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  2. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 01:30
  3. hey trid, you around?
  4. Tridgit - Yesterday at 01:31
  5. im always round
  6. sup
  7. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 01:34
  8. im gonna be honest, and i wanna do it now, not later,
  9. im going to be completely honest, and tell you that in EVE im going to be leaving,
  10. i've put a lot of thought into things, and having spent 3 years in Iron,
  11. i want to go and experience other facets of the game for a while,
  12. im bored, and considering leaving the game if i dont change things up.
  13. While it has nothing to do with you, or iron, i just feel i need to move on, for my own sake, and id rather tell you now, than have you find out after i leave.
  14. I haven't really logged in in a while, and havent really been interested in logging in,
  15. hopefully shaking things up changes that,
  16. and i hope you understand
  17. its not a decision i've come to lightly, and while leaving the community is gonna suck ass,
  18. im still gonna be around, but just need to shake eve up a little
  19. Tridgit - Yesterday at 01:36
  20. you do this on the eve of when things are changing and gettign fun again?
  21. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 01:39
  22. its nothing personal at all,
  23. EVE hasnt been fun for me at all recently,
  24. and i don't have the drive to log in that I used to,
  25. i need to change that, or Im going to end up dropping the game alltogether,
  26. maybe this works, maybe it doesnt,
  27. but I'm doing this respectfully, so that if I want to return in future, I can,
  28. instead of just saying nothing, and just dropping,
  29. it's not a decision i've made lightly,
  30. and it gives me a heavy heart to have to say it, or  consider it,
  31. Tridgit - Yesterday at 01:42
  32. aye
  33. especially after the way you reacted when anggron left
  34. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 01:43
  35. yeah, i know,
  36. man, it hurt
  37. it did, because I didn't want to see what i felt we'd spent ages building up just fall apart
  38. and i love iron, and our community,
  39. but i also love EVE, and dont want to have to drop the game because I lose my passion for it
  40. Tridgit - Yesterday at 01:44
  41. so take a break from eve if you have no drive for it then
  42. ah
  43. well
  44. in that case
  45. be honest with me
  46. - love the comminuty
  47. - losing interest in eve
  48. - love eve
  49. - need a break??
  50. be honest dude
  51. you want to go fly with some big alliance and get in this big alliance war with supers and a zillion eutz people
  52. just say it man
  53. i wont be mad at that
  54. i will be mad if you fuckin lie to me and try to sugar coat shit
  55. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 01:45
  56. of course i do, I do want to experience other sides of EVE
  57. Tridgit - Yesterday at 01:46
  58. so fucking say that then
  59. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 01:46
  60. im not gonna lie about that
  61. i want to be challenged in other ways
  62. i want to push myself in other situations,
  63. EVE drives me because it's an intellectual challenge for me
  64. and I want to try to build myself up to FCing bigger fleets, and experience other aspects of the game, that Iron, or at least our EUTZ is too small for
  65. maybe i fail, maybe i succeed, but i should at least try no?
  66. Tridgit - Yesterday at 01:48
  67. of course our eutz is too small for it. we have no eutz content creators
  68. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  69. that problem that you have about not enough pilots stems literally from no one stepping up and getting shit done in the eutz
  70. you know this
  71. we have talked about this many times
  72. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 01:50
  73. and I've put 3 years into trying man,
  74. Karl wants to FC, but wont fc small fleets to help build the EUTZ,
  75. Woodie has grown durastically,
  76. but we've also had closed recruitment for almost 4 months,
  77. and an inability to grow,
  78. I understand why those things needed to be done,
  79. but it still fucking suck
  80. Tridgit - Yesterday at 01:52
  81. you have said you've tried for 3 years
  82. you have not tried
  83. for 3 years
  84. and again, you understand that now that axios is out, recruitment opens up right?(edited)
  85. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 01:54
  86. since the moment I joined Iron,
  87. i have been 100% commited to things,
  88. there's been times my commitment has wavered,
  89. and I've lost my way,
  90. but I've always helped recruit,
  91. always tried to create content when I can,
  92. but its burnt me out
  93. Tridgit - Yesterday at 01:54
  94. right
  95. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:00
  96. i chose to tell you because i respect you as a person and a friend,
  97. and felt you deserved to know,
  98. rather than just drop and say nothing
  99. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:03
  100. and you burned out for so long, at times, that you almost legit got kicked for inactivity.
  102. look im not trying to discount the effort youve put into iron. i truly am not. you've been over the course of years one of the most trusted and counted on people.
  104. I'm just trying to point out that you havent been trying for long enough to build an eutz. You did great on recruitment for a while, prior to that you were AFK af. before that you were active but a krab. prior to that you were active AF doing fleet shit. my point is is that you (and others) have made starts towards building an eutz, but you havnt made a real actual fuckin effort.
  106. it drives me fucking bat shit crazy to see you think that you want to walk away from this and just ........ give up
  107. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:05
  108. you know how hard it is to try to do something,
  109. and feel that noone else wants to?
  110. i have no idea what to aim for, I have nothing to aim for,
  111. tbh, i dont even know what our long term goals are as a group
  112. it feels like we're just making things up as we go, and trying to make it work,
  113. I mean, another deployment to babi,
  114. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:07
  115. lol really? even after we literally just had a year long plan come into fruition?
  116. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:07
  117. i  get it, we've got our faction forts
  118. but dude
  119. like, i doubt any of your SC's are excited about a babi deployment,
  120. and the truth is,
  121. you never even asked us for our opinions tbh,
  122. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:08
  123. thats true
  124. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:08
  125. didnt even know where we were going till the move op
  126. and tbh, i just rolled my eyes
  127. placid is a jump  away, and has so much more options for content,
  128. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:09
  129. look
  130. theres a reason why i didnt even bother with anyone this time
  131. is because i cant be bothered when i'm pulling on reigns and ropes and no ones showin gup for fucking anything
  132. if you look in the fc forums
  133. youll see it clearly says phase 1
  134. and this is something that i was gunna get to in a week
  135. but the reason why its phase 1
  136. is because if we went all the way to destination on the first move, it would kill activity
  137. by moving to babi, which is effectively close
  138. it can take us a week and a bit to get here, and then suddenly when we dive into placid and anchor a fort
  139. i actually have a defense fleet to make sure it anchors
  140. and we will have all the fucking content we want
  141. so  yeah, i didnt involve anyone. you're right.
  143. i've been focusing on getting shit done, cause everyone and their dog is MIA from eve
  144. we have a long term plan, obviously one i'm not gunna share with you now that you're leaving :stuck_out_tongue: , but iron has plans well over 6 months into the future
  145. shit may change... just like this lowsec move was put on pause cause of FCORE. shit happens. life happens. recruitment on hold cause karls 'itll be done this weekend' turned into 4 months. meh. life happens.
  146. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:17
  147. I get it, but tbh, your lack of information makes people, or at least me, unexcited for things,
  148. we were doing well, the communication was good for a while,
  149. but tbh, one of the issues has always been you holding cards too close to your chest,
  150. I get why, because loose lips sink ships,
  151. but not knowing, makes it look like shits not happening,
  152. and if your SC's, and I honestly havent spoken to anyone else, but if Babi doesnt excite me,
  153. what does it do to line members,
  154. they dont need to know long term plans,
  155. but it doesnt push them to log in either,
  156. but you should at least communicate with your SC's,
  157. and i get that effectively, thats only me, woodie, and herc right now
  158. but its frustrating,,
  159. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:18
  160. its a two way street bro
  161. things were better communication wise
  162. cause people were active, asking questions, and it was a party in warroom
  163. if its a ghost town
  164. why the fuck would i waste my time?
  165. thats one thing anggron was really good for
  166. i mean he was useless as an fc on grid, but at least he asked and asked and asked
  167. you actually did well on the weekend, asking for an SC sync up
  168. after the fleet
  169. made me think you were actually gunna get back into eve
  170. and lets be honest, no ones perfect. i hold my cards close to chest our of habit a lot of the time
  171. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:20
  172. and it never happened,,
  173. you think its a 2 way street, and you are right,
  174. but you are Irons leader,
  175. and if you dont make it clear that you are willing to communicate,
  176. noone is going to communicate up the ranks
  177. and you have made it clear you are willing to talk
  178. but then we hear nothing,
  179. so we dont ask
  180. because we assume "he'd tell us if he wanted us to know"
  181. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:20
  182. well thats a bad assumption
  183. and realtalk, anggron leaving fucked me up big time. i wasnt ready for that level of betrayal
  184. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:21
  185. but its a human assumption,
  186. you assume noone cares, because noone asks, also a bad assumption,
  187. and yeah, it fucked me up too man,
  188. because i though he was 100% commited
  189. and he just dropped
  190. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:22
  191. nova leaving? good riddance. useful triage pilot. piece of shit human. malleus leaving? sucks but he was never active. so its just the friend aspect.
  192. yeah exactly
  193. 100% just dropped
  194. not only just dropped
  195. did it to the enemy
  196. to boot
  197. (hense the betrayal part)
  198. so yeah with you
  199. this conversation we having now
  200. about my inability to communicate
  201. why this not happen before you decide to leave?
  202. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:23
  203. we should ahve had it before, not before my foots out the door
  204. i get it
  205. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:23
  206. exactly
  207. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:23
  208. the truth is, its felt like you havent wanted to communicate
  209. like you dont care
  210. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:23
  211. its a combination really =\
  212. again, anggron leaving fucked me up
  213. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:24
  214. im the kind of person who needs to have something to aim towards,
  215. and without an overarching vision of irons future,
  216. i cant formulate how I can help,
  217. its why I've always pushed to know about deployments early,
  218. because it lets me formulate a plan for EUTZ
  219. do my research
  220. instead, i find out  when we move, and have no impact to make on the decisions/strategy,
  221. no reason to get excited,
  222. because i cant formulate a plan to execute
  223. and then its "we're here, what to do?"
  224. at the weekend, i asked you
  225. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:26
  226. do you know the intent of phase 1 in babi?
  227. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:26
  228. no lol
  229. http://prntscr.com/k4zafh
  230. Lightshot
  231. Screenshot
  233. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:26
  234. did you read the forum?
  235. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:27
  236. does this sound like someone who is excited about us deploying
  237. (you i mean)
  238. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:27
  239. ^^ did you read the forums?
  240. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:27
  241. ys
  242. i saw the targets etc
  243. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:27
  244. https://forums.iron-guard.net/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=64
  245. this thread?
  246. i mean i dont know how much more clear i can get than this post? what more do you want?
  247. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:28
  248. in fairness,
  249. its a pretty fucking clear post
  250. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:29
  251. like, i know we dont get 'face time' etc, cause timezones suck dick
  252. but i figured this post would be a massive improvement to the previous deploments
  253. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:29
  254. tbh
  255. it is
  256. but my lack of drive lent me to skip over it
  257. thats on me
  258. not you
  259. soooo
  260. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:30
  261. well, i guess let me ask this before i spent another hour talking to you lol
  263. are you still leaving or do you want to dig in?
  264. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:30
  265. i apologise
  266. will eu tz sc's get to use hyper carriers etc
  267. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:30
  268. yeah
  269. and dreads
  270. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:30
  271. do i need to ask, or can i just call for it?
  272. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:30
  273. and triage
  274. well lets get you a scrap with a backseat first on dreads/traige
  275. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:31
  276. if i have the relevent meta shit first
  277. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:31
  278. but i think you have carriers handled
  279. like i was serious
  280. 2 SOTA ago
  281. when i said we are going to be getting loud
  282. and the last SOTA when i said i expect everyone to have 1 cg, 1 thanny, 1 triage in M-k, and all the extra shit on deployment
  283. this means we can do 2 MAJOR things
  284. 1: not lose strategic defensive value in m-k
  285. 2: not be known in fountain for throwing caps (and thus catch interest in blops groups etc)
  286. look at woodius's hardon for vega
  287. go to that same thread
  288. scroll down to hostile entities, bottom one
  289. VEGA
  290. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:32
  291. vega are shittler
  292. and have needed to die since we were in syndicate
  293. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:33
  294. well, nows your chance?
  295. 10 cerbs, 3 scimitars, a dic or two and a couple hyper carriers and a bunny
  296. thats literally a murder ball that vega cant handle
  297. i know you think joinin goons might get you some cap use, i get it. bobo likely paints a massively bright picture
  298. but... ./shrug
  300. irons not gunna be sittin out the north either
  301. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:35
  302. imma make a deal, right here, ok?
  303. Tridgit - Yesterday at 02:35
  304. lets hear it
  305. [FLEEP] Dracos Rhaghar - Yesterday at 02:35
  306. imma stay, and put max effort in,
  307. but you need to do that too,
  308. anggron left, it hurt us all,
  309. and i mean that, not just you
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