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Rory Mcelearney, beta

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  1. Rory Mcelearney's original thread:
  2. other threads:
  5. His facebook profile, link to a cached version:
  8. His profile at, along with the list of his friends:
  12. Miscellaneous:
  13. profile of a Chinese girl Rory was referring to in his original thread:
  16. FB profiles of some of his friends:
  24. (Lucinda Bird)
  26. One of the texts' variation that was used by anons to send to Rory's friends:
  27. Hello, it has come to my attention that your friend Rory Mcelearney created a thread on an anonymous forum, wherein he asked for advice about his relationship with a chinese girl, whom he wants to sleep with. Furthermore, he gave her an insulting rating of 6 out of 10 points by attractiveness.
  29. He's a frequent visitor of this aforementioned anonymous forum, called "krautchan", which has a nazi thematic and most of its userbase is made up of white nationalists and outspoken racists, so be cautious of your friend here, for he visits white nationalist' websites.
  32. About him:
  33. His former e-mail:
  34. Born on 1990, 6th September.
  35. Link to images:
  37. Rory's original thread:
  38. Second thread about Rory case:
  39. Second thread about Rory case part 2:
  40. Second thread about Rory case part 3:
  41. Rory's second original thread:
  42. Other pics:
  44. His profileengine avatar:
  45. a snap of some of his friends on FB:
  53. A somewhat explanatory picture of Rory:
  55. Member of a fan club:
  57. "You can't be best friends without insulting each other constantly"
  62.  Analyst Consultant - Resource Efficient Scotland at Ricardo-AEA
  63.  Past:
  64.  Intern Analyst at Ecometrica
  65.  Environmental Management Advisor at O'Brien Waste Management
  66.  Environmental Health Advisor at  Forth Sector
  67.  Education:
  68.  University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, MSC Clean technology
  70. Was a guitar teacher, a liberal, an atheist
  71. Where he worked at the time Rory created his original thread:
  72. Gemini Building
  73. Harwell Oxford Business Park
  74. Didcot, OX11 0QR
  75. United Kingdom
  77. Trivial stuff:
  79. "I come from Scotland, I’m 21. I did the German B2 course, the intensive course in FUBiS. I really enjoyed our teacher, she was excellent. The course was very well paced as well. It was the right level for me. I liked the structure of the course as well; I liked that there were not too many tests. But they were chances for the teacher to see how we were doing so it was a lot of feedback from our teacher all the time. What about Berlin? Wonderful! I have been living in New Castle for three years which is a terrible city, it is really one of the worst places in the world. Anything would be an improvement. But because Berlin is so nice it was a fantastic improvement!"
  82. Explanation:
  83. Scottish anonymous poster embarrassed himself by accidentally rejecting sex with a mediocre Asian girl (in his own words, a 6/10), created a thread on an anonymous forum called "krautchan" asking for advices on how to get under skirts of the Chinese girl called Xiangyi.
  84. A Dutch poster then tracked the Scot down on Facebook, and posted a link to his profile in the thread whereupon a other posters started urging other posters to message the Scot's facebook friends with a screencap of the thread.
  85. Upon realizing that some posters are going to message his friends about his inquiry on an advice, he deleted his facebook profile, and other information that is public, which he'd delete as quickly as possible.
  86. Whole userbase of the site called krautchan started discussion Rory Mcelearney, opinions were controversial regarding Rory. In support of him claimed that he's accidental failure to censor girl's name (which led to his deanonymization) is forgivable, and there's nothing wrong in asking advices on how to screw a girl from other posters
  87. In opposition of him claimed that he's a cultural marxist and a race traitor, since he craves for a woman outside of his race, a hypocrite - because he wouldn't ask such an advice from his friends, also from whom he hides the fact that he visits a white-nationalist forum, which is krautchan mostly was as of 2013, attention whore - because he deleted his original thread, wherein he asked for an advice, only after he realized some posters are gonna tell his facebook friends about his posts.
  88. He then appealed to posters, said he doesn't hold grudge over anyone, posted more pictures of himself as a proof, although still imploring some of the posters not to tell his then employer about his posts on krautchan, because it might get Rory getting fired from his job.