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How to get free 60 cheese on transformice

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  1. First you go on transformice ( www.transformice.com )
  2. Second you login your account ( you can't get free cheese if you go on a guest account. If u don't have a account go and sign up )
  3. Third you click on the chat bar and type /Facebook and press enter
  4. Then you got 20 cheese
  6. To get the 40 cheese
  7. First you go on your account
  8. Then you click on menu
  9. Then You click on change password
  10. And THEN you type your email twice
  11. Then you go on your email
  12. Then you get your code
  13. Then paste your code to the thing that you put the code
  14. Then u get free cheese earrings and 40 cheese
  16. Hope you enjoy getting 60 cheese
  17. And use the cheese carefully too
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