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  1. When Janna reached the park she saw the figure of Jackie skating away while Marco was sitting on a bench. She was too late.
  2. Janna liked Marco Diaz since kindergarten. More or less the same time Marco developed his crush for her best friend Jackie Lynn Thomas.
  3. Growing up her feelings intensified and she found out that the best way to interact with the boy was to pick on him. She wasn't good enough with words to charm him or beautiful enough to distract him from Jackie, so pulling pranks let her feel in control and even occasionally put her hands around him. While she would have liked to simply hold hands when she was near him Janna couldn't control herself and had to play her role to not give out how she really felt. She knew it was stupid. This way she felt Marco disliked her more every day, but she was more insecure into saying "You look nice today" than putting her hand into his shirt and tease him.
  4. She tried to justify how she could put up with this never changing status quo with the fact that Marco would have never been able to ask Jackie out and they could all go on with their lives. Then Star arrived. She liked that girl almost as much as her spellbook. She could do so much amazing stuff with that power... but as much as she loved the new possibilities for mischiefs that girl bringed with her arrival she also changed Marco. He wasn't anymore the same safe kid she always knew and she was happy that he started to be more determinated, but she would have never tought that he could have the courage to ask Jackie out. When her friend told her that he had invited her to the park to talk she already knew what would have happened, even before Jackie told her what she tought.
  5. Janna reached the bench from behind. She wanted to put her hand over Marco's shoulder and tell him that everything was going to be okay, that he wasn't the first that Jackie turned down and that didn't mean anything about him, but her fake courage evaporated when she heard him sobbing. She moved aroud the bench and sat next to him. Marco turned his head: his face was red and tears were running down his checks. He tried to clean up as fast as he could with his sleeve "Perfect" he muttered. "Marco..." Janna tried to sound reassuring but was cut short "Are you here to make fun of me?" She widenend her eyes. His accusatory tone hurt her like a knife in the heart. All she wanted was to be of some help. "No, no" Marco could hear that something was different in her voice. She tried to keep her relaxed attitude, but seing him so distressed made her feel uneasy. "I only wanted to check if you were okay." Marco moved the arm away from his face and looked at her with his still watery eyes. "Do I look okay to you?"
  6. You're so stupid Janna. She tought to herself. The girl lowered her head and sighed.
  7. "I knew Jackie since we were little. I was there when she first got on a skateboard. She always told me everything." She glanced at Marco, he wasn't looking at her but she was sure he was listening.
  8. "Do you want to know what she told me before coming here?" Janna waited. Marco pondered a little and then let out a yes.
  9. "I hope Marco doesn't confess to me..." Marco retreated his legs to his chest and crossing his arms over them sank over his knees. "She hates me..." was the muffled sound Janna could understand. "Could you wait and let me finish before suffocating yourself?" Marco lifted an eye. Now she sounded more like her usual self and a small smile appeared on her face.
  10. "She said "I hope he doesn't confess to me because I don't feel like seeing anyone and he seems like a fun guy." So don't take it personal. It's not your fault. Maybe try to know her better before declaring your love for her."
  11. The Marco cocoon began to hatch. " I don't know." he said while slouching on the bench. "I liked her for so long that hearing that no was like being hit with a mace. And I can tell by personal experience that being hit by a mace is really painful."
  12. Janna gave him a soft punch on the shoulder. "I'm sure with all the adventures you live through a broken heart is something you can survive."
  13. Marco looked at her. It was strange to see Janna being so supportive. Usually all his memories involving her didn't paint the girl under a good light. Sure, that wasn't a good time either, but at least this time Janna wasn't the reason of his troubles.
  14. "Do you think I'm not cool enough for Jackie? I'm the safe kid after all."
  15. "Nah, being the safe kid is part of your charm."
  16. "My charm?"
  17. "Yes. You look like someone that would be always there for you. That's important for a girl." Marco felt relieved. At least he had something positive going on.
  18. "Thanks Janna." he said before getting up "I feel a bit better now."
  19. Janna smiled. "I'm happy to hear that." She knew Marco was still going to go after Jackie, but the feeling to have helped him made her feel warm inside and that was enough for her.
  20. Marco looked at Janna, still sitting on the bench. She didn't much but being able to talk to someone after his heart was shattered made him feel more in peace with himself. He didn't want to leave her like that.
  21. "Ehi Janna, do you wanna come to get an ice cream? It's on me."
  22. Her eyes lightened up, but she tried to play it cool. "Sure."
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