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  3. For the server (ignore if just running client):
  4. 1) download
  5. 2) extract
  6. 3) run .bat and works like any other Minecraft Server
  8. For clients:
  9. 1) Download the technic launcher:
  10. 2) Make sure you have 64-bit Java - as 32-bit Java only lets you have 1GB of RAM allocated for Minecraft. The mod pack needs at least ~4GB. If you don't have 4GB of RAM then download some more and upgrade your PC...
  11. 3) Run technic launcher and login with Mojang login, and in options (gear icon in top right) change RAM allocation to something like 8GB. If the max you can select is 1GB it's because you're on 32-bit java runtime
  12. 4) Go back to main technic menu and click "add new mod pack"
  13. 5) Paste as the platform link
  14. 6) Click OK or whatever it says. When back in the main menu select 'Moonquest' and click Play
  15. 7) It should DL the stuff and launch!
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