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  1. エマ says
  2. Chuckling a bit at his moving hand, the woman was slightly ticklish. Though, she could not complain. The sensation of knowing he was there made her feel at ease. This was the softest he's been so far. Grasping onto his well-formed anatomy, her face brushed up against his jaw. Eventually moving her tiers to his own, she stole a quick kiss. "We should rest." It was late at night and the two were clearly tired from their actions prior. Laying her arm amongst his chest, she hooked both her legs onto one of his own. Inhaling his scent, she mumbled. "Good night, Gunzi~"
  5. Sep 25, 2010
  6. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  8. Inhaling, the brute had rolled his structure to the side. His weight not forcing itself upon the brunette. He was slumped on his side, bridge of his nose lain against her cheek. Covered in sweat and allowing his breath to steady, the blond's oculars parted. Flickering upward to look into her own. A twitch of his tiers commenced to her miniature affections. Then, her question caused him to nestle closer into her. Orbs closing once more. "Nothing." Blissfully, nothing. His tiers pressed against her jawline. Nostrils flaring. "It's nice.." He was more or less focused on her warmth and her settling structure. Digits skimming mindlessly over curves and the rolls of her shoulders.
  11. Sep 24, 2010
  12. エマ says
  13. The forceful grip he forced onto her was enough to make anyone wiggle, but she endured it. Every movement and pain he bestowed onto her. Once the ritual was finished which was much later, the dark haired woman was nestled into his chest. Breathing in heavily, sweat loomed along her flesh. Sitting up just slightly with the aid of her good arm, she nuzzled her nose into his. Pressing a kiss to his tiers, she leaned to the edge of the bed. It was odd really, but she wouldn't take it back. Stroking his leg, she looked towards the window which was opened. "What are you thinking?"
  16. Sep 22, 2010
  17. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  19. "Haahh.." Expelling a grunt, he shifted his waist. Steadying himself to start forward yet again. Teeth gnashing against themselves, the male nestled his forehead against the lower part of her jaw. The imploring sounds he elicited from the female caused him to move forth in a swifter fashion. Hand moving upward to cup her lower back and bring her to arc upward and against him. "Mm.." He liked the way his name sounded, leaving her lips. Perspiration dripping down his spine, the friction of their flesh against one another had faltered to nothing. Sliding amongst eachother in each movement. Inhaling deeply, he clenched his teeth. Growl slipping past, the blond's brows furrowed. Edging himself closer against her with each time their bodies met. Nails biting into her skin as before, he felt miniature droplets of blood run. "Hnh.. Motto.." His grip was enough to collapse bone.
  22. Sep 22, 2010
  23. エマ says
  24. Sweat was already accumulating between both bodies. Her eyes felt as if they were going to roll backwards from the pleasure jolting through every nerve within her body. Her mind was clouded by the lust they shared. Even with his semi-painful grasp, the woman only wanted to dive deeper into his flesh. With a jerk of his waist, she felt her own body move back. It was a natural reaction to the sensation which did not cease for a split second. Welcoming everything he had to offer, her hand slipped from his thick neck, and towards one of his hands. Freeing him from her own appendage, she hooked her digits in perfect unity with his own. Laying there along the sheets, her head turned, allowing her dark tresses to spill over her moist face. "Don't stop." Beckoning to move on, she could not remember the last time she shared such an intense moment with another. "Please." Gasping for air, she felt her heart thump up along her chest. "Uh, Gunzi~"
  27. Sep 22, 2010
  28. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  30. The man was well practiced in such heated endeavors. His structure was built for prolonged wear and tear. If one would compare it to such as they busied themselves with. Toned abdomen arcing upward, it was pressed down against her own. Skimming against her soft stomach. The friction only aided in heightening the heat betwixt them. Not as if the male was complaining. Panting amongst other sounds were all that devoured the silence within her chambers. His hands never seemed to halt in their roaming. Seemingly doing so to memorize each curve or sensation. The brunette was as tightly clutched as if she were something of a security blanket. The blond was all the while coming to terms with the fact she indeed, was real. And in no danger of vanishing from his grasp. Gunzi was terrified of that factor. And it was evident in the feverish movements, the rock of his hips and the way his features buried themselves within her throat. Her name ever present on the tip of his tongue.
  33. Sep 21, 2010
  34. エマ says
  35. The brunette guided her palm over his locks of hair and gently rubbed them until he made full contact with her. Body jerked upward against the sheets, the one-armed beauty let out a groan. There was no slow greeting from this man, he hardly knew what the word gentle let alone bestow it onto another. The least anyone would expect for this woman was to embrace this type of man. She did not see it either, not even the day they first met. She thought nothing but the opposite, but as time went on, she felt something. It was hard to explain, the world was too cruel to allow someone of her status to know more than pain and regret. Tonight she did not want to feel that sensation and when he whispered into her ear, a chill ran down her spine. "Gunzi...." Gasping, her thighs would tighten around her quick moving hips.
  38. Sep 21, 2010
  39. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  41. Don't do it? The man nearly pouted at her reaction. He wanted to hear her, and see those desperate movements. But he adored the look in her eyes. Flashing his teeth in a pleased grin, his hands cupped her upper thighs. Straying higher, nails nearly digging inward. Her knees were hooked around his waist. Hips pressing against her own. Tilting his jaws to the side, his oculars closed. "Koneko." Miniature affections were placed over her collarbone and chest, her throat and shoulder. Knees drawing his lower anatomy upward. He thrusted forward. The connection suddenly made, a grunt slipped past. His structure twitching, before a jagged rhythm was established. There was no slow with Gunzi. Nor was there anything particularly gentle. But he would ensure the woman felt good. "Mmh." Exhaling, his tongue lapped over the shell of her ear. "Emmaa.."
  44. Sep 21, 2010
  45. エマ says
  46. Observing him carefully with calm eyes, the woman let out a grunt when he forced her down the length of the bed. Forehead greeting his chest, the warmth was more intense than usual. Once more his teeth grasped her flesh and she arched her back, only allowing more pressure to be created. She came to comprehend that the brute was only going to tease her. Would she give him what he wanted? Those sounds of beckoning? Giving him a sharp look, she kneaded her hand over his bare back. Probing the flesh, she knew this is what she truly wanted. The aftermath of this interaction did not seem to bother her, not yet anyways. "Don't do that."
  49. Sep 20, 2010
  50. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  52. Moments passed, and he was no longer satisfied with the miniature affections. Removing his jaws from her inner thighs, he lapped at his jaws. Having acquired a taste, it was going to be difficult for the woman to keep him away, now. Hands moving, they skimmed over the bottom of her thighs. Cupping them, he pulled her under him. Her forehead now greeting his chest. It would soon become rather intimate with that area. Grinning down at the brunette, his nose skimmed across her jawline. Giving forth oddly sweet caresses. Emitting a growl, his teeth inflicted another bite upon her flesh, before busying themselves with grazing below her collarbone. Arcing his spine, those azure oculars glanced to her own once more. He had the gall to tease her. He was stalling, just to see her squirm.
  55. Sep 13, 2010
  56. エマ says
  57. Closing her icy oculars, she felt her head turn. Each movement he pushed onto her caused her tiers to emit a sound. It was light and hard to hear. Trying to grasp onto him tightly, it was difficult with just one appendage assisting her. If only she still had her other arm and then she could fully embrace his form. Eyes opening up, Emma grabbed onto his countenance while still concealing her features into his neck. "Hng." Digging her acute nails deeper, she did not want to lose him. Greedily accepting whatever he had to offer, she breathed in heavily.
  60. Sep 13, 2010
  61. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  63. "Hn." Grunting, he adjusted his hips. Settling some, he busied himself with a different matter. Jaws straying lower after their connection, his teeth scraped that sensitive area. Lower jaw moving upward and working against her, he tilted his skull to the side. His other hand occupied itself with the back of her knee. Pulling her upward and closer. He was a gruff and to the point man, it seemed. Rumbling for a small collection of time, that lengthy tongue extended outward. Fingers tightening about her, his oculars flickered upward. Pupils having contracted considerably. Tiers twitching, he flashed his teeth at the woman. But it wasn't quite an aggressive gesture. "Mm."
  66. Sep 13, 2010
  67. エマ says
  68. Grasping the hand that cupped her thigh, she dug her fingers into the flesh. Making sure he did not move too quickly, she had to know it was safe enough to proceed. Jerking to his harsh actions, her leg pressed up against his chassis. The sensation was far from new, but it had been so long, it felt distance. Inhaling his scent, she buried her face into his neck. Tiers pressing along his flesh, the pain ran through her nerves, threatening to make her feel uneasy. However, this would not happen, and Emma felt her heart begin to thump along her chest. "Gunzi."
  71. Sep 13, 2010
  72. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  74. Spine slumping forward, her structure was sent back along the bedding. Her attire and his towel aside, they were soon to grow intimate with one another's flaws. His multiple scarring, mostly along his back, and whatever she may have bore. Cocking his jaw, the tip of his nose trailed down her throat, then against her collar bone, and the curvature of her bosom. Left appendage shifting to find a comfortable position, he cupped her thigh. Upraising her leg, he grunted. Tiers lowering yet more, teasing along her abdomen. Exhaling, he mumbled that coy nickname of her's. Teeth nursing harsh afflictions. Droplets of blood were given forth. Gunzi lapped them away, nails digging into her skin. "Nnh." He was not a gentle being in such an interaction. And she knew this. Scarring, blood, bruises, it was only a matter of how harsh.
  77. Sep 12, 2010
  78. エマ says
  79. "Hn?" Peering down at the damage, she would manage a shrug. "It was getting old anyways." Snickering a bit, she gave a light nip at his fingertip. Sitting up just a bit, she leveled her hand to her apparel. Tugging it up and over her head, she tossed it to the flooring. There was one thing she was not afraid of and that was showing her anatomy. Nudging back into his countenance, she mumbled against his tiers. "Better now than never.."
  82. Sep 12, 2010
  83. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  85. "Ah--" He grunted in surprise. Oculars flicking to her own, he shared a look with the woman. Pleased at her actions, one palm made itself comfortable atop her waist while the other rose. Cupping the back of her skull. Digits kneading the back of her dome, his thumb then guided itself over her lower jaw. Skimming her tiers, the blunt of his nail scraped at her lower lip. A ripping sound resounded betwixt them. And his gaze lowered to her waist. He had accidentally caused a rather serious tear. Of course, Gunzi chuckled. "Gomen na sai, Koneko." He licked his lips.
  88. Sep 12, 2010
  89. エマ says
  90. Closing her oculars, she tensed up when his nails dug into the fabric. "Mmm." Pushing her feet into the sheets, she rose up her hips just slightly. Letting the rim of her nightly attire rise over the roll of her waist, Emma leaned up against the pillows. Smoothing her hand down his shoulder and to his towel, she gave him another one of her looks. Without a warning, she pinched at his flesh and stole the only cloth that shielded him from the world.
  93. Sep 12, 2010
  94. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  96. "Emma.." Inhaling sharply as her nails raked his cranium, his pupils contracted. Her words affected him as much as those miniature gestures. Palm clamping to her side, he drew her closer. Pressing her anatomy against his own, his tiers made themselves at home below her collar bone. Licking at the soft collection of flesh. His index finger and thumb fiddled with her nightly attire. Tugging at it harshly, as he did those days ago when they were alone as this. Exhaling, he lapped at his jaws. They were slightly agape, nails scraping the fabric of her apparel.
  99. Sep 12, 2010
  100. エマ says
  101. Cooing to his affections, she ran her hand through his locks. Grasping the blond tresses, she arched his head forward. Allowing him access to any flesh he desired, Emma breathed in his unique scent. "Don't stop." Requesting him to proceed, it had been forever since she interacted like this with another. Deep down she knew she wanted more from him and she could be risking her life to do so. "Please."
  104. Sep 12, 2010
  105. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  107. "Hai." He licked his tiers, nuzzling against her once more. When the duo were comfortably within her bed, he began giving forth those harsh, yet loving bites. Nipping and kisses. He seemed to adore doing that. Extremely uncharacteristic for him, in the eyes of another. The blonde then cocked his jaw. Accepting her tongue, his teeth grazed the sensitive item. Saliva collecting within his maw, his features twitched. A growl exiting the confines of his chest. His appendage then moved, following to the roll of her hip. Digits stretching outward, he pressed his forehead against her own. "Hnh.."
  110. Sep 12, 2010
  111. エマ says
  112. "Cuddle time?" Giving him a playful look, she laughed when he plucked her up with ease. Settling into his lap, the dark-haired beauty ran her nails down his face. "I suppose cuddle time will work out." Taking hold of his tongue with her mouth, she suckled the tip before releasing it. Nestling up against him, she guided one of his hand to her waist.
  115. Sep 12, 2010
  116. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  118. He watched her vacate the tub. Oculars studying her structure. He was a man, afterall. Despite how childish he may have acted, or thought. Tiers twitching, he stood upward. Rifling through a few things until he located a towel of his own. He didn't recall bringing anything to wear for the night ahead. He would improvise. "Cold? Oh no." Frowning, he captured her, pulling her close to him. "Hmm, I'll warm you up Koneko. Cuddle time?" He grinned at her. Licking the tip of her nose.
  121. Sep 12, 2010
  122. エマ says
  123. "Oh no. I am just exhausted mentally." Standing upward, she grabbed hold of a towel. Stepping out, she hooked it around her chassis. Guiding her way into her room, she rummaged about her room for her night clothing. "Come on. Let us go relax." Cleaning up all the paper and crayons, she wiggled her finger at him. "Tiger. I am getting cold."
  126. Sep 11, 2010
  127. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  129. His palms moved. Smoothing out bubbles over her structure. Aiding in cleaning her. Therapeutic, the entire exchange. The blonde was clam to the point of falling asleep, just as is. Brows furrowing gently, he hooked his chin over her shoulder. Moving her tresses to the side with the edge of his nose, he left a trail of harsh bites. As she relaxed against him, he too found his eyelids growing heavy. Yawning in unison, he ran his digits through the collection of tresses she adorned. "Bed time, Koneko?"
  132. Sep 11, 2010
  133. エマ says
  134. "Nothing." Whispering this reply, she took in the time to enjoy this moment. Sitting down along his thighs, she was now lower than his countenance. Eying him calmly, she rubbed her one hand along his collarbone. Smiling still, she could never reject him. There was no reason why, but the attraction was intense. To enjoy the unknown was a dangerous game, however, she was welcoming it. Letting out a miniature yawn, she buried her face into the thickness of his neck.
  137. Sep 11, 2010
  138. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  140. "Ehehe." Cuddling the woman, he fumbled for a fraction of a moment. Due to her discovering a few of his old injuries. But that was a long time ago. Shifting about, his appendages looped loosely about her waist. Purring at her gestures, he lowered his skull. Tiers pressing against her collarbone. Lower jaw scraping against the flesh. "Hnh?" He questioned. Digits spreading outward over her lower back. Digging his nails into the membrane of skin, his oculars closing slowly.
  143. Sep 11, 2010
  144. エマ says
  145. Chuckling at him react to the small pleasures bestowed before him. Eyes going wide when he tugged at her foot, she let out a yelp. Wiggling a bit and trying to correct herself, she went with the flow. Grasping onto his bare shoulders, she felt small scars litter his flesh. Narrowing her eyes, but in a gentle manner, she leveled her lips to his forehead. Resting her entire body against him, she smiled. "Gunzi." Kneading her acute nails along his skin, she hugged his skull.
  148. Sep 11, 2010
  149. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  151. Following after her, he held an expression that resembled childish excitement. "Bubbles?" He asked. It didn't take long for him to find out, indeed, to his glee, there were. And even a duck? He was extremely pleased. Once the duo were relaxed and within the water, he gripped the toy. Squeaking it a few times, he then became entranced by the bubbles. Taking a scoop, he blew it upward. Chuckling, he looked to the brunette. Her leg rising, he cocked his jaw to the side. Then giggled at the movement of her toe. "No Koneko!" He was ticklish. Leaning forward, his palm grasped her shin, pulling her closer.
  154. Sep 11, 2010
  155. エマ says
  156. A bath? That did not seem to be a problem. No one else was within the apartment and she stood up, taking hold of his hand. Setting it up, she added both bubbles and a small ducky for his entertainment. Once they were within the warmth, she stretched her legs on either side of him. Leaning down some, the ends of her tresses were soaked. The soft scent of rose tickled her nostrils and her icy oculars began to close. Her arm was healed, just a large scar was left over. Inhaling, she ran her toe playfully over his chest.
  159. Sep 11, 2010
  160. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  162. "Mhmrm?" He halted his affections, oculars flicking upward. Moving his skull back to better suit her, his tiers twitched upward into her kiss. Pressing his jaws against her own, he only removed them to allow her to speak once more. At the sound of that man's name, he visibly flared. Proverbial hackles raised. But of course, he calmed down after she finished. He wasn't going to bother them? "Good." He nodded his skull, almost solemnly. How coy. But that didn't halt him from looking about, before uplifting the woman, holding her close to his chest. "Can we take a bath Koneko-chaaan?"
  165. Sep 11, 2010
  166. エマ says
  167. "I wouldn't really put much thought into it." Offering a smile, she looped her one arm around his neck. Nestling back into his countenance, she felt the heat radiate from his structure. It was comforting while any other would see it as a threat or something worse. Cocking his chin up with her own, she captured his moist lips. Enjoying the taste he provided, she pulled her head away. "Gwen will not be bothering us anymore." Already discussing it with the formal man, she did not want to pull Gunzi away. He needed someone and she was that person.
  170. Sep 11, 2010
  171. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  172. Oh? Interesting. But he, of course, being Gunzi, did not think twice on the matter. He was already interested in what she had said last. Blinking slowly at the tingling of his flesh from her prior actions, he smiled. It was odd, how he behaved around her. But all beasts had something that lulled them, didn't they? Nuzzling his nose against her's, he rumbled. It had healed just lovely. He was a strong man. Made for wear and tear, more or less. Inhaling her scent, he trailed vigorous bites upon her shoulder. Saliva dampening the attire. He grasped her tightly, palms gripping at her hips. "Hmmm?"
  175. Sep 11, 2010
  176. エマ says
  177. "I do not remember." She responded without hesitation. Peering up at his matured face, she gave a miniature shrug. "But it does not matter now. I know that I belong here." Grasping his hand, she brushed his knuckles to her tiers. Giving them a small bite, she went back to observing his work. He did think just like a child. It was rather coy. Turning around, she leaned up against his anatomy. "There is something about you. I cannot explain what."
  180. Sep 11, 2010
  181. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  183. He had taken this little activity and enjoyed it. Taking a few collections of colors, he ended up drawing all of the people he came to like. Himself and Emma, holding hands. Pochi-tan betwixt them. Kiriwar had a large, jagged grin. A little lady in his arms. Papa Bee was on a throne, petting Inu of course. They were all congregated in a large field of misshapen flowers and trees. Grinning at the brunette, he leaned his own spine back into the couch. Placing down the crayons and placing his palm along the back of her own. Fiddling idly with her digits, his chin was placed atop her skull. His breathing coming in slow, relaxed spurts. "Koneko. Where do you come from?"
  186. Sep 11, 2010
  187. エマ says
  188. "Yes, you can." Grasping his face lovingly and she helped him get ready to go home. The next night the woman was sitting with him in her room, a pair of crayons and paper sprawled out. "You're an artist." Laughing a bit, she was positioned within his lap. Leaning upward, she gave a kiss to his tiers. "Isn't this nice?" Questioning him, she took in his fresh scent. She made sure he was all cleaned up before coming here. Leaning into his chest, she closed her icy hues.
  191. Sep 11, 2010
  192. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  194. Moments passed. And the dull throbbing in his nose halted after her kind gesture. Wiggling it gently, he found that it was aligned correctly, indeed. "He doesn't want us involved." Stating this matter of factly, the brute cocked his jaw. Leaning close, he licked the bridge of her nose. Nipping it playfully, he leaned back once more. Gaze set to the side. Next time he would make sure every door in the house was locked. Or pursue her in a different area, without anyone at all around. "Hnnnh.." He pressed his forehead against her own. Closing his eyes. He was supposed to be home soon. And he was angry, still. Along with a mixture of other feelings. However.. "Can I spend the night, tomorrow Koneko?" He questioned suddenly.
  197. Sep 11, 2010
  198. エマ says
  199. She would have to speak to him later about the whole situation. Right now it would be best for him to cool down. Looking back to her other half, she shook her head. "Relax, my dear. I know. He was just being protective." Providing a smile, she helped him sit down along the couch. Moving a bit forward, she placed her hand to his nose. Feeling it, she made sure she could correct it. Going to the kitchen she got a cloth and held it under his nose. Without a warning she snapped it back and began to clean up his face. "No one will take me from you."
  202. Sep 11, 2010
  203. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  205. Gwen was very much enraged. But he collected himself as he always did and quickly vacated the premises. It didn't take the woman long to bring him up to her chambers. His nose was very much broken, and his jaw sore. But that was the only damage. His enemy had a bad collection of bites and scratches, along with a broken nose to match his own. Flaring his nostrils, a squeaky sound could be heard. Which caused him to growl in irritation. "Emma-chan." He pouted, then nudged his face near her own. Implying she aid him in correcting his nose. He could do it himself, but he did not wish for it to become crooked if he were to crack it in the wrong direction. "I will kill him." He commented after a pause, oculars narrowed.
  208. Sep 11, 2010
  209. エマ says
  210. Placing her hand up against he head, she let both men duke it out. Eventually once everything seem to settle, she tried to get in between the duo. "Stop this. Stop this." Growling, but her exterior still calm, she pushed her back up against Gunzi. "Gwen, I wont stop going near him. We both know we're in a relationship." Stating the obvious, even though many did not want to hear this. "That is final. Now go and get cleaned up. Leave for a while. I need to calm him down." Hoping the gentlemen would comply, it was the only way to get Gunzi to relax.
  213. Sep 11, 2010
  214. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  216. She couldn't even hold him back. Removing himself from her grasp, he flung himself forward. Pouncing the man as he made his way down the stairs, the duo went tumbling. Fists flew, knuckles slamming into the side of the elder male's jaw. A fight ensued. Gwen was no light weight, however. Rolling his form to the side, he met the blonde with a blow of his own. This resulted in blood collecting from the brute's nose. Then the latching of his teeth over the brunette's throat. They finally met the second flight platfrom. Both of them collided with the wall, fracturing it. "Get off, Gunzi! Or I will use force!" The man was calm, even as the bite over his throat was caused him to bleed profusely. However, his 'comrade' was too far gone. Another fist landed, this time, atop his face. Gwen cursed, and corrected himself. "Emma. If you do not halt him I will have to snap his neck."
  219. Sep 11, 2010
  220. エマ says
  221. Skin crawling with goosebumps as his fingers began to pluck at her apparel. Allowing him to explore her form, her own digits greeted his face. "Don't st--" Pausing, she heard the door open. This is when the gates of Hell were split apart and the beast on top of her went flying out of the room. Inhaling sharply, she corrected herself before going off to halt Gunzi from devouring Gwen. "Come on." Grasping onto his bare shoulders, she went on speaking. "He meant no harm." Brushing her nose into his exposed throat, she pushed him towards the laundry room. "Let's get you dressed."
  224. Sep 11, 2010
  225. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  227. "Hmph." He exhaled heavily at that statement. He was being nice! Wiggling about, he trailed his tongue over her tiers. Digits skimming outward, he tugged at her attire. Fiddling idly at the zipper of her coat, he nestled his jaws against her own. His other unoccupied hand slipped beneath her upper clothing. Nails clawing at the leather. "Emma.." His voice seemed pleading. Oculars set intently to her own. His entire structure then froze, gaze rolling to the side. The door was open. And there stood Gwen. His expression held horror, as if Armageddon were to unfold. The blonde unleashed a sound that rivaled that of any enraged beast. The man turned and booked it. Gunzi was already up and through the door before he could even have a hope of making it out alive.
  230. Sep 11, 2010
  231. エマ says
  232. Feeling his weight suddenly shift onto her anatomy, she looked upward instantly. Welcomed back by his affections, the female released a soft sigh. Looping her palms around the back of his skull, she arched her hips to his harsh movements. "Gunzi..~" Mumbling his name, she alternated the position of her lower limbs. Pushing her knees along his hips, she made sure not to take off the towel that cling to his flesh. "Play nice."
  235. Sep 11, 2010
  236. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  237. Odd. She had interpreted his thoughts easily. Or was his gestures able to give him away so easily? Grunting at the harsh affections to his shoulder, he shifted his weight. Rolling atop the woman, he offered her that grin of his. "Koneko." That coy nickname given forth once more, he placed his palms atop her shoulders, lower appendages moving outward, knees flanking her shins. The towel still remained, grasping desperately at his anatomy. Despite the jerky movements prior. "Mm." His teeth were latched atop her throat, a palm moving upward to collapse over her ribs.
  240. Sep 9, 2010
  241. エマ says
  242. The intensity was felt suddenly escalating. Moving her eyes upward, she observed his serious countenance. Shifting her weight, she hefted herself to the side. Gazing up at the ceiling, she lightly said she was sorry for making him uncomfortable. Releasing his hand, she turned onto her side. Giving one of her smiles, she bit into his shoulder. "I wont be on top anymore."
  245. Sep 9, 2010
  246. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  248. "Hmmh.." Pupils contracting to that one certain movement, the air betwixt them thickened. Her statement only increased the intensity. Flashing those teeth in that manner she had become accustomed to, he leaned his structure back. Soon meeting with the bedding, he tilted his chin upward. There was a conflicting set of emotions. He was a dominant entity. Having his back to any surface was considered a sign of weakness. But those animalistic in instincts were hushed, for the moment. Adam's apple bobbing due to his rumbling.
  251. Sep 9, 2010
  252. エマ says
  253. What a coy nickname, but did not reject it. "Mmm?" Despite her missing arm, she was able to just fine without it. She promised she would not leave his side. Not today and certainly not tomorrow. Arching her back, Emma sealed her fate with the madman. "I am yours and you are mine. No one will tell me differently." Wrapping her hand over his own, she blinked her icy hues. Laying him back, she laid up against his form. Placing her face into his throat, she enjoyed the man's heat that radiated from his structure.
  256. Sep 9, 2010
  257. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  259. It was indeed, odd, how this came about. Any other entity, and he would have slaughtered them in that state of weakness he found her in. But she was to challenge the Il-Re. And he liked her! She was a rarity amongst the grime that normally flowed into this hideous game. Taking in her scent, familiarizing it, he allowed her to move him away. Appendages wrapped around her structure, he rumbled once more. Palms stroking against her spine. The knuckle claws were missing, of course. Discarded with his clothes. He was sure the woman had placed them somewhere for safe keeping. "Konekooo." He cooed. And so forth she had a new nickname.
  262. Sep 9, 2010
  263. エマ says
  264. Strange how everything came down to this. Breathing inward, she embraced his affection. Grasping his lips, the woman held no shame for what she was doing. Gwen forewarned her of how he acted and what he was capable of. Gunzi needed just this from her, she felt as if she had to. "Shhhh." Stroking his face, she leaned him off the wall behind him. Guiding her into her room, she sat him down. Rubbing his locks of moist hair, she hugged his face into her chest. Sitting into his lap, she nuzzled his chin lovingly.
  267. Sep 9, 2010
  268. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  270. "Hn?" It took him a moment to understand. But he still smiled. He wasn't the type that pined so vigorously for one to notice nor amend him. It was otherwise, nice, having this brunette treat him differently. And touch him without flinching. He nodded his head, then, a few times to indicate, yes, he liked a little love now and then. Even if it came in the form of his partner and himself fighting to the death. He inclined his skull, then, to the sound of the machinery. The blonde huffed. Then looked slightly surprised. His tiers were placed atop her own, teeth inflicting miniature bites. Of course he wanted more. Silly woman. "Ai Shiteru, koneko.~"
  273. Sep 9, 2010
  274. エマ says
  275. Laughing softly at his reaction, the mysterious woman pushed herself closer. Tracing her hand down his tattooed anatomy, she bit down along her bottom lip. "No one gives you enough credit." Stating what was on her mind. "You just need a little love." Tapping at his collarbone, she heard the drier signal it's ending. "Oh, your clothing is dry." Placing her hand along the curvature of her hip, she spoke. "Unless you want to continue our affections." Grinning a bit, she looked to the side.
  278. Sep 9, 2010
  279. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  281. He didn't comment on that line. However, there was an inkling of what it entailed. He was, afterall, not as dim as others pegged him. Gnawing at the inside of his cheek, he watched as she took a bite of her own. He nearly whimpered. However, she seemed to notice his intent. But gave forth something entirely different. "Nnn?" Inhaling, he retracted his tongue. Watching her movements in interest, then feeling as her appendage hooked around his neck to pull him near. He lowered himself as she asked, closing his eyes at the affectionate gesture to be given forth. "Grrru." A growl of approval could be heard, then the tracing of his teeth against her nose, playful nipping ensuing.
  284. Sep 9, 2010
  285. エマ says
  286. "Gwen wont be back for a while." Confessing this, she gazed up at his face. Taking another spoon full, she finally consumed some of her own. Licking her lips, she raised a brow at his silent begging. Leaning upward, she provided a kiss to his tongue instead of that delicious treat. Smiling a bit more, she eyed the door before placing the bowl down, and hooking her arms around his neck. "Come here." Requesting him to lower his tall chassis, she nudged her nose into his.
  289. Sep 9, 2010
  290. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  292. It was evident that he hadn't flown ten feet into the air, when he saw the icecream. But he was not surprised she had noticed. Leaning his shoulder against the wall, he parted his jaws to accept another bite. This time, it reached his jaws. And he swirled his tongue about. Enjoying the sweet taste. His Papa didn't spoil him with sweets anymore, since it made him hyperactive. And that, indeed, was not a good thing. The world would implode. Blinking slowly, he offered her a lop-sided smirk. Of course he was. He was, afterall, well, Gunzi. But he didn't state it this time. She had acknowledged it already. Cocking his skull to the side, he parted his jaws. Sticking out his lengthy tongue. He wanted more of his sundae.
  295. Sep 9, 2010
  296. エマ says
  297. "It's not much." She replied calmly to his inquiry. "Once and a while I will get something nice. Maybe it's the fact I am the only female around." Helping him clean up his chest, she would give him another bite. "I thought it would be nice to share." Smiling a bit, she looked back at the sound of the washier being done. Giving him the bowl, she walked into the laundry room. Putting his clothing into the drier, she returned to his side. Tugging at his chin, she spoke. "I see you're still upset."
  300. Sep 9, 2010
  301. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  303. He preferred the nude, anyway. Hearing the news, he walked out into the living room area. Still slightly water-logged, despite the towel. Having tied it around his waist, he would be just fine until his clothing was done. Which, he needed new sets anyway. There was an audible 'purr' as he took in the delicious treats. He loved icecream! And it had been so long since he had sundae. "Did Papa give you this stuff?" It was extremely rare in this time. Parting his jaws to accept a bite, it fell short. And his brow twitched due to the cold. Looking downward, he frowned. Reaching his digit to his chest, he captured however much he could manage and brought it to his lips. "Mm."
  306. Sep 9, 2010
  307. エマ says
  308. "Mhm." Not looking back, she picked up his clothes, and vacated the room. Going towards the laundry room, she began to wash his attire. Pushing her hair behind her ear, she would have to find something for him to wear or he would run around naked. Rubbing the back of her head, she had nothing. He would have to wait. Knocking on the door, she spoke. "I do not have anything for you to wear. I am sorry." Whispering this, she hoped his laundry would wash and dry quickly. Patiently waiting for him, she went into the fridge to get some ice cream. Making two sundaes, she looked up when he came out. "Here." Taking a spoon fill, she offered him a bit. However, when she got it to his lips, it dropped, and landed on his chest. "Whoops."
  311. Sep 9, 2010
  312. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  314. He was not modest. But he had the kindness to wait until she left the bathroom to more or less fly out of his clothing. Leaving it in a discarded pile, he hopped inside the shower, welcoming the warmth of the water. Shaking his tresses, droplets flew in different directions. His digits then creeped through the brightly colored locks, slicking them backward as the water intermingled with his inked chest and abdomen. None had ever wondered about his particular taste in tattoos. Nor did they have the time to wonder before they met their end. His partner had questioned him, only once. Gunzi gave no direct reply on that matter. It was such a long time ago. And his past was forbidden, more or less. To himself. He was a more of the 'live in the now', type of man. Exhaling, he looked upward as the steam raised. Obscuring him from the glass doors. But Emma had made her appearance. Slightly moving it ajar, he poked his head outward, exposing much of his torso. "Arigato, Emma-chaaan.~"
  317. Sep 9, 2010
  318. エマ says
  319. "Of course." Guiding him towards her room and into the bathroom. It was quite large, enough for more than two people. Leaving into the shower, she pushed back the glass doors. Turning it on, she tested the water, making sure it was properly warm, Emma picked up the shampoo and conditioner. "There." Turning around, she left the bathroom, allowing him to do what he pleased. Fetching him a towel, she waited calmly for him to enter before going in. "Here is your towel." Setting it along the toilet, she spoke. "I need to wash your clothes."
  322. Sep 9, 2010
  323. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  324. Upon her appearance, he took in her imagery. Blinking slowly, he flashed his teeth. Pleased to see her once more. Walking inside, he studied her abode. It was modest, yet spacious. Arbitro didn't skimp on them. There was already furniture set up. The necessitates. All that was truly left was her belongings amongst other items. And the last, he had brought on his own. Making his way around the abode, he sniffed about. There was no trace of that odd scent that plagued him before. Snorting, he leaned back from the kitchen area. "Can I use the shower?" He asked absent-mindedly. He was covered in grime and the other common liquids and gore that he was entitled to have upon him. Grinning at her, he waited.
  327. Sep 9, 2010
  328. エマ says
  329. She was aware of Gunzi's disapproval of her moving this far, but there was nothing she could do. Hoping that giving him permission to visit would sooth his woes, she went back and forth, picking up her items. Transporting them to the apartment with the help of that blond beast, it made things ten times easier. Gwen was out currently, picking up a few work papers for the both of them. Emma was expecting the crazed one's appearance sooner or later. Hearing movement outside the door, she opened up the door slowly. Dressed in her night attire, her one arm was healed perfectly. Providing a smile, she pushed her bare legs closer. "I am glad you helped me." Letting him in, she shut the door.
  332. Sep 9, 2010
  333. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  335. He didn't wish to let go. But time still progressed. The next evening he found himself holding quite a few boxes. Arbitro insisted on buying more clothing for the brunette. Shuffling the objects about, he placed them at the entrance of her apartment. Third floor. Inhaling deeply, he felt his heart sinking and temper threaten to flare. It was so unfair! Why wouldn't Papa let her live with them? It had to be her job. This must have made it easier on her. And surely, the man attempted to explain to Gunzi, it would do her good to get out on her own again after her injury. And Gwen was formidable. And had fire arms. While others were not allowed. Huffing, he crossed his appendages. Glaring at the door.
  338. Sep 9, 2010
  339. エマ says
  340. Enduring his harsh, but 'loving' touch, Emma fluttered open her eyes, and observed his wide grin. Nestling back, she nodded her head to his words. "I will not leave." The forceful push of his palm made her vision flowed downward. "I must clean up our mess." Explaining this gently, her own hand was quick to grasp his appendage. "You can help me move as well." Smiling a bit, she pressed a kiss to his forehead. Taking this as slow as possible, she rose upward, wiggling her curved anatomy out of his death grip.
  343. Sep 9, 2010
  344. {__тнє ɠυìℓℓσтìиє   - Hiatus      says
  346. He didn't believe their occupation would make a difference. The duo were of the same, to a degree. His jerky, harsh movements were affectionate. Despite what it would seem to an outside party. Rumbling, his teeth latched upon her lower tier. Tugging, his lengthy tongue then made an appearance. Skimming amidst her own teeth, he grinned into the actions. Appendages shifting, they clasped her waist in an unbreakable hold. She was more or less His, in Gunzi's eyes. It was much too late to do anything of it. "Emma.." Nudging up his nose against her own, the hostile advances took a turn. Hand wandering along her abdomen, his digits creeped into her coat. Meeting that leather attire she wore beneath. "You won't leave me."
  349. Sep 9, 2010
  350. エマ says
  351. The reaction to her bite made her chuckle within. Though, simply made a soft sound, it amused her greatly. She wondered how he was going to fair. Through the years of being here and not knowing her, he seemed to be doing just fine. Now that he got a taste of something new, he wanted it around constantly. This she could not grant him. She had a job to do and a place in this game of Russian Roulette. Feeling his strong palms hook around her jaw, she gazed into those sharp oculars. In that moment her mouth was taken in by his own and she got her first taste of this beast. Fingers twitching out of confusion, she leaned upward, providing him the returned gesture.
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