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  1. Rebel_Shooter/rebelshooter, the photographer of child-model "Miss Alli" sets, has been arrested and his property searched. He is charged with the production and selling of child pornography.
  2. www.archive.org/download/gov.uscourts.mied.270475/gov.uscourts.mied.270475.2.0.pdf
  4. The Mother of Miss Nahla, another child model with Rebelshooter galleries, has also been arrested and is also on trial for allowing rebel shooter CiC to make child pornographic images of her daughter.
  5. http://hamptonroads.com/2013/01/va-beach-woman-charged-aiding-child-porn
  7. The arrest of Donald R Croft has almost completely been absent from the news.
  8. If you bought any childmodel pictures or videos from RebelShooter, prepare for a possible knock on the door.
  9. Request a lawyer straight away.
  10. Comply with the officers but dont say, or consent to, anything else.
  12. "Neon Alli" download torrent, Miss Alli set 21 gallery fakes, Miss alli set save the tigers
  14. "Copyright CIC", Donald Croft
  15. Donald R Croft II
  16. Donald Raymond Croft II
  18. Rebelshooter rebel shooter
  19. "Miss Alli" model nude custom , "Miss Nahla"
  20. "Miss Belle"
  21. "Miss Bonita"
  22. "Miss Brooke"
  23. "Miss Charlotte"
  24. "Miss Kimmy"
  25. "Miss Skylar"
  27. No-nude child model CM, NN rebscsm@gmail.com
  28. rstalent@gmail.com
  29. rebelscsmtalent@gmail.com
  30. Rebel-Galleries.com
  31. rebelscsm.net
  32. Alli-model.com
  34. Rebel-Art Galleries
  35. RebelArt Galleries
  38. Candydoll newstar freastern model
  40. #oppedochat
  41. opexposure
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