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Runescape 2007 Old School Server Bots Updated

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  1. Website:
  3. NEW UPDATE: 5 new money making scripts have been added! Money making has never been this easy!
  5. Hello everyone,
  7. After hearing the exciting news about Jagex opening Runescape 2007 Old School Servers we dusted off our old Bot Client and re-written the whole program. We wanted to make sure everyone would be able to start botting for skills, supplies and money from the start! And we can tell you, we SUCCEEDED!
  9. Our new Bot Client wich is currently at version 1.4b will be fully working on the new Runescape Old School Servers from the start opening on 22th of Februari 2013! The Scripts will be free for atleast the coming 3 months! After that we will decide if we can add a small members fee for using the Bot Client. (Prices will never be more then $2,00 usd per month).
  11. Now lets take a look at some of the requirements:
  13. You will need to be able to run Runescape in the first place offcourse.
  14. The Botclient works on both Windows and Mac.
  15. The Scripts are added with Authetication Codes. (Free for first 3 months)
  16. And offcourse as many Botting accounts as you need. ;)
  18. Current Version: 1.4b
  19. Last Update: 14th of March 2013
  20. File Size: 51.3Mb
  21. Ram Usage: Approx 500Mb per account
  22. Payment: Free till 22th of May!
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