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  1. 21:23 < wash> One of the largest problems we've been having with Clang-compiled Linux is functions that are not emitted in the Linux binary, because they are only called from
  2.               inline assembly, and the Linux kernel devs neglected to mark all of these appriopitately with the __used attribute. Apparently, GCC has magic that allows it to
  3.               detect function usage in inline asm. So: 0.) Does path have the ability to detect function calls in inline asm? 1.) If not, does path support __used (attribute
  4.               attached to functions, prevents them from being omitted)? 2.) Does path support -femit-all-decls (we are working with on a static analysis using clang to detect all
  5.               the unused functions in Linux, so that we can go over them all and fix all of these problems, but until then, we're using -femit-all-decls for clang linux. A bit
  6.               unelegant, admittedly)?
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