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  1. You are RESILE BRIDEN, a BROWN BLOOD with an interest in psychologies. Not why people act, or how they act, but how to make them act. In that way, you are a MASTER OF CHESS. Not the game, no, no, the pieces are too predictable. You prefer the trolls around you, much more fun to work with. Now, that’s not to say that you control them OUTRIGHT. No, no, you much prefer to give them well thought out PLANS for their situations. This way you can see how they respond, to modify your tactics later. As for how you act?.. The word CALM comes to mind, but it’s such a pedestrian word. It’s true, of course, you don’t like to show outrage, and you are quick to forgive… to a point. However, you like to think that you merely hold yourself to STANDARDS. These are standards of class, after all, why would someone listen to someone uncharismatic? It’s true what some say, that you don’t like interaction much, but much is the operative word. They can be useful… when they know what they’re doing.
  3. Your hive? Oh, yes. It’s a simple little tower, three stories, placed right by some useful scenery… Oh, those MAPS? Yes, cartography is something that you are entertained by. Yes, you might do it too much for your own good. Yes, you do need to get out more. Anyways, the lower two floors are mainly for storage, whilst the top floor is the LIVING AREA. Your RECUPERACOON… er, bed… it’s there. Yes, as well as other necessities, and a nice large area for your work. Ink and scrolls line the shelves. Your computer sits there, as well, rarely used in all its… capability. It runs Trollslum, that’s all it needs. Of course, all this planning does not come without SACRIFICE. Your hair is constantly MESSY from the lack of attention, and your eyes certainly don’t appreciate the lack of sleep. Your lusus lives just outside of your hive, a large OWL-LIKE creature you call SILPHE.
  4. Your weapon? You tell people it's just a MAP, but it's more than that, really... who are you kidding, it's a map. Your modus is quite fitting, being CHESS-BASED. The items sort into pieces by size, then you must play the game to retrieve them.
  5. You go by wisdomsConscience and .:|You must say that the book~ends are quite fitting for you.|:.
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