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  1. Ok, I'm a pedo and I find little girls sexy. Big fucking deal, I was born that way and have been fascinated by cute little kids since I was a teenager.
  3. Fast foward approximately 10 years of self hate and here I am, still attracted to kids and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.
  5. I'm also the last person you'd expect to be a pedo. I have a girlfriend, creative talent, a strong sense of ethics, I am not a rapist or child molester. But in private sometimes I jerk off over pics of cute little kids. Do I like myself for doing it? No. Do I wish I could change? Yes.
  7. But there's so much fucking misconception about pedophilia it drives me god damn crazy. For a start, the word "pedophile" doesn't even begin to describe the plethora of different types of "pedos" out there.
  9. You have exclusive pedos (ones that ONLY like little girls) and you have non-exclusive (like me) that are also attracted to girls my own age.
  11. You have violent pedos and soft hearted pedos. Most pedos are soft-hearted and there is a strong sense of empathy and care for the girls that are in so called "child porn" and child modelling pictures and videos.
  13. Child porn to a pedo is HARDCORE porn featuring children and is usually pics/video of dads raping/abusing their children. It's disgusting. There are a few different child modelling agencies that specialize in nude child modelling and they are usually posed very erotically. However pictures of nude kids posing for the camera isn't considered "child porn" (or CP) to pedos, and MOST PEDOS DON'T LIKE CP because it's abusive. GOOD pedos don't like to see crying abused kids, most pedos like to see HAPPY SMILING children that are innocent and carefree and comfortable in their own skin.
  15. I personally don't want to hurt kids and I never would. In my fantasies I have sex with kids, but my fantasies are all about giving the kid pleasure and making them happy, not HURTING them. Fucked up? Maybe. But it's only a fantasy and that's how it's gonna stay.
  17. The problem is pedophiles that actually do hurt kids. And yes some pedos hurt kids, because they are fucked in the head! The main problem is that pedos CAN'T GET ANY HELP. Where do we go? Who do we see? It's not just this easy thing to go to a shrink and be like "oh yeah hi I'm a pedo, can u fix me?" It's deeply personal, embarassing and often the pedo bitterly hates themselves for being a pedo!
  19. I myself have tried to stop being a pedo many times, I used to finish fapping and delete all my pics of nude kids in blind self hate and disgust. It's a common occurrence and I often see people talking about it on the many online pedo picture-sharing forums. But we've got nowhere to fucking go. Nobody on planet earth is hated more than pedos. Not even terrorists. The sweetest, gentlest, nicest mother turns into a foaming psycho baying for blood if you even mention the word pedophile.
  21. Until this attitude changes, kids WILL CONTINUE to be abused and as the world's population increases and the world economy becomes more and more unstable and as poverty increases this problem is only gonna get worse! The change needs to come from people who hate and revile pedophiles because until we stop being so fucking stigmatised, we're NEVER gonna be able to get any help.
  23. Anyway enough about all that, I originally came here to say that Toddlers and Tiaras fucking SUCKS, the girls aren't even hot (they are so made up they look like mini adults!) and the abuse by their parents fucking disgusts me.
  25. If you want a sample of what kinda little girls I think are hot/cute, check out these - they are fully clothed and these pics are not illegal in any way! Just pics of cute kids.
  27. Kate - this girl is my favorite. She is so cute it hurts!
  29. Nicole - I think she's about 14 and she's sooo pretty!
  31. Peach - she's a little one but omg she's so insanely cute!
  33. I can't remember this girl's name but isn't she beautiful!
  35. This girl is a softcore nude model. She isn't nude in this pic. She has the most beautiful body ever! Soft and smooth with beautiful feminine curves.
  37. Last but not the least, if you think Toddlers and Tiaras is bad then I would like to draw everyone's attention to how fucked up some pedos really are. Some pedos get turned on by HURTING and TORTURING kids. Some pedos just wanna hurt children. The things I have seen in the underground internet would appall and disgust you as much as it did me.
  39. This picture is a screenshot from a notorious secret internet forum where the members plan the kidnap, rape, torture and murder of children. They write stories about how they abused and hurt kids and discuss the best places to kidnap kids and what chemicals to use to subdue them. EDIT: THIS WEBSITE CANNOT BE TRACKED, TRACED OR TAKEN DOWN. IT IS INVINCIBLE BECAUSE OF THE TECHNOLOGY USED TO HOST IT. More info here
  41. These people fucking disgust me and I hope they get caught, put into a straitjacket and left in a lonely white room to fester until they die. They honestly make me sick because they ENJOY hurting kids. That is the opposite of what I like.
  43. The links probably won't last long as the censor brigade on Reddit will soon get them taken down.
  45. Peace to all!
  47. (this was posted from TOR so don't bother trying to track me down)
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