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JSR Macros cont. cont.

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Jan 28th, 2020
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  1. I want JSR to have better competition. Our proposal is removing a mechanic from the speedrun. I have talked about these points a lot so I'll just put it down succinctly that quicksprays as they currently constituted:
  2. 1) hurts people
  3. 2) lowers the possible time people can compete / train
  4. 3) Is undesirable in the speedrun so much that it is slowly killing us off
  5. 4) Is largely insignificant part of the run
  6. 5) Using macros is so easy and so undetectable that it lowers the authenticity of all the runs.
  8. This is a metagame that we control. Limiting or changing mechanics are a reasonable exercise that most competitive games do. Here is a section out of the NBA rulebook:
  9. The restrictions placed upon the player by the rules are intended to create a balance of play, equal opportunity for the defense and the offense, provide reasonable safety and protection for all players and emphasize cleverness and skill without unduly limiting freedom of action of player or team.
  10. If the only rule was 'get the ball in the hoop no matter what' no one would play the game and no one would watch. They would have had one exhibition game in the 1970s and just replay the tape.
  12. I hear you guys that this would feel unfair to the people who were grinding sprays. Largely, this has already happened. This new mashing isn't really a technique, its more a reaction to the knowledge that the game buffers inputs so much it doesn't matter how rhythmic and deliberate your inputs are. A ton of practice and technique was thrown out the window. This knowledge about the game made it so that you are randomly selected to be 'good' at sprays while everyone else is diminished or struggles to keep up. This doesn't seem fair for anyone. The people who are deemed to be good at sprays want more people to compete with them and the people who have been deemed unworthy want to play the game they love.
  14. I hear you guys that its hand holding and decreases the amount of events you have to do in the run. Right now what we have is 45s of parlor tricks diluting the skill in the actual routes and execution. Imagine if in an NBA game they award 5 points at the end of game to the team who could mash buttons the fastest ... it would be beyond stupid (arguably what soccer does with penalty shootouts). But getting rid of it would decrease the things you had to do in an NBA game. 'Just get over it and do it. Bill Russell did it.' We are making the run more dependent on execution by getting rid of the really stupid, dangerous and random parts.
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