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Watch Battleship online 2012 IN Best Quality

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  3.     Last night Battleship opened at cinemas across the UK. The movie as a whole didn't really appeal to me with the trailer, but with it being Rihanna's debut acting appearance in a blockbuster movie, I was slightly intrigued with how she would be portrayed, especially as she has received criticism for her raunchy outfits, dance moves and explicit song lyrics. Would she be cast as the sex symbol throughout? So with it being Orange Wednesdays in the to the cinema I went.
  5.     COPY AND PASTE IT TO ====>>> Watch battleship online 2012
  9.     COPY AND PASTE IT TO ====>>> Watch battleship online 2012
  12.     Was Rihanna's character just another version of how she is portrayed in the media? The answer was no - in comparison to other action films, such as Transformers, that have rather a large amount of emphasis on the sex appeal of the female starlet, Battleship did not have slow-motion running from an explosion that just so happened to feature a hot, sexy female wearing hardly any clothes. Rihanna's character, Petty Officer Cora Raikes remains in her Navy uniform throughout and is so far removed from 'Rihanna' - even after she get her ass kicked by some alien. Although it wasn't a serious film, the fact that it was more about killing the aliens rather than semi-clad women, was to its advantage. There is this one scene with Taylor Kitsch, and he looked beautiful - just saying.
  14.     Going back to the film in question... What is it all about? Taylor Kitsch stars as Alex Hopper, a guy who is a bit of a waste of space who is forced into the Navy by his older brother (Alexander Skarsgard) and for other reasons I do not wish to disclose as it could potentially ruin the plot (or not...). Fast forward time and Alex is a Lieutenant in the Navy; he and his fellow personnel are taking part in a training exercise with a Japanese fleet. Aliens crash land into the Pacific, just where the training exercise is taking place, who then surround the area with a non-penetrable force that stops anyone going in or out, including communication. So it's up to Alex and his brother to save the day.
  16.     I am slightly biased in that I love a good action film, where things get blown up and the effects look realistic, even if the story line is so far removed from reality. I think it's definitely worth watching, especially at a cinema to really take advantage of the battle scenes. But just a warning though, it is VERY loosely based on the board game - and this has been admitted by the movie's creators, so bare this in mind before getting angry.
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