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  1. Rebuttal to AnonyLeaks Jaime & Dave Corne
  3. http://muckrakerbytradeexpress.blogspot.com/
  7. 1.The below individuals have no idea if "Jamie Jo Brinkman Lambertz Corne" is even the founder of Presstorm.
  8. 2.The individuals below defamed or contributed to the defamation of character of Jamie.
  9. 3.The individuals below used threats of Physical violence, emotional violence, and mental violence against Jamie.
  10. 3.The indiviuals below cyber bullied Jamie.
  13. 1. Jamie Jo Brinkman Lambertz Corne and her husband Dave have repeatedly stated they are the founders of Presstorm- this claim can be found in numerous places on line-most notable on Twitter.
  15. 2. There has been no defamation of character nor has there been any libel; Criminal records are public knowledge. Therefor, the criminal records of Jaime Jo Brinkman Lambertz Corne are public and anyone can search them. No FOIA is needed to discover what is public record.
  17. 3. Jaime & Dave Corne have used threats of physical violence, emotional violence, and mental violence themselves - all can be documented on their various blogs as well as numerous twitter accounts. Pot--> Kettle--> Black. Can you say, Tit for Tat??
  19. And the games have begun.....
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