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  3. Explain the five-steps for solving rational equations. Can any of these steps be eliminated? Can the order of these steps be changed? Would you add any steps to make it easier, or to make it easier to understand?
  6. (Some student posted this, if this helps with the rules the textbook is talking about... I dunno lol)
  8. The five steps to solving rational equations are:
  11. 1) Find the least common denominator of all the fractions in the equation.
  12. 2) Multiply the terms with the least common denominator to eliminate the fractions.
  13. 3) Simplify the terms:
  14. 4) Solve the resulting equation.
  15. 5) Check the solution/s to make sure that the solution does not make the fraction/s undefined.
  18. We cannot add or eliminate any step. I can also have to concur that none of the steps can be taken away either. With out any of the steps the answer would and could not come out to be the right answer. I like to follow steps it keeps in line with what I have to do and also when I need to do it. For me these five steps have came in very handy for me to know how to solve rational equations.
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