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  1. INFO    ::2012-02-26 19:56:59::utils.py:66::TNArchipelHypervisor.check_acp (thegibson@pumpingstationone.org/thegibson)::acp received: from: admin@pumpingstationone.org/ArchipelController, type: get, namespace: archipel:xmppserver:users, action: number
  3. INFO    ::2012-02-26 19:56:59::utils.py:66::TNArchipelHypervisor.check_perm (thegibson@pumpingstationone.org/thegibson)::Checking permission for action xmppserver_users_number asked by admin@pumpingstationone.org/ArchipelController
  5. ERROR   ::2012-02-26 19:56:59::utils.py:156::<archipelagentxmppserver.xmppserver_xmlrpc.TNXMPPServerController instance at 0x7f5a5806fbd8>.iq_users_number: exception raised is: '''' triggered by stanza :
  6. <iq xmlns="jabber:client" to="thegibson@pumpingstationone.org/thegibson" from="admin@pumpingstationone.org/ArchipelController" id="4105" type="get"><query xmlns="archipel:xmppserver:users"><archipel action="number" humans_only="true" /></query></iq>
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