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  1. SexyCyborg FAQ
  3. I’m flattered that anyone is curious but it was taking a lot of time to answer the same questions and this way I can post one version with decent, proofread English that’s a bit more readable.
  5. There are some interviews online that go into detail about me:
  10. *Where are you from?
  11. Shenzhen, China. Your cell phone and a lot of your household electronics were probably made here, or nearby. I’m Cantonese. My pictures and videos show life here. It’s a pretty great place and I am happy here.
  13. *What is your job?
  14. I am a web developer. Mostly using Ruby on Rails but transitioning to JS. I primarily do software but I have a little bit of exposure to hardware- Arduino and 3D printing. I am passionate about Open Source. I work at home doing freelance work for overseas companies. None of my clients know about my online persona. I'm keeping it that way until I see what sort of direction things take me and if there are any significant negative repercussions. That being said, coding is becoming increasingly challenging given the Internet access issues we have here in China so I may transition to something else.
  16. In the past year I have become much more involved in Making, and the Maker movement. My projects are still very simple but I enjoy working on them and people seem to find them fun. I am well aware that the attention they get has little to do with their technical merits. I do my best to promote STEM careers and Maker culture as something that all women, from all walks of life can comfortably participate in should they be so inclined.
  18. *Do you have your own website?
  19. No..."The shoemaker's children go barefoot" as the Western proverb goes. I have to do Web sites for work, don't feel like doing one in my free time.
  21. *Where can I buy things from you?
  22. Very kind of you. Sorry I am not selling anything. Please just enjoy the pictures.
  24. All of my pictures are posted here:
  25. Sometimes I post on Twitter at @RealSexyCyborg
  26. My videos are here:
  27. Unfortunitly I am very shy and awkward on video (which is a shame because vloggers and live streamers here in China make a lot of money). Because of this videos take me a long time to shoot so updates are infrequent. I'll continue to practice but please be patient.
  29. I have no Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Facebook or Weibo account, anyone claiming to be me there isn't.
  31. I don't have any commercial affiliation or endorse any products at the moment (although I'd love to be sponsored some quality tools and equipment). All this is still just my hobby.
  33. *Why do you look like...that...
  34. Visible body modification, weight issues and odd (or even inappropriate) taste in clothing are pretty normal for technical types. I'm just take it in direction that makes some people a bit uncomfortable (which artistic expression kind of should sometimes I think?). I live in a city of 12 million and not a single other person has my style clothing or my body mods. I don't know a person in my profession who looks like me. As a creative person that is a source of pride, as person living in a society were we are taught from an early age to value conformity above all else it is also very challenging.
  36. "If there is anything the nonconformist hates worse than a conformist, it's another nonconformist who doesn't conform to the prevailing standard of nonconformity." Bill Vaughan
  38. *How can you wear those clothes?
  39. Not an issue here in Shenzhen. No one bothers me. They notice but there is no problem. Our sex workers do not wear this kind of clothing as Chinese men prefer an innocent/cute/childish look. You can see from my 360º videos on YouTube that aside from curious looks no one bothers me or cares very much.
  41. For people making negative comments- while sex workers in your country might wear some similar clothing, women in your country also wear and do things that only sex workers in other, even more conservative countries would do. While we all would like to think our country sets the standard for the world it’s polite not to impose our standards on each other- no matter how surprising the differences. You can be sure if I visited your country I would dress so as to not cause offense.
  43. *Why are you so skinny?
  44. Genetics. Like a lot of geeks I have less than ideal diet and exercise habits. Basically I eat an enormous amount and never exercise. My mother is the same. I mostly eat meat and vegetables though. I don’t like bread, rice or pasta very much.
  46. *What are your measurements?
  47. I’m only 161cm tall :-( 41kg (5’3” 90lbs).
  49. *How old are you.
  50. 22
  52. *Are you a model?
  53. No.
  55. *Why don’t you model?
  56. My current work situation is really ideal and I have no desire to change or add to it.
  58. "Just cause you're hung like a moose doesn't mean you have to do porn"
  59. -Kumar Patel
  61. *Were you a guy before?
  62. (People actually ask this!) No, I was always a girl.
  64. *When will we see nude pictures?
  65. This is illegal in China and the law is actively enforced. People often request this, but since this is not my job there is no reason for me to take any chances. Please respect my choice and do not push.
  67. *When will you post more projects?
  68. Sorry but I work full time and don’t often get the chance to take them. I post project files, videos and pictures as I can. Please be patient.
  70. *Are your boobs real?
  71. No. They are 800cc cohesive gel implants. I have had no problems with them.
  73. *Why did you get implants?
  74. I could not get longer legs (height is most important in China) so I decided a big chest was the next best thing for looking better (or at least more interesting). I am a transhumanist with an interest in any kind of human augmentation. Any robot parts I can get I would- that’s why “Cyborg”.
  76. *When will you visit America/Europe etc.?
  77. Probably not for a while. I really like China. There is a lot of opportunity here and I can wear what I like and look how I like. I am told this would be a problem elsewhere.
  79. *Why do you speak English?
  80. For this FAQ and online interviews I have my English proofread and corrected by a native English speaker. Normally my English is just ok- particularly if I am writing quickly and trying to answer questions. We study English in school but the quality of instruction is not very good. I had private tutoring which helped a lot. Also watching American TV shows and transcribing them for writing practice. Now I work in English, that helps.
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