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Sarina Valentina - The Wives Club: When you have No One Else

By: underwork on Dec 11th, 2011  |  syntax: None  |  size: 1.71 KB  |  views: 960  |  expires: Never
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  1. [center][img]http://picsee.net/upload/2011-11-20/984d6465d214.jpg[/img]
  2. [b]Sarina Valentina - The Wives Club: When you have No One Else to Call... (720p)[/b][/center]
  3. ...you call Sarina Valentina. Making her TOPPING Debut on TsSeduction.com is the incredibly sexy, Sarina Valentina. You have seen her bottom, but now you can see a whole other side of her as she completely dominates her man!
  4. Parker has been ignoring his wife for weeks - preferring baseball on TV to her endless demands for quality time. She has had enough and so to teach her deadbeat husband a lesson, she calls the only one qualified to fuck some sense into him - Sarina Valentina.
  5. Sarina takes Parker to a secret dungeon, fucks him, makes him suck her cock and punishes his mouth for neglecting his wife. She has Parker fuck her until sweat pours down his body and he cums, dropping to his knees. Sarina cums on the pathetic man who has been so out of touch with reality he didn't even notice just how close to home this secret dungeon is - so close, if he paid an ounce of attention, he could smell it.
  6. This kind of absent mindedness will forever be eradicated by Sarina and her powerful domination.
  7. [b]Performers:[/b] Parker London and Sarina Valentina
  8. [b]Genre:[/b] Shemale, Chain Trap, Hardcore, Anal, Blowjob
  9. [b]Size:[/b] 466MB
  10. [b]Length: [/b] 00:38:54
  11. [b]Format:[/b] WMV
  12. [b]Video: [/b] 1280x720
  14. [b]Screens:[/b]
  15. [url=http://picsee.net/2011-11-19/f030db408635.png.html][img]http://picsee.net/upload/2011-11-19/thumbnail/f030db408635.png[/img][/url]
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