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  1. Kaiwa ga tsudukanai na
  2. Naze da to shitteta
  3. Aho ka
  4.  The conversation won't keep going
  5.  I know why
  6.  Am I an idiot
  8. soro de kaeru michi subara
  9. aisatsu saemo dekinai sa
  10.  Going home alone is wonderful
  11.  I can't even say hello
  13. matte mo satte mo
  14. kawaranai
  15. sou da
  16. kore kara da ze
  17.  I wait and I leave
  18.  It won't change
  19.  That's right
  20.  It all cause of this
  22. netto de zenbu ga kanketsu de
  23. koe wo dasu mo hisashibulrergh
  24.  The net makes everything simple and
  25.  It's been a while since I used my voibulergh
  27. ame mo hare mo kawaranai
  28. sou ka
  29. warui no jibun ja nai
  30.  Rain or shine it's all the same
  31.  That's right
  32.  It's not my fault
  34. hima da yo nan da yo
  35.  I have free time, what about it
  37. hitori(?) ga nan da yo
  38. I'm alone, what about it
  40. honki wo dasu kara
  41. motemakuru yoooo
  42.  I'll be serious about it so
  43.  I'm going to be totally popular
  45. kagami yo kagami shoujiki waretai da
  46. iranai omae iranai
  47.  It's the mirror, honestly I want to break it
  48.  I don't need you, don't need you
  50. kagami yo kagami shoujikisugiru daro
  51. kikoenai furi
  52.  It's the mirror, the mirror's way too honest
  53.  Acting like I can't hear it
  55. utsuranai no wa kokoro no utsukushisa
  56.  What won't show is the beauty of my heart
  57. mousou sore wa mousou
  58.  Delusional, that's just delusional
  59. utsutteru no wa saenai jibun dake
  60.  What's reflected is just my disappointing self
  61. genjitsu wo shire
  62.  I know the truth
  64. ashita mo
  65. konna jiki no
  66. naze da to shitteta
  67. aho da
  68.  Tomorrow's also
  69.  going to be like this
  70.  I know why
  71.  I'm an idiot
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