Operation Paris

anonDiscordian Nov 16th, 2015 (edited) 16,347 Never
  1. Operation Paris is being picked up en masse by mainstream media, but once again I'm putting on my scepticles by voicing my concerns about this operation.
  3. #1 The name
  4. I think we should oppose terrorism everywhere, but after the events in Paris Anonymous decided to create this operation because of the massive media attention it has been getting. This has nothing to do with stopping ISIS (didn't we already have Operation ISIS?) It's about stroking the ego of Anonymous in a desperate attempt to be relevant.
  6. #2 The motives
  7. Every time I jump in the channel for #OpParis and ask what their motives are, I either get the answer "I don't know yet" or "look at the topic" no one has thus far been able to personally explain the operation to me or what it is they want to achieve.
  9. #3 Anonymous delivers
  10. Under section #7 of the rules of the internet, it clearly states "Anonymous is still able to deliver" how exactly do they plan to stop an international terrorist organization that has been able to plot attacks regardless of the mass-spying by governments around the globe? Taking down their communications may disrupt valuable intelligence that can be used to track down these terrorists.
  12. #4 Media attention
  13. It is frightening how the mainstream media loves this operation. All Anonymous had to do was upload a video with empty promises, and journalists all over the world seem to think it is newsworthy. There is a reason big twitter accounts like YourAnonNews do not spend any attention towards this operation, it is somewhat silly that every time something happens Anonymous gives birth to a new operation, resulting in over 9000 meaningless causes, this is why I think we should careful in what operations we support and what operations we need to amplify.
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