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  1. SoHii Doxing Tutorial -------------------------- == Table of contents ==
  2. - Introduction - Methods Of Doxing - What To Do With Dox - Useful Links With Descriptions - Conclusion
  3. -------------------------- == Introduction ==
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of Doxing! In this tutorial you will be learning how to dox. You may be wondering by now..."what is doxing?". Well I'll be happy to tell you. Doxing is basically when you get access to someone's information through the methods I am about to mention.
  5. -------------------------- == Methods Of Doxing ==
  6. - Via Ip Address -
  7. Doxing via IP won't get you much information but it will help you in your goal of getting your targets dox. There are many ways of getting someone's IP address, I'm going to tell you two of the most used.
  8. Way #1: Obtain the IP through email. I'm not going to explain all that but here is a tutorial on how to .
  9. Way #2: Obtain the IP through Xbox Live. For this you need a program called "Cain & Abel" here is a video tutorial on how to set that all up .
  10. Now once you have obtained your targets IP head on over to this site . From there you can find their latitude/longitude which will let you find their state and city (the city isn't always correct)
  11. - Via Email Address -
  12. Assuming that you have their email address(es) there is quite a bit of information you can find from this head over to This site is a very handy doxing tool enter the email address you have on here and it will pull up any accounts or names registered to that email, you know...facebook, myspace, youtube...ect. If you get their facebook or something with their first and last name on it
  13. then you are golden and go ahead and use the next method. (Note, You can use email to obtain IP's that has been explained above)
  14. - Via Telephone Number,Names,Address -
  15. For this method the only website you will need is just fill in the first name, last name, city, (or just a phone number if you have it) and state boxes and search. More than likely you'll have multiple people pop-up with same name as your target but different addresses, now this is were the hard work starts. In order to elimate the "fakes" your going to have dox a few more people. Now if you look to the right of the names ( ) you will see the people they are related to. Find which ones are related to your target and BINGO! That's your guy!
  16. - Via User Names -
  17. Is the site you need, it works the same as the email method
  18. - Via Social Groups -
  19. Social groups are good once you found your targets facebook for example. You can use it to obtain more information on your target and also get pictures of your target. Pictures can also help you dox your target, I will explain that later on.
  20. - Social Engineering -
  21. Social Engineering is a greatly used technic for obtaining information. Social engineering is basically manipulating or tricking your target in to giving you his/her information. One way of doing this for example is by email. I once doxed a person by making a believable email address and pretened that I worked for a website and wrote articles. So I asked my target if I could interview him he said "sure", I said "would you mind starting off this interview with telling me you first and last name?" and boom, he gave it to me simple as that! Then I used the other methods for the rest of his dox.
  22. - Via Domain Names They own -
  23. Domain names (website URL's) are also very useful in doxing because you can obtain a full name and address from them but only if your target is stupid enough to enter his/her real info for his/her site. Go on over to and enter a website ( then click "look up" and you will get something like this ( as you can see though that is a example of false information ( or just not the dox we are looking for ).
  24. - Via Images -
  25. Searching images is a good way to find where pictures are uploaded at. So lets say you have a picture of your target, just go here and enter the picture you got. It will search it
  26. for you and with any luck you will get a link to his/her's facebook or myspace.
  27. -------------------------- == What To Do With Dox ==
  28. Once you have obtained all the dox of your target there are several things you can do.
  29. 1. You can use them as black mail, threaten to post them everywhere if you don't get what you want. 2. You can just be an asshole and post them everywhere and send your target the link.
  30. 3. Or use that information to gain access to something thats theirs such as a xbox live account. -------------------------- == Useful Links With Descriptions ==
  31. *Credits To Funky For Helping Me With Links* - General *These should be your first stop.* No Success with Whitepages? Try this. career and employment. Another people search
  32. -name, city, and state. by name, category, or city. - Phone Books
  33. Need to confirm dox?calling neighbors and asking for the target. They tell you how you can reach them.
  34. for free people and business searches in the US and Canada.
  35. oth%29+optional%3A+state%2Fzipcode%2Fcity%2Fetc. just click it.
  36. to almost every phonebook in the world. - Social Networks Facebook,MySpace,YouTube,Blogs, Whois ect. Searches quite a few different places
  37. A profile searcher for Networking sites.
  38. - Check to see if a username has been used on over 9000 websites.
  40. It provides excellent results when e-mail addresses and full names are used.
  41. Find deleted webpages.
  42. somebody's old email, find current ones.
  43. Search email by name, phone, fax, college, ancestors, etc.
  44. - Find the ip of a protected site
  45. - The TV Tropes method
  46. - If you have a username and think they may use this site, you can get their IP address. Just find one of their edits and highlight next to their name. Works best for deviantARTists, fanfiction writers, and other fantards that think they're pop-culture analysts.
  47. - Images
  48. You can use this handy tool to see what sites have pictures of the target.
  49. -EXIF searcher.
  50. - Government Databases
  51. - Look up UK docs
  52. Even minor traffic offenses can be found.
  53. Free Public Records Search Engine. to state DMV's. from SSN searches to Death Indexes. Background check
  54. - Maps
  55. Google Maps Google Earth Mapquest - Miscellaneous Tools Hide shit --------------------------
  56. == Conclustion ==
  57. In conclustion doxing is just an all-round badass way to piss someone off. Please note that doxing isn't illeagal as all the information you have obtained is public, but posting of the dox might get you in a little trouble (I may be wrong so dont hold me to that).
  58. But I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you. HAVE FUN Doxing!!
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