The Myth of Creation

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  1.         In the beginning, in a field of nothingness, there was a magical being called Critphignu in human dialect. It would most easily be described as a humanoid, asexual torso with an elk's head that had three mouths and six ears, but it also had many other features that are so awe-inspiring and amazing that even a basic description can drive a man mad.
  2.         On its upper jaws, Critphignu had sharp fangs. Every month, on the first day, these fangs would leak a drop of liquid. After many months, this liquid began to form into complex shapes and patterns. Critphignu was astonished at what was happening. The droplets from its fangs created a small universe.
  3.         This universe was too small for Critphignu to live in itself, so it built up a stockpile of droplets from its fangs. It used these to create four smaller versions of itself. It named these miniatures the Wanderers, who were destined to roam this universe forever and shape it as they willed.
  4.         The first miniature was named Sunther. It was the leader of the Wanderers because it was the most accurate model of Critphignu, created in its prime-time of life. Sunther was also the creator and protector of all life, and the master of the dead.
  5.         The second Wanderer was Grontieder. It was a master of the blade, field, and forge. Grontieder never lost a duel to anyone. It is the one who taught man everything they would ever need to know, including the art of farming, construction, tools, and weapons.
  6.         The third Wanderer was called Arphg'nui. It was quite mixed up. Instead of showing the masculine, but still asexual, features that Critphignu did on its humanoid body, Arphg'nui showed feminine, asexual, features. It was for this reason that it took the duty of creating unique and beautiful things. It commanded over the works of nature and gave the humans the abilities of the arts, included painting, sculpting, and music.
  7.         The final Wanderer was Shogrothath. It was created in the last few years of Critphignu's life, so it was not perfect, in appearance and in behavior. It tried to rise up against Sunther, but was stopped by Grontieder. As punishment, Shogrothath was forced to carry the universe on a sled behind him and eternally walk in a circle.
  8.         Not long after creating Shogrothath, Critphignu realized that it had not much longer. It told this to the Wanderers. It also told them to create life in memory of itself, but did not tell them how to do so.
  9.         Shortly later, Sunther discovered the last couple of the creating droplets. Using them, it crafted Earth and the other planets. It placed life on all of the planets, but Arphg'nui only took interest in the lifeforms on Earth. It gave them all a unique beauty.
  10.         Seeing that Earth was obviously favored by the others, Sunther placed one special being on Earth, who was also modeled after Critphignu, but lacking in the other-dimensional properties so as not to overload the humans' senses. This being would become the Master of the Planet. It was called simply The Hunter by the Wanderers. Sunther placed omnipotent power with The Hunter, giving Sunther's rulings no power. The Hunter had free reign of Earth and the sun, as well as the people and animals.
  11.         After the creation of The Hunter, Critphignu could last no longer. It succumbed to something that was not death, as it and the Wanderers were immortal, but went into a hibernation-like state. It shrunk itself down to a size much smaller and hid at the bottom of the ocean in a city built by itself. Critphignu shall lie in waiting until it sees it fit to reveal itself to its creations once more.
  12.         The Hunter was greatly loved by the people. Every morning it would lift the sun up so the plants may grow and the people may eat, and every night it would bring the sun back down so the humans and other creatures may rest. The Hunter created vast oceans so that more creatures could flourish on the planet of beauty. All was grand and perfect in the eyes of the Wanderers.
  13.         After a few thousand years of peace, Grontieder's gift of weaponry to the people was used wrongly. People began to fight and kill each other. During this terrible time, The Hunter was caught in the middle of a heated battle and killed. Since he was not a direct creation of Critphignu, The Hunter was a mortal, much like the humans.
  14.         From its slain corpse flew two sparrows, one male and one female. These sparrows flew their separate ways, but are to eventually meet again. When they do, they shall breed and create a new leader to replace The Hunter and restore the original peace to the planet. Until then, the Wanderers have no power and can only watch the chaos and war on the once-beautiful planet.
  18. Critphignu – cri-FEE-new
  19. Sunther – SOON-tar
  20. Grontieder – gran-TEE-deer
  21. Arphg'nui - arf-NOY
  22. Shogrothath - SHAW-grow-tath
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