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DOWNLOAD Laravel: Code Happy by Dayle Rees (PDF)

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  1. DOWNLOAD Laravel: Code Happy by Dayle Rees (PDF)
  3. TITLE: Laravel: Code Happy
  4. Author: Dayle Rees
  5. PDF: 138 pages
  6. Publisher: lulu.com (July 7, 2012)
  7. Language: English
  9. Description:
  10. Application development with the Laravel PHP Framework for beginners. http://laravel.com This is a self published title written by one of the Laravel Core Team developers. The original ebook sold over 700 copies within four months. The title is a guide to many of the core features of the Laravel framework, along with a tutorial explaining how to create a simple blog from the ground up. The book is printed in A4 with nicely sized type and clear code samples, along with a perfect bound full colour cover.
  14. http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/83618130/file.html
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