM) Cheeseness: It's all good ^_^
  297. (07:43:32 AM) MarcoRosenberg: ion, there is a spanish adventure that has co-op multiplayer
  298. (07:43:47 AM) Permafry_42: hopefully that fixed the issue
  299. (07:43:53 AM) Cheeseness: There we go :)
  300. (07:44:04 AM) Permafry_42: i think it was caused by folding@home client
  301. (07:44:09 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: What aspects of The Raven are you most proud of?
  302. (07:44:47 AM) Cheeseness: The doctor made me a bit suspicious
  303. (07:45:50 AM) MarcoRosenberg: I'd have to say the voice acting are my favorite aspect. Maybe because I was involved in it so much. ^^
  304. (07:45:59 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  305. (07:46:12 AM) Sirslade: I dunno, there's a constable that keeps poking around in places he shouldn't be, I'm not sure I trust that one
  306. (07:46:13 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: What do you feel were the biggest hurdles?
  307. (07:46:33 AM) Cheeseness: Soup in bags? Madness!
  308. (07:46:39 AM) medacris: Voice acting is a thing I research a lot as a hobby, I really want to see the film "I Know That Voice", about voice acting in games and cartoons.
  309. (07:46:51 AM) medacris: @Cheeseness: Hey, works for milk in Canada.
  310. (07:46:52 AM) Cheeseness: Yay, music
  311. (07:47:22 AM) medacris: Ohhh, butterscotch!
  312. (07:47:42 AM) MarcoRosenberg: we have a huuuuge amount of animations in the game, so it took a lot of planning and work to get them all finished in time
  313. (07:47:51 AM) Cheeseness: medacris: Milk in bags? You're pulling my leg. I didn't see any of that when I've visited Quebec and Ontario?
  314. (07:48:03 AM) GameClubFan_544728 [] entered the room.
  315. (07:48:13 AM) GameClubFan_544728 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  316. (07:48:14 AM) Cheeseness: Hmm, was something missing in that scene? :D
  317. (07:48:22 AM) Permafry_42: as a canadian I
  318. (07:48:29 AM) Permafry_42: I've never heard about that
  319. (07:48:59 AM) Syd: I suspect that milk being sold in bags might be a regional thing in Canada. I do know that they exist, at least.
  320. (07:49:10 AM) Danaroth: was about to say the same cheese; that was a really nice touch. I had not replayed that scene yet =P
  321. (07:49:22 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Was all of the story completed before the first chapter was finished, or was the game developed in a more modular fashion?
  322. (07:49:47 AM) Cheeseness: And also, how was the experience of doing something episodic?
  323. (07:50:26 AM) medacris: I know it exists, despite not being able to see it when I visited.
  324. (07:50:29 AM) MarcoRosenberg: The story was developed before finishing the first chapter. otherwise it would have been complicated to plan the second half of the game, where you play the same story from the perspective of the bad guys
  325. (07:51:06 AM) medacris: I went to Montréal and Ontario myself.
  326. (07:51:18 AM) medacris: @MarcoRosenberg: Ah, good planning.
  327. (07:51:25 AM) Sirslade: That's a neat touch, I love seeing stories from different sides.
  328. (07:51:31 AM) Babar left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 181 seconds).
  329. (07:51:44 AM) Babar [Miranda@442D1DEA.AB3B11B3.83382450.IP] entered the room.
  330. (07:53:26 AM) MarcoRosenberg: we hid many clues and hints in the game that you'll probably only recognize after you've finished the game. So it's fun to play it all again and keep an eye out for the clues. :)
  331. (07:54:38 AM) medacris: I'm sort of reminded of Sam and Max S3E2 and Stacking, with the Egypt exhibitions. I love those.
  332. (07:54:44 AM) Cheeseness: I did spot a couple of small things toward the end of chapter 2 that were incongruent with my playthrough of the first chapter
  333. (07:54:52 AM) MarcoRosenberg: btw, you can turn the radio off too ;)
  334. (07:54:56 AM) Sirslade: Ahh. I love that episode of S&M
  335. (07:55:29 AM) medacris: @Sirslade: I still haven't beaten it, but I love it so far. Paperwaite is an interesting character.
  336. (07:55:38 AM) Sirslade: I just really love the 20's setting, especially for pulp style adventure stories. Al la Indiana jones
  337. (07:56:08 AM) Cheeseness: 20s? :D
  338. (07:56:23 AM) Sirslade: @medacris It gets even better. I love the writing on those games
  339. (07:56:52 AM) Sirslade: Well, 1920's and 1930's
  340. (07:57:21 AM) Cheeseness: I'm pretty sure at some point Zelner says it's the 60s
  341. (07:57:35 AM) medacris: @Sirslade: Me too. My first exposure to Sam and Max was Poker Night 1, and then I had to track down Season 3, the cartoon, and eventually the comics.
  342. (07:57:49 AM) MarcoRosenberg: yes, The Raven takes place in the 60s
  343. (07:57:49 AM) Sirslade: Oh really? I guess I was paying too much attention to chat
  344. (07:58:09 AM) medacris: Oh man, he's such a smartass, I love it.
  345. (07:58:13 AM) Cheeseness: Zelner also refers to the train as being "old style"
  346. (07:58:20 AM) Syd: It's easy to get an early 20th century vibe due to the old train it takes place on, though.
  347. (07:58:30 AM) Cheeseness: So I interpret it as being intentionally retro
  348. (07:58:37 AM) Sirslade: The 60'
  349. (07:58:58 AM) Sirslade: s are good too though ^^ It's really heist-themed stories that get me in a big way
  350. (07:59:00 AM) Syd: The current setting is reminiscent of The Last Express
  351. (07:59:32 AM) Cheeseness: Sirslade: Indy was set in the 30s (with Crystal Skull being set in 57) ^_^
  352. (07:59:33 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Syd: yes, that also takes place on the Orient Express
  353. (07:59:44 AM) Sirslade: @medacris You should check out Seasons 1 and 2 as well, I really loved the whole set
  354. (08:00:06 AM) Permafry_42: also feels a bit like the game syberia if anyone here has played that one before
  355. (08:00:38 AM) medacris: @Sirslade: I definitely will play Season 2 at some point, but I dunno if Season 1 was ever ported to mac.
  356. (08:00:41 AM) Syd: Speaking of Indy, I need to get around to Fate of Atlantis. I feel guilty about not playing that yet.
  357. (08:00:43 AM) Bales [] entered the room.
  358. (08:00:55 AM) Cheeseness: We need to do FoA for Game Club at some stage
  359. (08:01:29 AM) Cheeseness: I didn't entirely trust him at this point and didn't want to inappropriately push the violinist
  360. (08:01:40 AM) Permafry_42: also costume quest in october if we have the time and it hasn't been done yet
  361. (08:02:01 AM) Permafry_42: still one of my favourite df games
  362. (08:02:21 AM) medacris: @Permafry_42: Yes please. I need to replay that, especially since there's Steam Trading Cards now
  363. (08:03:52 AM) Babar left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 187 seconds).
  364. (08:04:16 AM) Bales: have we done stacking?
  365. (08:04:23 AM) Cheeseness: We'll have to work out if we can do Costume Quest without getting too bogged down in grinding combat
  366. (08:04:24 AM) Syd: Nope, not yet
  367. (08:04:31 AM) Cheeseness: Nah, we haven't done that either yet
  368. (08:04:40 AM) Bales: It'd be great to get Lee in chat
  369. (08:04:51 AM) Bales: (if stacking happened)
  370. (08:05:36 AM) Syd: I imagine we'll get around to Stacking eventually. :)
  371. (08:05:38 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: How much were you trying to put hints in that any of the characters could be The Raven?
  372. (08:06:27 AM) Cheeseness: I wish I knew what story Zelner saw in the wallet :D
  373. (08:06:33 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: A lot :D After all, in a good crime story you have to suspect everyone.
  374. (08:06:39 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  375. (08:06:58 AM) ion: I have taken all the card drops available for me and put the cards for sale. Got 11.60 € so far. :-P
  376. (08:07:03 AM) medacris: Costume Quest is a heck of a lot easier if you get every costume, I know two of my friends never assembled the unicorn, and it was my biggest crutch in battle. My favorites were probably French Fries, Vampire, and Unicorn.
  377. (08:07:35 AM) Bales: ninja had nice animations
  378. (08:07:49 AM) medacris: I admit to using a guide, though. I never thought to go up the down elevator for the final piece.
  379. (08:08:04 AM) medacris: Indeed. I like the Pirate animations in DLC, too.
  380. (08:10:05 AM) Permafry_42: pirates forever =D
  381. (08:10:31 AM) jesperlp [] entered the room.
  382. (08:10:32 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Do you think King Art Games might do another crime mystery game in the future?
  383. (08:11:59 AM) GameClubFan_127576 [] entered the room.
  384. (08:12:00 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: There's always a possibility of that. We're open to all genres and if the Raven is received well by players, we might do another crime mystery.
  385. (08:12:06 AM) medacris: @Permafry_42: My sentiments exactly.
  386. (08:12:18 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: What kind of responses have you had so far?
  387. (08:12:28 AM) medacris: @MarcoRosenberg: People deserve to play this game. It's quite good so far.
  388. (08:12:51 AM) MarcoRosenberg: We've had some really great feedback from the gaming press
  389. (08:12:52 AM) Babar [~Miranda@5140FE1D.4801B17C.83382450.IP] entered the room.
  390. (08:12:55 AM) GameClubFan_127576: what is this game called?
  391. (08:13:06 AM) Cheeseness: This game is called The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief
  392. (08:13:27 AM) MarcoRosenberg: but also some bad reviews, with people complaining that they had to point, click and talk to much in the game :D
  393. (08:13:44 AM) Cheeseness:
  394. (08:14:03 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: There aren't enough guns, and the game needs crouching.
  395. (08:14:08 AM) Permafry_42: lol
  396. (08:14:11 AM) Cheeseness: Also, it should be first person
  397. (08:14:16 AM) Cheeseness: And be set in space
  398. (08:14:25 AM) Syd: Needs more QTEs too. :P
  399. (08:14:27 AM) Permafry_42: also it's not masogynistic enough
  400. (08:14:32 AM) GameClubFan_127576 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  401. (08:14:40 AM) jesperlp left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  402. (08:15:12 AM) Cheeseness: The only feedback I have are some animation oddities ^_^
  403. (08:15:20 AM) Cheeseness: The only negative feedback^
  404. (08:15:35 AM) Cheeseness: And that it can be difficult to know where to walk to trigger a camera angle change
  405. (08:17:34 AM) Cheeseness: What sort of feedback have you gotten from players, MarcoRosenberg?
  406. (08:17:43 AM) Bales left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  407. (08:18:28 AM) MarcoRosenberg: most players like the story and pacing. And just like you they like the music and voice acting. :)
  408. (08:18:36 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  409. (08:20:06 AM) MarcoRosenberg: some players complained that the game is too easy, but it's hard to find the right level of difficulty. Adventure game veterans prefer tough puzzles, while casual or inexperienced players prefer easier puzzles.
  410. (08:20:56 AM) flesk: Are there two difficulty settings in this game like in the two BoUT games?
  411. (08:21:34 AM) Cheeseness: I think that many adventure game fans feel starved for challenging adventure games, but IMO it's important to tailor the difficulty to the tone and setting of the game (eg: I think the BTTF games' difficulty was a perfect match for that franchise's style)
  412. (08:21:37 AM) MarcoRosenberg: no, just one difficulty
  413. (08:22:27 AM) Cheeseness: All of this is new to me :D
  414. (08:23:00 AM) Sirslade: I honestly like not having a super difficult adventure game, I look at it more like directing a book, getting a good story as opposed to challenging my mental fortitude
  415. (08:23:14 AM) Cheeseness: I enjoy both ^_^
  416. (08:23:15 AM) Syd: Even those that are veterans of adventure games can end up struggling with a puzzle someone else found easy just because they approached it with the wrong mindset.
  417. (08:23:17 AM) Permafry_42: you can always do what i do and never use the hint system
  418. (08:23:23 AM) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Maybe we should finish up when the bomb goes off?
  419. (08:23:26 AM) Sirslade: That said, there shouldn't be a big "Do this next" sign, unless you ask for a hint
  420. (08:23:33 AM) MarcoRosenberg: We had the choice to put in extra puzzles that don't support the story, but we decided against it. We wanted to have a "flow" in the game and avoid a stop-and-go feeling
  421. (08:23:51 AM) Permafry_42: nah; i think we can complete the train in less than 20 min
  422. (08:24:00 AM) flesk: Yeah, I like that the difficulty matches the franchise as well. I think there's such a thing as too easy though. At least for me personally.
  423. (08:24:02 AM) Cheeseness: That was the right choice, I think, although as somebody said earlier, the optional puzzles in the first episode are nice
  424. (08:26:25 AM) flesk: Those kinds of extra puzzles work better in games where the story is just used as a thin wrapper around the puzzles, like in the Layton games. I love the Layton games, but I'm glad you didn't go for that in this more realistic adventure game.
  425. (08:26:30 AM) Cheeseness: Wow, this seems a lot darker in the stream
  426. (08:26:53 AM) ion: Perhaps it needs gamma correction of some kind.
  427. (08:26:54 AM) Sirslade: I think a part of it is the bright colors around, messing with vission
  428. (08:27:16 AM) Sirslade: And by vission I mean fission-vision.
  429. (08:27:27 AM) Syd: Yeah, I  think it's a bit easier to see fullscreened.
  430. (08:27:38 AM) flesk: I don't know. It looks really dark in fullscreen mode as well.
  431. (08:27:50 AM) Cheeseness: Sirslade: I play it windowed mode and had the title card from our KR0 stream as my background, so that exact colour contrast was there when I played
  432. (08:28:03 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @flesk: You're right. Layton-style puzzles would have felt out of place in The Raven. For example the doctor asking Zellner to help him with a crossword puzzle in the newspaper. That would have felt cheesy. :D
  433. (08:28:21 AM) Dales [] entered the room.
  434. (08:28:31 AM) Permafry_42: still that's part of the charm for layton games imo
  435. (08:28:45 AM) flesk: Hehe. It would be cool if someone made some kind of sandbox puzzle game though.
  436. (08:28:46 AM) Permafry_42: they even make fun of themselves sometimes for it
  437. (08:28:50 AM) Dales left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  438. (08:28:55 AM) Sirslade: Ah, fair enough Cheeseness
  439. (08:29:09 AM) flesk: Kind of like GTA, only with puzzle solving instead of violence.
  440. (08:29:22 AM) Permafry_42: isn't that what the braid dev is doing?
  441. (08:29:26 AM) Bales [] entered the room.
  442. (08:29:28 AM) flesk: Is it?
  443. Babar Bales
  444. (08:29:30 AM) Danaroth: sounds like myst
  445. (08:29:34 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Bales
  446. (08:29:41 AM) Permafry_42: apparently the puzzles are non-linear
  447. (08:29:57 AM) Bales: hey, the internet keeps dropping out on my ebd
  448. (08:30:03 AM) Bales: *end
  449. (08:31:10 AM) flesk: Myst have pretty interconnected puzzles though, doesn't it?
  450. (08:31:54 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: jfrisby asked earlier whether there were plans to put more seamless transitions between the chapters so that the game can be played as a whole when the third chapter is released, and I'm not certain if you saw ^_^
  451. (08:32:07 AM) Danaroth: yup I think the witness will be more ambitious in that sense
  452. (08:32:20 AM) Cheeseness: Making the torch here had stumped for a little while
  453. (08:33:51 AM) flesk: Just noticed that the topic hasn't been updated.
  454. (08:34:02 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: Oh, I didn't see that question. To be honest, I don't know how that will be handled, as we have been working on chapter 3 in the last weeks.
  455. (08:34:02 AM) current topic is: Weekly Game Club for Saturday September 14th: Gretel and Hansel! | Game Club homepage and stream at (includes countdown timer and links to time zone conversions)
  456. (08:34:32 AM) Cheeseness: flesk: Well spotted >_<
  457. (08:34:56 AM) Permafry_42: oh duh forgot about this part of the puzzle
  458. (08:34:58 AM) jfrisby: I'd love it to have a huge seemless feel :D
  459. (08:36:11 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it didn't occur to me to wipe the curtain on the coupling
  460. (08:36:43 AM) current topic is: Weekly Game Club for Saturday September 14th: Gretel and Hansel! | Game Club homepage and stream at (includes countdown timer and links to time zone conversions)
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  462. Weekly Game Club for Saturday September 14th: Gretel and Hansel! | Game Club homepage and stream at (includes countdown timer and links to time zone conversions)
  463. To:
  464. Weekly Game Club for Saturday September 21st: The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief! | Game Club homepage and stream at (includes countdown timer and links to time zone conversions)
  465. (08:37:08 AM) Cheeseness has changed the topic to: Weekly Game Club for Saturday September 21st: The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief! | Game Club homepage and stream at (includes countdown timer and links to time zone conversions)
  466. (08:37:14 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Quite a few people got stuck on that part of the puzzle, as far as I've heard
  467. (08:37:15 AM) Permafry_42: sorry; more technical dificulties XC
  468. (08:37:18 AM) Cheeseness: Are we having stream troubles again?
  469. (08:37:26 AM) flesk: I need to go to bed now. Too little sleep lately.
  470. (08:37:42 AM) Syd: See ya, flesk
  471. (08:37:46 AM) flesk: I really liked what I saw of the game.
  472. (08:37:49 AM) medacris: Aw, sleep well, flesk
  473. (08:37:50 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: I may have missed something, but I didn't spot any dialogue saying that the coupling was dirty when I first looked at it, so it didn't occur to me to try to clean it
  474. (08:37:52 AM) MarcoRosenberg: bye, flesk!
  475. (08:37:54 AM) Permafry_42: apparently it thinks the stream is already in use; 1 sec
  476. (08:38:01 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming flesk
  477. (08:38:03 AM) flesk: Definitely picking this one up when I'm more ahead on my backlog.
  478. (08:38:29 AM) flesk: Thanks for having me. ;) Bye everyone.
  479. (08:38:30 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: I think he says that it's greasy.
  480. (08:38:40 AM) Cheeseness: Ah, I must've missed that then ^_^
  481. (08:38:42 AM) Danaroth: looking forward to third up, keep up with the nice job
  482. (08:38:44 AM) flesk left the room (quit: Quit: leaving).
  483. (08:38:45 AM) Danaroth: ep*
  484. (08:39:02 AM) Cheeseness: Danaroth: Me too - I'm really excited to play the finale
  485. (08:39:28 AM) Cheeseness: There we go. The stream is back uo
  486. (08:39:31 AM) Cheeseness: up^
  487. (08:39:32 AM) Permafry_42: k seems to be working
  488. (08:40:00 AM) Danaroth: was the achievement here called Prometheus if I remember correctly? =P
  489. (08:40:16 AM) MarcoRosenberg: yes :)
  490. (08:40:36 AM) Permafry_42: ok i think after this will be when i end the stream
  491. (08:41:13 AM) Cheeseness: I'm not sure if we heard the coughing before we decoupled the train car
  492. (08:41:42 AM) Cheeseness: That makes the police officer's coughing a little more suspicious
  493. (08:41:42 AM) Permafry_42: oh yeah i think you can hear that after you save the kid
  494. (08:42:26 AM) Cheeseness: I think he's already left the train
  495. (08:42:31 AM) Permafry_42: wait nm different thing
  496. (08:42:51 AM) Permafry_42: what i get for chatting while streaming XD
  497. (08:42:55 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  498. (08:43:48 AM) Cheeseness: The Baroness sure has a lot of luggage
  499. (08:44:01 AM) MarcoRosenberg: LOL, yes
  500. (08:44:11 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  501. (08:44:30 AM) Cheeseness: I love how he's not freaking out
  502. (08:44:53 AM) Cheeseness: He's on this flaming runaway train and the situation isn't that desperate
  503. (08:45:02 AM) MarcoRosenberg: ^^
  504. (08:45:11 AM) Sirslade: It's cool, he deals with it all the time. That's just part of being a constable.
  505. (08:47:01 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Permafry_42: You need to get the towel from the compartment
  506. (08:47:02 AM) Sirslade: "Here's Johnny!"
  507. (08:47:26 AM) Permafry_42: i remember having to do this first
  508. (08:47:52 AM) MarcoRosenberg: ah, yeah, even I forgot ^^
  509. (08:47:58 AM) Cheeseness: You can still get and wet the towel first though
  510. (08:48:25 AM) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: The towel to the left
  511. (08:48:32 AM) Cheeseness: You're standing in front of it
  512. (08:48:45 AM) Permafry_42: there we go XD
  513. (08:50:12 AM) SwearingPriest [] entered the room.
  514. (08:50:22 AM) Cheeseness: Hi SwearingPriest
  515. (08:50:23 AM) MarcoRosenberg: use the axe
  516. (08:50:29 AM) SwearingPriest: Hello
  517. (08:50:43 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Zellner says that his wallet tells a story. What do you think that story is?
  518. (08:50:44 AM) MarcoRosenberg: hi SwearingPriest
  519. (08:51:12 AM) SwearingPriest: Hello Hello
  520. (08:51:32 AM) MarcoRosenberg: the same story as his own. Being replaced, although you're not past your best-before-date yet
  521. (08:51:45 AM) Permafry_42: hey you've unfortunately arived near the end of the stream
  522. (08:51:58 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Nice answer :D
  523. (08:52:04 AM) SwearingPriest: Yeah. No worries. I just saw the thread and was like...crap!!!
  524. (08:52:38 AM) Permafry_42: don't worry; this is just part one of at least 2 and possibly 3
  525. (08:52:55 AM) Permafry_42: and that's just for section 1 of the game
  526. (08:53:06 AM) Bales: I'm amazed at how well the mood is set in this game. It's astounding!
  527. (08:53:20 AM) Cheeseness: It's great :D
  528. (08:53:26 AM) MarcoRosenberg: I'm glad you like it! :)
  529. (08:53:27 AM) SwearingPriest: Yes! I'm looking forward to it. I haven't played this game. Was looking forward to watching it here
  530. (08:53:46 AM) Cheeseness: SwearingPriest: There'll be an archive of the video stream available soon
  531. (08:53:49 AM) SwearingPriest: Shout out to girls not being honest :P
  532. (08:54:09 AM) SwearingPriest: Very cool
  533. (08:54:11 AM) medacris: @SwearingPriest: Hi!
  534. (08:54:21 AM) SwearingPriest: Hello
  535. (08:54:34 AM) ion: The boy’s hair should cast a shadow to his head. :-)
  536. (08:55:08 AM) ion: I guess AO would work alternatively.
  537. (08:55:09 AM) Permafry_42: alright once the cinematic is over I'll be ending the stream
  538. (08:55:15 AM) SwearingPriest: Is it just me, or do you absolutely love the art style and dialog of DF's games
  539. (08:55:25 AM) Mimness left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 182 seconds).
  540. (08:55:26 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty, so we're finishing up with the stream. As always, everybody is welcome to hang around and continue chatting. We also have some Steam keys for the game to give away in a few moments
  541. (08:56:39 AM) Bales: yummy! steam keys!
  542. (08:56:42 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Do you have a favourite chapter?
  543. (08:56:47 AM) SwearingPriest: Favoriting this page. I'll def be back next time
  544. (08:56:53 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @SwearingPriest: We tried to achieve realism, but make it stylized slightly to avoid the "uncanny valley" effect
  545. (08:57:13 AM) Bales: smart choice
  546. (08:57:13 AM) Permafry_42: i like the art style
  547. (08:57:13 AM) Cheeseness: SwearingPriest: keep an eye on the forum thread as well
  548. (08:57:54 AM) Sirslade: It worked very well. I think the art style fits, making it feel like it's a story that could be larger than life, but believable at the same time, if you know what I mean.
  549. (08:57:56 AM) Permafry_42: so cheese i should do the one without the second person's ty right?
  550. (08:58:06 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: I haven't been able to play any of the chapters straight, because I had to jump in at different points of the story all the time during development
  551. (08:58:25 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Do think you'll go back and play it once chapter 3 is out?
  552. (08:58:34 AM) Permafry_42: thanks again marco for joining us =D
  553. (08:58:53 AM) Bales: Yeah, thanks marco!
  554. (08:59:00 AM) Bales: :)
  555. (08:59:05 AM) SwearingPriest: I feel like the balance is perfect. I'm completely immersed when I play a DF game
  556. (08:59:17 AM) Cheeseness: This game's made by King Art Games rather than DF
  557. (08:59:23 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  558. (08:59:24 AM) SwearingPriest: Awesome to hear from a member of development! Thanks so much
  559. (08:59:29 AM) SwearingPriest: Really?
  560. (08:59:30 AM) Sirslade: Will you be joining us for the next round, @MarcoRosenberg?
  561. (08:59:32 AM) SwearingPriest: I had no clue!
  562. (08:59:36 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: I definitely will. But I think I will wait a few weeks, so that I hopefully have forgotten some of the details and can enjoy it with a little more distance.
  563. (08:59:46 AM) SwearingPriest: Saw it on the df forums and just assumed! Thats what happens when you assume I suppose
  564. (08:59:52 AM) Bales: Art King games just got compared with DF! That's an achievement!
  565. (09:00:03 AM) ion: Achievement unlocked
  566. (09:00:07 AM) SwearingPriest: lol!
  567. (09:00:23 AM) MarcoRosenberg: haha ^^
  568. (09:00:34 AM) SwearingPriest: If you said it was I wouldnt have argued...I'l look up Art King games now! Sorry marco!!
  569. (09:00:55 AM) Cheeseness: SwearingPriest: They've also made two other adventure games and have a turn based strategy that they're working on
  570. (09:01:11 AM) SwearingPriest: ooh. I love turn based strats
  571. (09:01:12 AM) Danaroth left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  572. (09:01:22 AM) MarcoRosenberg: @Cheeseness: I'll see if I can join for the next round too.
  573. (09:01:35 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: Great! You're always welcome! :D
  574. (09:01:52 AM) SwearingPriest: King Art games. Any specific link to check first?
  575. (09:01:56 AM) MarcoRosenberg: it was a lot of fun chatting with you and reading your feedback
  576. (09:02:04 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks so much for joining us! :D
  577. (09:02:10 AM) MarcoRosenberg:
  578. (09:02:29 AM) MarcoRosenberg: you're welcome :)
  579. (09:02:35 AM) SwearingPriest: On it. Thanks so much!
  580. (09:03:04 AM) Cheeseness: SwearingPriest: I've been playing a bit of Battle Worlds: Kronos. It's pretty enjoyable even at this early stage
  581. (09:03:33 AM) SwearingPriest: Was just lookin at screenshots of it
  582. (09:03:47 AM) Cheeseness: It reminds me very much of Battle Isle
  583. (09:04:02 AM) SwearingPriest: Looks very clean
  584. (09:04:04 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks Permafry_42
  585. (09:04:08 AM) Permafry_42: thanks to everyone for joining us!
  586. (09:04:09 AM) SwearingPriest: Very easy to read and see...i like this in strats
  587. (09:04:14 AM) Syd: Thanks for joining us, Marco, and thanks for streaming, Perma. :)
  588. (09:04:14 AM) SwearingPriest: Thank you permafry!
  589. (09:04:15 AM) ion: Who was the one speaking at the end of the stream, btw?
  590. (09:04:27 AM) Permafry_42: sorry again for the internet issues
  591. (09:04:28 AM) medacris: Thank you so much!
  592. (09:04:29 AM) Cheeseness: That was Mimness. I have a sore throat :(
  593. (09:04:34 AM) Syd: Mimness recorded the intro and outro for today's session
  594. (09:04:37 AM) ion: ok
  595. (09:04:39 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty, how many people do we have that are keen on a Steam key?
  596. (09:04:39 AM) Permafry_42: and no problem; it was my pleasure
  597. (09:04:47 AM) ion: cheeseness: I would love one.
  598. (09:04:47 AM) MarcoRosenberg: Thanks for the stream, Perma. Thanks for inviting me, Cheese.
  599. (09:04:57 AM) Bales left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  600. (09:05:07 AM) medacris: As would I.
  601. (09:05:07 AM) SwearingPriest: I'll pass on the Steam key. I'll give em my money instead.
  602. (09:05:08 AM) MarcoRosenberg: thanks for the intro and outro, Mim
  603. (09:05:12 AM) Cheeseness: :)
  604. (09:05:17 AM) Sirslade: @Cheeseness I would appreciate one as well, should there be extra
  605. (09:05:19 AM) SwearingPriest: Sorry to arrive so late! I'll be around for days 2 and 3
  606. (09:05:34 AM) medacris: @SwearingPriest: It's alright.
  607. (09:05:34 AM) MarcoRosenberg: that's great to hear, SwearingPriest! :)
  608. (09:05:34 AM) Cheeseness: MarcoRosenberg: She's left the chat, but she says "No worries ^_^"
  609. (09:06:00 AM) SwearingPriest: You guys take care!
  610. (09:06:08 AM) SwearingPriest left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  611. (09:06:30 AM) ion: cheeseness: Thanks! Much appreciated.
  612. (09:06:33 AM) Cheeseness: ^_^
  613. (09:06:43 AM) Cheeseness: Also, don't forget to post some thoughts on the game so far in the forum thread!
  614. (09:06:44 AM) MarcoRosenberg: have a nice evening, morning or afternoon, depending on your time zone ^^
  615. (09:06:57 AM) Permafry_42: oh yeah if anyone is interested, I'll be streaming gameplay of kingdom hearts 2 final mix on my twitch tv channel for a little bit
  616. (09:07:06 AM) ion: cheeseness: I’ll do that.
  617. (09:07:28 AM) MarcoRosenberg: See ya, everyone! Bye!
  618. (09:07:33 AM) Permafry_42: cya!
  619. (09:07:36 AM) Cheeseness: Bye :)
  620. (09:07:37 AM) Sirslade: Danke Schon, Marco. Auf wiedersehen!
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