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Central Park of Guillaume Musso [PDF] [EPUB] [Mobi]

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  5. Central Park of Guillaume Musso [PDF] [EPUB] [Mobi]
  7. Détails
  8. Nombre de pages de l’édition imprimée: 400 pages
  9. Editeur : XO EDITIONS (27 mars 2014)
  10. Langue : Français
  11. ISBN-10: 2845636768
  12. ISBN-13: 978-2845636767
  13. Guillaume Musso
  14. Biography
  15. Born in 1974 in Antibes, Guillaume Musso meets literature ten years spending a good part of his vacation in the walls led by his mother municipal library.
  16. He began writing when he was a student. At age 19, fascinated by the United States, there hand several months, staying in New York and New Jersey. He works as ice cream vendor and coexists with workers of all nationalities. He said he learned a lot from that period. In any case, he returned to France with a head full of ideas for novels.
  17. He spends a degree in economics and passes the Capes of eco-sciences, to carry conviction with the teaching profession.
  18. After a car accident, he began writing a story with a point of departure a Near Death Experience experienced by a child. After … and in bookstores in January 2004. Supported by a unique atmosphere and a modern writing, the novel appeals to readers upon its release. Through word of mouth, it will be sold over two million copies and translated into twenty languages.
  19. This incredible encounter with readers continues with the huge success of his titles: Save me, Will you there?, Because I love you, I get you back, What would I be without you?Paper Girl, Call of angel and 7 years later and Tomorrow.
  20. Combining intensity, suspense and love, his novels have made ​​him a favorite French authors of the general public, resulting in the world, and adapted to cinema. © Photography: Jean-Marie Perier
  21. Central Park of Guillaume Musso [PDF]
  22. Central Park of Guillaume Musso [EPUB]
  23. Central Park of Guillaume Musso [Mobi]
  24. Le Pilote à l'edelweiss,Romain Hugault,Livres , Bandes dessinées et Humour , Histoire
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