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Hard Candy

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  1. Hard Candy
  2. From The Hidden Wiki
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  4. Contents
  6.     * 1 Warning
  7.     * 2 Projects
  8.     * 3 Chat/discussion groups
  9.           o 3.1 BBS
  10.           o 3.2 IRC
  11.     * 4 Resources
  12.           o 4.1 Non-Nude
  13.                 + 4.1.1 WWW
  14.                       # Links/Portals
  15.                       # Communities
  16.                       # Image Boards
  17.                       # Torrent sites
  18.           o 4.2 Nude/Hardcore
  19.                 + 4.2.1 I2P Network (secure)
  20.                 + 4.2.2 Freenet (secure)
  21.                       # Freesites
  22.                       # Frost
  23.                             * Download
  24.                 + 4.2.3 Tor Network (secure)
  25.                       # Web hidden services
  26.                             * Text only (links)
  27.                             * Sites with Access Restrictions
  28.                       # Defunct Web hidden services:
  29.                 + 4.2.4 WWW Boards (dangerous)
  30.                       # Defunct WWW Boards
  31.                       # Defunct Rsync Services
  32.                 + 4.2.5 FTP (very dangerous)
  33.                 + 4.2.6 Usenet (very dangerous)
  34.                       # FAQ
  36. This wiki discusses resources specifically for people who are attracted to children. This can include everything from discussion groups to ostensibly legal images of children in dresses to full-out child pornography. The term children here refers to children and teenagers.
  38. Although the age of consent is below 18 in most of the world, it is taboo to be attracted to people outside your own age range in many societies, especially if they are underage. Child pornography is illegal in most of the world, although most of the world seems to have different views on what exactly constitutes it; for the sake of simplicity, on this page the definition according to US federal law will be used.
  40. This wiki is a group effort and everybody will get the most out of it if everybody makes quality contributions so feel free to add any resource you know of.
  41. [edit] Warning
  43. Before you access any of the resources listed in this site you should take the following security advices:
  45.     * Your browser is properly configured to keep an adequate level of security [1].
  46.           o Disable all forms of active scripting (JavaScript, VBScript, Java applets, Shockwave Flash) while browsing on-topic sites as some Tor relays are known of injecting embedded JavaScript to track people down [2].
  47.           o Disable iframes and extra plug-ins or extensions which can bring unnecessary security risks [3].
  48.           o Disable cookies if the same setup or browser is used for on-topic and off-topic browsing, since cookies can link them together [4].
  50.     * You should be aware that the network often bring unwanted attention.
  51.           o Due the Anonymous nature of the network there are no trusted elements on which one can relay, thus every claim should be taken as false (intentional or not) until a trusted reference or source is provided.
  52.           o Non-public (restricted membership) communities brings attention of security agencies and extra caution should be taken when participating on them.
  53.           o Sites showing irregular activity or brings speculation on it's intention should be taken with caution.
  54.           o Do not let slip your non-anonymous identity while anonymous. Do not allow the two to become linked in any way. [5].
  55.           o When creating new material, hidden meta-data can be included in the file and show your identity, location or other personal information. This applies to digital cameras, video editing software, and generally anything related with multimedia.
  56.           o The sites and information listed here often bring the attention of Anti-groups and Law Enforcement Agencies(LEAs), which use basic Social Engineer to entrap unwary users (placing fake links, setting up Hidden Services exploiting some browser vulnerability, try to engage users to access dangerous sites, etc).
  58. Further more the following extended article can bring additional security measures regarding OS, E-mail and storage devices Security_and_Encryption_FAQ.
  59. [edit] Projects
  61.     * History of CP - An attempt to make an encyclopedia of Child Pornography, Child Models, MySpace girls and the like.
  62.     * Hard Candy-Syndie - An attempt to use Syndie as an on-topic sharing and discussion medium.
  63.     * Centralization Project - For now it is just discussion about creating a distributed wiki-like database complete with image samples and file hashes.
  64.     * To do - List of suggestions to reconcile the society with child lovers.
  65.     * Your Own Pedo Site - A tutorial on making a pedo site of your own, and avoiding the attendant security risks.
  66.     * Pedo tag - Discussion on how to identify the pedo-community.
  68. [edit] Chat/discussion groups
  69. [edit] BBS
  71.     * - Not currently reachable from Tor.
  72.     * GirlChat - Board for chatting about girl love. Strongly anti-rape. Registration required to post. The hint of anything illegal will get you banned. Safe to visit and post mainly because they won't let you do anything unsafe.
  73.     * Cerius Love - Corner of the shadow world of pedophilia in cyberspace, lots of articles for understanding pedophilia.
  74.     * - Spanish Board to boy lovers and girl lovers.
  75.     * Newgon - A site for the discussion of physical attractions and relationships between minors and adults.
  76.     * AnonBBS A board that is AnonTalk-like, but allows images to be uploaded, and names. Suspended
  78. [edit] IRC
  80. Before connecting to any of those servers the following article should be carefully readed IRC security
  82.     * OnionNet - onion IRC network comprised of:
  83.           o Nissehult IRC - Nissehult IRC Server The latest IRC server in OnionNet
  84.           o FTW IRC - now with improved hardware
  85.           o CircleIRC - IRC, OnionNet link
  86.           o PedoBoard IRC - PedoBoard IRC server, now part of OnionNet
  88.     * (defunct) Torchan IRC #pedo - Last remaining IRC pedo congregation. Technically still up. "Down again."
  89.     * (defunct) PedoWorld IRC #pd - People post CP every once in a while. If you don't want to see it don't click the URLs. Down as of 14aug08.
  90.     * (defunct) eryy IRC #pedo - Pretty empty most of the time unfortunately.
  91.     * (defunct) pc7 IRC #cp - Hard candy channel on pc7 Tor IRC server.
  93. [edit] Resources
  94. [edit] Non-Nude
  96. The following sites are not child-porn sites but sites with non-nude models under 18. Please do not post child-porn here because some may not like nude or hardcore material. There are plenty of other places in the section below. The sites listed here do not tolerate child porn in any form, although their images have been rated child porn in some jurisdictions, so they can not be regarded legal everywhere.
  97. [edit] WWW
  98. [edit] Links/Portals
  100.     *
  102. [edit] Communities
  104. Communities that have discontinued are marked by (RIP).
  106.     * Asian Foot Worship
  107.     * Kawaii 15
  108.     * KTF
  109.     * LS Legacy (RIP)
  110.     * The Playtoy Magazine (RIP)
  111.     * The Real Rape Community (not sure if it ever existed or was just LEA trap)
  113. [edit] Image Boards
  115.     * 1024chan - Used to have a /jb board but was removed. Interesting content can still be found in Sexy Beautiful Women.
  116.     * IsThisJailbait - 99% guys, mostly unmoderated "Sexy Beautiful Men" board
  117.     * 510chan - Not an actual hard candy site, but is often used as a dumping ground as it is rarely moderated. --No longer true, the Mods are very watchful now, another rarely moderated site should be listed here.(404 as September 6th)
  118.     * iChan - almost totally NN jb material
  119.     * P-Chan - Jailbait and Male Jailbait sections, nude and nn.
  120.     * not12chan - Now requires Java. Probably a LEA Honeypot.
  121.     * Delicious Cake! - Mostly a loli hentai indexing chan, also has has the occasional jb dump.
  122.     * 18+ The Only Hot! chan - Oddly named image board with a focus on non nude models and lolicon and shotacon.
  123.     * AnonIB-NoneNude - Imageboard with a good Non-Nude section (/nn deleted as of August 14th 2010). -> check webbies
  125. [edit] Torrent sites
  127. Be careful because BitTorrent can not be proxified easily. This doesn't just apply to CP, but practically anything you get from BitTorrent since 99% of everything on those sites is illegal in some way. Remember that your life can just as easily by ruined by a copyright/DMCA lawsuit.
  129. BitTorrent can be set up over Tor with the help of OnionCat [6].
  131.     * The Pirate Bay - Tons of preteens and some jailbait, mostly NN.
  132.           o See outlook79, tikibob, tikibob2 accounts for NN material.
  133.     * btJunkie - Some softcore material (LS-Models videos and pictures sets) as well has been seen even BabyJ RCA videos.
  134.     * Deadfrog - 3D/anime/manga loli art mostly.
  136. [edit] Nude/Hardcore
  137. [edit] I2P Network (secure)
  139. I2P works like TOR hidden sites, but usual faster and more reliable. Resources:
  141.     * bl.i2p - site with some links, stable
  142.     * 4chan.i2p - a imagechan, mostly on-topic, stable, unmoderated, slow
  143.     * pb.i2p - a phpBB board for free and open discussion, images and torrents accepted, stable
  144.     * 12chan - 12chan in I2P
  145.     * Strange Gallery - a boys gallery in I2P, huge collection, stable
  146.     * hiddenchan.i2p - imagechan
  147.     * IRC - channel #boyz on I2PIrc for free talks about boys and stuff, for german talk <--- both not exists 17.11.2010
  148.     * torrent - the pboard and 4chan have some torrents which work complete secure inside of I2P.
  150. [edit] Freenet (secure)
  152. Freenet is similar to Tor in that it is an anonymous encrypted mix network, but instead of having location hidden services to host content, the content of Freenet is distributed across the entire network in chunks, with no one host for a specific freesite. This means that a freesite can't go down because of a server crash!
  154. Many believe that Freenet is more secure than Tor, though when used properly, both should be plenty safe.
  156. Freenet is not in itself a pedo network: it is geared toward political information and news that may be censored in various parts of the world, and is marketed as a tool for such purpose. As such, the overwhelming majority of Freenet users on non-pedo boards don't welcome pedophiles, even though the pedo community is large and welcoming.
  158. The fact that you are using an anonymous network is easy to discover as they all follow a specific protocol that uniquely identifies them. The point is you are not supposed to be able to find out what they are transmitting/requesting.
  160. There are some complex theoretical traffic-analysis attacks that can be used to establish whether you are requesting certain types of file more than others, but Freenet 0.7 has the option for darknet routing which somewhat solves this problem, assuming you can find people that you can trust not to examine your traffic.
  162. To date there are no reports of anyone being caught by LEA for running Freenet, although at least one person disappeared (stopped posting) after he accidentally forgot to blur his face on one of the images he posted[?].
  163. [edit] Freesites
  165. Please, help improve this list with more Freesites on-topic links and resources.
  167.     * Kindergarten Sex - Kindergarten Sex series. Low quality pictures depicting underage Russian girls.
  168.     * Young Models - Softcore models (nude)
  169.     * The Pthc Conexxion - Links to on-topic galleries.
  170.     * 5yr old - Freesite for a series depicting a 5yo boy.
  171.     * LS-Fan 15a - Gallery for LS-Fan set 15a. Katya. Links to others sets.
  172.     * Teen Boy Links - Teen Boy Galleries.
  173.     * Adolf Hitlers Preteen Collection - Freesite containing various HC and SC Preteen Images
  174.     * LS Models - Team effort from board hussy.
  175.     * BL-Ressource Archive of boy related keys from frost boards
  176.     * pedonet - information page on cp, articles, infos on studios and girls, news related to pedophilia...
  178. [edit] Frost
  180. The vast majority of pedo content on Freenet is shared though posts on a message board system named Frost. This application, written in Java like Freenet itself, allows for the creation of public and private boards where posts are made. Users can also create identities and send each other private messages. Frost simplifies downloading of files by allowing keys to be downloaded directly from messages. Frost also includes a basic Upload tool for sharing content.
  182. Frost also includes a filesharing tool, but this should be disabled as it is vulnerable to a bug which greatly reduces performance and causes very long startup times[?].
  183. [edit] Download
  185. The "official" version of Frost is still being developed but releases between versions are sparse, it can be downloaded from its sourceforge site or its Official freesite (can also be accessed from
  187. There is an enhanced version of Frost available which fixes some bugs and adds a few new features. You can view the original post by the author of this version here and can downloaded the files here - it contains a Patch, pre-patched source code, pre-built "binaries" so you can choose to compile it yourself. Please don't post keys to hacked version of Frost enhanced 2.
  189. To find the most active boards you can check out the Frost stats freesite here. To update your list of boards download the activeboards.xml then import it into Frost by clicking News -> Display Known Boards then click "Import ..." and select the downloaded XML file.
  191. The file sharing service in the last official release can be spammed with junk files that will prevent Frost from starting after a few days of uptime. It is best to disable file sharing in frosts settings.
  192. [edit] Tor Network (secure)
  193. [edit] Web hidden services
  195. Please consider contributing to the community by starting your own pedo site: or at least offering advice on that page to those who would like to.
  197. All hidden services listed here were last checked: 8, November 2010. If you find a link marked as down for more than a week, best to move it to "Defunct Web hidden services".
  199.     * BoyCirc - Informative site with some pictures of circumcision and circumcised boys. (host: freedomhosting)
  200.     * BoyVids 1.1 - Site dedicated to boys of all ages, primarily focused on videos but also has sections for images and chat. (host: freedomhosting)
  201.     * Capri - Wordpress Blog with young boys & girls. Fills greatly appreciated. (host: freedomhosting). (Seems to be having a coding issue. No accessible content.)
  202.     * HTTP Dir Index - Many pictures and videos.
  203.     * IronPedo - Basic image-board. Loads slow and tends to time-out. (host: freedomhosting)
  204.     * KiDO Network - Private and public albums, Chat and PM and Chat Album where you can upload pictures. Warning: parts of the site require javascript. (host: freedomhosting).
  205.     * KindzazaChan - Fast image-board, new board script. (host: freedomhosting)
  206.     * Lolita City - Light, moderately fast collection, with a tag, search and comment system. (host: freedomhosting)
  207.     * LS Models - Tor site with Freenet keys from board hussy to LS Models series pics and videos. (host: freedomhosting)
  208.     * mjbOnion - The Male Jailbait Onion. Dedicated to the beauty of young teenage boys. Has galleries, links and an image-board. Updated November 19, 2010. (host: freedomhosting)
  209.     * Nem Csak magyaroknak - Hungarian image-board (girls only). New System! Easy Download! NO UPLOAD!!- admin, u forget something??
  210.     * NoNameChan - Abandoned channel with several problems in its image-board software's configuration. There are still posters and users on this channel. Highly spammed and vandalized. (host: freedomhosting)
  211.     * Onion II Was a suggested replacement for OnionIB when it was hacked. Make sure to read the FAQ page. Does not require JavaScript. (host: freedomhosting).
  212.     * OnionIB (more info) - Formerly "NoNameChan v2". Fast, many boards and a good level of activity. Includes Non-Nude, Non-Nude Boys Girls, Boys, Jailbait, Male JB, CP. (host: freedomhosting).
  213.     * * OnionPedo Video Archive (OPVA2) - Video archive with comments, tags and search system. Advertizes GetRight as convenient downloading tool, but can also be used with downThemAll. However, resuming downloads only works from GetRight.
  214.     * PedoBoard (more info) - Forum with pictures and chat (boys/girls).
  215.     * Polish Speech - Polish gag page about an owner of Contains a dozen of old cp images. Never updated. (host: freedomhosting).
  216.     * rawr's webdav - WebDav for uploading and dumping pictures. If you need upload access talk to rawr on irc://ftwircdwyhghzw4i.onion
  217.     * Sidprotect - home page of a Polish fictional organization "Sidprotect", which has a goal of protecting pedophiles; contains two links to underage porn, nothing actually interesting nor original. (host: freedomhosting).
  218.     * sTORage - Often has on-topic material (boys/girls). It's free-for-all design (where anyone can modify and even delete any file or directory) has made of it an unreliable file storage.
  219.     * The Secret Corner - New Pedo Forum, no registration required. (host: freedomhosting).
  220.     * Torpedo 2.0 - Image gallery with tagging. TorPedo 1.0's clone. Tags system is completely useless with mostly irrelevant tags. Click here to skip the broken CAPTCHA.
  221.     * Ultimate-Pedo-Archives - Pictures and videos on-topic. Painful slow, the downloads services do not work anymore.
  222.     * ViolentDesires - A discussion board about any sort of rape, hurtcore and snuff, children and/or adults : with guests, members and trusted member section. A lot of hurtcore and BDSM pictures. (host: freedomhosting)
  223.     * PedoBay - Mostly little girls and boys, with a JailBait board and gallery content
  224.     * CPHunter - Simplified front-end. Both girls and boys.
  225.     * The Mule - Step-by-step guide for safely practicing sex with children
  226.     * FreedomChanV3 - Boy, girl, jailbait, and extreme sections.
  227.     * KINDZAZA - Dreamboard-like board, equires upload of on-topic material
  228.     * FreedomChanV2 - Boy, girl, jailbait, and extreme sections.
  229.     * Curator - Sort, Search, Share. (Curator of underage imagery)
  230.     * TorGallery - Images of underage interest, similar to Curator
  231.     * TorStor - HTTP/WebDAV file storage. Girls only.
  232.     * Random Hotness - Boys and Teen boys only
  233.     * FreedomChanV1 - Boy, girl, jailbait, and extreme sections.
  235. [edit] Text only (links)
  237.     * SnapBBS - list of public text boards, many of which are pedo themed.
  238.           o Boys :-D - Another SnapBBS board with links, boys only. Last post Dec 14 '09
  239.           o (Child) Love - A SnapBBS Board with links to pedo stuff and discussions. Last post Mar 27 '10
  240.           o Madison Pettis Disney PedoBoard
  242. [edit] Sites with Access Restrictions
  244.     * 3D Boys - Forum for boy-related computer generated and drawn images, stories and more. (host: freedomhosting). Registration is required (Username and password only, no need to give a real e-mail address).
  245.     * ALLWEHAVE - CP video sharing community.(host: freedomhosting)
  246.     * HurtCoreCommunity - An approval-based community for hurtcore/rape content.(host: freedomhosting)
  247.     * Kindzaza NEW - Requires upload of on-topic material to join. Largely in Russian. Material is uploaded on clearnet presumably to non-JavaScript file sharing sites.(host: freedomhosting)
  248.     * Paradise Village - CP sharing platform; has its own virtual money which can be used for trading and paying the monthly membership fees; you earn money by uploading photos and videos to file hosting services on the regular web. forum wiki (host: freedomhosting)
  249.     * Polskie Centrum Boylove - Polish portal about boylove, with forum. (host: freedomhosting)
  251. [edit] Defunct Web hidden services:
  253.     * Pedobear's Overchan
  254.     * GM1 - Fatman in Cambodia (Hi Res Pics) - Painfully slow. Alternatively, browse the image upload directory http://qrdgdwgo6pjpgzgk.onion/gm1/upfile/ for the complete list.
  256. [edit] WWW Boards (dangerous)
  258. Beware that while viewing these sites via TOR is more secure for yourself than viewing them directly, it is still not extremely safe, and it also puts the Tor endpoint gateways (exit nodes) across the world at risk. Tor endpoints through which Child Prnography has been viewed have been repeatedly raided by the authorities [7], which at least causes embarrassment and temporary confiscation of their machines, and can result in jail time in some countries, as well as exposing the machines that connected through them to traffic analysis.
  260. All WWW boards listed here were last checked: 8, November 2010. If you find a link marked as down for more than a week, best to move it to "Defunct WWW Boards".
  262.     * Ranchi Public Board - Probably the largest and most active public BBS on the Internet, and has been for almost 10 years. Warning: FBI is using Ranchi to catch the unwary [8].
  263.       If the link doesn't work anymore, check the Ranchi gateways:
  264.           o Gateway Finder
  265.           o Gateway #1
  266.           o Gateway #2
  267.     * Art Lolita Longstanding BBS featuring primarily links to nude preteen girls. Not a real BBS, rather paysite advertisement only. Do not pay for anything!
  268.     * CBPortal- Polish portal about boylove with big forum
  269.     * iChan A newer chan (mid 2009?), the admin appear to tolerate nude JB and non-nude girls/borderline material.
  270.     * JJpix - Ostensibly an "amateur" porn site, but a significant proportion of their content is underage (as anyone from 4/7/12chan could tell you). Also has a mostly inactive forum for discussion and sharing material. New site name is Good forums for amateur teen-type pix/vidz.
  271.     * IMGSRC (girls / boys / diapers) - has large amounts of sc teens & preteens, along with occasional public urination, nudist, etc. photo sets, and some (generally passworded) harder sets. Posters often ask for hardcore comments on their pictures.
  272.     * 1024chan - The /jb/ board is ostensibly non-nude only like 12chan, but in practice the moderators seem quite lenient about what gets posted. (not for a while now, as the admin cracked down on cp).
  273.     * Reverse Access - List of image boards from East Asia - need to sort through links to find good ones. - Returned? Same as before?
  275. [edit] Defunct WWW Boards
  277. Ooops. Broken
  278. [edit] Defunct Rsync Services
  280.     * c4q7xthv2kltrqso.onion:873 QSH Network Mirror #2 (AKA "C4") - A mirror of the old QSH Uncensored collection of pics, plus a number of videos. Some adult, some jailbait. (NO HTTP SERVER, please don't move this to defunct unless you've actually tried rsyncing to it!). Down as of 24sep09.
  281.     * PedoSync - Much like QSH, but with pre-pubescents instead. Down since at least 24mar2010.
  283. See Rsync for usage instructions.
  284. [edit] FTP (very dangerous)
  286. FTP over Tor can be dangerous, unless you can guarantee that your FTP client can be configured to not use active mode (which can reveal IPs), and always to use PASV or EPSV. Currently, no FTP clients have been tested and confirmed to accomplish this, so all must be treated as potentially insecure.
  288. Notes for FTP:
  290.     * 1. Active mode is not available with some clients with SOCKS proxies like Tor enabled.
  292.     * 2. Stay behind a router. This way, if your FTP client switch to active mode, it will only tell your private IP address, not your NAT external IP.
  294. [edit] Usenet (very dangerous)
  296. Usenet CP Resources
  297. [edit] FAQ
  299.     * Can I delete any posts that I have uploaded to the Usenet?
  301.     No. Once posted, that's it! They are retained for about one year, depending on the retention of the particular NNTP server you use; but, they are archived forever.
  303.     * Does my ISP see what I'm doing on the Usenet?
  305.     Yes. If you want to bypass your ISP so that they do not see what you are doing, you need to establish a secure connection (via SSL) to a Usenet provider that is not associated with your ISP. However, your Usenet provider will 'always see what you do, so be careful. Check your NNTP provider's FAQ/Help section on how to establish SSL connections.
  307.     * Are there any free NNTP news readers?
  309.     Yes, there are many. Just Google around.
  311.     * Are there any open NNTP servers?
  313.     Free or open news servers exist, but they generally serve text only, and do not offer the ability to connect via SSL. Many ISPs offer Usenet access, but it should be avoided as they generally have very poor retention, and you cannot hide from your own ISP.
  315. Retrieved from "http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Hard_Candy"
  316. Category: Pedo
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