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  1. Linus Torvalds's commit message style guide.
  2. Taken from the README for one of this projects[0].
  4. For examples of commit messages in this style, see `git log` for the linux
  5. kernel[1] project.
  7. ===============================================================================
  8. Also, please write good git commit messages.  A good commit message
  9. looks like this:
  11.         Header line: explaining the commit in one line
  13.         Body of commit message is a few lines of text, explaining things
  14.         in more detail, possibly giving some background about the issue
  15.         being fixed, etc etc.
  17.         The body of the commit message can be several paragraphs, and
  18.         please do proper word-wrap and keep columns shorter than about
  19.         74 characters or so. That way "git log" will show things
  20.         nicely even when it's indented.
  22.         Reported-by: whoever-reported-it
  23.         Signed-off-by: Your Name <>
  25. where that header line really should be meaningful, and really should be
  26. just one line.  That header line is what is shown by tools like gitk and
  27. shortlog, and should summarize the change in one readable line of text,
  28. independently of the longer explanation.
  29. ===============================================================================
  31. 0:
  32. 1:
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