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  1. Usage: pcbnew [--help] [--list-layers] [--layers <str>] [--drill] [--drill-aux-origin] [--plot <str>] [--plot-fill-all-zones] [--plot-drill-marks <str>] [--plot-mirror] [--plot-ps-force-a4] [--plot-gerber-exclude-edge] [--plot-gerber-aux-origin] [--svg <str>] [--svg-board-edges] [--drc] [--pos] [--bom] [--cmp] [--vrml] <path to .brd file>
  2.   --help                        command line help
  4.   --list-layers                 list names of enabled layers in .brd file
  5.   --layers=<str>                comma separated layers for plot and SVG
  7.   --drill                       File -> Fabrication -> Drill File (.drl)
  8.   --drill-aux-origin             Use aux axis as origin (def: abs)
  10.   --plot=<str>                  File -> Plot [gerber|ps|dxf]
  11.   --plot-fill-all-zones          fill zones before plotting (not in the dialog)
  12.   --plot-drill-marks=<str>       Drill marks [none|small|actual] (def: small)
  13.   --plot-mirror                  Mirrored plot (Postscript only)
  14.   --plot-ps-force-a4             Postscript: Force A4 output
  15.   --plot-gerber-exclude-edge     Gerber: exclude PCB edge
  16.   --plot-gerber-aux-origin       Gerber: Use aux axis as origin (def: abs)
  18.   --svg=<str>                   File -> Print SVG [selected|board]
  19.   --svg-board-edges              add board edges to SVG plots (def: off)
  21.   --drc                         Tools -> DRC (.rpt)
  22.   --pos                         File -> Fabrication -> Modules Pos. (.pos)
  23.   --bom                         File -> Fabrication -> BOM File (.csv)
  24.   --cmp                         File -> Fabrication -> Comp. File (.cmp)
  25.   --vrml                        File -> Export -> VRML (.wrl)
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