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  1. Alarm. 8:34. Tuesday.
  2. I never looked happy in front of people because I usually wasn't. People were too unpredictable for me; I prefer to have a consistent life. Wake up, turn on the computer. Head to the shower, turn on the hot water. Back to the computer to load the various programs I'll want to use. Back to the shower to add some cold water. I loved my life. I showered and went to the kitchen to make some food. I knew what I would eat before I even opened the cabinet to check, popcorn and cranberry juice. It wasn't my favorite meal but a meal none-the-less. I had trouble eating food because I never was hungry, this lead to problems with my weight and strength. "I'll start working out." was something I told myself as I waited for my popcorn to finish every day. Consistent. It was funny, in a way. The microwave beeps. I could have sworn I heard a noise at the door in perfect synchronization with the microwave but shrugged it off. My mom took the only car we shared to go to work so there were no signs of someone being home. If it was a Jehovah’s Witness or a mailman they would eventually leave. The microwave reads 9:26 as I head to my room. Bang. I see the front door swing open and a man rushes toward me. I freeze in shock and he plunges a knife into my stomach.
  3. Alarm. 8:35. Tuesday.
  4. I wake up shaken from my nightmare. My phone reads 8:35. Inconsistent. My alarm always goes off at 8:34, not a minute late or early. Every day the same. I must have slept through the first minute of whatever song I had set to wake me. I didn't dare change the song though. Back to consistency. I turn on the computer, go to the shower to turn the hot water on, back to the computer, cold water on, shower. I finish my shower and head towards the kitchen. Popcorn and cranberry juice, "I should start working out.” it was funny. Right before the popcorn finishes I hear a noise. The sound of the microwave blocked me from hearing where the noise came from so I figured the landlord came to do who knows what. She usually came on the weekend. Inconsistent. I grab my popcorn and juice and head to my room. The microwave reads 9:26. Bang. The front door swings open and a man rushes towards me. It's my dream. I freeze again. At least I'm consistent.
  5. Alarm. 8:36. Tuesday.
  6. Computer on, hot water on, programs on, cold water slightly on. I finish my shower, time to eat. Popcorn and juice. I hear a bang at the door. The microwave says there’s two minutes left for my popcorn. I brush off the noise. Landlord. Popcorn finishes. The microwave reads 9:26. The front door swings open. A man rushes towards me. I should start working out.
  7. Alarm. 8:37. Tuesday.
  8. Computer, hot water, programs, cold water, shower. Time to eat. Popcorn, juice. There’s a bang at the door. I put the popcorn in and the microwave reads 9:26. I start the microwave. The front door swings open and a man rushes towards me. I should start working out.
  9. Alarm. 8:38. Tuesday.
  10. Every day the same thing. I'm so consistent. I love being consistent. I'm never caught off guard by the world. Same routine every day. I love my life more than most people realize. I finish my shower and hear a bang at the door. I go to get popcorn as the door swings open and a man rushes towards me.
  11. Alarm. 8:55. Tuesday.
  12. I've lost count of how many times this happens. Every day is the same. I'm living in pure bliss. I love it. I love being consistent. I love how consistent this life is. Consistency is key for a happy life. I finish my shower and I hear a bang. I hear footsteps. I smile. I see a man in my room rush towards me.
  13. Alarm. 9:10. Tuesday.
  14. I've stopped my daily routine. There isn't enough time. Consistent. Consistence. Consistency. I am. We are. He's a part of my life now. He forced himself into my routine and I couldn't be happier. I've never been happier. I want to be more consistent. I hear a bang. I look at my phone. I hear footsteps. I need to stop waking up late. I see a man rush towards me.
  15. Alarm. 9:22. Tuesday.
  16. This man is consistent. More than I. I wake up later and later every day. I'm embarrassed that he chose such an inconsistent person like me to give such a wonderful life. I'm so happy in this life. I love everything about it. I hear a bang. I smile. I hear footsteps. I smile. I see a man rush towards me.
  17. Alarm. 9:24. Tuesday.
  18. This man is what I need. He is always consistent. I hear a bang. I am not consistent. I hear footsteps. I need him to teach me. I see a man rush towards me.
  19. Alarm. 9:25. Tuesday.
  20. Footsteps. Teach me. I see a man rush towards me. I love this.
  21. Alarm. 9:26. Tuesday.
  22. I see a man rush towards me.
  23. Alarm. 9:27. Tuesday.
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