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Full logs.

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  1. [23:59] <Silentagony> ugh we're going ot see about whether robotanna works out
  2. [00:00] <Silentagony> she said she'd follow our rules but she banned a *lot* of people today
  3. [00:00] <sevenless> i'm presuming there's going to be some point at which we're all banned for being evil cissies
  4. [00:00] <Silentagony> sevenless: that won't happen
  5. [00:00] <sevenless> perhaps we could hurry up and get there already so we can start somewhere else
  6. [00:00] <Abortion> so robotanna will be replaced Silentagony?
  7. [00:00] <maxineb> bowing down to a mob with pitchforks without anything having actually happened yet would make you lose credibility in some's eyes too
  8. [00:00] <Abortion> do you really need another mod 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
  9. [00:00] <Silentagony> Abortion: well she's *brand new*
  10. [00:00] <eternalkerri> Let's be honest, you traded one drama queen for another
  11. [00:00] <maxineb> i stand by standing up for laurelai before anything happened
  12. [00:00] <Silentagony> so we're going to give her a shot at learning our ways
  13. [00:01] <Abortion> oh
  14. [00:01] <Abortion> I thought you typoed "not" into "ot"
  15. [00:01] <Silentagony> but it's going to be like a 48 hour period.
  16. [00:01] <Abortion> not "to" into "ot"
  17. [00:01] <zandt> it just feels like she wasn't vetted or something
  18. [00:01] <Abortion> now it makes more sense
  19. [00:01] <Abortion> RobotPalin? 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
  20. [00:01] <eternalkerri> sounds about right
  21. [00:01] <zandt> and that's what I want to believe, because if she was vetted, then a new mod replacing her won't fix anything
  22. [00:01] <Abortion> I like RobotAnna but she's a force of nature
  23. [00:01] <eternalkerri> and therefore shouldn't mod
  24. [00:02] <Silentagony> well nobody is perfect and unfortunately,
  25. [00:02] <Silentagony> moderating lgbt means 2 things:
  26. [00:02] <sevenless> Silentagony: can i suggest, as respectfully as possible, that r/lgbt needs more representative mods
  27. [00:02] <Abortion> can't use a nuclear powered chainsaw to do surgery
  28. [00:02] <maxineb> it's possible to be a pitbull with some views yet be impartial in responsabilities
  29. [00:02] <zandt> I'm willing to let today be bygones Silentagony. just not terribly optimistic, that's all
  30. [00:02] <Silentagony> 1. when you remove transphobia, it'll be screencapped and flaunted all over r/ainbow and r/subredditdrama and you will get hate mail like you've never seen before
  31. [00:02] <Silentagony> 2. when you are added as a mod, everything you've done ever becomes public knowledge and everything you say is WRONG
  32. [00:02] <Silentagony> so
  33. [00:02] <Silentagony> it's just not as easy as you guys thing
  34. [00:02] <Silentagony> think*
  35. [00:02] <zandt> a lot of those screencaps were of questionable 'transphobia' though, that's why they were screencapped
  36. [00:03] <TheErik> Silentagony: Why did she go on a banning spree?
  37. [00:03] <BecomingMolly> Silentagony: i'd prefer a real answer to my question this time.
  38. [00:03] <zandt> but that's neither here nor there
  39. [00:03] <Silentagony> BecomingMolly: I answered you in the thread.
  40. [00:03] <BecomingMolly> No, you did not.
  41. [00:03] <Abortion> Silentagony do you really need another mod, stop making people suffer!
  42. [00:03] <BecomingMolly> you continued to lie
  43. [00:03] <Silentagony> Yes, I did.
  44. [00:03] <maxineb> moderating bigotry sounds reasonable, there should be more care in establishing if the content is malicious or born of ignorance
  45. [00:03] <Abortion> for being mods
  46. [00:03] <Silentagony> I didn't lie.  You're insane, leave me alone.
  47. [00:03] <Abortion> lol
  48. [00:03] <sevenless> i really haven't seen any indication that transphobia is a particular issue on r/lgbt, more than other kinds of prejudice. however, distrust of the mods is a huge issue
  49. [00:03] <Abortion> I've heard from mods of other subreddits that it's a seriously headachy and thankless job
  50. [00:03] <Silentagony> TheErik: I don't know but I undid it.  She's not online right now.
  51. [00:03] <zandt> sevenless, stop being transphobia you cissie scum
  52. [00:04] <zandt> transphobic**
  53. [00:04] <BecomingMolly> I'm insane? Your recollection of the actual events seem to be a little off, Silentagony
  54. [00:04] <TheErik> Silentagony: Thank you for taking time out of your day to address the community.
  55. [00:04] <Silentagony> sevenless: a lot of people want to say they didn't see it.  The reason you didn't see it is either: you don't recognize it OR you were not in the threads pertaining to trans people OR you simply didn't see it before it ended up in our reported queue and got removed.
  56. [00:04] <eternalkerri> you see, calling people insane doesn't win friends and influence people.
  57. [00:04] <sevenless> for a subreddit with 30,000 GLBT readers, it defies common sense to have 3 mods who are T.
  58. [00:04] <sevenless> and none of any other variety.
  59. [00:04] <Silentagony> okay 1: I'm not trans
  60. [00:05] <Abortion> lol
  61. [00:05] <maxineb> could you read up to my wall of text here with some analysis/suggestions
  62. [00:05] <Silentagony> 2: see 1
  63. [00:05] <Abortion> womp womp sevenless
  64. [00:05] <Silentagony> but I'm not going to go around broadcasting: ATTENTION I AM CIS\
  65. [00:05] <sevenless> Silentagony: okay, how many cis gay male mods have you got?
  66. [00:05] <Silentagony> because that seems to me to be like
  67. [00:05] <Silentagony> HI I AM NOT GAY
  68. [00:05] <maxineb> cissy
  69. [00:05] <Abortion> I don't care if lgbt has a straight mod, as long as they do the job well
  70. [00:05] <Silentagony> we are not going to discriminate on gender
  71. [00:05] <maxineb> too scared to transition
  72. [00:05] <Silentagony> we have homosexuals, bisexuals, and trans people
  73. [00:06] <zandt> to be fair, you're not trans, but I'm under the impression you're dating another mod
  74. [00:06] <Silentagony> and that should be just fine
  75. [00:06] <Silentagony> unless you're saying that there MUST be a man in charge
  76. [00:06] <zandt> I might've read that wrong, a lotta redditness to keep up w/
  77. [00:06] <rmuser> also trans people can be gay! /breakingnews
  78. [00:06] <Abortion> how many degrees of separation from trans people would you accept in a mod zandt
  79. [00:06] <Abortion> :-P
  80. [00:06] <zandt> Abortion, what ?
  81. [00:06] <CranberryKid> but the community as the whole should have equal rep from the mods.
  82. [00:06] <maxineb> well sa is the manliest person in this room
  83. [00:06] <sevenless> Trans people will in general have a different spectrum of concerns than cis gay people.
  84. [00:06] <Abortion> or do you mean mods shouldn't date each other regardless
  85. [00:06] <sevenless> And it's against common sense to have zero representation for mods for a community that size.
  86. [00:07] <Silentagony> I will date whoever the hell I want.
  87. [00:07] <CranberryKid> the mods will get respect when they stop going on crazy ban sprees like this
  88. [00:07] <zandt> Abortion, not so much 'not at all' but when we have 3 mods, and 2 are dating, I dunno
  89. [00:07] <Silentagony> CranberryKid: there are no ban sprees.  Robotanna did some banning and that's going to be serious addressed
  90. [00:07] <Abortion> do checks and balances between mods happen and work on other subreddits zandt seriously asking
  91. [00:07] <zandt> Silentagony, I'm not telling you who to date
  92. [00:07] <CranberryKid> good
  93. [00:07] <CranberryKid> but i disagree with laurel appointing her own successor
  94. [00:07] <maxineb> id nominate TheErik
  95. [00:08] <maxineb> because he has a big gun
  96. [00:08] <CranberryKid> i don't think its right
  97. [00:08] <zandt> Abortion, no idea. I'd guess not, safely
  98. [00:08] <Laike> and a big beard
  99. [00:08] <maxineb> but instead of bullets in bullet chamber
  100. [00:08] <Abortion> all I know is sometimes mods quit a subreddit because they disagree with the other mods but do they balance each other out successfully
  101. [00:08] <maxineb> it has love
  102. [00:08] <BecomingMolly> Silentagony: here's the post, as your memory is faulty: clearly, this person was saying hateful things and I was supporting them. OHWAITTHATSNOTHOWITHAPPENEDATALL.
  103. [00:08] <Silentagony> we have somebody in mind for a replacement if we need to, but we'll give her one more chance
  104. [00:08] <TheErik> Thank you maxineb :)
  105. [00:08] <Abortion> I mean I don't care if the mods work together and agree with each other
  106. [00:08] <Abortion> as long as they do a good job
  107. [00:09] <Silentagony> BecomingMolly: I'm more than a little sick of people taking their most benign post and holding it up as the reason they were banned to create drama and dissent.  That's not why you were banned and you know it.  I'm so tired of this.  
  108. [00:09] <Silentagony> but I don't care anymore
  109. [00:09] <Silentagony> if you promise to knock it the hell off
  110. [00:09] <Silentagony> I'll unban you
  111. [00:09] <zandt> Abortion, same here
  112. [00:09] <BecomingMolly> I made no other posts in /r/lgbt in the month. You have yet to link me any proof. If you want us to turn a blind eye to your conduct in SRS, you must do the same to my criticism of you in SRD and /r/ainbow.
  113. [00:10] <Abortion> besides doesn't a subreddit owner hold the ultimate power regardless
  114. [00:10] <BecomingMolly> correction: i made no other remotely controversial posts in /r/lgbt/
  115. [00:10] <BecomingMolly> Not to mention, that is the post that was linked to me as the ban reason when Laurelai banned me. It stands to reason that it is the post i was banned for.
  116. [00:11] <BecomingMolly> your repetitive denial proves nothing without actual information to back it up.
  117. [00:11] <maxineb> they're in the sidebar
  118. [00:12] <Abortion> BecomingMolly welp SA said you'd be unbanned if you promise to knock it off, are you unclear on what to knock off
  119. [00:12] <BecomingMolly> There is noting to knock off. She insists the ban was valid to begin with, which it was not.
  120. [00:13] <BecomingMolly> What she's telling me to 'knock off' is proving that she is WRONG and that she refuses to face facts.
  121. [00:13] <maxineb> another thing most learn at a point in their lives is when to shut up
  122. [00:13] <maxineb> another thing, actions hold more than words
  123. [00:14] <Laike> I feel like we need a video of a puppy to break up some of this tension
  124. [00:14] <Laike>
  125. [00:15] <Laike> ok, now we can go back being all tense and shit
  126. [00:15] <TheErik> This is me telling all of you to relax and remember to love each other:
  127. [00:16] <Abortion> that reminds me of godfather
  128. [00:16] <eternalkerri> yeah, the removal of Laurelai and replacing her with SilentAnna and pretending things are going to be coca-cola and picnics is going to totally calm everything down
  129. [00:16] <Abortion> a film about duty and betrayal
  130. [00:16] <Abortion> and now back to the drama (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  131. [00:17] <zandt> lol
  132. [00:17] <maxineb> conviction without a violation?
  133. [00:17] <NotAradon>
  134. [00:17] <CranberryKid> cocacola picknicks LMAO
  135. [00:18] <zandt>
  136. [00:18] <Silentagony> eternalkerri: again, rmuser sets the moderation standards.  IF robotanna doesn't follow them, she'll be removed.
  137. [00:18] <eternalkerri> ok, and replace with who?
  138. [00:18] <snorlax> someone else from srs?
  139. [00:19] <Abortion> what what's wrong with SRS
  140. [00:19] <snorlax> Dworkinism...
  141. [00:19] <zandt> *if she doesn't follow them after today
  142. [00:19] <Abortion> I subscribe to SRS and posted on there twice
  143. [00:19] <Abortion> the what now
  144. [00:19] <xarcus> SRS tends to yell at people on the internet a bit too much.
  145. [00:20] <maxineb> i tend to dislike mobs with synchronized thoughts
  146. [00:20] <maxineb> such as the one that happened in r/lgbt as well
  147. [00:20] <Abortion> maxineb so you're really not a fan of synchronized swimming eh
  148. [00:21] <snorlax> I never like dwater.
  149. [00:21] <snorlax> To wet for my tastes.
  150. [00:21] <Abortion> well you are a snorlax
  151. [00:21] <eternalkerri> Let's be perfectly frank.  When people come to reddit, they expect the upvote/downvote system to regulate the dialogue, not banhammers, yelling and screaming.
  152. [00:21] * Abortion gently pets snorlax
  153. [00:21] <maxineb> correct
  154. [00:21] <TheErik>
  155. [00:21] <ErikaJ> daisies
  156. [00:21] <Abortion> the upvote/downvote system is not enough for any subreddit that wants to be a safe space
  157. [00:22] <Abortion> unless they make it private
  158. [00:22] <maxineb> but in a community composed of people undergoing an uphill battle for basic human rights, some things can affect users like fucking bigotry
  159. [00:22] <eternalkerri> asking for an open admission website to be a safeplace is not going to happen
  160. [00:22] <eternalkerri> This is not Something Awful with a payed registration.
  161. [00:22] <sevenless> the fuck is a safe space
  162. [00:22] <sevenless> it's the internet
  163. [00:22] <maxineb> yeah, having for goal to have it all clean would be realistic
  164. [00:23] <sevenless> not your clubroom
  165. [00:23] <Abortion> TheErik d'aww (✿ˇ◡◡ˇ)人(ˇ◡◡ˇ❀)
  166. [00:23] <snorlax> sevenless: Its a place you can go when you have issues, being serious problems, and not get hounded by trolls.
  167. [00:23] <snorlax> IE if you are suicidal a safe place would be where you won't get told to go and off yourself.
  168. [00:23] <xarcus> I haven't been on Reddit in the past few months.
  169. [00:23] <zandt> aka not reddit
  170. [00:23] <Abortion> it's not either or eternalkerri
  171. [00:23] <zandt> (I keed a little bit)
  172. [00:23] <xarcus> Can somebody please summarize the r/lgbt drama for me?
  173. [00:23] <maxineb> and not have current hazardous bigotry problems or past traumatizing memories being thrown at your face because free speech
  174. [00:23] <sevenless> snorlax: no open forum can possibly be free of remarks which upset people
  175. [00:23] <Abortion> there are many many degrees styles and methods of moderation and content shepherding
  176. [00:23] <zandt> would be nice if /r/lgbt were friendly
  177. [00:23] <sevenless> and be worth looking at
  178. [00:23] <maxineb> i see that you've never been abused
  179. [00:24] <maxineb> put yourself in another perspective
  180. [00:24] <snorlax> xarcus: basically... everything.
  181. [00:24] <maxineb> don't be a dunce for once
  182. [00:24] <sevenless> xarcus: basically, it's incredibly gay
  183. [00:24] <eternalkerri> And that's the risk of being on the internet....thats the risk of an open society period.
  184. [00:24] <CranberryKid> *sprinkles flower* WELLLLLLLL DUUUUUH
  185. [00:24] <sevenless> i think we're actually at a level beyond gay drama
  186. [00:24] <zandt> you're all making decent points
  187. [00:24] <Abortion> discussions can and are channelled and regulated all the time
  188. [00:24] <snorlax> sevenless: Eh thats true.. but going to a suicidewatch form and telling people to off themselves is a special kind of asshatery.
  189. [00:24] <maxineb> snorlax: if suicidal a safe place is an ambulance in transit to an hospital
  190. [00:24] <eternalkerri> reddit will not ever change away from its current model
  191. [00:24] <BecomingMolly> *cough* Silentagony
  192. [00:25] <Abortion> its current model allows mods to delete posts and ban people
  193. [00:25] <sevenless> snorlax: you can't guarantee you won't see things that upset you if absolutely anyone on earth can post.
  194. [00:25] <eternalkerri> and the only way to ever make r/lgbt truly a "safe space" is to completely lock it down by making it a private subreddit
  195. [00:25] <sevenless> this is, like, not a surprising observation
  196. [00:25] <Abortion> who is aiming for that sevenless
  197. [00:25] <snorlax> That's not the fucking point.
  198. [00:25] <CranberryKid> the point is the forum can be a place of intellectual solitude and the mods are using it for asshattery
  199. [00:25] <snorlax> I was explaining what a safe place was.
  200. [00:25] <Abortion> no one is aiming for zero upset
  201. [00:25] <Abortion> that I know of
  202. [00:25] <sevenless> Abortion: that's what "safe space" implies
  203. [00:25] <maxineb> nobody ever reads what i say
  204. [00:25] <sevenless> i'm explaining to you why it can't be done
  205. [00:25] <snorlax> Not some fucking eutopia where the rabbits are horsea and the cats are trees.
  206. [00:25] <Abortion> safe space for lgbt people obvs
  207. [00:25] <snorlax> I mean fucks sake man.
  208. [00:25] <sevenless> it's an open forum on the internet. you are going to get trolls. period.
  209. [00:25] <Abortion> not safe space for every possible configuration of sensitivities
  210. [00:25] <sevenless> just like you do everywhere else.
  211. [00:26] <Abortion> yes and mods handle trolls to varying degrees of success
  212. [00:26] <Abortion> sometimes it's low sometimes it's high
  213. [00:26] <eternalkerri> as long as its on reddit, anyone can create a sock and troll for at least one post
  214. [00:26] * snorlax lollerskates to his roflecopter
  215. [00:26] <Abortion> or are you saying that it's impossible
  216. [00:26] <xarcus> SilentAgony: Why is BecomingMolly banned exactly? I missed that bit somehow.
  217. [00:26] <maxineb> yes, and you get rid of them
  218. [00:26] <sevenless> i don't like reddit's downvote mechanism either, but for a different reason
  219. [00:26] <eternalkerri> it is fundamentally impossible to change that
  220. [00:26] <sevenless> i don't think any comments should be hidden by default, personally
  221. [00:26] <snorlax> sevenless why u so fabulous?
  222. [00:26] <Abortion> and troll posts can get deleted upon report eternalkerri
  223. [00:26] <Abortion> I'm not sure what you're saying eternalkerri
  224. [00:27] <sevenless> snorlax: no, you're awesome
  225. [00:27] <Abortion> that if something can be posted it shouldn't be deleted?
  226. [00:27] <maxineb> it's practically possible to send the garbage content to the null device
  227. [00:27] <snorlax> :P
  228. [00:27] <eternalkerri> they will still stay up until deleted
  229. [00:27] <snorlax> im too drunk for this.l
  230. [00:27] <Abortion> ok?
  231. [00:27] <sevenless> i'm personally a fan of well crafted troll posts
  232. [00:27] <eternalkerri> and then they can create another alt and do it again
  233. [00:27] <eternalkerri> and again
  234. [00:27] <eternalkerri> and again
  235. [00:27] <Abortion> me too sevenless tbh
  236. [00:27] <maxineb> what are you arguing anyway, i detect no meaning but lots of words
  237. [00:27] <sevenless> that's the main reason slashdot was fun in the 90's
  238. [00:27] <BecomingMolly> Aaaand now she's removed the discussion because she refuses to admit she is wrong. So i'm supposed to just wait patiently to be unbanned when i was banned for literally no reason at all.
  239. [00:27] <snorlax> LOLLER
  240. [00:27] <maxineb> we had a troll in this channel, he was a master troll
  241. [00:28] <snorlax> maxineb: Cholby?
  242. [00:28] <zandt> Cydd ?
  243. [00:28] <eternalkerri> if you want r/lgbt to be truly a safe place, you have to take make it a private subreddit
  244. [00:28] <maxineb> no
  245. [00:28] <snorlax> Cydd wasn't very good at trolling.
  246. [00:28] <sevenless> anyway, anyone talking about safe spaces on the open internet is nuts.
  247. [00:28] <Abortion> I created and run a free speech chan elsewhere quite happily where if anybody has a problem I tell them to use /ignore and don't ask for any moderation
  248. [00:28] <Abortion> but that's not something that works in every situation
  249. [00:28] <maxineb> the guy with multiple nicks and personalities sparkling debates with entirely different viewpoints
  250. [00:28] <Abortion> or conducive to every kind of community and discussion
  251. [00:28] <maxineb> browser was one of them
  252. [00:28] <ri0tdorque> Abortion, *hhhuggglleesss*
  253. [00:28] <Abortion> why  is it nuts sevenless
  254. [00:28] * Abortion gently pets ri0tdorque
  255. [00:28] <snorlax> maxineb: interesting...
  256. [00:28] * ri0tdorque curls up
  257. [00:29] <Abortion> Major Drama in r/lgbt
  258. [00:29] <ri0tdorque> wait who's doing what?
  259. [00:29] <sevenless> Abortion: because the definition of safety you're using rules out participation by the open net
  260. [00:29] * ri0tdorque frowns
  261. [00:29] <Abortion> the drama llama was in heat and is now birthing many many drama babies
  262. [00:29] <Abortion> to a point yes sevenless
  263. [00:29] <ri0tdorque> indeed they are :(
  264. [00:29] <eternalkerri> so simply put, this attempt to quash any and all real and percieved trans/bi/homo phobic statements is Quixotic at best
  265. [00:30] <Abortion> it's still doable to a practical and measuarable and productive degree eternalkerri
  266. [00:30] <sevenless> eternalkerri: i think that's more an excuse for serious mod power abuse
  267. [00:30] <eternalkerri> well its either/or
  268. [00:30] <sevenless> Abortion: free speech dammit.
  269. [00:30] <Silentagony> it's not so much major drama
  270. [00:30] <maxineb> a solution would be to be more careful in establishing whether it's ignorance where education works or bigotry which should be in the garbage bin
  271. [00:30] <Silentagony> we're like
  272. [00:30] <Silentagony> trying to put the drama out
  273. [00:31] <Silentagony> maxineb: I answered that like 5x in the thread, but hangon
  274. [00:31] <eternalkerri> either you have 5-10 mods on at all times quashing anything out of line, or you have to accept that its going to happen
  275. [00:31] <Silentagony> let me find you a convenient comment
  276. [00:31] <Abortion> free speech isn't applicable to lots of situations, and shouldn't be
  277. [00:31] <Silentagony> maxineb:
  278. [00:31] <maxineb> Silentagony: i went in more details earlier in this channel :P
  279. [00:31] <eternalkerri> ah, but maxine, this is where we have a conundrum
  280. [00:31] <eternalkerri> perception is a bitch
  281. [00:31] <ri0tdorque> indeed
  282. [00:32] <ri0tdorque> a royal one it seems....
  283. [00:32] <eternalkerri> and what I percieve as ignorance, you might find bigotry
  284. [00:32] <zandt> Abortion> free speech isn't applicable to lots of situations, and shouldn't be <---- example (I'm with you, I think, just wondering what you mean)
  285. [00:32] <maxineb> yes, it is
  286. [00:32] * Abortion poots
  287. [00:32] <Silentagony> I think I have a fairly good system
  288. [00:32] <maxineb> most likely interaction is required to establish what the intent is
  289. [00:32] <ri0tdorque> hhmmm well there's giving people the benefit of the doubt but after that....
  290. [00:32] <ri0tdorque> and hey hey Silentagony :)
  291. [00:32] <sevenless> I agree there's no really absolute free speech most places. But we should be able to tolerate most things, even if it upsets people.
  292. [00:32] <xarcus> Silentagony: Why is linking to r/ainbow banned?
  293. [00:32] <eternalkerri> honestly, no you dont Silent
  294. [00:32] <Silentagony> hey ri0tdorque ;)
  295. [00:32] <Abortion> I don't object to mods trying to delete bigoted posts in r/lgbt to minimize people seeing them
  296. [00:33] <Silentagony> xarcus: it isn't - I explained that in the thread as well
  297. [00:33] <eternalkerri> you would not be having these issues if it was
  298. [00:33] <Silentagony> the problem is that
  299. [00:33] <sevenless> I do. They get minimized anyway.
  300. [00:33] <Silentagony> most people's perceptions are coming from banned people
  301. [00:33] <Silentagony> who want to say things like
  302. [00:33] <Abortion> I think there can be sound and workable principles of free speech that works in some situations
  303. [00:33] <Silentagony> "I WAS BANNED FOR LIKE NOTHING!"
  304. [00:33] <zandt> Abortion, I don't either, but how many people who weren't ___phobic got called that by a mod ?
  305. [00:33] <Abortion> like the free speech chan I run 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
  306. [00:33] <zandt> that's my problem
  307. [00:33] <Silentagony> to gain support, attention, and start shit with somebody they feel slighted them
  308. [00:33] <BecomingMolly> Except i was literally banned for nothing.
  309. [00:33] <Silentagony> people who linked to r/ainbow were only banned when it was in the context of
  310. [00:33] <Abortion> zandt doesn't mean there can't be good modding
  311. [00:33] <xarcus> FREEEEE SPEEEEEECCCCHHHHH
  312. [00:33] <Silentagony> "this transphobia is being deleted"  "COME TO AINBOW FRIEND!" over and over
  313. [00:33] <Silentagony> or just posting to it everywhere
  314. [00:33] <zandt> Abortion, that's what I'm hoping for
  315. [00:34] <maxineb> a post recently asking how transgenderism is not like that disorder where people want to cut a limb was pretty stupid, but if you put yourself in the perspective of ignorance towards trans stuff, it's a question that can arise, and it's best that if it does it is asked and corrected don't you think
  316. [00:34] <Abortion> I am hoping r/lgbt doesn't get splintered... more than it is
  317. [00:34] <Silentagony> omg BecomingMolly seriously if you just promise not to do it again I'll fucking unban you but knock it off omg
  318. [00:34] <sevenless> Silentagony: so in other words, most of this stuff was being caused by the initial round of censoring anyway?
  319. [00:34] <sevenless> Hmm?
  320. [00:34] <BecomingMolly> Silentagony, you have yet to prove any point about why i was banned. I did all the research for you, and found all of my lgbt posts in the last month.
  321. [00:34] <eternalkerri> I'm afraid Abortion, that it is inevitable
  322. [00:34] <Abortion> lol oh well it's just reddit
  323. [00:34] <sevenless> Abortion: hahahaha
  324. [00:34] <Silentagony> BecomingMolly: not my job to broadcast the reported queue
  325. [00:35] <NotAradon> wat
  326. [00:35] <BecomingMolly> Yes, Silentagony, unban me, and we can be done with this, but i'd also either like an apology or an actual link to where I was in the wrong.
  327. [00:35] <maxineb> BecomingMolly: looks like a mistake happened and it is being corrected, the suggested action is shut up
  328. [00:35] <Silentagony> sevenless: most of the recent stuff was this guy who posted a thread about how the mods suck and everyone wanted to go "COME TO AINBOW IT IS BETTER! MODS WILL ALLOW EVERYTHING!" and did it like several times in the same thread.
  329. [00:35] <Silentagony> it was insane
  330. [00:35] <Silentagony> so we deleted that stuff and deleted people who spammed links
  331. [00:35] <snorlax> The thing is.. it really does look like she was banned for nothing.
  332. [00:35] <zandt> ^
  333. [00:35] <snorlax> That's the problem.
  334. [00:35] <Silentagony> of course it does she deleted her offending shit
  335. [00:36] <eternalkerri> yeah
  336. [00:36] <Silentagony> that's what they're all doing
  337. [00:36] <sevenless> Silentagony: not to go captain hindsight here, but wasn't this a fairly predictable consequence of bringing the banhammer down in the first place?
  338. [00:36] <Silentagony> it's so damned tiresome
  339. [00:36] <snorlax> sure. they were...
  340. [00:36] <eternalkerri> then quit
  341. [00:36] <zandt> then please start screencapping before deleting and banning
  342. [00:36] <BecomingMolly> I have not edited a single post and you know it, Silentagony. Admit you were wrong for once and we can be done here.
  343. [00:36] <zandt> so we can see that these people are all lying
  344. [00:36] <xarcus> sevenless: if you ban people, they're supposed to go away.
  345. [00:36] <eternalkerri> if it is such a chore to run this sub, then why keep going
  346. [00:36] <Silentagony> zandt: that would be rude.  I'm not going to show everyone what somebody did to deserve a ban.  
  347. [00:36] <NotAradon> evidence is overrated anyways
  348. [00:36] <maxineb> Abortion: a good term would be garbage collection
  349. [00:37] <zandt> Silentagony, just keep them for when someone says you/a mod banned them for nothing
  350. [00:37] <sevenless> xarcus: they live there, banning them will piss them off
  351. [00:37] <eternalkerri> what truly could you gain from managing this sub if it is this stressful?
  352. [00:37] <maxineb> i work 120 hours a week, what do i gain hm
  353. [00:37] <Abortion> I haven't been delving into this deep enough but wow is there a reason why you guys owuldn't trust a mod over someone complaining about a ban
  354. [00:37] <Silentagony> eternalkerri: can the armchair psychobabble.  You don't know my life or my motives and you're not going to therapist me into quitting
  355. [00:37] <zandt> after a few of them, I'd be willing to believe the mods over the countless users
  356. [00:37] <zandt> as it is, all I can go by are screens from users
  357. [00:37] <BecomingMolly> all four of my posts in /r/lgbt that i linked are the only posts in that sub that i have made in over a month, and none of them have been edited. You and I both know this, Silentagony.
  358. [00:38] <Abortion> it's just one case out of thousands Silentagony had to deal with, of course BecomingMolly has more info and recollection on it
  359. [00:38] <zandt> Abortion, that's why I'm suggesting screencaps on their side
  360. [00:38] <maxineb> 40k people, 2 mods sifting through shit
  361. [00:38] <Abortion> that's a pain in the ass
  362. [00:38] <eternalkerri> im not trying to, im just trying to understand why you complain when the issues that you are facing are staring you right in the face
  363. [00:38] <Silentagony> it's not thousands, it's like less than 100
  364. [00:38] <Abortion> you'd have to screen cap it all and then name it and store it
  365. [00:38] <Silentagony> there are less than 100 bans
  366. [00:38] <BecomingMolly> You want this to be done, all you have to do is admit that it was a mistake. You don't even have to admit that Laurelai banned me maliciously, you just have to admit i was wrongfully banned, and we can move on, Silentagony.
  367. [00:38] <Silentagony> there are like
  368. [00:38] <zandt> yeah it is, being a mod sucks dont it
  369. [00:38] <Silentagony> 5 things in the reported queue in one day
  370. [00:38] <Abortion> I mean reports Silentagony
  371. [00:38] <Silentagony> it's not really that hard
  372. [00:38] <Abortion> oh ok
  373. [00:38] <Abortion> well I take it back
  374. [00:38] <Abortion> screen cap it all
  375. [00:39] <maxineb> fun fact: type /mode +b here
  376. [00:39] <Abortion> 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
  377. [00:39] <Silentagony> BecomingMolly: I'm already moving on, by ignoring you.  Later.
  378. [00:39] <BecomingMolly> Very mature.
  379. [00:39] <snorlax> HAHAHA
  380. [00:39] <CranberryKid> wow
  381. [00:39] <xarcus> nothing happened maxineb
  382. [00:39] <snorlax> And nothing changes.
  383. [00:39] <CranberryKid> why is it so hard to look at her posts?
  384. [00:40] <eternalkerri> this is exactly why r/lgbt is having so many problems
  385. [00:40] <zandt> CranberryKid, because someone might have to admit they're wrong
  386. [00:40] <CranberryKid> no shit
  387. [00:40] <NotAradon> Easy to tell if there has been any edits btw.
  388. [00:40] <Silentagony> CranberryKid: I've hashed it out with becomingmolly like 10x in the modmail.  I have looked at the posts.  She reposted screencaps of shit to subredditdrama and ainbow and everywhere else flaming me all over reddit.  Why should I be sympathetic and go over it again and again?
  389. [00:40] <zandt> NotAradon, is it? I'm reddit stupid
  390. [00:40] <xarcus> Maybe a community of about 40K needs a few more than 3 mods.
  391. [00:40] <NotAradon> Yeah, there is a star that shows up after "ago"
  392. [00:40] <zandt> ah
  393. [00:40] <NotAradon> if it's edited
  394. [00:40] <NotAradon> else it's just blank
  395. [00:40] <zandt> interesting
  396. [00:40] <Abortion> after like 15 seconds?
  397. [00:40] <CranberryKid> because we would just fucking reset back to before this drama and bury the hatchet
  398. [00:40] <BecomingMolly> Because you want us to ignore your conduct in SRS, Silentagony. You don't get to cite my opinions of you in SRD or Rainbow.
  399. [00:40] <NotAradon> so it's REALLY easy to tell if it's been edited
  400. [00:40] <Abortion> of the initial posteration
  401. [00:40] <Silentagony> xarcus: AGAIN, there are like 5 things in the reported queue each day.  The only reason there are more than 2 of us is because rmuser and I are a couple and we sleep/eat/whatever at the same times
  402. [00:41] <BecomingMolly> You can't have a double standard.
  403. [00:41] <maxineb> i know a guy, brilliant plasma physicist. he visits church every sunday. he must be a bad plasma physicist
  404. [00:41] <sevenless> to be honest, the real problem is that google chrome goes to r/lgbt every time i type "r" into it
  405. [00:42] <BecomingMolly> Not to mention i've only modmailed you the one time, and you turned it malicious, not me. I approached you amicably at first, Silentagony, despite our differences.
  406. [00:42] <zandt> sevenless, haha
  407. [00:42] <sevenless> zandt: i literally just closed the tab and reopened it at the same site
  408. [00:42] <zandt> that's pretty funny to me
  409. [00:43] <Abortion> when I type r into firefox's url bar ... rotten tomatoes comes up (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  410. [00:43] <themacg33k> goddammit
  411. [00:43] <sevenless> I don't get the appeal of that site
  412. [00:43] <themacg33k> TOP USING THIS CHANNEL
  413. [00:43] <themacg33k> *STOP
  414. [00:43] <maxineb> themacg33k: stfu, issues of the past few days are resolved
  415. [00:43] <themacg33k> Seriously, when the fascists resign and leave you can use it
  416. [00:43] <eternalkerri> I just don't see lgbt recovering at all.
  417. [00:43] <themacg33k> Otherwise, stop it and take it elsewhere
  418. [00:44] <themacg33k> eternalkerri: aye…
  419. [00:44] <zandt> NotAradon, I don't seeany stars on BecomingMolly's posts
  420. [00:44] <zandt> *see
  421. [00:44] <sevenless> eternalkerri: it's found its real purpose: drama generation
  422. [00:44] <zandt> I could be missing them I guess
  423. [00:44] <eternalkerri> sad really
  424. [00:44] <Abortion> wut sevenless rottentomatoes is supremely useful for helping me decide what movies to see
  425. [00:44] <NotAradon> zandt: then they aren't edited
  426. [00:44] <sevenless> Abortion: I just check out what Ebert says.
  427. [00:44] <BecomingMolly> Thats because I never edited them.
  428. [00:44] <Abortion> I like ebert lots
  429. [00:45] <Abortion> but he's wrong quite a few times
  430. [00:45] <sevenless> He has a few known biases
  431. [00:45] <sevenless> Women with big boobs, for a start
  432. [00:45] <maxineb> i have that one too
  433. [00:45] <Abortion> if rotten tomatoes has a film at 70%~+ and the trailer looks good and the subject looks interesting
  434. [00:45] <Abortion> I will go see it
  435. [00:45] <sevenless> well, it's more "what should i pirate"
  436. [00:45] <BecomingMolly> my information has been entirely factual, Silentagony just refuses to admit a mistake was made. I could press the issue more, as I'm fairly sure Laurelai banned me maliciously, however all i'm asking for is an admission that a mistake was made.
  437. [00:46] <xarcus> Silentagony: I'm saying that because I don't think 40K should be held at the whims of 3 people no matter what their intentions are. 3 people are always going to have issues modding 40 thousand people no matter how competent those people are. Shit will slip past the reported queue or not even get reported, and then posted on SRS for huge embarrassment for all.
  438. [00:46] <Abortion> I pirate voraciously but I enjoy seeing films on a GIANT ASS SCREEN
  439. [00:46] <Abortion> no doubt one day they will be ab le to duplicate that experience at home
  440. [00:46] <eternalkerri> the apointing of Laurelai and SilentAnna, the lack of admission of mistakes, the banning of users arbitrarily, the inability to listen to the community at large, the witch hunting of dissent...
  441. [00:46] <Abortion> in which case I will pirate more
  442. [00:46] <sevenless> Abortion: a giant ass-screen?
  443. [00:46] <Abortion> that too
  444. [00:46] <Laike> I'm trying to decide if I should throw out this pot of oolong tea or try another infusion, it was bitter as hell D:
  445. [00:46] <Abortion> imax porn!
  446. [00:46] <eternalkerri> Why should SilentAgony care at all what SRS thinks?
  447. [00:46] <themacg33k> Linear Generator of Bionic Telecommunicated DRAMA
  448. [00:46] <zandt> BecomingMolly, you're not going to get that. my concern is that if you can get banned over nothing (as it appears to be the case) others can be receive similar unfair treatment
  449. [00:47] <xarcus> Posts shouldn't have to be put on display for people to see that they're bad.
  450. [00:47] <BecomingMolly> That's the point though, they're supposedly reversing the unfair policies, and yet I can't even get them to look at the facts i present them, zandt
  451. [00:47] <zandt> BecomingMolly, :(
  452. [00:48] <snorlax> themacg33k: a fucking large drama collider?
  453. [00:48] <themacg33k> snorlax: I was trying to do it based on "LGBT"
  454. [00:48] <eternalkerri> Yeah, I give r/lgbt another two, maybe three months of limping along before there is anything more than 10 posts a day to the sub
  455. [00:48] <BecomingMolly> The issue isn't whether we like eachother. We both know full well that we do not. The issue is that she first lied about me, and then when i proved her wrong she tried to cite my criticism of her in other subreddits, a clear double standard of their new policy on /r/lgbt buisness being the only thing we can judge them on.
  456. [00:48] <themacg33k> eternalkerri: I’m not going to post there so :)
  457. [00:49] <eternalkerri> ...that aren't complaints
  458. [00:49] <snorlax> someone should post a bunch of dick punching gifs.
  459. [00:49] == AndIrc_ has changed nick to Flying_Tablet
  460. [00:49] <eternalkerri> no they shouldnt
  461. [00:49] * xarcus eats some popcorn.
  462. [00:50] <snorlax> I can wish right?
  463. [00:50] <snorlax> :P
  464. [00:50] <maxineb> everyone is absurd and i want to punch all involved in the solar plexus
  465. [00:50] <NotAradon>
  466. [00:51] <BecomingMolly> once again, for all to see
  467. [00:51] == NekoArc has changed nick to ErikaJ
  468. [00:53] <xarcus>
  469. [00:53] <zandt> lol xarcus
  470. [00:54] <xarcus> Oh jeez everyone stopped to watch the black guy eat popcorn.
  471. [00:54] <eternalkerri> I'm calling it here now, folks, r/lgbt is dead.  In the attempt by altruistic but ultimately misguided and overzealous mods, it has died.  The village was burned to save it.
  472. [00:54] <zandt> it's alive, it just sucks
  473. [00:54] <zandt> anyway
  474. [00:54] <zandt> that's enough for me tonight
  475. [00:54] <zandt> take care everyone
  477. [00:55] <maxineb> damnit, who put a doomsday pedestral in this room?
  478. [00:55] <eternalkerri> yeah, im bored now, its all over except for the last gasp and the final nervous twitches..
  479. [00:56] <xarcus> BecomingMolly: I think you should just remove yourself from all involvement with r/lgbt. It's pretty obvious the moderation doesn't want you there.
  480. [00:56] <xarcus> Just stick with the other lgbt subs.
  481. [00:59] <BecomingMolly> xarcus, I intend to right a wrong perpetrated against me. I have no real interest in actively participating in /r/lgbt with it's current mod staff, however, i should not be banned.
  482. [01:00] <xarcus> Good luck getting them to admit they were wrong then. Especially with all the imaginary power they have.
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