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  1. [17:21:27] <Giantree> He had his tea tour with Elly, and despite having some interest in the secret workings of the world, he finds it distasteful (or 'cheaty') to learn about everything by looking in the Forbidden Archive or asking Noa, so he's instead doing armor knight stuff like physical training so that he can actually wear all that armor, or occasionally reading books that aren't forbidden ones.
  2. [17:23:19] <Kiuru> Kiuru popped in during...let's say one of his training sessions. "Heya! Working out, huh? Mind if we talk a bit?"
  3. [17:25:46] <Giantree> "Hmm?"  He looks over, eyes still as unopened as is typical of him.  "Sure, I don't mind.  What is it?"  Kyle lets down his spear or dumbbells or whatever and takes a seat nearby, possibly even on the floor.
  4. [17:28:01] <Kiuru> Instead of sitting down, Kiuru leaned on a nearby tree or pillar or something. "Think I'm gonna stick with this bunch and go through with this. Just wondering, are ya staying too, or are ya gonna return to the Front now?"
  5. [17:28:38] <Giantree> ok my highlight is maria renard's dub saying 'hi!' but hearing them immediately one after another like that makes me realize it sounds almost exactly the same as kirby's 'hi!'
  6. [17:28:40] <Giantree> fucking spooky
  7. [17:29:05] <Kiuru> nice
  8. [17:32:15] <Giantree> "Ah, that's what I guessed it would be about."  The man nods politely.  "You're right- I've been considering returning, because we've gone far out of our way from what we originally set out to do, didn't we?  But on the other hand, like in our last conversation, I'm still worried that spreading what we found could have ill effects... even if we know now that there have been others behind the scenes the whole time."  He scratches his chin.  "Truth be told, I feel a little deceived that we were led here intentionally, so I'm torn between choices: One that I had dedicated myself to the past, and a new one that feels that it may be better for the world and for myself, but was brought on by suspicious means."
  9. [17:38:41] <Kiuru> The archer also nodded in return! "I won't claim that I feel exactly the same way, since I've grown pretty close to quite a few of our group, and my decision might have been influenced by that...But yeah, I can see what ya mean. Let's try tackling this a step at a time: what didja start doing the Front's work for, the country, the ideals, or the methods?"
  10. [17:42:20] <Giantree> "Certainly not the third," Kyle gives a serious shake of his head.  "And as I'm sure I don't need to tell you, Ordanon is my homeland.  So I feel it only natural that it would influence my actions.  The ideals, however, I've found myself disagreeing with lately, and I suppose I might not be too happy with myself if I were to return now?  Indeed, I am interested in seeing where this business with the 'Noble Slayers' takes us.  Additionally, I worry that anything the Front does in response to the war that had just begun may be more negative than positive."
  11. [17:45:33] <Giantree> "Consider also that the balance of power, as we not know, between the countires had been kept in check by an underground organization for so long."  Of course there's nobody else around stop asking.  "Do you think humans really should be taking matters into our own hands and disrupting that balance?  I would have been more firm in my beliefs years ago, but now, I have my doubts."
  12. [17:53:38] <Kiuru> Kiuru left her spot, and started pacing around. "...Yeah, those are all good points. It would have been nice if it was possible to unite the populace of the continent under one banner and enforce peace that way, but...yeah, this no longer seems that the current situation can be solved by just popular influence. I might have been fine with borrowing the voice of random innocent people, but this is a deeper mess than
  13. [17:53:38] <Kiuru> I'd be comfortable letting just about anyone chip in."
  14. [17:56:13] <Kiuru> "I guess there's a kind of responsibility we really understand if we dig this deep ourselves, y'know? Ain't the kind I'd just come up to anyone, say 'do your part for the future of the continent' and dump on them or anything."
  15. [17:56:21] <Kiuru> +only
  16. [18:00:17] <Giantree> "That's right," he nods.  "It seems our sentiments are the same, for the most part.  Personally, I've felt inadequate in combat lately, but if there's something to defend, I'll defend it with all I am.  And at the current moment, it seems that Ordanonian prosperity and that of all peeoples on the continent may be dependent on us going through whatever plan the Underground has in store for us.  I still have doubt, mind, but they're less shaky than if we were to follow our original plan and work for a benevolent cause that may very well spiral out of our control into something none of us wanted."
  17. [18:00:28] <Giantree> "Though... those are just my musings for the time being."
  18. [18:09:40] <Kiuru> " and me both. The most I've gotten going for me is the fact everyone apparently loves beelining for the soft target...Probably ain't enough time to change that, but at least I'll try to punish 'em for trying that from now on." As Kiuru paced, a vaguely axe-shaped bulge could be seen on her back! For this scene exclusively, though. #HammerspaceOP "And yeah, the way they 'recruited' us does leave a few misgivings, huh. And we don't really know ahead of time what path we're gonna attempt from here on, so...Whaddya think of leaving one last backroute open in case ya decide this really is iffy and ya want out?"
  19. [18:10:34] <Kiuru> "Not talking about betrayal or anything, just...sort of maintaining some standing with the Front so if ya want out, there's still somewhere to return to."
  20. [18:15:48] <Giantree> "No worries."  He smiles, eyes still closed.  "I don't plan to betray this group- I dedicate my life to this cause, and if I were to rat you out, you may kill me on the spot.  That is to say, the secrets we now hold are safe with me- however, your idea also holds water.  Considering that we don't know the whole story yet, it's possible that there may be as-of-yet undiscovered truths that could turn around our entire perception of events.  So I may just continue a bit of communication with the Front, mainly to keep up appearances.  And yourself?"
  21. [18:18:46] <Kiuru> "Hmm, well..." Kiuru scratched her head a bit and looked away. "When ya get to the root of it, I'm not really doing all this for Ordannon. I just...wanted for as much of the stupid conflicts and tension as possible to go away. So I think I'm gonna get fully into this and burn the bridge so I can't turn back."
  22. [18:20:41] <Kiuru> "So...ya can report back that I don't seem interested in working for the Front anymore. Can even say that yer gonna keep an eye on me, and compile reports to that effect if that helps yer case."
  23. [18:22:45] <Giantree> "I see.  In my opinion, conflict and tension aren't something that will go away no matter what you do.  They're human nature."  He's still facing you, but looking at the backs of his eyelids.  "But what you say seems like it could be mutually beneficial to both of us.  Very well, then- I'll report but conveniently leave out the more dangerous truths, and inform them of your resignation so that you don't have to do any of the verbal heavy lifting.  Rest assured, though, that I think my loyalties will continue to lie here."
  24. [18:25:53] <Kiuru> "Oh, I'm past that point already! Don't worry! ...Well, okay, when it comes to ya, at least." it's totes reasonable to kinda keep an eye on brent okay "Glad to have this talk with someone in a similiar boat!"
  25. [18:28:16] <Giantree> "Likewise."  He immediately goes back to working out.
  26. [18:28:25] <Kiuru> nice
  27. [18:30:15] <Giantree> nice
  28. [18:30:28] <Giantree> Suddenly,
  29. [18:30:42] <Giantree> You see out of your peripheral vision that neither of you were alone during this entire conversation.
  30. [18:30:54] <Giantree> The Scuttlebug was also working out the whole time.
  31. [18:31:02] <Kiuru> ...
  32. [18:31:04] <Giantree> Yeah.
  33. [18:31:10] <Kiuru> >lift the scuttlebug for a couple of reps
  34. [18:31:26] <Giantree> it's light as fuck, feels like lifting a pillow
  35. [18:31:40] <Kiuru> ...
  36. [18:31:46] <Kiuru> >lower the scuttlebug for a couple of reps?
  37. [18:31:54] <Giantree> It scuttles away.
  38. [18:32:32] <Giantree>
  39. [18:33:21] <Giantree> um, /B though?
  40. [18:33:27] <Kiuru> orz
  41. [18:33:29] <Kiuru> ye
  42. [18:33:54] <Giantree> hit it flamy
  43. [18:34:48] <Flamy> > Kiuru and Kyle have attained a Support Rank of B!
  44. [18:34:52] <Giantree> thank you
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