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  1. <p><h2>Look at <em>this</em> text. It's <strong>all</strong> text-y.</h2>
  3. and it's in a paragraph thing. Would you look at that. Really learnin' something here.
  4. Don't worry about the grammar things, you'll always be terrible at that. Someone should have taught you to use a comma. Keep rambling on because you want to learn about line spacing. Just a bit longer now and you'll have completed your mine experiment. There we go. Go to the second paragragh</p>
  6. <p><h4>I hope I'm doing these <q>other</q> tags correctly. I have <em>absolutely <strong>no idea</strong> what</em> any of them do.<h4>
  8. <button>now go make lists</button></p>
  10. <ul>
  11.         <li>I think "li" means list item</li>
  12.         <li>perhaps <em>someone</em> could</li>
  13.         <li>clear that up for me?</li>
  15. </ul>
  18. <table>
  19.         <tr>
  20.                 <th>I think "th"</th>
  21.                 <th>means</th>
  22.                 <th>table header</th>
  23.         </tr>
  24.         <tr>
  25.                 <td>which would</td>
  26.                 <td>make "tr"</td>
  27.                 <td>table row</td>
  28.         </tr>
  29.         <tr>
  30.                 <td>no idea what "td" is, though</td>
  31.                 <td>I could look it up</td>
  32.                 <td>but what would be the fun in that?</td>
  33.         </tr>
  34. </table>
  36. <p>This concludes my first page</p>
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