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Highlighterr syntax

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  1. C++ Enum
  2. C++ Enumerator
  3. C++ Function
  4. C++ Function parameter
  5. C++ Function template parameter (non-type)
  6. C++ Function template parameter (template)
  7. C++ Function template parameter (type)
  8. C++ Global constant
  9. C++ Global variable
  10. C++ Keyword (Access)
  11. C++ Keyword (Built in constant)
  12. C++ Keyword (Built in floating point type)
  13. C++ Keyword (Built in integer type)
  14. C++ Keyword (Built in type modifier)
  15. C++ Keyword (Built in type)
  16. C++ Keyword (Bulit in character type)
  17. C++ Keyword (Bulit in vector type)
  18. C++ Keyword (CLR)
  19. C++ Keyword (Casts)
  20. C++ Keyword (Control statement)
  21. C++ Keyword (Exception handling)
  22. C++ Keyword (Introspection)
  23. C++ Keyword (Optimization)
  24. C++ Keyword (Other)
  25. C++ Keyword (Property modifier)
  26. C++ Keyword (Qualifier)
  27. C++ Keyword (Storage class)
  28. C++ Keyword (Type specification)
  29. C++ Keyword (Virtual inheritance)
  30. C++ Keyword (auto)
  31. C++ Keyword (namespace)
  32. C++ Keyword (new/delete)
  33. C++ Keyword (operator)
  34. C++ Keyword (static_assert)
  35. C++ Keyword (template)
  36. C++ Keyword (this)
  37. C++ Keyword (typedef)
  38. C++ Keyword (typename)
  39. C++ Keyword (using)
  40. C++ Macro
  41. C++ Macro parameter
  42. C++ Member constant (private)
  43. C++ Member constant (protected)
  44. C++ Member constant (public)
  45. C++ Member function (private)
  46. C++ Member function (protected)
  47. C++ Member function (public)
  48. C++ Member variable (private)
  49. C++ Member variable (protected)
  50. C++ Member variable (public)
  51. C++ Namespace
  52. C++ Something
  53. C++ Static function
  54. C++ Static global constant
  55. C++ Static global variable
  56. C++ Static member function (private)
  57. C++ Static member function (protected)
  58. C++ Static member function (public)
  59. C++ Static member variable (private)
  60. C++ Static member variable (protected)
  61. C++ Static member variable (public)
  62. C++ Template parameter (non-type)
  63. C++ Template parameter (template)
  64. C++ Template parameter (type)
  65. C++ Templated type
  66. C++ Type
  67. C++ Typedef
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