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  1. scope: u n eric hate eac other now
  2. scope: or what
  3. missy: yeah
  4. scope: yy
  5. missy: long story
  6. missy: i cant even talk about it
  7. missy: or he'll leaked my info
  8. missy: to 4chan
  9. missy: and esea
  10. scope: wtf
  11. missy: etc.
  12. scope: he wont know
  13. missy: yeah i know.
  14. scope: wtf
  15. scope: are u saying
  16. scope: leak what info
  17. missy: like my name
  18. missy: address
  19. scope: dont u got his
  20. scope: lol
  21. missy: yeah.
  22. missy: but i wouldnt do that
  23. missy: he would.
  24. scope: he said he would?
  25. scope: i doubt it
  26. missy: yeah
  27. scope: he deleted me frmo steam
  28. scope: wttttf
  29. missy: he has it all typed out
  30. missy: and showed it to
  31. missy: his friends and etc
  32. scope: ..
  33. missy: the people on vent
  34. missy: yeah
  35. missy: and they told me about it
  36. missy: it's really scarey
  37. missy: you know my "nudes"
  38. scope: lol?
  39. missy: he hacked my photobucket
  40. missy: e-mail
  41. missy: steam
  42. missy: everything
  43. scope: why..
  44. missy: changed all my passwords
  45. scope: wtf
  46. missy: because i denied him
  47. missy: because i wouldn't e date his sorry ass
  48. scope: LOL..
  49. scope: u cant be serous
  50. missy: IM DEAD SERIOUS
  51. scope: should tell lpkane
  52. scope: imo
  53. missy: no
  54. scope: get him fired
  55. scope: his life would be over
  56. scope: no joke
  57. missy: thats mean
  58. scope: if he  got fired
  59. scope: LOL
  60. missy: i wouldn't do that
  62. missy: idk
  63. missy: anyways
  64. scope: u in a vent er what
  65. missy: i stopped coming online
  66. missy: and vent
  67. missy: because he was seriously creeping me out
  68. missy: when i first denied him i told him to leave me alone
  69. scope: LOL..
  70. missy: but he sent me text messages
  71. missy: every day
  72. scope: HAHAH
  73. missy: like paragraphs
  74. scope: WHAT THE FUCK
  75. missy: 3-4 page long
  76. missy: text messages that i wouldnt respond to
  77. scope: get a new phone or what
  78. scope: lol
  79. scope: honestly, you can just call the police
  80. scope: lol
  81. scope: he's harassing you
  82. scope: it's illegal
  83. missy: yeah
  84. scope: get a restraining order
  85. missy: i know
  86. missy: the first type i denied him
  87. missy: he said he was going to kill himself
  88. scope: LOl
  89. missy: and i had to call his mom
  90. missy: and his mom had an intervention
  91. scope: i don't know if i can believe this
  92. missy: i wouldn't doubt it though cause i think he would
  93. scope: it's too surreal
  94. scope: LOL
  95. missy: I KNOW
  96. missy: RIGHT?
  97. scope: LOOOOL
  98. scope: how do i even know this is you!!
  99. scope: you don't answer blackberry,
  100. scope: for all i know
  101. scope: he hacked ur steam
  102. scope: and is talking to me
  103. scope: and hacked ur ESEA
  104. scope: told me to add you
  105. scope: :p
  106. scope: on the other hand
  107. scope: the first thing u said was
  108. scope: OH CANADA
  109. scope: so i think it's legit
  110. scope: so he basically told you to never speak of this again
  111. scope: or he would do all of that
  112. scope: ?
  113. missy: lol
  114. missy: noo
  115. missy: its me
  116. missy: CANADIAN
  117. missy: ITS ME
  118. missy: WE DO THE THING
  119. scope: lolol
  120. scope: AHA
  121. missy: WHEN I RUN ON YOUR HEAD
  122. missy: CANADIAN
  123. missy: ITS MEE
  124. missy: MISSY
  125. missy: yeah
  126. missy: "I will warn you one time, and one time only. If you continue to talk shit about me to my friends (yes, my friends, you may have "brought them there", but they've always hated you) there will be consequences. Either we go our separate ways and not mention each other again, which I have done, or you continue this bullshit and I'll do what I have to do. I've made my peace with what has happened, obviously you have not. I'm trying to be the bigger person here, but if you feel the need to continue, I'll make sure you regret it.
  128. Yours Truly,
  130. Eric"
  131. missy: his friends = guys on vent
  132. missy: me talking shit = me telling people the  TURTH
  133. missy: truth
  134. scope: lol..
  135. scope: what then fuck
  136. scope: how did he send that
  137. missy: e-mail
  138. missy: hes fucked up in the head
  139. missy: is scarey
  140. scope: lets kill him
  141. scope: wanna?
  142. scope: yo
  143. scope: just tell him
  144. scope: er idk
  145. scope: i'd tlel lpkane
  146. scope: honestly
  147. missy: no
  148. scope: MISSY
  149. missy: i don't want to ruin his life
  150. scope: IM INVOLVED NOW
  151. missy: lets just hope
  152. scope: FUCK
  153. missy: he forgets about me
  154. missy: or something
  155. scope: IM PART OF THE PARTY
  157. scope: ANGEL LE
  158. scope: FUCK
  159. missy: yeah
  160. missy: i know
  161. missy: but i feel bad for him
  162. missy: he's never had a girlfriend
  163. scope: wtf
  164. missy: before
  165. missy: irl
  166. scope: and?
  167. missy: thats probably why
  168. scope: that's because hes never got out of his chair
  169. scope: before
  170. scope: that's why
  171. missy: hes like a little kid that was given candy
  172. scope: who's fault is that
  173. scope: yours?
  174. missy: when it comes to girls
  175. scope: no.
  176. scope: if you felt that bad
  177. scope: you'd " e-date him "
  178. scope: lol
  179. missy: i was nice to him
  180. missy: cause i felt bad
  181. missy: and he bought she shit
  182. missy: i didnt even ask for
  183. missy: like when i stopped talking to him
  184. missy: he ordered me a fucking
  185. missy: necklace
  186. missy: to my house
  187. scope: LOOOOOOL
  188. missy: wtf?
  189. scope: WHAT
  190. scope: THE FUCK
  191. missy: YEAH
  192. missy: and he sent me
  193. missy: FLOWERS
  194. missy: for no fucknig reason
  195. missy: i was like..
  196. missy: ....
  197. scope: RE
  198. scope: STRAINING
  199. scope: ORDER
  201. missy: lmao
  202. scope: NO JOKEING AROUND
  203. missy: calling the amberlance
  204. scope: ahhaha
  205. scope: honestlyu though
  206. scope: him that nigga off the streets
  207. scope: it would help ESEA
  208. scope: and your life
  209. scope: off the streets rofl
  210. scope: i mean off the interweb
  211. scope: he never goes outside
  212. scope:
  213. scope: 3645
  214. scope: intervention time
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