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  1. "The head-mic I use is only for sound to go out to the audience not the other way around, it is impossible for me to hear through this."
  3. <http://www.sallymorgan.tv/official-statement-in-regards-to-the-guardian/>
  4. <http://www.freezepage.com/1319928733BPGSVKMXBB>
  5. 20 September 2011
  9. "I have done and will continue to wear an earpiece (as well as a microphone) when my shows are being filmed for TV or when I am touring in a new production or a new theatre. This is entirely normal and allows me to take stage direction and cues from my Stage Director."
  11. <http://www.sallymorgan.tv/a-message-to-my-fans/>
  12. <http://www.freezepage.com/1319928827SDDFFDMBIA>
  13. 14 October 2011
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