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list of pedo sites plz kill these sites off

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  1. http://www.wickedcamchat.com newest server ip
  2. ad free link to stop the pedo cunt from making money with ads
  4. http://www.wickedcamchat.com/avchat3/wicked01/wccfree.swf
  6. bring down this pedo site and the others below
  8. all have admins and users that encourage (even though they say they don't) young underaged kids to get naked  
  9. and chateen.com @ faceless.tv both server  ip's = but im sure this has a redirector oh and the image protection is just to fool the underagers that they can't have thier webcams recorded which is all fucking lies
  10. also http://www.teen-chat-world.com/chat/client.html server ip =
  11. and last but not least
  13. http://videochat.teenagevideochat.com/index.php server ip =
  14. theres an other one too thats trying to get up and running again icutoo.com server ip =
  16. thanks for your help in fucking up these pedo child exploitation websites
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