That Kain't Have Been More Painless

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  1. [13:09:05] <Amaryllis> It's presumably the same day as Lenore's visit to Myrina and all the other shenanigans that have started? Ammy is just in her room at the inn for Lenore to find, seated at a table and tapping her fingers on the surface as she waits for a steak and ale pie to finish cooking.
  2. [13:09:37] * Lenny knocks on the door.
  3. [13:10:03] <Amaryllis> "Who's there?" Ammy calls out as she gets up and shuffles over to open the door.
  4. [13:12:59] <Lenny> "Uh, it's Lenore!"  She calls from the other side.
  5. [13:14:09] * Amaryllis opens up with a bit of trepidation. "Come on in."
  6. [13:18:11] * Lenny walks in and plops on the couch~
  7. [13:18:19] <Lenny> Or some other convenient seat.
  8. [13:19:16] <Lenny> "Um, b-before I start, have you seen Theta around?"
  9. [13:20:02] <Amaryllis> Couch, bed, chair, I'm sure the inn has one of those. Ammy returns to her own chair and brings it around nearer Lenore. "...I haven't." She sighs. "I suppose I shall have to talk to him sometime. He seemed rather cross yesterday, and I did not want to start a row in the jail."
  10. [13:20:38] * Lenny takes in a deeep breath. "This is about after jail, um..."
  11. [13:20:50] <Lenny> "You know how Theta and I hung back when you guys left?"
  12. [13:21:52] <Lenny> "Well, I...uh..."
  13. [13:21:54] * Amaryllis nods. Off in the kitchenette, a little chocobo egg timer dings, and Ammy hops up to switch off the oven.
  14. [13:22:18] <Amaryllis> "You're nervous. Some food may help, perhaps?"
  15. [13:22:32] <Lenny> "We had a talk, i-if you know what I mean.  About our relationship.  And I ended up coming off as just flat out dumping him."
  16. [13:24:08] <Amaryllis> "...Ah." Ammy was midway through taking out the meat pie and slicing it but instead sets it on the counter with a cover. She instead reaches into the freezer and takes out a tub of ice cream, starting to assemble a milkshake.
  17. [13:24:40] <Amaryllis> "And now, you want to take it back? Let that tale be untold?"
  18. [13:29:17] <Lenny> "W-well, I'm okay with not being in a relationship with him b-because I was putting it on hold because he's too busy for that but I just want him to not be a nervous wreck!"
  19. [13:30:32] <Lenny> "A-and actually he was sort of okay although pretty upset with it until I mentioned I might date other people in the interim."
  20. [13:30:52] * Amaryllis slides the completed milkshake over to Lenore. It's a simple one, just vanilla with a swirl of chocolate fudge mixed in. She winces at Lenore's last line.
  21. [13:31:44] <Amaryllis> "Um, before you go on, could I actually ask...?' Ammy sits back down in her chair.
  22. [13:32:25] <Lenny> "Uh, go for it!"  She starts sipping.
  23. [13:32:43] <Amaryllis> "Are you upset with me for what was revealed yesterday? I have grown to expect...rejection." She reaches for a glass of water and takes a sip herself.
  24. [13:36:23] * Lenny blinks, and stops sipping, and then winces because brain freeze.
  25. [13:38:08] <Lenny> "Hrrrk."  She shakes her head.  "Um, no!  You and Nat had good reason not to tell people about being Eidolons, and it's kind of hard to tell people that you have another self or second personality or whatever that murders people when you've just met them!"
  26. [13:40:46] * Amaryllis exhales audibly, having held her breath while waiting for Lenore's response. "You're quite understanding. Thank you." She slides her chair back a little and grabs the meat pie again, bringing it to the table to continue slicing. "I do not think Theta quite thinks the same, but that is a matter for me to deal with later. Now," She looks up at Lenore, "what do you think you should do?"
  27. [13:41:51] <Amaryllis> "Have you apologized and corrected yourself? Once told, it is difficult for a story to be untold, and apology is but merely a -start-. But, -is- a start at least."
  28. [13:42:02] <Lenny> "W-well I want to apologize, of course, b-but I get the feeling that with how his mood has been lately he won't take it!  O-or he'll get into self-loathing mode again!  O-or worse."
  29. [13:43:04] <Amaryllis> "Have something warm as well," Ammy slides over a slice of steak pie on a dish. "it shall help with the brain freeze."
  30. [13:43:19] <Amaryllis> "Self-loathing? Why does he feel that way? For being so busy?"
  31. [13:46:50] <Lenny> "He's...uh...essentially really upset that he hasn't accomplished anything. guess it'd be more accurate to say he doesn't think he's accomplished anything, which I know isn't true and T-89 did too!"
  32. [13:50:04] * Amaryllis quirks an eyebrow and chews her food thoughtfully, swallowing before responding. "He destroyed Ayane's airship and geomanced a whole bloody house for the refugee mage dolls. Lindblum wasn't built in a day. What stories is he comparing himself against to find this to be nothing?"
  33. [13:53:17] <Lenny> "I don't know!"
  34. [13:53:36] <Lenny> (Sorry,w as gonna' check logs to see if he mentioned anything, then got distracted and said fuck it)
  35. [13:53:51] <Lenny> "He's just...really frustrated with how things are going, I guess!"
  36. [13:55:55] * Amaryllis nods. "It took ten years before Nat and I even began to make progress toward solving our respective issues."
  37. [13:56:13] <Amaryllis> "So I too understand his frustration. Sometimes it seems a tale dawdles on for too long before developing further."
  38. [13:58:14] <Lenny> "He was all like, 'I can't teleport, everyone can teleport' and 'your dad's the best mage on the planet' and 'Ammy's half an Eidolon', and 'I fucked up everything' and all that kind fo stuff!"
  39. [13:59:47] * Amaryllis reaches for the glass of water again and takes another drink.
  40. [14:00:43] <Amaryllis> "Go on." Ammy nods.
  41. [14:01:00] <Amaryllis> "What else did he say?"
  42. [14:08:48] <Lenny> "And then T-89 came out of nowhere, I mean, she was literally on a rooftop, and she tried cheering him up by telling him all he HAS done, and he's done a LOT, I didn't have any idea where to start so I was glad she helped!  And she talked about how she gave the Black Mages a home and how he's worked so hard on fixing the lifespans of dolls and how he's a normal guy so of course he can't do
  43. [14:08:48] <Lenny> everything!  And she complimented me on waiting until he wasn't busy and pointed out that it wasn't like I was ditching him for someone else..."
  44. [14:09:30] <Amaryllis> "...And then you said that you might see other people." Ammy points and twirls her fork a bit.
  45. [14:09:33] <Lenny> "And he was okay, but then I mentioned that although I wasn't ditching him for someone else I would consider having relationships with other people in the meantime and he just broke!" Sniff.
  46. [14:11:13] <Amaryllis> "Well, I shan't lie and tell you this shall be an easy problem to fix. Such stories often portray an arduous road toward reconciliation, but that does not mean it is impossible."
  47. [14:11:37] <Lenny> "I mean, what was I supposed to do, lie and say I wouldn't?  I have like, no relationship experience, I don't know what's normal or expected or anything, and I like him a bunch but he doesn't have time for me in that way so I...well, I wanted to go out and experience more, sort of, see what relationships are like and understand them and maybe learn something and yeah!"
  48. [14:12:57] <Amaryllis> "I daresay Theta knows even less about relationships, and that is why he takes your words so harshly."
  49. [14:17:22] <Lenny> "I tried to put it delicately because I thought it'd be a little sensitive but I didn't think it'd completely break him when he'd been okay a second ago."
  50. [14:19:10] <Amaryllis> "Who can really say? The heart is a fickle thing, sometimes strong and flexible like a willow in the wind, yet sometimes snapping at the barest breeze."
  51. [14:19:56] <Amaryllis> "Know this though, in all the stories I've heard and read, there have been romances suffering far worse blows yet still carrying on."
  52. [14:21:14] <Amaryllis> "This seems to be a dark hour for us all. Nat and I recently learned that both of our respective...issues were more grave than we realized, and you and Theta have come to these rough crossroads. But tragedy is merely the necessary counterpart to triumph. It is only by sinking to the lowest depths that one can appreciate the rise back to the greatest heights."
  53. [14:23:12] * Lenny frowns. "Oh, that reminds me, I blew up on Nat because I was upset that I hurt Theta so bad earlier, she was seriously considering leaving because I told her she didn't care about anything and got all mad and I feel like such a jerk about that too!" :/
  54. [14:25:01] * Amaryllis frowns at this, setting down her glass of water midway through picking it up. "Why? If there is anyone you should be angry with now, it is me. Nat helped me hide who I was on my request, after all. It was I who orchestrated the entirety of our deceptions."
  55. [14:25:51] <Amaryllis> "I wove this tale. She merely played the role laid out for her, and I daresay with her condition she has had hardly any other choice but to follow the whims of others for most of these past ten years."
  56. [14:26:49] <Lenny> "It was, I came into the room where we were staying, and she was there, and I was upset and talking to her and she didn't really talk to me about the problem itself, she just went 'it'll be fine, everything will be great' and she thought I had killed Theta because she's silly and said that it didn't matter because he'd just be 'going back to the crystal' and she just...didn't
  57. [14:26:49] <Lenny> actually think about my problem seriously at all and I was really messed up and emotional at the time."
  58. [14:28:36] <Lenny> "And I would've blown her up then if I hadn't realized I'd blow up this whole hotel in the process, and I was gonna' blow her up because I was mad she always wants to beat people up ask questions later in a lot of situations and I was dumb and was totally considering demonstrating what would happen if I was like that and I'm so dumb!"  Sniff.  She starts sipping the shake.
  59. [14:29:46] * Amaryllis listens carefully, taking a sip of water here and there as Lenore speaks. There's a pause before Ammy responds. "Well, I shan't pretend that everyone can handle Nat's carefree attitude with the same patience I do."
  60. [14:30:50] <Amaryllis> She looks down and starts cutting at her pie again. "And I would be lying if I said I did not ever once think the same of her or become angry with her in the same way. I believe she kept that incident recorded in her diary somewhere, so she would not forget..."
  61. [14:31:40] <Lenny> Siiiii- brainfreeze, she recoils from the shake, holding her head.
  62. [14:32:52] <Amaryllis> "Do you remember our first day in Lindblum together? Nat and I had arrived in advance of the rest of you." Ammy looks up again and pops a bit of pie in her mouth as she waits and listens.
  63. [14:33:00] <Lenny> " was really bad though, I nearly made Nat leave us all because she seriously wanted to do that after I said and I had to convince her I was being stupid and that she should stay!  And I screwed up Theta, I wouldn't be surprised if he ran off too!"
  64. [14:34:00] <Lenny> "It makes me wonder if I made Celina mad and THAT'S why she on."
  65. [14:34:28] <Amaryllis> "Do you remember how I acted that day?"
  66. [14:34:58] <Lenny> "Um..."  She tilts her head as her player checks a log pretty quick because he forgot how Ammy acted that day :/
  67. [14:35:06] <Giantree> (mopey and drunk)
  68. [14:35:13] <Amaryllis> (she was drunk as all hell all day and super depressed)
  69. [14:36:30] <Lenny> "Oh, right, you were drunk and really out of it!"
  70. [14:36:34] <Lenny> "And really sad, too!"
  71. [14:37:40] <Amaryllis> "I murdered someone shortly before you all arrived in town." Ammy pops another piece of pie into her mouth and starts chewing, letting that sink in.
  72. [14:38:33] <Lenny> "...oh."
  73. [14:39:30] <Amaryllis> "Between Nat and I, it was always I who worried. Who spilled tears over every life taken that way and all the tragedies I brought to this world in the wake of my travels."
  74. [14:39:56] <Amaryllis> "And it was Nat who brought me out of those dark moods, whenever she could."
  75. [14:42:51] <Amaryllis> "So, yes, in a lot of ways you were right. She finds it hard to see people the same way...people do."
  76. [14:44:01] <Amaryllis> "On an instinctive level, she remembers how she saw them in her thousands of years of life, even if she does not consciously have those memories. Lives being born into this world and fading in what seems to her a blink of an eye. And the feeling that when they pass, they are only bringing their memories, experiences, and stories back to the Crystal to enrich this world and make it greater for the lives that will come."
  77. [14:44:45] * Lenny keeps silent and nods along as Ammy recounts this.
  78. [14:45:46] <Amaryllis> "I do not think for a second, however, that this means she is any less willing to help others. She has stuck by my side all these years, after all, and she fought for the sake of the whole world alongside heroes such as Queen Garnet, King Zidane, Vivi..."
  79. [14:47:55] <Amaryllis> "Serendipity may even have brought her to see shards of someone she knew in life and death hundreds of years later, reborn into a different individual but with pieces of the same soul and memories that she knew long ago. Who can say? As far as she is concerned, that which has come to life before shall return to life again. It is only a matter of time."
  80. [14:48:43] <Amaryllis> "Those lives may not take the same form as before, just as stories change their forms, but there are always glimmers of what was once before, made into new forms. The world is a story, and stories must change."
  81. [14:50:15] <Lenny> "Yeah, I see, I just...wasn't thinking clearly when it bothered me."
  82. [14:51:48] * Amaryllis nods. "I do not fault you. Just as it can be difficult for an Eidolon to see the perspective of humans, we humans in turn find it difficult to see the perspective of Eidolons. I often wonder myself how my views shall change as I do."
  83. [14:51:55] * Amaryllis suddenly frowns. "But enough of that."
  84. [14:52:07] <Amaryllis> "You came to me for help, and now I am yammering on about something else entirely."
  85. [14:53:18] <Amaryllis> " careful around Nat, alright? I would rather not go into detail, but her situation is more dire than I could have imagined before, and on top of that only that tiara of hers sits between her newly less forgetful sense and the oblivion of memory she once suffered through."
  86. [14:53:37] * Lenny exhales. "Have you ever had relationship problems? Like, I got the impression that you really like Noa- what."
  87. [14:53:47] <Amaryllis> (I've been stalling with other topics in hopes that you got the info you needed from zoof. Did you? D:)
  88. [14:54:01] * Amaryllis coughs in the middle of her drink as Lenore says the N name.
  89. [14:54:11] <Lenny> (He hasn't responded at all, I think he's not paying attention to his phone.)
  90. [14:54:22] <Giantree> (what a zoof)
  91. [14:56:23] * Amaryllis continues coughing for a bit, though signals to Lenore she's still listening.
  92. [14:57:20] <Lenny> "Oh, yeah, Nat said something about finding something really scary in her head and being scared of becoming like that, but she didn't say much more about it."
  93. [14:59:25] * Amaryllis nods. "So she told you then. Well, I shall keep this explanation brief. Some malevolent force is attempting to corrupt her into a Dark Eidolon. If they succeed, she shall be forever changed, and even if she could be cleansed afterwards, she shall never be the same. It is still in a stage where it is completely reversible, but...still, I worry."
  94. [15:00:00] <Lenny> "Oh, that', that's terrible, I feel even worse about getting so mad at her now!  Right after she found that out,"
  95. [15:00:11] <Amaryllis> "Let's...move on." Ammy appears clearly distressed at this topic, having started to wring her hands when speaking about it and forcing herself to lay her palms flat on the table.
  96. [15:01:57] <Amaryllis> "Whether or not you fear Theta's mood shall worsen if you apologize, you shall have to sometime."
  97. [15:02:17] <Lenny> "Oh, yeah, I'm definitely going to do it, I just..."
  98. [15:02:38] <Lenny> "I just wanted to make sure I talked it over with people and didn't make things even worse somehow!"
  99. [15:03:37] <Amaryllis> "I too shall have to find Theta to speak to him sometime soon. Would you like me to bring this up and do what I can? Or shall I simply say you wished to speak with him?" Question about Noah status: SUCCESSFULLY DODGED
  100. [15:06:44] <Lenny> "I don't want to do this indirectly, gotta' talk to him myself!  It's fine!"
  101. [15:07:19] * Amaryllis nods. "I shall just tell him you wish to speak then."
  102. [15:08:43] <Lenny> "Thanks!"  She finishes off her shake and steak and whatever.  "I'll be going then, sorry to bother you!"  She gets up!
  103. [15:08:46] <Amaryllis> "I think, perhaps, he has the idea you will simply wait for him? Perhaps he is simply not familiar with the idea that one may seek relationships and companionship without meaning any serious and long-term."
  104. [15:09:45] * Amaryllis is surprised at Lenore's sudden getting up. "Well-" She nods.
  105. [15:09:48] <Lenny> "Yeah, that's...what I had in mind."
  106. [15:10:14] <Amaryllis> "You must understand, he's likely taken his idea of romance from grandiose plays and other such stories."
  107. [15:10:30] <Amaryllis> "Not that I have not myself," Ammy smiles a little as she goes to open the door for Lenore.
  108. [15:11:28] <Amaryllis> "But it has been kept in measure by other tales as well, more common stories of love and heartbreak. Not every relationship is meant for a fairytale ending, and he likely misunderstood your intentions."
  109. [15:11:44] * Lenny nods. "I hope this can work out. I really don't want this getting worse! Anyway, your cooking's great as always, Ammy, thank you for the meal and advice!"
  110. [15:12:22] <Amaryllis> "Glad to have been of service. Best of luck, Lenore."
  111. [15:13:25] * Lenny nods. "You too!" And then she heads out~
  112. [15:14:13] <Amaryllis> </mini?>
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