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  1. Daddy.
  3. No, don't get up. I just… I just need to tell some things.
  5. I've been doing some things I know you're not going to like, but I'm going to tell you everything and just hope you understand, okay?
  7. I found your stories. I mean, I found the stuff you write online. The dirty stories. Don't be mad, okay? And don't be ashamed. I know, you're an adult. I know you can write what ever you want and I know I'm not supposed to read things like that. You just, you were logged on to some site and you left your computer on and I was curious about what you do.
  9. I know they are just stories.
  11. I know I'm not supposed to read things like that.
  13. I know, I know, it's private.
  15. But daddy, I read them all. Every one. Daddy, a lot of them were super dirty. About little girls and… I mean really little girls… and their fathers. That's super bad. I mean, you wrote about them… doing it. Incest.
  17. I know it's just pretend, but still, you describe them. Little chubby girls. Like me. With pigtails like the way I wear them. And you… I mean, your character, he… fuck them.
  19. Daddy! No. I won't tell anyone. Daddy, you're hurting my wrists. I won't tell I swear. Not even mommy. I promise. I read them all because I liked them, not to get you in trouble.
  21. Daddy, they're just stories. You're not supposed to touch me there. Daddy, don't, it's embarrassing. I know, it's all wet. It's embarrassing, you can't look. Daddy, don't, please, I won't tell, no Daddy your not suppose to touch between my legs.
  23. OW, not my nipples. We can do things, but you can't be rough like this. No Daddy, not my shirt! My panties too? But it's embarrassing!
  25. NO, don't smack me again Daddy, it hurts. I'll do what you want I promise.
  27. Open my legs? But Daddy you're not suppose to look. NO Daddy your fingers are too big.
  29. I can't say that. No Daddy, please. Don't make me say those things. I'll do what you want.
  31. (cry a little, maybe spank your ass)
  33. Okay! Okay. I will, just stop. I'll say what ever you want.
  35. Okay.
  37. I'm your little girl slut. And I'm going to take your fingers- I'm going to take my Daddy's fingers until I'm stretched out enough to take his..
  39. I can't say that!
  41. (spank or slap again)
  43. Daddy, noo.
  45. Until I can take his big cock in my… it's embarrassing… (cry)
  47. Until I can take his big cook in my chubby little pussy.
  49. Daddddyyy your fingers are too big… not so fast, please, no, Daddy, what's happening? I feel funny in my tummy! Daddy something is happening. Don't stop. Oh fuck Daddy, fuck me with your fingers. Just like the story Daddy. Fuck me. Do it. Is this comming Daddy?
  51. (orgasm)
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