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New Drunks Guide

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  1. First and foremost, if you are new to drinking, take it slow, one shot/beer per half hour, plenty of water, make sure you eat, salty stuff helps.
  4. -What to drink-
  6. if you can get half bottles of the following, get them just to try
  7. A barrel aged bourbon, makers mark or the like, id not recommend jack daniels till you have more bourbon experience
  8. an irish whiskey, jameson or powers, both are good
  9. a potato vodka, i believe monopalowa fits the bill
  10. a grain vodka, most large name brands, while they are grain, are also crap, go for new amsterdam, its one of my favorites
  11. Rum, i recommend kraken.
  12. if you are feeling classy as fuck, get some scotch, start out with speyburn 12year single malt, not too heavy or smoky, kinda citrusy, good for a newbie.
  14. -Going to the bar-
  17. first, wait yer damn turn, if there are several other people standing at the bar without a drink in front of them, they were probably there first, just find an open space, make eye contact with teh bartender, give a smile and wait for them to come up to you.
  18. dont get the bartenders attention till you know what you want, unless ofcorse the bar does not have a list of drinks they have available, in which case, do what i said above, ask for a drink list, then inform them that you will give it a look over and will be ready in a minute or two.
  19. if using a card, open a tab, keep a mental note of drinks, if using cash, exact change, no coins, tip a buck or two for mixed drinks, tip one buck for every three or four shots/glasses/beers, no need to tip per drink of the bartender is just pouring.
  20. talk to people, no one goes to a bar because they want to be alone, even if they look sad and miserable, strike up a conversation, why the hell are you in a bar if you dont want to socialize.
  21. dont be a dick, to anyone, if someone is a dick to you, attempt to ignore them, or remove yourself from the situation, if that dosent work and they are getting physical, kick the sack and flee, bar fights are no god damn fun.
  22. try not to get too shitfaced (unless its your birthday and are in good company, we understand), and if you DO get too shitfaced, dont ruin everyone elses good time, if you feel too drunk just have a seat, ask for a glass of water or perhaps some coffee, have a smoke, whatever, just relax, exception of corse is in loud club type bars, just try not to annoy people you dont know well.
  23. and the most important rule, do not fucking throw up on the bar, on tables, or on the floor, if you feel the need to puke, rush outside, or to the bathroom.
  24. also if you are still alive by the end of the night, stop by berrytube.tv , drinking games every friday
  25. now shut the fuck up and take a shot.
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