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  2. TITLE: After That Horse!
  3. PLOT OVERVIEW: You are an average man named Randy, who happens to have a love of apples.  You work for years to make enough money to buy an apple farm, and you finally have the money.  You complete the transaction, when all of a sudden a high-tech horse comes and steals all the apples!  You have to traverse the entire continent looking for the horse, all the while battling his horse henchmen.
  6. -wake up from epic intro/dream
  7. -get dressed/shower animation
  8. -go to work at McDowell's (see if anyone gets the reference)
  9. -make one big mick
  10. -leave work
  11. -go to bank
  12. -deposit paycheck
  13. -check balance
  14. -Yay!  You finally have enough money to buy that apple farm!
  15. -drive to farm
  16. -hand owner check for all the money
  17. -enter a little shed on the farm
  18. -look out window
  19. -"Oh noes!  A horse is stealing all my apples!  But I've never seen a horse like that!"
  20. -Yell "AFTER THAT HORSE!"
  21. -grab shovel and map
  22. -You go from seattle, washington (the apple farm) to cities all over the country, fighting mecha-horse henchmen along the way (reminiscent of Crunchball), with occasional plot-related cutscenes and maybe three horse bosses
  23. -you make it to mexico city, mexico
  24. -fight the horse that stole the apples
  25. -find all the apples
  26. -board a plane back to seattle
  27. -get off plane
  28. -go to the farm
  29. -drop apples outside, enter shed
  30. -look out window
  31. -NOT AGAIN! (a bear steals the bag of apples)
  32. -bear growls menacingly at window, you say "...maybe i'll let this one go"
  33. -fade to black then credits
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