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  1. INSERT INTO `wp_ajaxsearchlite` (`id`, `name`, `data`) VALUES
  2. (1, 'Search', '{"searchinposts":"1","searchinpages":"1","searchintitle":"1","searchincontent":"1","exactonly":"0","orderby":"\\r\\n     Title descending|post_title DESC;\\r\\n     Title ascending|post_title ASC;\\r\\n     Date descending|post_date DESC;\\r\\n     Date ascending|post_date ASC||\\r\\n     post_date DESC\\r\\n  ","selected-orderby":"post_date DESC","charcount":"3","maxresults":"30","itemscount":"4","showexactmatches":"0","exactmatchestext":"Exact matches only","showsearchinposts":"0","searchinpoststext":"Search in posts","showsearchinpages":"1","searchinpagestext":"Search in pages","resultareaclickable":"0","showauthor":"1","showdate":"1"}');
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