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  1. [2011/09/10 21:56]  *** parent estate: 1, mainland
  2. [2011/09/10 21:56]  Synphony Vayandar: you and me need to talk.
  3. [2011/09/10 21:56]  Synphony Vayandar: Now.
  4. [2011/09/10 21:57]  GothGirl Demonia: Hi how are you
  5. [2011/09/10 21:57]  Synphony Vayandar: fucked off at you
  6. [2011/09/10 21:57]  Synphony Vayandar: What the hell is your probnlem with me?
  7. [2011/09/10 21:57]  Synphony Vayandar: Seriously
  8. [2011/09/10 21:57]  Synphony Vayandar: Don't pull the innocent shit
  9. [2011/09/10 21:57]  GothGirl Demonia: I dont have a problem with you anymore its all good
  10. [2011/09/10 21:57]  Synphony Vayandar: it's too late
  11. [2011/09/10 21:57]  Synphony Vayandar: because everytime you pulled shit, you left your name as a friend..
  12. [2011/09/10 21:57]  Synphony Vayandar: so, it's you
  13. [2011/09/10 21:57]  Synphony Vayandar: so you can tell me what your problem is, right now
  14. [2011/09/10 21:57]  GothGirl Demonia: Okay I will
  15. [2011/09/10 21:58]  GothGirl Demonia: My problem that was with you I shared some OOC stuff that was rude and it all blew up its over and good
  16. [2011/09/10 21:58]  Synphony Vayandar: Nope, that doesn't cut it
  17. [2011/09/10 21:58]  Synphony Vayandar: you made a fake pofile, just like mine
  18. [2011/09/10 21:58]  GothGirl Demonia: I know about the griefing someone is doing
  19. [2011/09/10 21:58]  Synphony Vayandar: you posted about me on sites
  20. [2011/09/10 21:58]  GothGirl Demonia: Someone attacked my avatar from Evil yesterday
  21. [2011/09/10 21:58]  Synphony Vayandar: You know why you know?
  22. [2011/09/10 21:58]  Synphony Vayandar: Because it's you.
  23. [2011/09/10 21:59]  GothGirl Demonia: Do u want me to get the snapshots?
  24. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: It's you
  25. [2011/09/10 21:59]  GothGirl Demonia: I got my email spammed full of rude things
  26. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: wtf would you have snapshots of something that apparently has nothing to do with you
  27. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: The lady doth protest too much
  28. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: it's you
  29. [2011/09/10 21:59]  GothGirl Demonia: Look i will show you
  30. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: you just basically proved it was you
  31. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: You think I want to fucking see?
  32. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: No
  33. [2011/09/10 21:59]  GothGirl Demonia: No you dont understand
  34. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: I want you sto stop
  35. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: and I want you to fucking apologize
  36. [2011/09/10 21:59]  Synphony Vayandar: you, and your psychotic alts
  37. [2011/09/10 22:00]  GothGirl Demonia: When an object sends someone an IM it sends it to their email
  38. [2011/09/10 22:00]  Synphony Vayandar: and your spammer
  39. [2011/09/10 22:00]  Synphony Vayandar: and your stalking
  40. [2011/09/10 22:00]  Synphony Vayandar: don't pull that shit
  41. [2011/09/10 22:00]  Synphony Vayandar: it's you
  42. [2011/09/10 22:00]  Synphony Vayandar: I'm not a fucking retard from america who can only read the back of a doritos packet
  43. [2011/09/10 22:00]  Synphony Vayandar: I know enough about computers, and ip addresses, and oh.. by the way
  44. [2011/09/10 22:00]  Synphony Vayandar: yeah I have talked to LL
  45. [2011/09/10 22:00]  Synphony Vayandar: and yeah funnily, your name came up
  46. [2011/09/10 22:00]  GothGirl Demonia: Okay great so do I know about that stuff
  47. [2011/09/10 22:01]  Synphony Vayandar: still wanna deny it?
  48. [2011/09/10 22:01]  GothGirl Demonia: I own 3 gateways
  49. [2011/09/10 22:01]  GothGirl Demonia: multiple routers
  50. [2011/09/10 22:01]  GothGirl Demonia: run multiple VPNS im a paranoid freak i deal with griefers on my own region
  51. [2011/09/10 22:01]  Synphony Vayandar: So all that shit way you
  52. [2011/09/10 22:01]  Synphony Vayandar: I know it was you
  53. [2011/09/10 22:01]  GothGirl Demonia: But I dont have time to do griefing on someone.
  54. [2011/09/10 22:01]  Synphony Vayandar: I don't even know why you're pretending it's not
  55. [2011/09/10 22:01]  GothGirl Demonia: I have no problem with anyone.
  56. [2011/09/10 22:01]  Synphony Vayandar: It was you, it is you
  57. [2011/09/10 22:02]  GothGirl Demonia: Ive filed abuse reports on the person who was here spamming me a day or so ago I just wish that people would quit sending me im's and threats
  58. [2011/09/10 22:02]  Synphony Vayandar: You have seriously fucked me off.
  59. [2011/09/10 22:02]  Synphony Vayandar: Not just me.. but my friends
  60. [2011/09/10 22:02]  Synphony Vayandar: how low can you get?
  61. [2011/09/10 22:02]  Synphony Vayandar: all this because you weren't in some fucking group any more?
  62. [2011/09/10 22:02]  Synphony Vayandar: You don't get it, I already know it's you
  63. [2011/09/10 22:03]  Synphony Vayandar: I'm just waiting for you to get a conscience and admit it
  64. [2011/09/10 22:03]  Synphony Vayandar: and apologize
  65. [2011/09/10 22:03]  GothGirl Demonia: I never hardly played here anymore but after that night in 2010 it was over with I never really did anything to anyone I step out of line a bit with my rude comments yeah
  66. [2011/09/10 22:03]  Synphony Vayandar: Bullshit
  67. [2011/09/10 22:03]  Synphony Vayandar: Just fess up already
  68. [2011/09/10 22:03]  GothGirl Demonia: Look if it were me I wouldnt have abuse reported all this crap think I would try and get myself banned from SL ive been banned and griefed many times
  69. [2011/09/10 22:03]  Synphony Vayandar: We already know it's you, I had LL freeze my account and contact me, and it was YOUR NAME
  70. [2011/09/10 22:04]  Synphony Vayandar: so what now?
  71. [2011/09/10 22:04]  Synphony Vayandar: you think I give a crap 'cause you're saying oh but I don't want to get banned Little miss three gateways?
  72. [2011/09/10 22:04]  Synphony Vayandar: Keep your story straight for fuck's sake
  73. [2011/09/10 22:04]  Synphony Vayandar: You know enough to dodge the LL bullet
  74. [2011/09/10 22:05]  Synphony Vayandar: just move onto a different machine
  75. [2011/09/10 22:05]  Synphony Vayandar: with a niff motherboard
  76. [2011/09/10 22:05]  GothGirl Demonia: Oh yeah I know all this because I learned it after getting griefed many times and you dont even have to do that
  77. [2011/09/10 22:05]  Synphony Vayandar: Oh really... you do it all the time huh?
  78. [2011/09/10 22:05]  GothGirl Demonia: Ive emailed LL before asked them please update security they dont
  79. [2011/09/10 22:05]  Synphony Vayandar: After you've wrecked someone's life?
  80. [2011/09/10 22:06]  GothGirl Demonia: I dont have any reason to hate you I dont hold many grudges in SL only like a very few people and you not one of them
  81. [2011/09/10 22:06]  Synphony Vayandar: Yeah, you do
  82. [2011/09/10 22:06]  Synphony Vayandar: 'cause everytime I got a notecard, or someone I don't know IM'ing me
  83. [2011/09/10 22:06]  Synphony Vayandar: guess what...
  84. [2011/09/10 22:06]  Synphony Vayandar: your name came up
  85. [2011/09/10 22:06]  Synphony Vayandar: You fucking stalked me.
  86. [2011/09/10 22:06]  Synphony Vayandar: End of.
  87. [2011/09/10 22:07]  Synphony Vayandar: You abused me in IM.
  88. [2011/09/10 22:07]  GothGirl Demonia: SOmeone attacked me too giving out a fake notecard around SL too saying I griefed all kinds of stuff I know about it because LL Banned me and they investergated it
  89. [2011/09/10 22:07]  Synphony Vayandar: Isn't that amazing... an identical story
  90. [2011/09/10 22:07]  Synphony Vayandar: Seriously, I have never lost my temper like this before, but fuck you.
  91. [2011/09/10 22:07]  GothGirl Demonia: I know who it is too
  92. [2011/09/10 22:07]  Synphony Vayandar: Seriously, I know it was you, we all know it was you.
  93. [2011/09/10 22:08]  Synphony Vayandar: You'd have to be thick as a rock, not to realize that the excuses you're using are too canny to be true
  94. [2011/09/10 22:08]  Synphony Vayandar: funny, it all happened to you too
  95. [2011/09/10 22:08]  Synphony Vayandar: but no one else we know?
  96. [2011/09/10 22:08]  Synphony Vayandar: fuck.. weird huh
  97. [2011/09/10 22:08]  GothGirl Demonia: Its happend to a lot of people
  98. [2011/09/10 22:08]  Synphony Vayandar: and what's more it was identical, and you kept all this evidence
  99. [2011/09/10 22:08]  Synphony Vayandar: No, sorry sister. You're a bullshitter and a psychol.
  100. [2011/09/10 22:09]  GothGirl Demonia: Look say what you want I mean I have no problems with you anymore I just wish it were nicer than this I mean if you think I did something I mean please by all means abuse report me for whatever or whoever is attacking I encourage it
  101. [2011/09/10 22:09]  Synphony Vayandar: It's you.
  102. [2011/09/10 22:09]  GothGirl Demonia: The only one clearly abusing or being rude right now is you, but I can understand through all the stress
  103. [2011/09/10 22:09]  Synphony Vayandar: Stop pulling this bullshit
  104. [2011/09/10 22:09]  Synphony Vayandar: it's you
  105. [2011/09/10 22:10]  GothGirl Demonia: Im not pulling bullshit and I am dead serious about it I mean ive been wondering for days how I am ever going to explain this to the people I once knew and now this
  106. [2011/09/10 22:11]  Synphony Vayandar: You must be mental to think I am going to fall for this crap
  107. [2011/09/10 22:11]  Synphony Vayandar: YOU WERE REPEATING BACK TO ME, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME.
  108. [2011/09/10 22:11]  Synphony Vayandar: And we have fuck all in common
  109. [2011/09/10 22:11]  Synphony Vayandar: I know hundreds of people
  110. [2011/09/10 22:11]  Synphony Vayandar: and it hasn't happened to any of them
  111. [2011/09/10 22:11]  GothGirl Demonia: Yeah and so do I
  112. [2011/09/10 22:11]  Synphony Vayandar: it's bullshit.
  113. [2011/09/10 22:11]  GothGirl Demonia: Well
  114. [2011/09/10 22:11]  Synphony Vayandar: Utter, plain and simple.
  115. [2011/09/10 22:12]  GothGirl Demonia: Thats the funny thing out abit isnt it
  116. [2011/09/10 22:12]  GothGirl Demonia: When i inspected the box being given out in the sandbox with ur name on it or someone pretending to be you
  117. [2011/09/10 22:12]  GothGirl Demonia: It had 4 different UUID's on it including your friends
  118. [2011/09/10 22:12]  Synphony Vayandar: My name wasn't on it..and why would YOU be inspecting it?
  119. [2011/09/10 22:12]  Synphony Vayandar: see what I mean..
  120. [2011/09/10 22:12]  GothGirl Demonia: Thats how I know that it wasn't you otherwise I would have sent ur name out to all the content developers in SL
  121. [2011/09/10 22:12]  Synphony Vayandar: fuck
  122. [2011/09/10 22:12]  Synphony Vayandar: it's you
  123. [2011/09/10 22:12]  GothGirl Demonia: are you serious
  124. [2011/09/10 22:12]  GothGirl Demonia: Go to nix and look
  125. [2011/09/10 22:12]  GothGirl Demonia: has u as the creator
  126. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: no it doesn't
  127. [2011/09/10 22:13]  GothGirl Demonia: Ive abuse reported it like 3 times
  128. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: it was synphony vayandar resident
  129. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: already looked.
  130. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: Which, isn't me
  131. [2011/09/10 22:13]  GothGirl Demonia: Yes but the creator of the object says Synphony Vayandar
  132. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: Nope
  133. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: it says synphony vayandar resident
  134. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: I WAS THERE
  135. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: i read it
  136. [2011/09/10 22:13]  Synphony Vayandar: and this dumb ass profile comes up
  137. [2011/09/10 22:14]  GothGirl Demonia: Yes that is the person screwiing around i know
  138. [2011/09/10 22:14]  Synphony Vayandar: yeah, you
  139. [2011/09/10 22:14]  Synphony Vayandar: that's how you know
  140. [2011/09/10 22:14]  Synphony Vayandar: there is no other reason for you to even think about me
  141. [2011/09/10 22:14]  GothGirl Demonia: Well I honestly have not even seen you until today
  142. [2011/09/10 22:14]  Synphony Vayandar: yeah, because you were banned
  143. [2011/09/10 22:14]  Synphony Vayandar: with good fucking reason
  144. [2011/09/10 22:15]  GothGirl Demonia: I was banned from Evil
  145. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: no, from NoR
  146. [2011/09/10 22:15]  GothGirl Demonia: I never got banned from NOR to my knowledge
  147. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: again, I looked at the sites
  148. [2011/09/10 22:15]  GothGirl Demonia: just one sim
  149. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: so.. you wrote an appeal for what?
  150. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: for fun?
  151. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: You're in purgatory
  152. [2011/09/10 22:15]  GothGirl Demonia: No for what I personally said to you that offended you
  153. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: so stop lying.
  154. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: You just said you didn't know
  155. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: but you must have known
  156. [2011/09/10 22:15]  Synphony Vayandar: to write an appeal
  157. [2011/09/10 22:16]  Synphony Vayandar: This is ridiclous, stop lying
  158. [2011/09/10 22:16]  GothGirl Demonia: I knew I was banned from Evil when i came back to find a weapon that was broken
  159. [2011/09/10 22:16]  Synphony Vayandar: not just to me, but to yourself
  160. [2011/09/10 22:16]  Synphony Vayandar: because it's not healthy
  161. [2011/09/10 22:16]  GothGirl Demonia: But I wasnt banned from every NOR Sim
  162. [2011/09/10 22:16]  Synphony Vayandar: yes you were.
  163. [2011/09/10 22:16]  Synphony Vayandar: That's what a ban is
  164. [2011/09/10 22:16]  Synphony Vayandar: I asked the NoR Staff too to double check
  165. [2011/09/10 22:16]  Synphony Vayandar: apparently you're still banned, and shouldn't be here.
  166. [2011/09/10 22:17]  GothGirl Demonia: that is wierd
  167. [2011/09/10 22:17]  GothGirl Demonia: because as far as I know im only banned from Evil it tells me im banned
  168. [2011/09/10 22:17]  GothGirl Demonia: But doesnt tell me im banned from anywhere else
  169. [2011/09/10 22:17]  GothGirl Demonia: And my ban isn't even listed on the nor site so it isn't evne following their rules
  170. [2011/09/10 22:17]  Synphony Vayandar: Yeah, it is
  171. [2011/09/10 22:17]  Synphony Vayandar: and your appeal is
  172. [2011/09/10 22:17]  Synphony Vayandar: I read it
  173. [2011/09/10 22:18]  Synphony Vayandar: you blamed everyone but yourself
  174. [2011/09/10 22:18]  GothGirl Demonia: Look I blame myself for speaking rudely towards you I really Do because I know that was wrong of me to share that with you
  175. [2011/09/10 22:18]  GothGirl Demonia: Most my friends wouldn't mind though and I had no idea it was going to end up like it did
  176. [2011/09/10 22:18]  GothGirl Demonia: But yes I blame myself for that and always will
  177. [2011/09/10 22:19]  Synphony Vayandar: You blamed me, which is why you went on this rant
  178. [2011/09/10 22:19]  Synphony Vayandar: psychotic, stalking rant
  179. [2011/09/10 22:19]  GothGirl Demonia: I only blame you for going off on me a bit thats all beyond that Im cool with you and everyone else
  180. [2011/09/10 22:19]  Synphony Vayandar: You don't get it.
  181. [2011/09/10 22:19]  GothGirl Demonia: I blame it for not being handled like an adult should have thats really all I mean if ya had a problem with what I said you should have at least told me
  182. [2011/09/10 22:20]  Synphony Vayandar: If you were innocent you would be like 'what's this about' and you're not.. you know every little details. Know what that says?
  183. [2011/09/10 22:20]  Synphony Vayandar: guilt.
  184. [2011/09/10 22:20]  GothGirl Demonia: I watch the entire grid its my Job so when something goes on outside of NOR i know about it
  185. [2011/09/10 22:20]  GothGirl Demonia: When someone goes around the sandbox griefing in your name just like they did me and a few others I see it
  186. [2011/09/10 22:20]  Synphony Vayandar: It's not your job to watch the grid.
  187. [2011/09/10 22:20]  GothGirl Demonia: naybe it isn't but i do
  188. [2011/09/10 22:20]  GothGirl Demonia: The only place I dont really is NOR
  189. [2011/09/10 22:20]  Synphony Vayandar: So, that's another lie.
  190. [2011/09/10 22:20]  GothGirl Demonia: because that is their JOB
  191. [2011/09/10 22:21]  GothGirl Demonia: I mean I watch for it and if something goes on I will contact an admin
  192. [2011/09/10 22:21]  Synphony Vayandar: Do you see how easily you lie?
  193. [2011/09/10 22:21]  GothGirl Demonia: but otherwise i contact LL for anything on governor linden
  194. [2011/09/10 22:21]  Synphony Vayandar: and not even little lies, big ones
  195. [2011/09/10 22:21]  GothGirl Demonia: I mean its like this sometimes i see someone wearing a stolen hair once and awhile
  196. [2011/09/10 22:21]  GothGirl Demonia: I will tell them about it
  197. [2011/09/10 22:21]  GothGirl Demonia: In a private im of course
  198. [2011/09/10 22:22]  GothGirl Demonia: And I know because I know all the content developers of this grid or the major ones
  199. [2011/09/10 22:22]  Synphony Vayandar: You.Made.My.Life.Hell.
  200. [2011/09/10 22:22]  GothGirl Demonia: How do you think I feel when I get attacked by these dumb people 24/7 people come into my region and grief me sometimes
  201. [2011/09/10 22:22]  Synphony Vayandar: You.Made.My.Life.Hell
  202. [2011/09/10 22:22]  Synphony Vayandar: Do you even care?
  203. [2011/09/10 22:23]  GothGirl Demonia: I do care for what I did but I mean I can't take responsibility for somethign else I really did not do myself
  204. [2011/09/10 22:23]  Synphony Vayandar: It was all you
  205. [2011/09/10 22:23]  Synphony Vayandar: you're not taking responsibility for anyone else
  206. [2011/09/10 22:23]  Synphony Vayandar:
  207. [2011/09/10 22:23]  Synphony Vayandar: You are the one that made me so upset my lungs bled
  208. [2011/09/10 22:23]  Synphony Vayandar: you are the one that made me so upset I vomitted and couldn't hold down food
  209. [2011/09/10 22:24]  Synphony Vayandar: Yes, I'm terminall ill in real life, and my friends know that
  210. [2011/09/10 22:24]  Synphony Vayandar: If you want to know what Cystic Fibrosis
  211. [2011/09/10 22:24]  Synphony Vayandar: go look it up
  212. [2011/09/10 22:24]  GothGirl Demonia: okay gime a sec
  213. [2011/09/10 22:26]  GothGirl Demonia: O.o is this something you have?
  214. [2011/09/10 22:26]  Synphony Vayandar: Yes.
  215. [2011/09/10 22:27]  GothGirl Demonia: Well im sorry to hear, and I wish there was something I could do for you myself. I have been sick myself bad RL not sure even what it was but ive came close to death a couple of times.
  216. [2011/09/10 22:28]  Synphony Vayandar: Well if you even partly understand, i hope that's enough for you to stop pulling this crap.
  217. [2011/09/10 22:28]  GothGirl Demonia: I know I am trying to get to the bottom of it all after ive seen what is going on not even the admins know for sure from what I know anyways they suspected it was me once, but I have no idea other than what ive seen
  218. [2011/09/10 22:29]  GothGirl Demonia: Personally I want to just make peace with you, whoever else there is and this is doing nothing but making things much harder for me. I mean I am not that good at aplogies either but I try.
  219. [2011/09/10 22:32]  GothGirl Demonia: I mean I have a lot that goes on IN SL too and the day I said those things to you the last time we ever really talked, someone was in the middle of griefing my account so I am thinking its the same damn person and if it is then I already know who it is
  220. [2011/09/10 22:32]  Synphony Vayandar: Yeah, you.
  221. [2011/09/10 22:32]  GothGirl Demonia: No KingGoon
  222. [2011/09/10 22:33]  GothGirl Demonia: He has attacke me countless times Ive done nothing but document everything and the person doing it to me
  223. [2011/09/10 22:33]  GothGirl Demonia: I am thinking they saw the post on there and then started doing Lulz Trolling and if that is all it is then I hope it all goes away and fast and I havent been attacked for awhile so thats a good start maybe.
  224. [2011/09/10 22:37]  GothGirl Demonia: I also found my post on the google search engine which is another thing that can explain it all
  225. [2011/09/10 22:45]  GothGirl Demonia: Anyways I mean there is no point in even trying to say anything really But I really do hope that you get better RL I don't know if there is even really any cure for this type of thing, and I will try my best to make sure all this shit stays as low as it can I mean If I were rich RL I would totally help you in any way I could or rather anyone else too even if Something bad happend in the past. I mean I Try my best to put things behind me but it is hard to forget them all but I still try, and I am not angry with you or anyone else you know but I will personally do my best to find out exactly what is going on and hopefully get it to stop.
  226. [2011/09/10 22:45]  Synphony Vayandar: There's no cure. That's what terminal means. It is going to kill me.
  227. [2011/09/10 22:46]  GothGirl Demonia: Huggs you well I am really sorry then I mean life is such a sad thing sometimes and I just wish there were something they could do to cure a lot more.
  228. [2011/09/10 22:47]  GothGirl Demonia: I wish I had of known this about you way earlier things would have been a lot different but I mean I didn't play much didnt know too many people here.
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